Barb Kozlow

Regional Manager Keyes Real Estate
Barb Kozlow started as and quickly became a Top Producing Sales Associate before entering management. Barb is a second generation Realtor as well as a Florida native. As a Regional Sales Manager with Keyes, she oversees 15 offices that range from the Broward/Palm Beach line north. Keyes is the largest Full Service Family owned and operated Real Estate Company in Florida with more than 50 offices and more than 3000 Realtors. The company’s core business is Residential, Commercial and Luxury Real Estate. They also offer Mortgage, Title and Insurance.

Kozlow has served as a Director on the Board at the Realtor Association of the Palm Beaches, a Director on the board of the Florida Association of Realtors and a Director on the board of the National Association of Realtors. In 2014 Kozlow was the Realtors Associations’ Board President, (the 6th largest association in the nation). She received the President’s Award in 2013 and 2015 as well as the 2015 Mega Broker’s office award.


Sep 22, 2017
Director of Commercial Sales
Twelve years ago I decided to get my real estate license and subsequently interviewed with many real estate companies. Barb is the reason I came to the Keyes Company. I felt she would support me and help me grow my business. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. She is a hands on leader available at any time to help me be a success. I am one of the top producers at the company today because of Barb's help, guidance, support and leadership.
May 26, 2017
Realtor Associate
I have been working with Barb Kozlow for 10 years, and it makes me feel at ease knowing that she is there to answer any questions and take care of any issues I might have with my business, she is a true professional and knows her business inside and out!! I recommend her to all new associates for a sit down meeting who are planning on coming to our company, you are the best!!!
May 26, 2017
Sales Associate
Stong woman, great leader! I came in this office not too long ago. Soon I was about to understand that it was one of the best decisions that I could've made. Great character, a woman of principles and an experienced broker. Her teaching classes and team meetings serve as a testimony. I am truly grateful to perform under her mentorship.
May 25, 2017
Sales Agent
Barb is a wonderful Manager. She is always available if you need her and has an
amazing gift of being able to simplify or clarify problems or situations.
She is also very efficient and always willing to hear new ideas.
With her leadership, she has created an office where people are very
supportive and caring of one another.
Barb is the Best!
May 18, 2017
Sales Associate
Barb is an exceptional Leader. She truly goes out of her way to provide us with the tools and training we need to be successful agents. She's charismatic and out going. Barb is always available to lend her support because she truly cares for her team and their success. I am proud to be part of her team at The Keyes Company
May 17, 2017
Realtor Associate
I truly believe The Keyes Company is the best Real Estate Company to work for.

Firstly, they provide the best training with KBC and in office training with a wide variety classes and learning sessions.
Secondly, they provide the best in office software platform to make your real estate business successful.
Thirdly, the staff members are very helpful, supportive and curtious.

Last but not least, what makes Legacy Office the best office is our Manager Barb Kozlow

Barb is an exceptional manager.
She is very experienced in the real estate business.
She makes time to help any associate who needs it.
She makes it her duty to know everything that's happening in her office.
She is very encouraging and supportive.

All in all Keyes has a wide variety of resources to make your Real Estate Business successful

Darion Walsh
Realtor Associate
Jan 23, 2017
Regional Sales Manager
I am proud to welcome some of our January hired realtors to the Keyes Palm Beach Gardens office. Owen Miller, a native Floridan & experienced realtor most recently from Charlotte NC.
Shannon Ports Maganiezin, experienced from United Realty and a new licensee, Anca Lupse.
Sep 21, 2016
Realtor Associate
I have worked with Barb Kozlow for over 8 years and she is a top professional in the Real Estate industry. She covers all the bases, pass president of RAPB, top District Manager, a mentor, an inspirational coach and a true problem solver.
Her service to her agents is her main priority. She is a real asset to the Keyes Company.
Sep 21, 2016
Sales Associate
Barb Kozlow is full of tremendous support for all of us .She is so energetic and is a fantastic leader .She uses her experience to guide and support us.She is an awesome mentor and makes us help each other like a family.The training provided at Keyes is top of the line.I admire her dedication and knowledge as an inspiration.
She has earned a reputation as a leader and a genuine team player.
The respect she receives from her peers is itself a statement about her.
Sep 21, 2016
I started to work as a Realtor for Keyes organization right after getting my RE license in September of 2012. From the 1st interview with Barb, I was impressed with her intelligence, great expertise in a real estate market, her care about all agents working in a office and great sense of humor. She is unbelievable motivator, one of the best managers that I worked for, being in sales all my life.
Barb is never too busy for you, even though she is really very, very busy most of the time, but will always find time to answer on e-mail or for meeting in person. It's a privilege, pleasure and fun to work for Barb and for Keyes ( I can't imagine Barb without Keyes and Keyes without Barb). She is the Leader!
Thank you Barb!
Sep 20, 2016
It has been my great pleasure and fortune to meet Barb in February of 2016. Immediately I felt comfortable and knew I found my home with her and Keyes. She has been so supportive and caring. She is a wonderful mentor and I look forward to every class she teaches. They are all taught with enthusiasm. I feel with her in charge the sky is the limit and I look forward to a great future with her and my new family.
Sep 20, 2016
Barb is a very dedicated manager and is always giving timeless effort to help others succeed in their careers. She has an answer for those of us who are very new to the industry and only wants us to persevere and become the best as we can possibly be. We should recognize and be grateful for a strong leader to keep the team as one. As a new agent here at Keyes, I witness her good energy as being contagious within the office and shares her passion and work ethic by commitment and dedication!
Sep 20, 2016
I have been a very successful, full-time, professional REALTOR for over fifteen years. I can honestly say that I have never had the support of a Broker as qualified, energetic, empathetic and passionate as Barb Kozlow is. She gives her team her all and then some. Barb responds to phone calls, texts and emails promptly, no matter what day of the week or what time of the day. Despite the fact that we are all in competition with each other, Barb has built, and continues to build a team where the associates are supportive and professional and always willing to help each other. This speaks volumes for the type of leader, and the type of person, that Barb is. Barb exemplifies teamwork and professionalism and I am very proud to be part of her team.
Sep 20, 2016
Sales associate
Barb is an exceptional Regional Manager and person. She is professional, kind, supportive and fair. I have worked under Barb for over 7 years and never doubted she always had my best interest at heart. She is a true motivator, always willing to help you get to the next level. I feel very fortunate to have her knowledge and expertise on my side.
Sep 20, 2016
Words cannot express how great a manager Barb is to every realtor in her office, everyone she comes in contact with or our company. She is the best of the best in all regards. Ken
Sep 20, 2016
Broker Associate
She is a true leader! When it comes to caring about everyone she exemplifies the saying "people don't want to know how much you know until they know how much you care" with a real servant heart. I am truly Blessed to be a part of the Keyes family and Barb's team and value our relationship!
Sep 20, 2016
Real estate agent
I have worked at the Keyes company since I have been licensed and a large part of my decision was because when I met Barb I knew I would be part of a team that cared about their agents. She has been a wonderful mentor and makes everyone feel that they are family in our office. She makes herself available whenever I have a need or question. She is such a delight to work with and is a model of integrity and professionalism. She works diligently to help everyone reach a higher level of success and is a highly respected manager and broker for the entire Keyes company. I'm proud to be a part of her team!!
Sep 20, 2016
Sales Associate
Barb excels at support, coaching, and enthusiasm for her associates. Combined with the extensive tools Keyes provides, agents can't help but take their business to the next level.
After 25 years in the business, I wouldn't be anywhere else.
Apr 12, 2016
Barb connected me with a Realtor in Georgia who helped me sell one home and buy another one. The two ladies worked together to help me get the best deal possible on both homes. We had some issues with my buyer. With the help of my Realtors (Barb and Lynn), both deals finally went through.

