David Joseph

Commercial Real Estate Manager Keyes Real Estate North Commercial Office
David Joseph is the Commercial Division Manager for
The Keyes Commercial North office serving South Florida including Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, St. Lucie and Volusia Counties.
David has over 27 years of experience in Commercial Real Estate,
specializing in Industrial, Retail centers (10,000 to 25,000 sq. ft.), 
Multi-Family, Office and Commercial Leasing.  

David has a vast knowledge of all facets of Commercial real estate development. Over the years he has developed, built and managed over 150,000 sq. ft. of Boutique Retail centers, and has sold and leased over two million sq. ft. of Industrial, Retail and Multi-Family properties.
Prior to joining The Keyes Company, David spent 13 years with Coldwell Banker Commercial and 5 years as a Broker/Owner with locations in Philadelphia, PA, Allentown, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ. 
David was also responsible for managing and training his commercial agents at his Coldwell Banker Commercial franchise. 
Commercial Realtor
David is extremely personable and easy to work with. His extensive experience in commercial real estate makes him a valuable resource.
David has done a fantastic job. He does training sessions that help people get familiar with the process. He is assessable in the office which enables things to proceed faster. And he is a good promoter of the company.
David has done a fantastic job. He does training sessions that help people get familiar with the process. He is assessable in the office which enables things to proceed faster. And he is a good promoter of the company.
Industrial Sales & Leaseing
I left a 12 year career with another real estate firm just to join David Joseph at Keyes!
Commercial associate
David is always trying to improve the tools we have and need allowing to expand and grow our business.
Commercial Sales Professional
As a member of the Keyes Commercial Team I find David to be a visionary in the Commercial Real Estate Market. He continues to push the envelope in finding innovated methods and tools, to assist his agents in gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Keyes Commercial Realtor
David is an excellent manager in the commercial area who has managed to handle the division with strength to place it on par with its two great rivals. Very good communicator and great instructor, besides is a good companion of work.
Business Brokerage Division manager
David has done a great job of turning the Commercial division into a company wide entity and created all of the necessary tools for the commercial division.
Investment Sales
David Joseph is a wonderful manager. He encourages our strengths and
interests while reminding us of where we need to improve and how to do it.
He also works hard so that we have the best tools available to do our jobs.
Sales Associate
David is always looking for new ways to help us grow our business. New marketing and research tools, new sales analysis tools.

Because of his efforts we are going to grow stronger and stronger and bigger and bigger. Gaining more and more market share.
Senior Commercial Associate
Commercial Real Estate is a specialized field of real estate requiring astute individuals to perform complex tasks. David is a well-rounded individual with many of the characteristics that make him a great mentor/educator, negotiator and arbitrator. He has been a joy to work with and it is because of him, not the 90 year history or $4.4 billion the Keyes Company sold, but because of his knowledge and personality that I work with and recommend him as I hold him in the highest regard.
St Lucie County Commercial Assistant Manager
David Joseph brings new and successful marketing tools for our realtors.
He strongly supports our local participation in St Lucie County public-private partnerships. He helps our continued success in our market.
Senior Advisor Commercial Properties and Distressed Assets
David is generous in sharing deep knowledge of commercial real estate with his team at the Commercial Division North. As manager, he consistently advocates for the latest technology to provide us with the tools to succeed. He is a great manager and a wealth of knowledge.
Commercial Sales Professional
David has a wealth of knowledge he shares regularly with his team. In his role as Manager of the Commercial North Division he has been on the forefront of implementing new technology and applications enhancing and streamlining the entire commercial transaction process. His leadership and continuous effort to drive change has made it a pleasure to be part of his team.

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