Gonzalo Herrera

District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Hobe Sound
Gonzalo Herrera joined the Keyes Company in January of 2002 and went on to close $5,000,000 his very first year and in 2004 closed over $20,000,000 in sales volume. Gonzalo built his Real Estate business from much hard work, exceptional marketing and by establishing relationships with his customers. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Gonzalo was in the Real Estate marketing industry where he not only sold marketing products for agents but he would also train the agents on marketing themselves and their properties. The knowledge he gained from working with Top Producers from around the state of Florida helped Gonzalo gain immediate success as a Realtor. Having such a passion for helping agents build their business, Gonzalo became a District Sales Manager on March 2012. He has been a Sales Manager/Broker Associate for nine years. Gonzalo's niche is his commitment and passion to come alongside and help his associates build a sustainable Real Estate business with a quality reputation. His associates appreciate that he has not only been a selling associate and understands their needs but he excelled and can show them what it takes to be successful. They also know that he not only cares about their business but also their personal lives.
I have worked under many managers at a number of Real Estate agencies during my career as a Realtor. Gonzalo stands out as the best of the best. He creates a fun and helpful office environment. Ours is a unique, boutique agency catering to clients in any way that might help them in locating to a community or making a move less stressful. He is available as a resource, helping with both transaction and technical issues, always with a moral compass. The agents in our office all love working for and with Gonzalo. That says it all.
As a newer agent I can attest to the time Gonzalo takes as a broker to teach, help, and assist in anyway he can. His character speaks volumes as to who he is and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to join a team. He genuinely cares about his agents and the clients we serve. Gonzalo was the main reason I decided to join Keyes.
I joined the Keyes Company last year, and I am very impressed with how professional everyone is. Gonzalo, our Broker, is very knowledgeable about the industry. His goal is the agents' growth and success. He makes himself available to answer any questions or address concerns that arise. He is always positive and has a smile on his face, and one can tell he enjoys his job. I am grateful to be a part of a group of professionals, and Gonzalo truly has a servant's heart.
I joined the Keyes Company last year, and I am very impressed with how professional everyone is. Gonzalo, our Broker, is very knowledgeable about the industry. His goal is the agents' growth and success. He makes himself available to answer any questions or address concerns that arise. He is always positive and has a smile on his face, and one can tell he enjoys his job. I am grateful to be a part of a group of professionals, and Gonzalo truly has a servant's heart.
Gonzalo is one of the main reasons I joined Keyes. He truly cares about the success of his agents and goes above and beyond helping guide and navigate all issues or questions. He is a fantastic leader who encourages and is always available! I’m so thankful for his passion and knowledge in Real estate that he provides to our office at all times.
Gonzalo Herrera goes above and beyond every day! He is always thinking of ways to help us, and with Gonz as your broker, you can be as successful as you want to be. He is never too busy to listen to us, and offer suggestions, and help us in anyway we need help. His character is also impeccable. I am so thankful we have Gonz as our broker, and I would encourage anyone looking for a great office with a great broker to look no farther than Keyes Real Estate and the Hobe Sound office.
Having been a Licensed Realtor for more than twenty years mostly with another company, I can say that Gonzalo really stands out as one of the best and most caring brokers ever! His emphasis is on all of his sales team as individuals to achieve whatever their goals might be! His most admirable trait is his compassion for his diverse group of Realtors and treats each with respect and honesty whether you are the top sales person or the lowest sales person. He is an energetic, knowledgeable, team builder who creates harmony within the working relationships of all the Keyes Realtors in our office!
We are Keyes Hobe Sound Office and Proud of it!
Thanks to the Talented, Gifted, Exuberant ------- Gonzalo Herrera

