Omar Lagudali

Realtor / Agent SimpliHOM Affliliate Broker License
Omar Lagudali is a native of Miami, FL and has lived in Nashville, TN for 11 years. He comes from a very diverse ethnic background as well as a diverse background of entrepreneurs from both sides of his family where he grew up watching his grandparents from his mother’s side start a small exporting business in their later years from their own home and grow it into a well known small company out of an office warehouse building. He also had a grandfather on his father’s side that was into real estate and now his father does it and has done very well. His mother was a marketing executive for 2 well known huge corporations where she was responsible for managing a budget of over $3 billion. His mother now runs her parents’ small business. Omar is a man of many talents. He has learned a lot about business, sales, and customer service, not only through his experience working with his grandparents but also by working in automobile sales, and retail sales. He also spent many years working in youth ministry and as a worship leader. He worked many years as a licensed teacher as well, educating students of all ages. He is also a talented professional actor and singer for tv, film, and theatre. You may see Omar on some commercials currently running on tv and on a tv series currently running on PureFlix called The Encounter. He has worked on films with big stars like Tom Cruise, Michael Keaton, Jason Mamoa, Damon Wayans Jr., and more. Omar is also a native fluent Spanish speaker. Omar’s reason for becoming a Realtor is three-fold; 1) because he loves helping people, 2) he enjoys the creative side of it, and 3) because it allows him to continue pursueing his passion as an actor. Omar will work hard for you and in your best interest. Omar Lagudali will not just find you a house, but a place to call HOM!
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