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District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Keyes Boca
Bill has been a real estate broker in South Florida since 1986, and is the Managing Broker for The Keyes Company Boca Raton region. He is the 1998 Realtor of the Year and a former President of the Palm Beach County Council of Realtors and the South Palm Beach County Association of Realtors. He was the 2011 President of the Realtor Association of the Palm Beaches and serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Realtors Association and until recently served on the BOD of the National Association of Realtors (where he served on the Federal Housing Policy Committee). He is the 2016 Chairman of the Board of the Beaches MLS with over 15,000 members. Bill has been personally involved in well over $400 Million in real estate transactions in his career and overseen countless hundreds of million's of dollars in other transactions as a managing broker. He is an acknowledged expert in Distressed Property Sales (REO's and Short sales) and has been published in Money Magazine and numerous other publications including the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post on various Real Estate topics. He is a trainer and frequent panelist on Distressed Property public forums. Bill is an avid boater, SCUBA Diving Instructor and former Ice Hockey official. He is a Cancer survivor and a 1980 Graduate of Penn State with a Bachelors degree in Public Service. Bill is married with 2 grown children and 3 stepchildren.


I was blessed to have known this man and work with the Man for a number of years in the Keyes organization. He was from the first day I met him one of the most professional individuals in the business he will be truly missed. Rest in peace my friend !
Realtor, Keyes Boca Raton
I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am I to have landed in the Boca office. Everyone is so ready to help one another and so easy to get along with.
I have never worked in a real estate office that wasn't filled with drama and each person fighting for themselves.
I especially find Dave and Scott to be available whenever I have a question or just want to run something by them. Mark Pearlstein is awesome as well,
he really knows his business and has helped me many times when there was nothing in it for him.
Nancy and Marleen are always there for me as well.

When you have an excellent Captain at the helm, the vessel runs smooth no mater the sea conditions. It stars at the top.

Happy Realtor,
Broker Associate
My 18 years with Keyes and specially havin Bill as the manager have been but great.
Bill is always ready to answer any question and assist In resolving any issues.
Bill did a great job showing us the tools available to us at Keyes and how to use those tools.

I thank you for taking the time to help us all understand what it takes to be the one that leaves the listing appointment with the listing in these very competitive times.

Carlos Morales
Bill is a managing broker in the office I work at, He has been nothing but the best in managing our team providing great information on the latest update in the real estate world, newest trends of technology, educating agents with new marketing tricks and ways to make more $$$ using latest tricks in advertising. I would recommend Bill to be a team lead to anyone who wants to join our Keyes team.
The reason that I selected the Keyes Company over other real estate agencies was Bill Richardson. He seemed like the manager that I wanted to have on my side. With all of the training programs, and Bill's specialized coaching and other educational opportunities, I have come to respect him more and more. He tries to impart his 30 years of knowledge to us, the best he can.Whenever he gets an email or a text, he responds always . You know he is there for you. The reason that his office is so successful, is HIM.
I am grateful to be working with Bill Richardson.
Bill is not only a skilled professional with great knowledge of the Real Estate industry but he is also a very good person. He is always open in sharing his experience with us at meetings, and through the variety of classes that he teaches. 

