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Recommendations (108)

Nov 16, 2019

Rebecca Heathcock recommends Kyle Williams

Managing Broker

Kyle is knowledgable, courteous and a great presenter. He recently gave a talk to a group of my clients and real estate investors about 1031 exchanges. His talk was highly informative. I thought I knew a lot qbout the topic until I heard his talk.
Nov 14, 2019

Hugh B Brawford recommends Kyle Williams


Kyle; Your class was informative. Your presentation a breath of fresh air. Your responses to questions were right on. You made the 1031 class interesting and you shared a lot of useful information and knowledge with us. Thank you,Hugh 360 371 5800
Nov 14, 2019

Linda Ison recommends Doug Blackwell

principal Broker at John LScott

Great training Doug was very informative and interesting as well. 🎃
Nov 13, 2019

Brenda Lawrence recommends Kyle Williams

Real Estate Agent

Kyle is one of those rare trainers that entertains while teaching! He tells great stories and engages the class with humor and wit. Of course the real test is what did you learn? I didn't know much about 1031 exchange before the class so now I feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of working with clients who want to use this gift from the IRS. In fact, I made a call to one of my investor clients to discuss this right after the class - we're meeting tomorrow!
Thanks Kyle!
Nov 13, 2019

Penny Mueller recommends Doug Blackwell

Principal Broker

Doug clearly presented the material and was very knowledgeable. He is entertaining and I would take a class from him anytime.
Nov 13, 2019

Gary J Luckin recommends Doug Blackwell


AAA +++ Recommendation !!! ..................
Doug presented the benefits and factors that are considered in a 1031 Exchange in a clear and concise way while answering questions as the class progressed. Kept it interesting and fun if that is possible with the material. Lol ...

Nov 10, 2019

Benjamin Ditzler recommends Doug Blackwell

Real Estate Broker

Doug is not only knowledgeable, he is a straight shooter and a hard worker. I am in the process of performing my own 1031 tax-deferred exchange on a rental property of mine. I am selective when it comes to financial services (as I am in the real estate business myself) and I feel comfortable and confident partnering with Doug. Perhaps most of all, I appreciate his level of expertise when it comes to long-term planning and strategy. I have young children and look forward to leveraging Doug's knowledge to protect and provide for them in the decades to come.
Nov 6, 2019

Vic Chaloupka recommends Kyle Williams


Kyle's presentation was terrific and engaging.
Nov 6, 2019

Joshua Koffler recommends Kyle Williams


Very knowledgeable and personable.
Oct 19, 2019

Jane Davies recommends Doug Blackwell


Thank you, Doug Blackwell, for the great 1031 Exchange presentation you did you our MORE Realty office. The depth of your knowledge was really appreciated along with your willingness to share information. I highly recommend this class to all agents!
Oct 17, 2019

Jennifer auge recommends Doug Blackwell

RE broker

I really appreciated Doug's presentation. Super informative and interesting.
Thank you!
Oct 16, 2019

April Brown recommends Kyle Williams

Training and Development Coordinator

Kyle came to our office and taught a class on 1031 exchanges. He made a VERY boring subject tons of fun to learn about! His mastery of the subject was obvious and he struck me as an awesome human in general. Thank you, Kyle! We look forward to the next time you visit!
Oct 4, 2019

Amy Omang recommends Russell Marsan


Wow, Russell, way to knock it out of the park! Both with educating the class about the particulars of 1031 and 1021, and doing it in a dynamic, entertaining and professional yet fun way! Thanks very much for your expertise, and I hope we can work together in the near future.
Oct 3, 2019

Donna Schorr recommends Doug Blackwell


Doug is a fantastic teacher, he makes what I consider a complicated process seem pretty simple with the right guidance. He's honest about what won't work, which is great, and very approachable with questions.
Sep 23, 2019

Chiou-tsuey Kolaks recommends Doug Blackwell

Real Estate Broker

Doug is very knowledgeable for all related to 1031 Exchange. I learned a lot of
Information from Doug.
I’ll certainly call and use Doug when I have 1031 Exchange Clint and stronger recommend Doug Blackwell .
Sep 23, 2019

Sachi Kobayashi recommends Doug Blackwell


Doug's presentation of 1031 Exchange Class was a great one. He knows details and issues of the exchange and his lecture was easy to understand.
Sep 23, 2019

Linda Shook recommends Doug Blackwell

Managing Broker

the 1031 Tax Class taught by Doug Blackwell is interesting, informative, detailed and taught in a very easy to follow format. He is response with questions and took time to answer as the questions arose. I highly recommend Doug for this class.
Sep 23, 2019

Jesse Grover recommends Doug Blackwell


Doug was a great teacher! He was very engaging and entertaining while being full of knowledge and experience. It was a joy to be in his class and I learned a lot from him! I will definitely be looking for clients that I can have Doug help them through a 1031. Great teacher and great class
Sep 19, 2019

Ellie Adam recommends Kyle Williams


Kyle was very well prepared. It was a great learning experience. Kyle is very knowledgeable with 1031 exchange, with great instructing manner. I learned some cool info regarding real estate properties. Thanks to Kyle I feel confident to share 1031 with my clients. Thanks :)
Sep 16, 2019

Dana Bentz recommends Doug Blackwell

Real Estate Broker

Doug’s knowledge and expertise in 1031 exchanges shows in his ability to lay out all options for a client, and advise the best choice. It’s obvious he is an expert in this field.
Sep 16, 2019

Leslie Fleming recommends Kyle Williams


Kyle responds quickly to email and phone calls and is very knowledgeable. A valuable resource indeed!
Sep 10, 2019

Warren White recommends Kyle Williams

Broker Residential/Commercial Real Estate

Kyle is terrific I never looked at my watch once because the content and Kyle’s delivery kept me totally focused.
Aug 16, 2019

Marian Dalke recommends Doug Blackwell

Loan Originator with Landmark Professional Mtg Co

Thank you Doug for such an informative and entertaining presentation on the 1031 exchanges! I appreciate your knowledge and passion for this process! You have brought out some insights that will be beneficial to myself and my clients. You are my "go to" person for 1031 exchanges!

Aug 14, 2019

Alexander Tsway recommends Kyle Williams


Kyle was informative and entertaining. Really appreciated the case studies and expertise in his field. Will definitely contact him for help when the time comes.
Aug 13, 2019

Deborah Song recommends Kyle Williams


I have attended Kyle Williams's class for 1031 Exchange. It was real helpful. I will highly recommend Kyle Williams to everyone that has any questions about 1031 Exchange. He is real knowledgeable and also patient. Truly exceptional ability and knowledge.

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