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Regional Manager Keyes Real Estate Hollywood Office
A Native South Floridian from Miami. I've been able to enjoy the growth of our multi-cultural paradise. At KEYES Hollywood we've instilled TEAM work and focused on Training and Technology. I am a Director to the Florida Association of Realtors, a Broward Governor of the Miami Association of Realtors, a Regional Manager for THE KEYES COMPANY. Building strong realtor associates is what TEAM HOLLYWOOD is about.


sales associate
Words is not enough to describe what a great professional Real Estate Broker Ron Yanks is. I know Ron Yanks for the past 17 years. I recommend Ron Yanks' works at The Keyes Co, for his extraordinary knowledge, integrity and communications skills . Ron combines his warm personality in order to deliver the high level of service to his office team in Hollywood and to his customers.
Ron is my number #1 Real Estate Broker ! The best of the best! Thank for your support and friendship. Liliam Silveira Scollo

Realtor Associate
Mr. Yanks is one of the most intriguing people I have had the honor of meeting and work with. He will always demand and expect the best from you while providing unvaluable guidance , support and sound advice. He is truly a great leader, mentor and a seasoned businessman with great desire in helping you achieve your professional goals.
Sales Associate
I have found a great leader in Ron, he has not only show me new business opportunities but introduced me to a new lifestyle. There is always room for improvement in the Real Estate business, and there is nobody else like Ron to point me in the right direction.
It is very apparent that Ron's mission is to assist his agents in becoming top producers. He facilitates classes constantly in order to push every agent to maximize their utility. Additionally, he makes himself available for private counsel, and I find these sessions to be extremely helpful and motivating. Good leaders find a way to help people help themselves, and in this respect, I believe Ron to be very successful and it is why I highly recommend him, and the Hollywood Office, as a great home for any agent.
Realtor Ass
I Knew Mr. Yanks since year 2009. The first time I came to Hollywood, from Port St Lucie, as a realtor, I thought of placing my license with Keyes! Then I was right, Keyes Hollywood took me as if I were part of the family, Ron's hospitality, His comprehension, understanding, talent and knowledge, are powerful tools, but applying mostly is Plus+!
Ron is brilliant and knowledgeable and more valuable is that, he is down the earth valuable as a human being.

I quite doing real estate back year 2011 to 2016, but when I decided to come back, this year, I felt safe home... with Keyes- Hollywood, and I am catching up with technology, social interaction and behond.
Sales Asociate
Ron Yanks is amazing, energetic, knowledgeable and always ready to help and he is always there for me. I love working at Keyes Hollywood we have a great team and this is due to a great manager like Ron. Thank you Ron for always receiving me with a smile you are GREAT.
A fantastic job tries incredibly hard very user-friendly
Sales Associate
Ron Yanks has been my manager for over the past year. He is always encouraging and brings new and innovative ways through group meetings to increase a positive and productive attitude.
Sales Associate
The reason I went to The Keyes Company was because of Ron Yanks. I watched him take a housewife and stay at home Mom for 20 plus years into a top producer year in and year out ( my wife ) . He has done this with information , truth , humor and motivation while always watching your back. He has an uncanny knack to be able to impart info and knowledge to whom ever he is speaking to. I look forward to his meetings because i know I will always learn something and leave with a smile. As I undertake this next adventure in my life I know Ron is my greatest supporter , my recommendation is if you can clone him do so ! . Thanks Ron.
Assistant District Sales Manager
Ron is an inspiration to the industry. He really cares about all the associates and god bless his patience handling the issues that comes across his desk.

Ron also a the master negotiator and sharp sales man.

I've been working with Ron for almost 10 years and wouldn't do it any other way.
Since the moment I came to this office in Hollywood, Ron has always welcomed me and more important, he has been there to advise me, to give me his opinion, and guide me to make the most out of my real estate career.
Ron is an amazing manager. He is always there when you need him and has a great personality. His knowledge base is out of this world....but don't tel him I said that. :)
Realtor Associate
"Ron is an awesome Office manager. As someone who is new in the business, Ron has help me to set the path to the level of success that I would like to achieve in this business."
I have had other managers in my 25 years in the business and Ron is the best! why? He actually cares.....He actually trys to teach, inform and motivate...I've had other managers he gets an A+ in genuine effort and interest.
Sales Associate
I am so glad that I chose the HOLLYWOOD office with Ron Yanks! He has always made himself available to me to answer any questions and guide me when I was facing difficulties within a transaction. In addition to the Keyes University traing offered by the Keyes company Ron has created a Boot Camp which consist of two weeks of additional training in all aspects of real estate! I feel like Ron gave me every opportunity to be successful in my career!
As a seasoned veteran Realtor, I can attest that no (wo)man is an Island. I want and need someone to have my back, and to help me be the best I can be for myself, my clients and customers. Ron has been a great support, adviser, mentor and broker who has the talent and skills to help each of us within our own unique styles. Whatever the goal, Ron can help us get there and that success translates to our buyers and sellers. Ron works exceedingly hard to help us with whatever is available to us, tools, technology, personal growth, etc. Well done, Ron, and thank you for helping me and buyers and sellers achieve our goals.
Professional Realtor Associate Hollywood Office
From day one I have been impressed... Always willing to help no matter what situation. He is in my mind not just a manager, but a true mentor.
Real Estate Sales Associate
Ron, recognizes your strengths and weakness and encourages, as well as directs you in a positive direction.
Broker Associate
Ron is a very knowledgeable and loyal office manager who works extremely hard for his company and his agents. His positive "can do" attitude keeps the agents motivated and the whole Keyes Hollywood office running perfectly!

Ron runs a great office in Hollywood. He has a great management style and is an excellent source for information, as well as inspiration. Regardless if you are an experienced agent, or new to the business he is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and a good leader
Ron runs a great office in Hollywood. He has a great management style and is an excellent source for information, as well as inspiration. Regardless if you are an experienced agent, or new to the business he is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and a good leader.
Licensed Real Estate
Ron is a very personable guy, He made me feel comfortable the first time we met, I was impressed with the manner in which he carries himself and for the intensity he brings to the office.

Ron' door is always open in the event, an agent needs to talk to him for advice on a deal or anything, He has an amazing way of analyzing the situation and giving clear procedures for direction, his eye is always on the prize and that transcends to the staff and all the Realtors in the Hollywood Office.

Ron makes sure there are advanced and experienced Broker' and Realtors to train new people, I found this to be immensely advantageous in getting started because there is so much to learn. The environment Ron sets for the office is amiable, friendly but competitive and most of the experienced people are willing to lend some advice and show the new agent the right direction, as well as the opportunity to merge with the experienced agents or brokers to get your first couple deals done and know how the process works.

Ron is a super nice guy focused on his agents and their success, He will do most anything to help the new agent be successful.

I have been with Keyes since May, 2015 and I know I made the right choice of Companies to work with and I couldn't have asked for a nicer guy to work with and his 22 years of experience in Real Estate is invaluable, The great thing is he shares his experiences and he's a pretty good story teller, as well.

Keith J. Wagner
The Keyes Company
Licensed Realtor / Notary Public
Ron is very supportive, great of good advises, a lot of good energy and knowledge.
I am very happy .
Realtor, The Keyes Company
At Keyes Hollywood not only do we have a great District Sales Manager in Ron Yanks, but the whole team is very special. We work in an environment of camaraderie not seen elsewhere. Keyes provides us with many unique tools to help us continually grow our business.
Assistant District Sales Manager
Ron is energetic, knowledgeable and by far the best sales professional I have met. I really enjoy working with and witnessing his transformation into an industry leader and an important piece of the puzzle of the Keyes Company.

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