Eli Santurio

District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Doral Office
Business Broker
True Broker leader devoted to help people on her team to build the best version of ourselves.
My privilege to be part of her team . Eli is always there for you , she will see your potential & also work together on your best strategy to succeed in The Real Estate Business and personal life.
Persistent & Straight forward person with great knowledge .

Happy and grateful to be part of The Keyes Family !

Thank you Eli !
Greatest Jeffa !
Sales Associate
I have been working with The Keyes Company for the last 14 years as a full time job. Eli is a excellent Broker manager, leader, Very motivated person and always able to help the associates and clients. Besides that she is great human being. Love working for this great team.
Real Estate Agent
Eli Santurio is an inspiring person for me, she is always there to assist everybody. Her motivation and enthusiasm makes her so SPECIAL. She is an excellent leader, She's always thinking what else can we improve on our daily work.
We are greatful to have the Best Manager.
Thank you Eli!!!
Eli Santurio has been extremely dedicate and helpful to me for the past 5 years.
She is very dedicate, caring and responsible person.
I would certanly recommended her for any task.
Realtor Associate
Eli Santurio has been extremely dedicate and helpful to me for the past 5 years.
She is very dedicate, caring and responsible person.
I would certanly recommended her for any task.
Sales Associate
Eli Santurio is a an extremely professional manager. You can count on her at any time and shows support on every situation.
Sales Associate
What can I say that has not been said. Eli is a very special woman, an spectacular boss, but most important an excellent friend. She is professional and reliable, a unique boss. she makes this office feels like home, with her kindness and enthusiasm. she is always attentive what happen in the office and resolving any matter, she makes us come to work here and love it!!!!
What can I say that has not been told.
Eli is a wonderful person, an excellent professional and a unique boss.
She makes this office like home, with her kindness and smile makes us love to work.
Eli is an amazing leader first and foremost! Her abilities to overcome adversities in any circumstances makes her standout from the rest of other managers and leaders i know not only in this industry but in many others! Eli is genuinely interested in resolving other peoples problems and she is a perfect match for what this Real Estate company stands for. Quality prevails always over quantity so I can assure that Eli does only the best and the results speak for themselves! I appreciate having her in my side and she is always there for me.
Realtor Associates
Eli works tirelessly every day to provide us with knowledge and tools we need to succeed in real estate. She upholds the perfect work environment and displays the strongest leadership skills.
There's a reason that Keyes does more business than any other brokerage in South Florida, and it's that the company provides the support for both new and experienced agents. For example, last week Eli organized an event where all the best new developments provided information to the agents. This allows me to be an expert on ALL the projects, rather than knowing just about the ones closest to the office.

For new agents, the company also offers a comprehensive training program. This can make the difference between a new agent doing no business and giving up, or getting their first listing and seeing their new career really begin to thrive.
Sales Associate
The Sanctuary is a wonderful person.
She is always willing to help everyone even in extra hours.
She is a great professional very knowledgeable of its work.
She is always giving the most appropriate answers to every situation that her agents may have.
Real Estate Agent
I will travel miles to be able to work in the same office that Eli works at. Besides the fact that she is extremely professional, she always makes time for all of her agents. Thanks to her the ambiance at the office has turned into a family. She is the best!
We at Doral are very fortunate to have Eli as our manager.

Her enthusiasm, motivation , knowledge and support makes her very special . She's
always available and on top of all the latest technology to help us achieve our goals.

Sales Associate
Ely creo ue seria de mucha ayuda mostrar un dia al mes ,como un "field trip"mostrar algunos listings (2 o 3 )de asociados ,hace anos con Century 21 lo haciamos y ayudaba .

Excellent and unequaled professional and advises. Creator of a climate or environment unmatched work.
Broker Associate
Eli, is always available for us for any issues. I have been in this business over 23 years with C-21 and Elk Realty before Keyes bought them. She is always ready to step in and solve our problems. Best Manager that I ever had.

Maria Elena Gonzalez
Broker Associate
Sales Associate
Good morning

From the moment I met she all signs of a great leader to unite two offices in work and play
Real Estate Associate
Eli is a dedicated professional who is always looking out to support the staff and the associates.
Ell is always full of energy and creative ideas that can help any person of the office to succeed.
Working with Eli is always a learning opportunity.
Eli is an excellent manager and wonderful human being. She is always available to help and support any time. She has an outstanding professional leadership.
Eli Santurio's excellent sales managerial skills as reflected on her sales meetings serve to discuss, promote and inspire her agents towards continued sales efforts for improvement, along with her professional assistance. She also covers other ancillary activities (i.e. personnel, special events, etc.), therefore, contributing by far towards Keyes' proven expansion and success.
I am happy to be part of Eli's Keyes team.
Listing Coordinator / Administrative Assist.
Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. Isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's what you inspire others to do. Eli is not only a great manager, she is also a great person and Keyes is not only a great place to work, it's a family!. I'll be eternally grateful for the opportunity to meet & work with such an amazing team.
Broker Associate
Eli Santurio is our irreplaceable manager and friend, always there to help us. She is able to energize her group of realtors with her outstanding leadership abilities.
In addition, she is an excellent human being. It's a pleasure to work with her.
Realtor Associate
In the time I have spent working in Keyes with Eli, she has shown herself to be an outstanding and competent leader with above par business skills. She conducts herself with the highest level of professionalism and always there for the group to solve any situation or simply to give us an advice when we need it.

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