Floyd Cerf

Executive VP / Commercial Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Commercial Sales Office
Floyd has been a full service real estate agent in listing, sales, leasing and the marketing of Commercial & Investment real estate since 1974. Cerf has accumulated over $950,000,000 in sales. Cerf’s clients have included Walmart, Sears, Publix, Revlon, Loehmans, McDonalds, Travelers, GSA, Allstate, K-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Capital Bank, Amerifirst, and Southeast Bank. Floyd has also bought and sold through his own name and with limited partnerships, amounting to another $20 million in sales.

Cerf is The Executive Vice President of The Keyes Company and sales manager of the company’s Commercial Sales Division. Cerf enjoys one of the most prestigious distinctions in his field, the CCIM designation. He has been a leading salesman during the 40 years of his association with Keyes.

In addition to his listing and selling duties, Cerf also recruits and trains new associates in commercial sales and leasing. He has also been guest speaker in several commercial seminars for both the Dade and Broward County Board of Realtors, has been involved with various committees and was Director of the Hollywood Board of Realtors.

In 2016, Cerf’s personal sales exceeded $ 15,500,000.00
Sale Associate
Floyd is an incredible human being and tireless person, as a boss he is always for their employees, It doesn't matter when you write an email to Floyd, he always respond after a few minutes. I really likes and enjoy to work with Floyd
Assistant Sales Manager
Floyd is our fearless leader. He is a treasured member of the Keyes' family of managers and also a Vice President of Keyes. His extensive knowledge of real estate through his years of experience gives us a leading edge to be successful realtors. Floyd is always available to us. When we are faced with a new obstacle, he will guide us through the right path. I give Floyd my highest recommendation for his position and I am confident that he will continue to be a valuable manager for many years to come.
Asst Mgr
My name is Alex L. Wiegandt and have been a Commercial Agent for the Keyes Real Estate Company the past 21 Years

Floyd Cerf is the main reason I commute from my home in Doral to the Commercial Office at 2121 SW 3 Av. I have learned that an experienced and knowlegable manager is vital in order for me to be a successful Real Estate agent. Mr. Cerf has provided me with advice and offered insight numerous times in an effort to keep transaction running smoothly. Floyd's thorough knowledge of The Florida Real Estate regulations as well as the Keyes Company policies make him a vital part of the Commercial office.

The Commercial office offers extensive training provided by Floyd and several of the agents. We also have an optional Mentor Program for new agents that would like to experience success under the guidance of a seasoned and successful agent.
The Commercial office at 2121 SW 3 Av is well equipped with technology and access to Commercial research sites all of which combine to make this a very efficient enviornment to work in.

Feel free to contact me with any question

Alex L. Wiegandt
Assistant Manager Commercial Sales & Leasing
I have the good fortune of having Floyd as my manager for over 15 years.
Floyd hired and trained me and has always been loyal to me in every way when ever I need help!
Asst. Div. Mgr.
Our Sales Manager Floyd Cerf is a great Trainer with tremendous knowledge of the Commercial Real Estate field, second to none.

He is always available to us, not just in the office but at home as well.

Floyd goes above and beyond.
Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but that is the type of environment Floyd has cultivated here at the Keyes Commercial Sales office. A little over a year ago, I launched a career in Commercial Real estate. I interviewed at many CRE firms after obtaining my license, but Floyd and his team at Keyes notably offered the ONLY type of training/ mentorship program when on-boarding new sales associates. In a highly competitive, “cut throat” industry, I quickly realized how invaluable the education and insight offered through Floyd’s training program truly is; the classes, mentors, and training programs Floyd has developed at Keyes offer CRE associates, both new and seasoned veterans, the best chance for success. There is no question. I am thankful to Floyd and the rest of his team at Keyes for sharing and teaching me every day.
Assistant Sales Manager
When you look in the dictionary, you see Floyd Cerf’s picture under Knowledge, Passion and Generosity.

He has been in the business since 1974. A solid 43 years. He is a wealth of KNOWLEDGE. Mr. Cerf is someone who has done it all. He continues to work hard for something he loves. That PASSION is seen by all of his peers and that’s why we look up to him.

He has created a model for which I am a product of – Mentor/Mentee Program. Every single person that joins our office has the opportunity to be trained by an experienced Mentor.

His GENEROSITY goes above and beyond anyone I have come across. His door is always open for everyone and I can assure you that there is not a single deal made in our office that he has not been part of.

My full respect goes to him.
Realtor Associate
Floyd is an exceptional manager. He is fair and helpful. Bring any problem with a deal to him and he will help you solve it. Training is very important to him and he, along with the mentors, offers multiple training classes throughout the month for the office. It is plain to see that Floyd's passion is Commercial Real Estate
Assistant Sales Manager
I have been in Commercial Sales since 2001 with Floyd as our manager. He is a world of knowledge who is always available to help us make a deal.
The first time I was in Keyes Floyd made me believe I was a great realtor, then he told me he never made a mistake......I had
no choice but to believe him and I became successful.
This is my second time at Keyes and I never doubted in coming under his guidance. He is a true leader and for me is an honor to be in the commercial division under the the direction of Floyd Cerf.
Commercial Sales
Floyd has been an invaluable teacher in my transition into commercial real estate. His regular classes are first rate and he is always available to answer questions and help motivate. He's a real difference maker.
Have known Floyd for close to 20 years now. He is always there when you have a question that needs an immediate answer, he has probably encountered every situation possible in his 40 years in the commercial real estate sector.

