Joan Richardson

District Sales Manager - Boca Office Keyes Real Estate
“Joan is the District Sales Manager of the Keyes Boca Office. Joan is a Real Estate veteran with over 15 years experience with all facets of Real Estate operations which includes, strategic planning, sales, marketing, office management with The Keyes Company. She is a Palm Beach County expert, having sold throughout the county for 15 years.

Joan earned her way into the President’s Elite and Circle of excellence for the past ten years. She is a Short Sales and REO expert and RELO certified specialist. Before managing the Boca office, Joan was an assistant manager, as well as a field trainer and a tech trainer.

Joan is originally from Annapolis, MD and has been a S. Florida resident for 40 years. She is a dog lover, enjoys boating, good wine, spending time with her daughter, son in law and new granddaughter.”
Sales Associate
Joanie, is an awesome great manager! She is always ready to help, always giving you advice. For me as a new real estate agent, she is always available if I have any questions or need assistance. She has tremendous knowledge, expertise and professionalism capable of handling difficult real estate situations using her business skills.
She always shows great attitude in the office and outside the professional work place. Joan is very sociable and able to gain confidence of colleagues as well as clients .
It is a pleasure to recommend her very highly as a Real Estate Leader.

Assistant Sales Manager
Joan Richardson was my trainer/mentor when I first joined Keyes in 2009 and I have worked with her since. She is incredibly knowledgeable and well respected by all who know her and work with her. I came to Keyes initially because of the reputation of the company and the training provided. I have stayed in the Boca Raton office because of Joan. She has created and maintains a great working environment filled with camaraderie, laughter, learning and encouragement - for all agents - new and experienced.
LOVE Joanie and the Keyes Boca office!! I interviewed with 7 different real estate offices before choosing Keyes Boca and it has definitely been the right choice for me. Joanie is a great supporter of her team, as is the entire office. Training opportunities are offered multiple times each week. Resource specialists are also available for Title, Mortgage, Insurance and Property Management. The physical office is comfortable, open and impressive for visiting customers. A very unique Manager and realtor group. Very happy here! You will be too, as a Realtor, or as a customer!
Sales Associate
Several years ago I joined Keyes and was appointed Joan as my mentor. And what a patient, knowledgeable and caring mentor she was! I owe it to her for perservering through some choppy waters. Fast forward a few years and she is now is my broker! Couldn't have asked for more in a broker..whip smart, always available for any question and just as loving and genuine as can be. She is the brightness in the Boca Office, works hard and thus gets all her team to follow suit. It is a joy to work for Joan and I feel blessed to be able to keep learning from her how this business is done!
Joanie had always been an inspiration and an amazing leader! Her knowledge, wisdom, and get up and go attitude has helped me and our great team at Keyes, Boca office! Joanie has done a great job in making us all feel we belong! She’s fun to be around too!!!!!!
Joan has all of the attributes that you want in a manager. She is accessible, knowledgeable and fun! She has a created a real "family" environment at the Keyes Boca office. She remembers what it is like to be new to real estate and is passionate about training. On any given week, there are at least 2-3 classes at the office. She knows how to leverage the strengths of the agents in our office. She provides the tools and resources that we need to excel. Joan truly cares about each agent; bother personally and professionally. I highly recommend Joan and feel fortunate to work with her!
Broker Associate
To whom it may concern
I have worked closely with Joan’ Richardson in Real Estate for many years.
Ms Joann Richardson has displayed tremendous knowledge, expertise and professionalism capable of handling difficult real estate situations using her business skills with savoir faire.
Joan is very sociable and able to gain confidence of colleagues as well as clients .
It is a pleasure to recommend her very highly and In an unflinching manner as a
Real Estate Leader.
Joan has helped me immensely in developing my business and as a Real Estate Agent in these changing times. You need to have a good foundation for a company to thrive and Joan is that foundation and inspiration for all of us in our Boca office. Always there to answer questions and help guide when necessary.

I have worked in other Careers and other Real Estate offices and Joan has to be my number one!

