Joan Richardson

District Sales Manager - Boca Office Keyes Real Estate
“Joan is the District Sales Manager of the Keyes Boca Office. Joan is a Real Estate veteran with over 15 years experience with all facets of Real Estate operations which includes, strategic planning, sales, marketing, office management with The Keyes Company. She is a Palm Beach County expert, having sold throughout the county for 15 years.

Joan earned her way into the President’s Elite and Circle of excellence for the past ten years. She is a Short Sales and REO expert and RELO certified specialist. Before managing the Boca office, Joan was an assistant manager, as well as a field trainer and a tech trainer.

Joan is originally from Annapolis, MD and has been a S. Florida resident for 40 years. She is a dog lover, enjoys boating, good wine, spending time with her daughter, son in law and new granddaughter.”
Realtor at Keyes
I have known Joanie for 12 years. She is extremely hard working and the consummate professional. If it can be done, she will find a way to do it. She is very knowledgeable and all who work with her learn from her. She is quick to offer help and advice. You cannot go wrong if you work with Joanie!
Commercial Realtor
I've known Joan for at over 10 years and during that time frame, she not only has demonstrated the wealth of real estate knowledge, the experience she has and how an asset she is to anyone who wants to succeed in real estate, but also -and perhaps more importantly- her leadership capacity. I'm grateful for having been associated with her and look forward to continuing working alongside her. If you are reading this because you are either considering a real estate career or taking it to the next level by joining her team, don't search anymore, you are in the right place.
Joanie is a fabulous manager. Prior to her promotion, she was one of my trainers when I joined Keyes and she definitely set me up for success. She has a wealth of knowledge, is incredibly accessible and creates a real family environment at Keyes Boca. We are truly blessed to have her as our district sales manager!
Joan Has been with us for a few weeks now and she has been a great support to our office. She is very friendly , Knowledgeable and approachable. She is a very positive person as well . She strives to drives us to success . She is a great manager !!
Real Estate Agent Keyes
Joan Richardson is Is our new manager at Wellington office and in such a short time I am happy to say that I have been able to feel his professional support and his solidarity. She is a person who impresses energy, positivism and desire to continue every day improving. I feel very optimistic and I hope we can share many years of work together.

Giovy Cancino
Realtor Real Estate Associate
Joan Richardson is a kind and approachable Supervisor. Joan has assisted me with many questions about Real estate because she is very knowledgeable and has a lot experience
It is wonderful to welcome Joan Richardson to the Keyes Wellington Office. She has the experience and knowledge that is so vital to running a Real Estate Office. She is a tremendous asset to our office - and I look forward to working with her! In addition, she has an exuberant personality - a genuine people person - great quality for a Realtor and Office Manager! Welcome, Joan!
Realtor Associate
Joan is a wonderful addition to our Wellington office. From day one she fit right in. She has great energy and is always available and ready to lend a helping hand. We are very lucky to have her.
Realtor Wellington Office
Joan has transition into the Wellington Office like a true Leader would. I will use the great John C. Maxwell Quote:

