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3 days ago

Gay Carlisle recommends Luke Hays


Great Job!
Would have liked to have heard more examples but this guy really understands his profession.
3 days ago

Diana Sayegh recommends Luke Hays


Very informational class, excellent presentation.
Feb 22, 2021

Julia Browne recommends Luke Hays


I really enjoyed the 1031 Exchange class. Luke did a great job of breaking down the process. I really appreciate the materials he emailed afterwards. The 1031 Workbook has been added to my toolbox. Thanks again!
Feb 15, 2021

Mari Perez-Arche recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Title Agent

Responsive, responsible, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Feb 12, 2021

Jack Daubert,MD recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq. came highly recommended from exceptional friends of mine, and I cannot say enough about her knowledge,professionalism and accessibility. To give you some background, I am an eye micro-surgeon, So very exacting and demanding. Sangeeta was able to easily walk me through a 1031 exchange with ease. I highly recommend Sangeeta and her wonderful office personnel. You will not be disappointed.
Jack Daubert, MD.
Feb 9, 2021

Cheryl Kaufman recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.


Sangeeta Banerjee and her team make 1031 exchanges a breeze. She clearly explains the entire process to clients and builds trust with them. The fees are extremely reasonable and the service Sangeeta and her team provide is unparalleled. If you have a 1031 exchange or are thinking about doing one, I highly recommend Sangeeta and her team!
Jan 25, 2021

Ryan Charlick recommends Luke Hays


Luke was great. He kept the information flowing and was easy to listen to over Zoom. Very informational!
Jan 22, 2021

Julie e Baez recommends Luke Hays

Real estate agent

Luke Hays was great, informative, really learned a lot. And he was funny, had a great learning experience and will highly recommend him to everyone that needs help with any 1031 exchange help.
Jan 22, 2021

Erica Greenfield recommends Luke Hays

Real Estate Agent

Luke did an amazing job at explaining what a 1031 exchange is, how the process works and the dos and don’ts when doing a 1031 exchange. While this information could easily get confusing or boring, Luke made sure it was easy to understand and kept us all on our toes. I left the class with new knowledge and a good laugh or two.
Jan 21, 2021

Andrea Baker recommends Luke Hays


Great class and very informative on the 1031 exchange process. Will enable me to help myself and my clients in the future. Kept my attention and answered all of our questions until the end. Fabulous
Jan 21, 2021

Annie Hickerson recommends Luke Hays

Affiliate Broker

Luke is super knowledgeable regarding 1031 exchanges and is my new go-to for anything 1031-related! Thanks Luke!
Jan 21, 2021

Melissa Sterling recommends Luke Hays


Enjoyed the class and learned great information.
Jan 21, 2021

Stanley Onyebueke recommends Luke Hays

Affiliate Broker

Very knowledgable and made the training fun and very informational !!!
Jan 21, 2021

Roxanna Wilson recommends Luke Hays


I really enjoyed this class and will like for him to come and talk to some of my investors in future! 1031 is by far one of the must to know things these days!
Dec 15, 2020

Mona Miller recommends Luke Hays


Luke really did a good job. Zoom training can be "painful", but Luke was engaging and basically required us to participate. He hit the highlights and the things that Realtors really need to know about 1031 -- he left out the legalize stuff that none of us really care about. And he has a pretty good sense of humor. Good class.
Dec 11, 2020

John Alsobrook recommends Luke Hays

RE Broker

I enjoyed the class, it seemed to fly by. Good information, nice format, and the best jokes around! :)
Dec 6, 2020

sofia vielma recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Real Estate Agent

She did a great job, everything was clear and easy to understand. I really liked the class. I would love the class recording to be able to check the info again.
Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Dec 4, 2020

Claudia Chen recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Real Estate Associate

Sangeeta provided excellent explanations (in both English and Spanish). She was very clear in presenting each topic and showed us different possibilities according to individual client needs. After the webinar, she was even willing to call and answer my questions. She is truly attentive and knowledgable.
Dec 4, 2020

Lauren A. Bazante recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Real Estate Broker Associate

I loved the class that Sangeeta gave us today about the 1031 Exchange. She showed up a broad knowledge in this subject and she explained with clarity all the terms and parties involved in this transaction. Before the class I knew the basics about 1031 exchange but today I can tell that I learned a lot more about this subject. I’m so grateful to have been present in this class. I highly recommend Sangeeta Banerjee and this class.
Dec 4, 2020

Selma Garcia-Iturbe recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Sales Associate

Great training Sangeeta! You provide us with important insights for handling 1031 transactions with our customers! Thank you
Dec 3, 2020

Andy Curtin recommends Luke Hays


Luke does a very good job of presenting the Section 1031 of the IRS tax code in a way that is as interesting as tax code instruction can be. He presents in a light-hearted manner that keeps you interested. The content of the presentation is very comprehensive, and his offer to speak to Realtor clients will be very helpful. His best advice was to have your clients check with him BEFORE they attempt a 1031 exchange relying on their own knowledge.
Nov 27, 2020

Mark Nowicki recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Lawyer representing seller

Excellent work- Sangeeta and Deborah Clifford.

Very responsive and professional. Made this transaction easy for me!!!

Have used IOX 1031 before- will continue to do so.

Happy Holidays!!!!!
Nov 25, 2020

Jan Scott recommends Luke Hays

Real Estate Broker

I certainly learned a lot from Luke. He has a way of keeping your interest and teaching you at the same time! I feel 1031 exchange will be used a lot in the up coming years in Real Estate so thankful for this class. Thank you Luke for sharing your abundance of knowledge with me!
Nov 25, 2020

Hun Lee recommends Luke Hays

Very informative class and Luke does an excellent job explaining 1031 exchanges. Would highly recommend.
Nov 16, 2020

Evelyn Suarez PA recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.


It was an excellent presentation. She did a great job at explaining how the program works. I would highly recommend her!

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