Tony Garcia

District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Homestead Office
Anthony “Tony” Garcia has been District Sales Manager of The Keyes Company, Homestead Office since 2004. Since that time Tony has grown the office from twenty-four associates and $45 million in sales yearly to over 110 associates and over $145 million in sales annually. According to the multiple listings service the Homestead office is the number one real estate office in sales volume and units in Miami Dade County, south of Palmetto. Tony and his associates at the Keyes Company are very active in the community and are involved in many local organizations.
May 16, 2019

Keyes welcomes Edward J. Rengifo

Let's welcome our newest addition Edward J. Rengifo to Keyes Homestead. Edward is very excited to be part of Keyes Homestead.
Mar 28, 2019

Keyes welcomes Alberto Carrasco

Lets welcome Alberto Carrasco to the Keyes Homestead office. Alberto is very excited he joined The Keyes Company.
Mar 28, 2019

Keyes welcomes Jennifer Diaz

Lets welcome our newest addition Jennifer Diaz to the Keyes Homestead office. Jennifer will be pursing real estate full time.
Mar 28, 2019

Keyes welcomes Jennifer Green

Lets welcome Jennifer Green to the Keyes Homestead office. Jennifer is friends with Keyes associate Christel Liscombe.
Nov 1, 2018

Keyes welcomes Brenda Atesiano

Lets welcome Brenda Atesiano to the Keyes Homestead office. Brenda has sales experience and has worked for T-Mobile for 7 years.
Aug 22, 2018

Keyes welcome Cinthia Rai

Lets welcome our newest addition Cinthia Rai to the Keyes Homestead office. Cinthia is the wife of producing associate Saud Rai.
Feb 14, 2018

Welcome Cristiane Telocken

We are excited to introduce Cristiane Borges Telocken! Our newest addition to the Keyes Homestead office.
Jan 31, 2018

Keyes welcomes Lashae McCormack

We are excited to introduce Lashae McCormack! Our newest addition to the Keyes Homestead office. Keyes wishes you a successful 2018!
Jan 30, 2018

Keyes welcomes Saud Rai

I am so excited to welcome Saud Rai to the Keyes Homestead office. Saud speaks 6 languages and has 20 years of sales experience.
Realtor Associate
Hello everyone! I am very pleased to let you know that Tony Garcia is the greatest manager! He listens, solves problems and encourages everyone to due the best that they can.
If you are new, or an experienced agent, you will fine The Keyes Company has the best visibility in Homestead, best training, and a wonderful support team. They are involved in the community selflessly and consistently every year with fund raising for great causes for the community. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Email:, or 305-3230869 direct line.
Broker Assoc.
I moved my license after being with another Company for 31 years. Tony was the main reason I chose Keyes. He is a great leader, takes the time to listen and actually helps. He has built a great team at his Homestead office and I am glad to now be a part of his team.
Asst Manager
I have worked alongside Tony for 13 years and he is like family to me! It is very exciting to work in an atmosphere where you can be yourself and are ENCOURAGED to excel & given the TOOLS to be excellent! Tony has always pushed me to do more than I ever thought I was capable of and I owe so much of my success to him for all the times he pushed me to go further than I thought I could, do more than I felt equipped to do, and continuously go outside my comfort zone! He has truly helped make me who I am, & he still pushes me to this day!!!! I am proud to call him my manager, but even more so to call him my FRIEND.
Realtor Associate
I joined the Keyes Homestead office about 7 years ago, from the moment I became a Realtor, I knew Keyes Homestead was my forever home. Tony really creates a family oriented atmosphere and community service driven office. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate and truly cares about his team members. He is always available to answer questions and he genuinely cares about the success of all his agents. Tony goes above and beyond to ensure the office is always running smoothly.
Realtor Associate
Since I started as a Realtor in January of 2015. Tony has been a great District Manager. He is always on top of things and never turns me away when I come to him for any help I may need. He treats everyone in the Homestead office not as just another Realtor, but as family. That's what makes working in the Homestead office and with Keyes such a pleasurable experience!
Realtor Associate/Trainer
Tony is a terrific "hands on" Manager. He believes that all members of the office should be involved in everything, especially community events. Tony encourages us to act as productive, loyal and supportive "team members". This is good for both business and morale. Tony has made our office a successful and happy place!
Realtor Associate
Following my retirement from the University of Miami in 2016, I approached Tony about reactivating my real estate license with The Keyes Company. He couldn't have been more encouraging. It has been a great transition and the mentorship from experienced associates in the Homestead office--particularly Louis Melara and Jill Becker--have guided me successfully in my first sales.
Realtor/Sales Associate
I have know Tony for many years and not only do I consider him to be a great manager/mentor but also a great friend. He is always there to help when you need him. He is a great asset to this community and always willing to give of himself. He is a family man who cares deeply for all of those around him. It is a privilege to work with him.
REALTOR Associate
I have been with Keyes since September and have had the privilege to be mentored by Tony, a great leader, resourceful, supportive, but most importantly, an overall great person.
Tony has been very energetic, very caring, and very appreciative of the efforts from his associates. He is civic minded and encourages his people to be the same.
Realtor/ Sales Associate
I came to Keyes about a year ago with the Century 21 purchase merger and Tony can attest that I was not a happy camper. Tony managed to chip away all my concerns and made me feel at ease and at home as a whole. He is an amazing manager, very involved with the community and charities and will go out of his way to help and keep his agents happy!
Realtor Associate
Tony is a great manager, motivator and mentor. He is always available for any questions that you might have and he will always back you up if there any issues. He treats all the associates if we all part of his own family. I can not express in words how he treated all of us who merge from Century 21 almost a year. He made us feel welcome and part of the Keyes family.
Corporate Talent Acquisitions Specialists/Licensed Realtor
Tony Garcia is not only vested in the the professional growth of his associate, but also their personal growth as well. He and his associates are celebrated for their tremendous activeness in the community and involvement in many local organizations. He is a manager that you can learn from as a professional, but can also hold in high regards for the kind-hearted person he is.
Tony is a very good broker. He treats me with great respect and he is very professional. He gives great advice and is always there to support the realtors. I feel privileged to work for The Keyes Company.
Broker Associate at Keyes Homestead
I have known Tony Garcia personally and professionally for over 10 years. Even though I worked at a competing real estate office closeby, all my real estate dealings with Tony were honest, smooth, and proficient. Last year, our office was acquired by Keyes. Tony and his staff did a tremendous job welcoming me to their office. I thought it would be extremely difficult to go to a different company. But Tony handled the transition with ease. Any concerns or questions were always addressed. It is great to have Tony as our sales manager!
I have known Tony Garcia for over 15 years. He is always inspiring his associates to grow their real estate business and to be the best they can be. He reaches out to the community in a caring way both giving back and always making his goal to make Homestead a better place to live, work and play.

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