Frank Jewett

District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Miami Beach Office
Frank Jewett has been a licensed Realtor since 1974. His career started in Cleveland, Ohio where he was recognized for consistent sales awards until his moving to Miami, Florida and joining The Keyes Company Realtors in August, 1983. As a sales associate, he started in the North Miami , then North Miami Beach (Aventura) then Hallandale. By 1986 he decided Management/Brokerage was his desire and was appointed that position in Keyes West Palm Beach office. His success was immediately recognized and in 1989 he was offered and accepted the Broker/Manager position for the Coral Springs location. From 1989-2000 his leadership skills kept the Coral Springs office in the Keyes spotlight, from recruiting to sales volume awards, to listing and Top Producer associate recognition. In 2000, Frank decided to “retire”. It was not an easy decision, since real estate had been his life. He custom built a luxury home in a golf course community north of Tampa, Florida. Within a year and a half, he was determined to return to real estate and Keyes welcomed him back, to the Miami Beach office. Today, he is coach, director and Broker of a 100+ associate office. Recognized for both Top Producing commercial and residential associates, Miami Beach has flourished. “ As we continue to promote and build our team and brand, I cannot think of a better location. We have the talent and are recognized as a worldwide destination, for international investors and locals. Our price points are from $100,000 to over $100 million! What more can you ask for?”
Sales agent
Frank Jewett is one of the most influential reasons my husband and I choose to work with Keyes. Frank is incredibly supportive, and he has fostered a family-like culture in the office. Frank and his team at Keyes are the best resource if you want to grow your career.
Sales Associate
Frank is professional, knowledgeable and humble, qualities that are hard to find these days. However, Frank exudes these qualities which makes him an incredible leader and mentor. Thank you Frank for sharing your wealth of knowledge.
Very Special Realtor
Frank Jewettt has been golden to me. He truly cares about his salespeople and is ALWAYS there.
He is much more than a broker!
Thank you🌺
Realtor Associate and Real Estate Investment Advisor
Frank is an excellent leader and always the best person to get a good advise in a critical situation. His initiative to start new training sessions for the office are unique. The "Rising Star" program has helped the team to grow together and also individuals to perform better for their own benefits. We all look for a mentor who can help grow new and young realtors to continue to position Keyes Miami Beach ahead of the competition. Well done - great numbers.
Realtor Associate at keyes Miami Beach
Frank Jewett represent and lead our office in a a way that he make me feel at first that we have a friend, and then we a a great Director who is a La Vanguardia of Real Estate happening.
He's espontaneus attitude create a fresh and renew ambience at our office which is key for the Associates to get motivated and be more productive.
I personally don't live close by, however I do belong to keyes Miami Beach office because of him and his profesional team!.
I do highly recommend Frank as a perfect example of a succes Floridian Real Estate icon in Miami!.
Very proud to belong to his office branch.
Marlene Sikaffy
Realtor Associate
The keyes company
Miami Beach
Broker Associate
I have been with the Keyes Company for all of Real estate Career.

Frank is awesome, whether you are down, and in need of a pick me up to get your through a situation, or you run into a problem that needs a creative solution. He always has a great response and or answer to your questions. Frank is always transparent and honest about what is happening, this is the foundation of his greatness.
Sales Agent
Frank 's team on the beach and The Keyes is filled with so many great agents who truly care about their clients as well as the reputation we build for the company. Veteran agents offer help and advice on a regular basis Frank and staff are absolutely incredible.
Real Estate Associate
I completely recommend Mr. Frank Jewett and his office crew. They are excellent professionals and human beings, always ready to help all associates of Miami Beach office in all our needs, and concerns.

Angelina Zalaquett
Realtor Associate
Frank is that ideal combination of Manager: vast knowledge plus excellent management skills. Always available and willing to help, motivator, professional, and key element in an excellent working environment. It has been a real pleasure to work with him for the last six years!
Sales Associate
I have been with Keyes since the beginning of my real estate carrier, and I will always remember my interview with Frank. There was something about him I liked right away and Keyes was my broker ever since.
Frank has taught me so much and made me a better professional.
Thank you Frank :)
Sales Associate
Frank is knowledgeable, experienced and willing to help. He was very influential on helping me decide on joining The Keyes Compnay.
Realtor Associate
I have been a sales associate in the Miami Beach office since 2015, and have very much enjoyed working with Frank Jewett. I highly recommend Frank for how he interacts with all the sales associates and his peers and what he does to encourage our team's success.
I have learned tremendously with Frank over the years and I can always depend on his guidance and advice.
The best Broker!
Assistant Manager / Recruiting and Training Director
I have worked along side Frank for over 17 years... I consider him to be one of the best managers I have had the pleasure to work along side of.
Realtor Associate
Frank Jewett is probably one of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals that I have met in this business. I continue to learn from him. Most importantly, however, Frank has always had my back and has supported me through difficult times. Thank You Frank!
Frank Jewett is a key reason why I joined Keyes and have remained with Keyes since I started in this business. His reputation for supporting his associates proceeds him and he has more than lived up to it. Frank has helped me to save over million dollar deal and secure million plus dollar listings. I have talked to several associates who had left our office who admitted that at their new company they never received nearly the same support and that the managers did not have half the knowledge that Frank does. Frank Jewett is a true real estate professional!!
Working for Keyes and Frank has been absolutely great! He has always been there for me with the best advice on how to handle any type of situation, always very supportive and available, 24/7. His expertise and knowledge are a big plus for all of us working at the S. Beach office. His guidance and support make the job that we do a lot easier!!!
Realtor associate
I have always felt supported and very well advised by Frank. His knowledge of the real estate business, his guidance and his experience makes him one of the biggest assets The Keyes Company has.
Broker Associate/Associate
Frank Jewett has been my manager since I joined the Keyes Company in 2008.
He has been and incredible resource, because of his knowledge of the business
which he developed during his over 30 years of experience in the business.
Frank, has learned how to handle almost every situation that can arise in the business.

Frank, has always been available and has taken the my calls on weekends and evenings and has been ready and willing to assist however possible. Whether it is securing a listing, working through a difficult negotiation, dealing with difficult agents or clients. Frank, has always been there to assist and has to offered great advice.

Agents do not realize how important it is to have a manager like Frank until they need one and if you are in this business long enough you will need one and be happy to have someone as qualified as Frank as your manager.
Realtor Associater
Frank is a great manager-funny, witty and always ready to help you when needed.
Sales Associate
Mr. Frank Jewett was instrumental in my growth in working with people. His listening, understanding and as a result taking action is a model to follow.
He creates a positive atmosphere that encourages purpose.
He leads by example.
Thank you, Frank
Sales Associate
Frank is an inspiration. We all have good days and bad days but it is a rare person that will take the time to greet any challenge with a calm smile, insight, and an intelligent solution. I rely on Frank's guidance and counsel to keep my business boat afloat and headed in the right direction. It is a privilege to be part of his team and my life is richer and brighter for his presence in it.
Best manager. Always available and willing to help.
Broker Associate
Frank is a very knowledgeable broker, client- focused, who leads by example.
His dedication and enthusiasm are engaging and motivating.
When I first started shopping around for a Real Estate Company that could help me to develop my career, I instantly stopped when I met Frank Jewett. His professionalism inspired me to join the team by just talking a few minutes. I just want to say thank you for the opportunity that you gave me and all the knowledge that I have acquired during my time with the company. Regards.

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