May 2, 2018

Keyes Welcomes Tabatha Woodfork

Please welcome to the Keyes Jupiter/Tequesta team Tabatha Woodfork, an experienced sales associate.
Sales associate
Gonz is a wonderful manager. Very knowledgeable and always there when you need him.
The Best !
Gonzalo is the best Manager I have ever had. He is always there to help with any issue. We truly are a "TEAM" and Gonzalo is the best "Captain". Thank You, Gonzalo.
Broker Associate
Gonz has done a great job as manager, teacher and open door policy for any associate to enter. Regardless of what the problem is, Gonz does his very best to help solve the problem. He is always offering various classes on real estate, contracts, listings and marketing. he makes it a point to have various builders representatives come to our weekly meetings to discuss the projects that they are building and information about the companies. He has had legal personal invited to our meetings for updates on various legal situation that we all should be aware of. I have been with the Keyes organization for the past 14 years and I can honestly say it was one of my better decisions i have made in my life. "Great Job Gonz"
Realtor Associate
Gonzalo is a wonderful District Sales Manager who is always promoting a sense of community among associates. He is a great go to person who provides guidance and ideas on how to reach your goals along with sharing some of his own experiences. Gonzalo is available to review documents in a timely manner so you can present contracts confidently. Thank you Gonzalo for all of your assistance!
Realtor Associate
Wow! Best Broker Ever!
Broker Associate / Realtor
If your coming aboard Keyes as an experienced agent or new agent in this profession. Gonzalo will be a great help in getting you to the next level or just getting rolling down the right path.
Gonzalo is a warm and caring leader who supports his agents and staff. He steps in to help when it is needed and is a great manger.
Real Estate Agent
Gonzalo is doing a wonderful job at running the office and puts in many hours there. He also is very good at recruiting new agents to our office. He is very smart with computers and explaining how to use the Keyes web sight. Gonzalo makes the office a very happy place to work, I am lucky to work with him and he is very eager to help and always makes the time to answer questions.
Gonzalo is ALWAYS in a good mood/happy, crucial for a management position. He is the one person in the office that always has time for everyone. And he is great at being that person who helps everyone get along,. A must, in a good manager.
This is my second year with Keyes. I am very impressed with the leadership of our manager. He is always willing to give his time and share his expertise with each of us whenever needed. His outgoing personality and kindness make working together a real pleasure.
Realtor Associate
My very first impression of The Keyes Company was Gonzalo Herra on the day I interviewed for a position as a Realtor Associate. I had interviewed with a number of realty companies prior. But the moment we sat down to speak I knew this was the company that was an excellent fit for me. His honesty, warmth and expertise has far outweighed that very first impression! Thank you Gonz. Proud to have YOU as my Broker.
Gonzalo is an excellent manager and one of the reasons I signed on with The Keyes Company. He is knowledgeable, supportive and he shows a willingness to help you whenever he is able. He also does a great job with training and relating his experiences to help you learn and grow as a professional.
Realtor Associate
Gonzalo made my transition to the Jupiter/Tequesta office smooth and extremely pleasant. His managerial style promotes highly motivated and genuinely personable teams within the Keyes family. He is a true leader of a truly great office.
Gonzalo Herrera is a great manager. He is kind, compassionate, smart and most of all a great leader. If he was not the man that he is, I would have left his office as it is very inconvenient for me and would have moved on to another office. However, I cannot leave as I know I will not find another manager who is like Gonzalo! I would highly recommend Gonzalo as a realtor, manager and a great person!
sales associate
Gonzalo leads a great team of agents in a great office. The comradery in the office is the key to success for many of us in our office, and much that has to do with Gonzalo's hiring a team of realtors who work well together
Realtor | Consultant
It's an absolute privilege to have Gonzalo as a leader and mentor. His values, honesty and professionalism is a tremendous asset to the Jupiter/Tequesta Keyes office.
Broker associate
Works very diligently with all associates and has an open door policy for any associate who wants to discuss any and all issues of Real-estate or anything else pertaining to the Keyes company. Has implemented training classes on every subject related to real estate and is personally very knowledgeable about all issues pertaining to real estate He is a great asset to the Keyes Company.

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