Michelle Valley

Master Collaborator / Owner Freedom Collaboration Certified Real Estate Continuing Education Instructor
My name is Michelle Valley, and Freedom Collaboration was created as a result of my desire to serve business owners who are not getting the support they truly need in order to achieve the dream that originally inspired their business in the first place.

Over the past 30 years, I've successfully supported Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs by combining my Advertising, Marketing and Journalism degrees with my sales savvy, training passion, leadership skills and project management gifts.

I've also been an entrepreneur myself, and I have experienced first hand that having your own business can be rewarding, inspiring, exciting and well as challenging, lonely, frustrating and exhausting.

Starting and running your own business brings with it very unique situations, and the biggest difference-maker to increasing sales, streamlining operations, improving client satisfaction and overall success of a business is having an effective, efficient team.  Based on your unique business needs, your projects will be assigned to our team members whose skills are suited to help you achieve your goals. The best part about collaborating with us is you won’t have to hire or train your team, and you'll only have ONE person to coordinate with.

Our team of results-driven experts are at your service, ready to help you amplify your impact and allow you to serve more...and higher quality...clients.

We are driven to help you do more...freeing you to be the GAME-CHANGER you know you can be.
Pinned Recommendation
Sacred medicine practitioner
Working with Michelle was beyond unreal!
Not only is she so business savvy but her intuition is off the charts powerful!
I am so excited to continue working with her and learning some of the incredible tools she encompasses??
Owner of TPMS Realty
Michelle has been a tremendous help with our company branding. She offers versatile options, creative ideas, and furthermore her support is unmatched. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their business esthetics and appearance. She's been an integral part of the team ever since we started doing business together.

Thanks Michelle!
Real Estate Broker
Michelle has an uncanny knack for understanding the real needs of a situation. She expertly navigated through my anxiety, untangling my chaotic thoughts into clear goals for my marketing strategy. A professional with compassion. Highly recommend Michelle for your marketing.
Real Estate Agent
Michelle helped me when I was in a bind to have a CMA completed quickly! She was able to put together a piece that worked with the project I was working on and help me meet my quick deadline! I loved working with her!
Translator and owner Jorda Translations
Michelle and her team at Freedom Collaboration did an amazing job redesigning my website. Their input was invaluable to me. They conducted themselves with professionalism, understood my needs and went above and beyond to offer me an excellent service. The communication was outstanding and I was informed regularly of their progress. I will continue to work with Michelle in the future to keep my business up to date with any and all marketing needs. Thank you!
Shandon TC Inc
Freedom Collaboration has been an incredible asset to my business. Michelle and her team have helped me determine where I want my business to go, what marketing would best achieve my goals and how to implement my social media marketing plan. Michelle's insights have been invaluable to my company and myself. She is always quick to give me tips on how to improve my strategies and keep up with the latest trends that will help keep my business in front of my consumers. She always has a unique perspective and has taught me so many valuable lessons and given me so many tools. Michelle is always open for bouncing ideas around and really helps get your mind thinking in a very productive and creative way. I would highly recommend Michelle and Freedom Collaboration to anyone who wants to excel their business and personal goals.
Real Estate Professional
Michelle and her team have been great to work with, and her business analysis and recommendations have been spot on. I have referred her to associates and would highly recommend her.
Massage / Cryoskin Therapist
I learned about Michelle from sister who uses her for promoting Real Estate and is totally thriving with new connections. Currently I'm at Mind Body Spirit Massage and since last November we've started offering quite a few more services than just massage and Michelle has us also thriving with so many new connections, and is so amazing at promoting and describing our products and services. With how creative she is, it really was pretty quick with how all of our schedules filled up!
Michelle is creative and professional. She takes time to listen to my needs and then she takes it from there to implement! She is kind and attentive and she has wonderful marketing ideas and skills!
Senior Sales Executive
Michelle is amazing and she is very knowledgeable and dedicated. She will help you grow your business and develop a plan that works uniquely for you. She quickly put together something for me and I was so impressed with her quality of work for the value! GIVE her a will be worth it!
If you’re looking for someone who is a top notch and dedicated to customer service, then look no further. Michelle has exceeded our expectations in media advertising and has assisted us in our marketing materials outside of online advertising. She helped us brand our company. An example is her team created our logo. We certainly would not have come up with on our own and we love it. You can be in involved in the process to whatever degree makes you comfortable. So glad that we chose Michelle and her fantastic team.
Michelle set up my husband's plumbing website and had a lot of obstacles to overcome that I added. She is phenomenal. I would recommend her for your website needs. Thank you, Michelle, for the fabulous job, Erin
Real Estate Broker
Michelle’s creative talent is endless. She is thoughtful and considerate along the way and works at your pace to help you achieve your goals.
Michelle offers a combination of vision expertise and Personal authenticity that creates a relationship of strategy and success. She excels at getting to know core values and how those can be leveraged for successful outcomes.
Conscious Relationship Coaches
As we build our business, it’s so wonderful to know Michelle has our back. She amazes us as she can translate our words and ideas into something that is marketable. Michelle is organized and responsive which helps us to keep on track and moving forward with our dreams. She is flexible which is important to us as plans change and sometimes we need to pivot to flow in the direction our soul desires to go. When we have an idea that she is beyond her scope of practice, she finds us the right person or company to support our needs. Her team is creative and ingenuous as they see and understand the vision we hold. Michelle is compassionate and easy to talk to which supports us as we work out the details. She helps us grow as our business grows. Everyone NEEDS freedom collaboration as they navigate their entrepreneurial endeavor.
Reiki Practitioner & Bioenergetic Healer
Michelle has been instrumental in guiding me through the process of the development of my brand and marketing tools. She is a master at her craft and has made the seemingly arduous task of building my brand feel like a cake walk.