If you are planning to sell and/or buy a home, I would strongly recommend using a Realtor and Barb is the BEST!!!!
Apr 8, 2016
Barb conducts herself with absolute professionalism, backed by profound knowledge and glad she is on my team!
Apr 8, 2016
We couldn't ask for a better Regional Manager and are fortunate to have Barb's professionalism, guidance and support for every agent in our Palm Beach Gardens office. I have worked with Barb since joining Keyes in 2004 and she is always there for me and for every one of us. Barb really takes a genuine interest in all of us personally as well as in our success: it's truly an honor to work with her! I have been approached by several other local real estate office managers if I would be interested in joining their company... and my answer is always the same... thanks but no thanks... I work with the best manager in the business!
Apr 8, 2016
I would like to say that Barb Kozlow is the the most professional office real estate manager I have ever meet during my 20 year career in real estate. Barb's understanding, knowledge and motivational skills are at its highest level. I am truly greatfull for having an opportunity of working with her.


Andrew Dulcie
Apr 8, 2016
To be a self-employed sales person in the real estate industry would typically exclude the word "team" from your job description. That is UNLESS you are affiliated with the Keyes Company. Our office in Palm Beach Gardens is our home team, warm and welcoming, helpful and supportive. We belong to an even bigger team with a multitude of powerhouse "teammates" behind us in the form of first class management, internet and technology geniuses, far reaching global affiliatations and the best of the best family of services. Everything required to make anyone a roaring success!
Apr 8, 2016
Sales Associate
Barb is a wonderful manager and go to person. She is always searching outside of the box to keep our office on the cutting edge. Barb makes herself available 24/7 to all agents. I have watched my business grow over the past 7 years and owe the constant growth to Keyes dedication to management and agents.
Apr 7, 2016
Realtor, Team Leader, Sales Manager
To whom it may concern:
I have had the great pleasure of working with Barb Kozlow since 2008 when I joined the Keyes Company.
With Barbs support and her advice, I was able to put together an award winning team and implement effective strategies that have made us the number one team in The Keyes Company two years in a row.
I would give Barb my highest recommendation. Barb’s unique talent set has been invaluable to me. She knows the market inside out and everybody involved in it. In meeting with agents throughout the county, it quickly became apparent that Barb is one of the most respected brokers in town. I subsequently learned why. Barb took the time to understand my goals for my team and what I really needed. As a result, she was able to give wonderful advice that I would never have considered. When issues arose that were beyond my control, I found Barb to be ready and willing to help me get the job done!
I recently put in a proposal for a new high rise project on Singer Island. Barb tirelessly worked with me to pull together the most impressive package and presentation possible. Without the backing of Barb and the entire Keyes Company, I don’t think I would have made such an impression! Since receiving the position of sales manager at VistaBlue Singer Island, Barb has stood behind me every step of the way with answers and suggestions that have truly helped this project to soar.
Barb has done so much more for me than was required or expected. She is truly there for the entire office. Any problem or issue that has arisen, she has done everything in her power to make it right. Not only that, her expertise and advice has saved me time and energy so that I could focus on other areas. Barb is extremely hard-working and definitely the one you want on your side!
I would describe Barb as fiercely loyal to her team. She is also one of the most positive, upbeat people I have ever met which makes working with her a true pleasure. If I can answer any questions or provide any additional information regarding Barb Kozlow, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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