Floyd, is a man of honor, is trustworthy, and a friend.
Realtor Assoc
Floyd is always positive and inspirational, but very focused on results.
A very good team leader.
Thank you Floyd,
Floyd has the ability of being able to convey his knowledge to us, helping us to be better salesman
Commercial Realtor
Floyd has tremendous knowledge of the industry. His door is always open and never shy to honestly answer your questions. He has that perfect balance of knowledge, wisdom, drive and enthusiasm that will get you motivated to do the right move.
I look forward to every class, and seminar that he is involved in. Always, always is a learning experience.
Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent
I have had the pleasure of working with Floyd Cerf at the Keyes Commercial office as a sales agent, for the past 15 Years. Floyd is our Manager and in that capacity has led the Commercial Department to sales figures never achieved before. I find Floyd to be one of the most informed and experienced Real Estate experts in the Industry.

I have always found him to be willing to assist with any problems or questions that might arise in the course of a transaction. Floyd is fair and consistent with his opinions while expressing total familiarity with regulations and policies of the Real estate Industry as well as The Keyes Company.

I have the highest respect for Floyd and hope to continue working with him for many more years.


Alex L. Wiegandt
Keyes Commercial RE
Floyd is an outstanding person, excellent boss, and always is there from his employees. I feel confident recommending Floyd as a boss and like a human being
Director Commercial Sales
Having a Broker with 40+ years of experience in the commercial Real Estate industry, and more importantly, all with Keyes is an invaluable resource to have available. So many different situations and scenarios arise in this business so it's comforting to know that we have Floyds wisdom and voice of reason to consult with when needed.
On a personal note, he's just a good guy that is committed to the growth, development and support of his team.
And rumor has it that he was a "Rockstar" of a sales guy himself back in the 70s and 80s.
Commecial Realtor
I came to Keyes in 2014, with many years in the real estate but no sales experience. Floyd is a great teacher, mentor, and leader. He's readily available to all associates to assist with their transactions. His formal and informal training programs are unparalleled.
Sales Associate
Floyd is an excellent teacher. Not only does he know everything about commercial real estate, he has the ability to give that knowledge to everyone on his team.
Asst. Commercial Division Manager
Longevity wise, I am the Commercial Office's senior salesperson. I have had a close working relationship with Floyd since he took over as Commercial Division Manager in the late 90's from our Chairman Ted Pappas who was my Sales Manager prior to Floyd. As great a manager as Mr. Pappas was, shortly after Floyd took over, the attitude in the office changed from competitive to a more cooperative office. Realtors started working with realtors and production went up. Floyd injected a Mentor/Mentee method of training into the office that til today has had tremendous success both for the Mentee as for the Mentor. Senior agents started teaching classes to newer agents and that again reflected fantastically in the performance of the Commercial Division. For years Keyes was competing for the Top Office within the Keyes Company. Floyd is always available to his agents, gets involved and is himself a tremendous instructor, nobody better with the numbers. In conversation with Floyd, he has told me that the Keyes Company is his life and what he enjoys the most. Thank you Floyd for being there for me for so many years and contributing to my success. As you draw closer to our Lord and Jesus Christ may he keep blessing you...
Commercial Sales Associate
Being extremely knowledgable and well-versed in the commercial industry, accompanied with his master salesman skills, truly makes Floyd the epitome of a commercial real estate expert. Additionally, he is graciously willing to help whenever one is in need, always extending a helping hand forward. I am very happy and fortunate to be working under his guidance at the Miami Office.
Sales Associate
It is with a heavy heart that I fully recommend Floyd Cerf as a highly effective sales manager. Floyd Cerf has the respect of subordinates and competition. Sales professionals under his management appreciate his efforts and the fact that he is highly approachable and available to be there to help us meet our sales goals.
In my years in the real estate business, I had never seen a more efficient and effective sales manager. His methods and involvement are so geared towards successful results that navigating the sales process hurts; but results are indisputable.

Senior Broker/Associate

I came aboard in May 2013, after working for another real estate company for over 23 years, a company which gradually began to de-emphasize the importance of its sales force.
Consequently, I saw the handwriting on the wall, and decided to look elsewhere for a company where I could carry on my livelihood.
I arranged an interview with Floyd, during which I was impressed by the length & breadth of Floyd's commercial real estate experience, not to mention the superior brokerage commission arrangement offered to newly hired salespeople.
On the basis of the interview, I decided to join the Keyes Company, and made the move as quickly as I could.
At that time I took with me two listings: a 1.4 Acre parcel in downtown MIami with an asking price of $18,000,000 which subsequently sold for $16,500,000 and a 1 Acre parcel of land 2 blocks way which eventually sold for $11,500,000.
The commission on the 1.4 Acre parcel amounted to approx. $453,750, to the Keyes Company; the commission on the 1 Acre parcel amounted to $115,000.
Prior to the closings, we were badgered by 2 real estate brokers who demanded a portion of our real estate commissions. However, Floyd and I put our heads to together, and at every step of the path to the closings, we blocked these 2 brokers from their illegal action to separate us from a portion of our deserved commissions.
Floyd was always available to discuss our strategy & tactics to deal with these brokers, and because of this and our subsequent actions, we were able to keep these brokers at bay and our commissions intact..
Floyd has always shown himself to be a man who always seeks better ways to make the entire sales force MORE PRODUCTIVE. He is tireless in this pursuit, and because of this , he makes the Keyes Company a formidable presence in the commercial real estate arena !!
Sales Associate . Land investment.
He is more than a boss , is a leader.
He work with the team side by side.
He is updating , teaching and finding more resources for the Commercial Division.
He take care for each one to achieve our goals and doing more every year.

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