I'm so grateful to have her as a resource to support me in reaching my goals and launching my business. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle as someone you want to have on the creative & marketing side of your business.
Owner - Trey Sells Houses, INC
Michelle may care about you & your business just as much as you do, and sometimes it will feel like more. I have known Michelle for over 30 years & have experienced, witnessed & benefited from her hard work, drive, dedication, & knowledge. I have partnered with her many many times on projects for my Real Estate business...from brainstorming, inspiration, creative projects, marketing, business support, plus more. If you need that EXTRA SOMETHING for you & your business, I recommend teaming with Michelle & Freedom Collaboration.
Owner- Real Estate By Rachel
Michelle was my knight in shiny armor! I have for years been wanting to create my own business but the task of getting everything done and staying on top of all the day to day items was overwhelming and daunting. She was able to provide by far the best customer service I have experienced. Her services went far above and beyond that of a consultant and she was able to hold me accountable, stay focused and finally get my business up and running and my social media presence out there. Absolutely love Michelle, and so thankful to have her in my life.
Owner, Designated Broker
I worked with Michelle when forming our branding for our real estate team. Her passion for design, branding, marketing, and building business was drew me to her. Michelle's knowledge and expertise stood out in her design and assistance throughout the process. Michelle was able to bring out our personality and love for our clients in creating our brand. What truly came through was Michelle's love for seeing others not only succeed in their marketing, but remain true to who they are through the process. I highly recommend anyone looking to jump start or rebrand their business. Trust the process. Trust Michelle.
Sales Executive
Michelle is an EXPERT is what she does. She makes every effort to make sure your marketing a representation of who you are in the business world. Her marketing is full of her heart and soul for her clients. I am so very happy with everything she creates for me. Its eye catching, makes sense, speaks to my personality, and covers all the bases of my work life. Michelle is excellent at capturing your personality, and the service you offer, and putting it all together with her creative mind and ingenuity! I am never letting her go! She is a true gem, and has become a trusted friend and advisor. I will recommend her all day long. Thank you Michelle!
Master Healer & Doula, Dark Rainbow Healing
Michelle is an absolute dream to work with. She comes with so much knowledge, she’s highly passionate, her attention to detail is unmatched and she exudes kindness. Her ability to show up and hold space for me made me feel very well taken care of. It was so easy to talk to her about exactly what I needed and wanted for my business. I highly recommend Michelle & Freedom Collaboration for all your business & marketing needs!!
The instructor was outstanding; Very clear, precise and organized. This class should be a requirement for all realtors.

~Regarding Fraud Prevention Class, Silverdale 2/26/20
JLS Agent
This is a course every Real Estate professional should take to better protect themselves and their clients.

~ Regarding Fraud Prevention Class, Lynnwood 6/18/19
JLS Agent
I really learned more than I expected. Good class. Every agent should take this class.

~ Regarding Fraud Prevention Class, Lynnwood 6/18/19
Local Agent
All Realtors should take this class.

~ Regarding Fraud Prevention Class, Lynnwood 5/16/19

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