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IPX1031 is a unique company focusing solely on 1031 tax deferred exchanges. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional customer service and achievement of your 1031 goals and objectives. Our edge is our strength and stability with financial security, industry expertise and a client-centric approach to high quality and proactive service. Our process begins with our talented nationwide team and extends to the services we deliver to you.


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Jun 21, 2024

Kim Nichols recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Business Development

I have hosted several classes with Sangeeta and my agents and hands down it’s always one of the most complimented classes we have. She’s a joy to work with and a wealth of knowledge.
Jun 20, 2024

Tevis Denise recommends Luke Hays


Luke is an excellent teacher, and he has an incredible sense of humor. He is able to get the information across in a more simple way.
Jun 20, 2024

Tony Dowdican recommends Luke Hays


Just finished the 1031 exchange course through Churchill Mortgage. Luke is a terrific presenter and made the 2 hours educational and entertaining! Great course, and highly recommended.
Thanks Luke!
May 31, 2024

Iliana Cardentey recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Owner and Title Agent

Sangeeta’s webinar was fantastic! The 1031 Exchange webinar was conducted in Spanish to educate the Latin community which was a big hit! The feedback was very positive. I have received numerous calls asking for the class to be conducted in person at various real estate brokerages.
May 24, 2024

Amy Blinn recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Sales representTive

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. There are so many details in 1031 and you do such a great job explaining everything. And in Spanish!!! I learned so much thank you!.
May 21, 2024

Daniela Gima Malesich recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Real estate broker

Sangeeta did an excellent job, very professional, she is always available and the communication was great, very expedited. I really recommend her. We are going to have two closings next week and everything is working so smooth. Thank you so much Sangeeta for your help!
May 7, 2024

Richard Gollarza recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Broker Owner

The service has been always been more than exceptional and the instructional session was amazing, easy to understand and very knowledgeable.
I recommend her for my clients and investors every time they want to use the 1031 exchange.
May 7, 2024

Carolina Liendo recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031


Sangeeta is an amazing profesional that really knows her work, I definitely recommend her to my clients because she is really capable. When it matters she is always there to help.
May 6, 2024

Steve Glasow recommends Luke Hays

Agent for Realty Executives

Luke is a talented, humorous and engaging public speaker who can make the topic of a 1031 Exchange fun and interesting and understandable. I look forward to our next engagement!
May 2, 2024

Patrick Lombard recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Title Agent

Sangeeta is an absolute pro. I recommend her company's services to everyone as I have worked with IPX for nearly a decade. We value her information and availability as well.
Apr 26, 2024

Wendy Rosenberg recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Title Vp

Sangeeta is awesome! Very helpful and knowledgeable! I recommend her to all my 1031 clients. She is also a great instructor!
Apr 24, 2024

Brittany Webb recommends Luke Hays

Real estate agent

Wonderful! Very informative!
Apr 24, 2024

Anonymous recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Sangeeta was amazing in providing a 1031 Exchange information to our real estate agents! Would highly recommend!
Apr 23, 2024

Michele Ponce recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031


I highly recommend Sangeeta for the 1031 exchange. She is a true professional. She is very knowledgeable and customer service oriented. She speaks both Spanish and English and in this market that is very important . I have know Sangeeta for 10 years.and have recommended many clients to her. I can wholeheartedly say she is the best in the market.
Apr 2, 2024

Nefer Adriana Londono Gomez recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Hacer la transaccion con Sangeeta fue perfecta, legera,sin tropiezos y paso a paso llegamos al termino de la 1031 exchage; donde las propiedades teniendo fechas,terminos y condiciones diferentes ella la llevo al punto culminante.
Gracias Sangeeta ,
Te veremos en la proxima 1031 exchange.
Apr 2, 2024

Kim Allard-Pro recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

In 2021, we performed a 1031 exchange. Despite the fact that we didn't complete it due to some issues discovered during the due diligence, Sangeeta was extremely helpful and provided guidance and an excellent customer service. Being also an attorney, she is extremely knowledgeable and strategic in her approach. As a real estate licensee, I later had the opportunity to attend a training on the 1031 exchange that was given by Sangeeta for the Miami Realtor Association. What I learned there was soooooo valuable for the development of our own portfolio but also to add some tremendous value to the investment journey of some of my real estate clients. There is so much more to the 1031 exchange than the basic information that we all know and this can contribute to supercharge the growth of your wealth, generational-wealth by growing your portfolio strategically and in a planned and organized fashion. And there is nobody better than Sangeeta to help understand all these nuances and to help you bring your A-game to another level of investment. Oh... and this 1031 exchange brochure.... it's gold ;-)
Mar 28, 2024

Malcolm Givens recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Branch Manager

I have known Sangeeta for years and she has always been my "go to" person for 1031. She has helped countless customers in the past that I have sent her way and they all have expressed their thanks. Her wealth of knowledge, charm and multi-lingual abilities already add to her effective communication skills, which set her apart and is very important to the 1031 process.
Mar 22, 2024

Darren Fewell recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Real Estate Agent

I recently attended an in-person training class on 1031 Exchange real estate transactions, hosted by the incredible Sangeeta Banerjee. I cannot express enough how impressed I was with her passion and expertise in this field. Sangeeta's knowledge and guidance allowed me to feel extremely confident in assisting my clients with 1031 exchange transactions.

What truly stood out was Sangeeta's patience and willingness to answer numerous questions from the class. She took the time to provide clear explanations and used various examples to ensure that everyone understood the subject matter. Her approachable nature and willingness to help made the learning experience enjoyable and engaging.

The training itself was exceptionally informative. Sangeeta covered all the essential aspects of the 1031 exchange process, leaving no stone unturned. Her ability to simplify complex concepts and provide practical insights was commendable. I left the course feeling equipped with the necessary tools to navigate 1031 exchange transactions successfully.

I highly recommend that any real estate professional take Sangeeta Banerjee's 1031 exchange training course. Her expertise, patience, and passion for the subject matter make her an exceptional instructor. Thank you, Sangeeta, for an amazing learning experience! - Darren Fewell - Keller Williams Miami
Mar 20, 2024

David Geiger recommends Luke Hays


Like did great, funny and informative
Mar 20, 2024

Sally Barkley recommends Luke Hays

Broker at Compass

Loved his class. Engaging and informative!
Mar 8, 2024

Rick Martens recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031


Sangeeta has been, and continues to be a great resource for me and my registered reps and investors. Her knowledge is deep and she has demonstrated incredible competense in providing superior service to all our contacts and clients. She is my number 1 go to QI without a doubt.
Feb 26, 2024

Louise Quinn recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Licensed Title Agent

We have worked with Sangeeta on many transactions. She is very knowledgeable and takes excellent care of her clients. I would highly recommend her and her team.
Feb 14, 2024

Yaisy Linares recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Sangeeta is always great! She is my to go person for all 1031 transactions. Been working with her for some years now.

Jan 18, 2024

Pieranyelis Villalobos recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Real State Agent KW

Sangeeta es sin duda alguna de las mejores ponentes que he escuchado! Talentosa, preparada y con una energía única! Me fascinó su clase! Y aprendí herramientas que no sabía que existían! Muchas gracias! Queremos más de ti por favor!
Jan 3, 2024

Carolina Howard recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031


We are very pleased to have worked with Sangeeta and the entire professional team who did a job with excellent communication between all parties involved in the transaction. My Client who only speaks Spanish was very happy with the explanations and help they gave him. In this sense, as a result of such a good experience, IPX 1031 will be the company with which I will always work and recommend to all my fellow realtors.

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