"A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
I am writing to recommend my office District Manager, I have the pleasure of working directly with Joan and her tremendous abilities amaze me. Her capabilities to understand her agents, to support us, motivated us, she always respond very fast to any of request. Great leader, always open to share her knowledge, her expertise is great. We are bless to have her as our Team Leader, Manager in our office, I always learn from her.
Joan Richardson recently joined our team at the Wellington office as our Sales Manager. I am pleased to say she is not only knowledgeable as a District Sales Manager, but she embodies a natural and welcoming persona; the elements befitting to our office and her title. Joan Richardson is an interactive Manager. This is a character trait that further supports her willingness to contribute to our success as individuals, and consequently the overall success of the Keyes Company.
Joan came to us after we lost our manger. How do you replace someone that is loved and highly respected. Well Joan did. We could not of asked for anyone better and we are so bless that she came to our office as our new manager. Her caring, skills and knowledge will help us all to become better realtors. Thank you Joanie for coming and being there for us.
Thank you to Keyes, for giving us the opportunity to work with Joan Richardson, here in our Wellington office. She is knowledgeable, professional and to top it off personable! This is a winning combination for all .
Jill Hoog. Realtor
Keyes Company
Wellington, Fl.
Broker Associate
As the former owner of a real estate brokerage, I am aware of the friendly encouraging feeling of enthusiasm that exists entering the Keyes Wellington office under the guidance of Joan Richardson. With a smile on her face, she is accessible, encouraging, thoughtful, always anxious to share the knowledge she possesses. Wanting everyone to succeed she is constantly conducting training classes. Joan makes everyone feel she has an interest in their success and they are an important part of her winning team. This shows the true skills of leadership.
Harvey Zarchin, TRC, CIPS Broker Associate/Consultant-Advisor
Sales Associate
Joanie is a tremendous asset to our Wellington Office. Incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, she embodies every attribute that a strong, supportive, encouraging and successful leader should possess. Her goal is to see everyone succeed, bringing each Associate to the peak of their abilities. It's a pleasure to work with- and for her, knowing she's behind- and beside us every step of he way.
Realtor Associate, CDPE, Certified Luxury Agent
"I was so elated to learn that Joan Richardson is our New District Sales Manager at our Keyes Wellington Office. She comes with an Open mind, a Wealth of Knowledge through years of experience in the Industry, a True Leader who serves, and withholds nothing. A people person who has taken my confidence level up several notches, since "Joan to the Second Power" came to our office. This incredible lady exemplifies commitment and dedication. The BAR has been raised since you became a member of our Wellington office. I am Happy and Grateful to have you as our DSM. Enjoy the ride. We are!" God Bless!
ruben MENDEZ
Good afternoon Joan,
I feel that one of the point to be developed is a better and easier way of communication between Agents.
As I was an Agent in Palm Springs ,ÇA, Benion Deville Homes have an inter-office mail system where Agents can communicate directly, on any subject: New listing, price change, open house, financing, legal news, looking for a contractor, looking for any kind of help. The system let you target the selected branches that you want to communicate with, and goes to all the agents of that branche. You can selected of course as many branches as you want.
Beside creating a corporate spirit and identity, it is a very easy way to find help and promote your listings. As to contractors , once recommended by Agents, you feel more comfortable to suggest that specific contractor to a client, and being recommended as such the contractor will give best service and price in order to preserve his position.
I know that today Keyes system is to send email to Luis and ask him to spread it. But it's too complicated , and Luis would never have the time to forward many requests. He is a very busy person, having better stuff to do.
At BDhomes, I was and am receiving daily communications through the system some days up to 10 mails.
Should you wish so, I could stop by and show you the system. I am sure that inside Keyes connect, a simple software writer could add it very easily. Nothing complicated there.
Again I feel that in today's world of business, efficient communication is critical to any deal.
Sales Associate
Joan has a very positive attitude--She is extremely knowledgeable...Joan is a very
exuberant person, full of joy and has a lot of energy to show it.

Realtor Associate
I couldn't be happier to have Joanie as our new Manager in the Wellington office. Her real estate experience, leadership and coaching abilities are superior. Joanie is very supportive and is never more than a phone call away. I am proud to say that she is my manager.
Wellington Assistant Sales Manager/Realtor
I am so glad to have Joan Richardson joined our office. Throughout the years that I have been with The Keyes Company, we needed someone like Joan with experience overseeing our every day situations that we might encounter with our clients, our families and special with our business. When we need advice or trying to clarify some issues that need to be addressed, she is there for us, to help solve our problems or to tell you how to proceed. Thank you Joan for being here for us.
Joan is very easy to work with. She is reachable to her agents at any given hour. She is extremely knowledgeable... with over 13 years of experience in Real Estate. Always a positive attitude!
Senior Vice President
Joanie is a wealth of real estate information and one of the top agent coaches at Keyes. Her management skills are refined having successfully sold real estate for many many years as well as co-managed one of our largest branch offices.
Great person and great broker. Very professional.
Sales Associate
A true leader!
Considering all the vast changes in technology, laws, regulations and the Real Estate Market, Keyes Realty Team is just awesome. They do so much in the background that makes it much easier to do business in my Real Estate business.
I can clearly see why so many with a Real Estate License in Florida that are not with Keyes tend to not remain in the business.

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