Liz Johnson

District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Plantation Office
“Liz is a top-performing Real Estate Executive Manager with over 26 years of experienced in all facets of Real Estate operations, new business development, strategic and financial planning, sales, property management and office management. Goal-oriented, and skilled at establishing and developing strong relationships with clients, real estate agents, attorneys, and industry specialist. Well versed in the coordination and development of successful sales strategies, and long term territorial management within a highly competitive real estate industry.

Liz is a licensed Broker in both New York and Florida. Liz holds a GRI designation, has been a past VP of the Women’s Council of Realtors and has been twice certified as a Real Estate Business Coach.

Born and raised in New York, Liz lives here in South Florida with her family and is the District Manager of The Keyes Company Plantation office. She enjoys the family she works with at Keyes and gets pleasure from knowing the Keyes team is a strong one and is always a leader in the industry.
Luxury and Residential Specialist
Liz is supportive and makes herself available to you for any assistance you may need. She's also great at directing you to the right person for additional support. She creates a light, friendly and welcoming work environment. It's great to be a part of this office.
Real Estate Sales Associate
Liz and I met in December of 2017. immediately I liked her as a fellow New Yorker, since then she has been my district sales manager for last 5 months and in that time she has proven to be both a mentor and friend. She always answers my calls whatever time of night with kindness, her sharp wit, and of course has the remedies to the situations I need advice on. I’m lucky to working with her in Plantation. Liz you’re awesome
Liz is a great manager. She is very encouraging and easy to talk to. Attending her raising stars program weekly, keeps me on track with my goals in real estate. The Keyes Company did an awesome job making Liz Johnson plantation office manager.
I appreciate Liz’s individual attention and dedication to help the future growth of my business. She is there when I need her and I love her personality too. I’m so happy to be part of her team! Thank you Liz for all you do!
Liz professionalism, good mood and behavior made me realize right after our first appointment that my first move as a recent graduate in the search of the ideal company that could help me achieve my goal was the right one. I knew in my heart: Keyes is the company I want to work with... Liz dedication and effort to help me build confidence made a major impact on me. .. And now more than ever with her help and guidance I feel that I am heading toward tremendous success in the Real Estate business.
I've worked in several real estate offices, but found Keyes to be different because of Liz. She is open, honest and willing to help without judgement. I have the pleasure of being in her Rising Star program. She gives the entire group good advice and teaches us what we should be doing to become successful. I look forward to our weekly meetings to discuss our progress and failures. "Stick with it" she says...."What you do today will make you successful tomorrow!"
As a new Realtor, I had many choices of companies to work for. I chose The Keyes Company after interviewing with Liz. Liz is very friendly and along with the everyone in the office, has made me feel very welcome. I have so much to learn and feel comfortable that I will get the training I need and will be successful working for Liz and The Keyes Co.
Liz is a highly-experienced leader and a motivating coach, but she is also a STRONG SUPPORT for her associates. I have experienced first-hand and seen how resilient she can be in protecting her associates. With Liz as a manager you never feel alone or lost. We are VERY lucky to have her!!
It has been such a blessing meeting Liz and being able to work for someone like her. She is motivating, inspiring and encouraging. Not only is she very knowledgable but as a new agent she has shared her wealth of knowledge with me in order for me to succeed as well. I am so happy to be a part of her team and grow here at the Keyes Company Plantation.
Realtor Associate
Liz is a great leader always coming up with new way to motivate the staff. She is straight forward and to the point, and always provides alternatives to achieve the best possible solution to any issues that may arise. Her door is always open and she is there to offer support to get the job done. It has been a pleasure working with her.
Broker Associate
Liz, is wonderful she is there to answer our questions or concerns 24/7 even if she is on vacation. I call that dedication to her Keyes team. We are lucky to have her as our team leader!
Realtor Sales Associate
I knew the moment I met Liz that I wanted to be a part of the Keyes family. Her management style is inspiring and motivating. Liz is very knowledgeable and always available to answer questions. She has a great sense of humor and a fun personality. It is a pleasure working with Liz.
It has been a pleasure working with Liz, she Is enlightening and has a zest for success. She genuinely wants each and everyone of us to achieve our goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to help us get through any obstacle in real estate. She is smart, kind, professional and to the point. I am eager to succeed and her words of inspiration motivate me! Thank you for all your hard work.
Keyes Plantation District Sales Manager
Welcome Back Daria Wallach to the Keyes family. Daria returns to Keyes after working for several years in the new home sales market. Daria started her career in 2008 in our Plantation office as new licensee and moved into working with builders and developers. We are excited to have her back working in residential real estate as a “Share the Pride” referral of Kay Conageski
Keyes Plantation District Sales Manager

Welcome Back Daria Wallach to the Keyes family! Daria returns to Keyes after working for several years in the new home sales market. Daria started her career in 2008 in our Plantation office as new licensee and moved into working with builders and developers. We are excited to have her back working in residential real estate as a “Share the Pride” referral of Kay Conageski!

I Have been a Broker for 30 years and working for and with Liz for 6 months and virtually done nothing but she has still encouraged me knowing that moving into another area is very hard to move and build a new pipeline. I see how well she treats everyone but still drives them. I plan to do 3 million next year.
Realtor associate
Liz Johnson is the best broker to work for and work with! She has an amazing, pozitive, fun personality,but also sets goals for us to be better every day!
Always available and very helpful day and night,weekends.
Thank you for inspiring us and pushing our limits!
Liz's positive energy is infectious and her management style continues to inspire and motivate us. I can say without question that "Liz has got your back!" In this career it is a blessing to have a leader that has a clear vision, knows how to execute a plan and make you the best you can be! All this while feeling like you are working with an old friend. Sorry didn't mean old! :) I love you Liz!
Liz is a great manager. She is always there to assist the realtors on her Plantation staff. She gives immediate service and always finds a solution.
Liz understands people and personalities. She has helped me on several occasions and has always been there to support me in my time of need. She treats everyone differently according to their individual needs and is always available day or night to provide assistance and feedback. As a 15 year former banking and corporate employee including management, I can honestly say she is a true professional and is a pleasure to call my branch manager. I encourage anyone seeking a career in real estate or is a seasoned battle hardened veteran to contact Liz.
Liz is absolutely amazing. She took our office to the next level; she is innovative, "hands-on" and a dedicated and true leader in her field. She is always available and knowledeable - I am honored to have her as my Manager!
I like Liz personality , she is always ready to help you.
Liz has been an absolute inspiration as a Manager here at Keyes! The commitment she has towards her Realtors, staff and customers truly shows her passion and dedication for providing a wonderful experience for anyone who steps foot into our office.

Her professionalism and knowledge about today's market has helped me and other Realtors not just achieve their goals, but surpass them! Her training and motivational skills are second to none which resonates into success for everyone!
Realtor Associate
Liz is a great motivator. She inspires me to reach my potential. I always know that when I have problem, that she will come up with a solution that is beneficial to both sides. It is a pleasure to call her my friend and manager.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with/for Liz. She has been extremely instrumental in whatever success we've had thus far. Liz always makes herself available no matter what the circumstance and always has our back.. Its her bold and fearless work ethic that will keep us in the Plantation office indefinitely. Thx for being you.. You are so appreciated

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