Deborah Shockley CRB

District Sales Manager Keyes Real Estate Port St Lucie Office
Deb Shockley joined The Keyes Company as District Sales Manager in July, 2014. In 2015 Deb moved her team of associates to their current state-of-the-art professional location at 1850 SW Fountainview Blvd, Ste 200 in St. Lucie West.

Deb has over 33 years of real estate experience including over 26 years of real estate management. She has been a licensed broker in Colorado, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Deb has a passion for recruiting/retention, training, business planning with her associates to help them become successful. For 2 years Deb was an Executive Business Consultant working with franchise companies for a national brand.

Deb has held the CRB designation (Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager) since 1989. She also earned the prestigious NRT/Coldwell Banker “President’s Council” designation 3 times. This award acknowledges the top 20% of NRT managers across the nation. Qualification criteria includes profitability, mortgage capture, and retained %.

Deb is happily married to Dan and they live in PGA Village in Port St. Lucie.
Aug 28, 2020

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Realtor - Associate
Deb is a leader with knowledge in the field and plenty of patience with so many personalities.
I came back to the office with a listing after being away about a year.
Procedures had changed. Deb treated me like I never left. The listing went thru and I'm training for next time.
Thank you Deb I always appreciate your flexibility.
Deborah has helped me make my transition into Real Estate. Her open door policy and willingness to share all her knowledge and experience has made my transition a great experience. Thanks Deb for always thinking of your team and what you can help us with.
Deborah's dedication to our office and her agents is such an asset to The Keyes Company. She sets a prime example of what we, as professionals, work and strive for daily. Whether it be business planning, education, certifications, marketing or goal setting she continues to support us to become better that we were the day, year or decade before. I cannot think of any other Manager that I would want by my side in my real estate career.
Associate Broker
I have known Deb for 32 years. Recently an opportunity to manage the office I work in became available. I reached out to our Management Team to recommend her for the position. There is NOBODY I have ever worked with that I would rather have managing this office than Deb. She is truly dedicated to the success of her agents and the company.
Realator - Associate
Deborah is a very kind, thoughtful and personable person.
She knows the industry inside and out.
Deb always makes herself available to everyone.
It would be really hard t find a nicer and more intelligent person to work for.\

Al Schmaslacker
Commercial Broker
I have worked with Deb Shockley for about 18 months. She is an excellent and inspiring teacher and manager. She is always upbeat and takes the time to talk to every agent who needs advice. Deb is able to anticipate the needs of the agents and finds a way to accommodate those needs, including specialized classes and booster clubs!

My business is commercial real estate and Deb has supported the value of Keyes belonging to the St Lucie County Economic Development Council and other organizations that are critical to my business.
Being in the business for 19 years one gets the ability to judge character. I have been blessed to have Deb Shockley as my broker, She has been an amazing asset to me and my business. Her character is OUTSTANDING. She is never too busy to answer my questions, helps me with my newspaper ads. even attends my open houses,The very first day I met Deb, she made me feel part of the Keyes family, not just an employee, . if all brokers were like Deb Shockley, the lives of all Realtors would be much better, She is an awesome broker, but a better person. Regards Bobby Bigone, Platinum Properties!!!
I have been in Real Estate business for over 12 years and have dealt with many different Brokers and I can honestly say that Deborah is the best broker, manager I ever had. I have never felt more supported than I do now. Her enthusiasm, support and willingness to do whatever it takes to help agents to grow their business is amazing. She creates a great environment for work with right balance of work and fun. I am honored and blessed to work under her leadership, guidance and direction!
I did alot of research to determine who would be the best real estate company to associate myself with. Not only was the Keyes Company the most appraised but i also found many persons and affiliates personally recommending Keyes in st lucie west with Deb. Since ive joined ive yet to feel anything otherwise. I've been blessed to meet wonderful people that are always willing to help and Deb has paired me with an awesome mentor. I know the help i need and the support is always there
Sales Associate
I know she is great selling the Company. As a new sales associate I was sold by her charisma and knowledge. I am confident I will be successful under her guidance.

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