Thank you for everything Joanie...
Real estate agent
Joan Richardson is the Best manager I ever had always ready to help, always giving u advice , always attentive to your needs.
Very happy working in the office with her.
I have worked at The Keyes Company for over 12 years. Joan Richardson is a great manager. She is always available if you have any questions or assistance. Keyes offers its Realtors wonderful tools to build your business.
Joanie is one of the most patient people I have ever met. Her knowledge in Real Estate blows my mind! No matter what time of day it is, you can count on Joanie being there for you. Best Broker in South Florida.
Joanie is an incredible supporter of my business! I couldn't ask for a better broker. If I call, email or text she gets back to me extremely quickly. I'm always amazed by her prompt and thorough responses. Whenever I have a question she is unsure of she contacts someone to get me an answer and she follows up as well!
She's in communication with you as much or as little as you want.
I highly recommend Joanie as a broker to any new or experienced agents out there. You won't regret making the switch!
Real estate agent
Joanie has been a great addition to our Keyes family. She always shows great attitude in the office and outside the professional work place. She is very supportive when it comes to advise in our real estate world. Her knowledge of real estate is outstanding and her leadership has made our office sparkling. I recommend Joanie weather you need a leading mind or just a friend to share quality time with
I am not sure who to attribute this quote to but "Great leaders don't tell you what to do, they show you how it's done". I have worked with Joanie for many, many years and have watched her grow from a Top Producing agent into our Manager at the Boca Raton office. One of the main reason for her success is that she know the ropes, has walked in our shoes and has shown me that she practices what she preaches. She is excellent manager, mentor and friend and I love working in this office. The ice cream that she keeps stocked in the freezed is just an added bonus!!!
I truly enjoy working with Joan. She is not only extremely professional, knowledgeable and supportive but she also keeps us motivated to reach our goals. The office atmosphere is very friendly and warm and that is because of Joan's positive attitude. I could not wish for a better place to work.
I've known Joan since starting my Real Estate career 10 years ago. She was a successful Realtor then and was very generous in offering all the training and information I needed to begin my new venture. Her positive attitude and great personality is infectious! She has grown her business savvy through hard work and strong desire to now run the office where she started her Real Estate career - a very hard feat to pull off - but Joan has done nothing short of building one of the strongest teams in South Florida.
Insurance Associate
Joan is a manager with an incredible wealth of knowledge and understanding of the real estate market. She knows how to lead her team and get the best from those she surrounds herself with. The office environment is phenomenal and highly professional while still being fun. I truly feel grateful to be a part of her winning team. There is nothing but positivity at the Keyes Boca office and it is largely due to Joan's leadership!
Joan is a great broker to work with. She made me feel welcome at Keyes and consistently provides advice, support and all the resources needed for success.
Licensed Residential Real Estate Agent in Florida
Joan (Joanie) Super Hero, Leader.....all of these fit. Joanie is constantly guiding agents at her office to new and exciting ways to help our customers. She offers weekly training about new technology.....real world stuff we can use every day. Joanie also leads a class about building relationships and always doing the right thing.
The Super Hero description applies when a hurricane is aimed at us and she is the one preparing the office for lock down, while constantly updating the rest of us at home.
And, she knows how to throw a party and keep everyone engaged whether they have been at Keyes for a day or a decade. Go, Joanie! Go!
Joan Richardson is amazing to work with! She is not only extremely knowledgeable about Real Estate, but a true Subject Matter Expert! She’s approachable, friendly, kind and has an awesome sense of humor when needed too! (A day in RE without a little laughter isn’t a very productive one :))).
She’s always there for us and continually goes the extra mile to create the most motivating office culture like I’ve never seen! I’d recommend everyone and anyone in the Industry that I know to be on Joanie’s team! #Joanie’sTeamForTheWin!
Joannie Richardson has the knowledge, experience, desire and passion to handle real estate transactions fairly and correctly the first time !
Commercial Real estate Agent
Have known Joanie since 2009 when I joined Keyes and she was the assistant broker then, she has always been extremely helpful and is super knowledgeable and now she has surely grown into her part of being an exceptional broker with her compassionate nature. She truly is the bond in our office and definitely keeps up with the Keyes family spirit making our office an awesome space to work, ofcouse all the ice cream she provides helps !
Sep 24, 2019

Welcome Gerald Marcus to Keyes

We welcome Gerald Marcus to the Boca Office ! Gerald is an experienced associate we are happy to have him join The Keyes Company!
Realtor at Keyes
I have known Joanie for 12 years. She is extremely hard working and the consummate professional. If it can be done, she will find a way to do it. She is very knowledgeable and all who work with her learn from her. She is quick to offer help and advice. You cannot go wrong if you work with Joanie!
Commercial Realtor
I've known Joan for at over 10 years and during that time frame, she not only has demonstrated the wealth of real estate knowledge, the experience she has and how an asset she is to anyone who wants to succeed in real estate, but also -and perhaps more importantly- her leadership capacity. I'm grateful for having been associated with her and look forward to continuing working alongside her. If you are reading this because you are either considering a real estate career or taking it to the next level by joining her team, don't search anymore, you are in the right place.

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