Jhoseline Soriano

Account Manager SmartZip Account Managers
Jan 10, 2020
Associate Broker
All you've provided since is exemplary service, and the most pleasant kind, too!
Thanks for taking such great care of our needs and for being so exceptionally responsive whenever a need popped up!

You will be missed!
- Debbie
Jul 25, 2019
Broker Associate, Keller Williams Key Partners, the #1 office in the Kansas City Metro Area
Jhoseline Soriano has been so helpful to me that I want to express that to you so that she gets proper recognition in the company and rewarded for her excellence.
She is patient, a careful listener and then best of all SHE GIVES ME CONCRETE SUGGESTIONS:
• Words---what to say when I call
• How to phrase an email
• Timeline for what I do for respondents
• Rewriting a draft handout that I wrote about downsizing and decluttering
• Revising/tweaking a scheduled letter I drafted to go out from SmartZip
I do appreciate how Jhoseline directs our conference calls. She’s in charge. I ask questions and tell her my concerns, and then she responds IN DETAIL with authority and confidence.
I can’t remember meeting with a marketing consultant who was as helpful and made our time together so productive, AND WE ARE meeting ON THE PHONE, not in person. Amazing!
My praises to Jhoseline and to SmartZip! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I’m working hard on my follow up in an area where I’ve listed and sold real estate for over 30 years. You are giving me a fresh approach. Thank you very much.


Ann Hyde

P.S. I want you to know how I appreciate the quality of paper, envelope and printing of the letter you send out on my behalf. The paper has a weight which I think demands being opened and at least glanced at if not read. Many companies are reducing the budgeted cost of paper, including my office. THAT REDUCES THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE MAILING AND CHEAPENS THE IMPRESSION OF THE AGENT AND COMPANY. Thank you for not doing that! I want you to know I notice and appreciate your commitment to quality

Jun 21, 2019
Team Leader
She gave Excellent service.
Response time was promptly and correct.
I think she deserves a RAISE!!!