Being a part of his team has personally helped me develop confidence and reinforce my knowledge in Real Estate. 
Bill Richarson is an excellent professional, very competent and with an great knowledge of Real Estate market. He is always willing to help his associates. I recommend Bill Richardson as being a great professional.
Commercial Realtor
Bill is a awesome manager-very supportive and inspiring-always there when you need him and extremely knowledgeable about the industry.
Sales Associate
Bill was the deciding factor with joining The Keyes Company - Boca Raton office. There are a lot of choices out there - I interviewed with quite a few. Keyes offers the most benefits for my clients and Bill and our office offer the best training on everything Keyes has to offer. I spent many years with RE/MAX and will say nothing negative about them, but in the end Keyes has more to offer and Bill is a Great Broker to have in your corner.
Sales Associate
I wish to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt recommendation. It's a pleasure and privilege to be a part of Bill's team. He is a stand out talent with over 30 years experience bringing a wealth of knowledge and guidance gleaned from a broad range of experience in the various aspects of the industry. I'm particularly impressed by Bills ability to handle even the toughest situations effortlessly and provide the necessary solutions and remedies. He is great to work with too; providing a welcoming, positive environment to learn and grow in the business with the proper training, tools and technology. This enables his associates to in turn provide quality, competent and professional service to our Keyes family customers. Congratulations on all your successes and I wish you well in all your endeavors!
Bill's training classes are the best I have ever attended. His expert and detailed knowledge of the industry would be hard to match, and he shares it all with you.
He's always available to offer guidance and answer questions. Bill's a great broker and mentor. Thank's Bill.
If you need an answer to a question, Bill is always there. He knows his stuff when it comes to Contracts and regulations. I find his support as a Manager in our busy real estate office to be very helpful and professional.
This is the third time in 25+ years Bill has been my manager!
Would I keep coming back to him if he wasn't THE BEST??
He is energetic, informative, and SO knowledgeable!! Also understanding...
Real Estate Agent
I'm extremely grateful to have joined The Keyes Company, Boca Raton office. My experience has been far above my expectation, due to Bill Richardson and his level of professionalism, knowledge, and inspiration. He a subject matter expert in the field of Real Estate and Brokerage. Bill's communication style and urgency to respond back when needed is by far the best, bar none!
Commercial Sales Associate
I have had the pleasure to work with Bill Richardson at Keyes Boca for several years. He is an amazing mentor and friend, is very supportive and always goes out of his way to help us. In my humble opinion Bill Richardson is a True Team Leader with out of the box thinking and the knowledge & expertise it takes to close deals in today's real estate market.
Bill Richardson is an excellent manager and I couldn't be happier of working in this office. He is compromised with our success and keep us updated at all times with all Real estate issues, contracts, law, listing, prospecting, working with buyers, form simplicity, you name it! Training is great so that you can become as knowledgeable as you want.
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any trouble or question, he always gives you great advice and help when you need it.
Thank you Bill for your advice and your help.
I interviewed with three agencies. When I met with Bill Richardson I knew he was the one. He is knowledgeable, has a drive, reliable, available, honest and will help you in the decision making process.

Sales Associate
Bill Richardson, is the manager who always has his door open for you, no matter the time, even when he is busy he will always answer your questions, and listen to your concerns, being able thanks to his vast knowledge of the Real Estate Market to give you a proper, wise, appropriate, and satisfactory answer.

Thank you Bill for having your doors open for us always.
Bill is an excellent Manager/Broker with many years of experience in all phases of real estate. In addition, his knowledge of the local & state laws, rules and regulations of the business is a huge plus for clients and associates. He always is willing to teach, help & learn. I have been a broker with the Keyes Company for 30+ years and there are very few Managers of large offices that do this job as well as he does!
Sales Associate
Bill is an excellent Broker, very professional, experienced, reliable, and always there for his associates.
Sales Associate
I've been with Keyes for almost 5 years and Bill is one of the Best brokers I have had the pleasure of working with in my 26 years as a real estate agent. Bill is always there when you need him. I would not want to work for any one else.
Bill is a great managing broker. We are very lucky to have him in the office. Always there when you need him most to answer all the questions in detailed and professions matter. Thank you!
I've worked for Bill for 6 years and I could not wish for a more supportive, knowledgeable and hands on manager. He is always available to offer guidance or answer questions and I have learned so much through his expert and vast knowledge of the industry. Bill's ongoing training classes not only teach, but motivate and push you to the next level. Whether new or experienced, he provides classes and courses for everyone. I really could not imagine working for anyone else, Bill is a leader, mentor and coach - he is the best.
Licensed Realtor
Bill it's a fantastic manager, extremely knowledgeable and a great person to work with. I would recommend to all my family and friends to work with him.

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