Barb Kozlow

Regional Manager Keyes Real Estate
Barb Kozlow started as and quickly became a Top Producing Sales Associate before entering management. Barb is a second generation Realtor as well as a Florida native. As a Regional Sales Manager with Keyes, she oversees 15 offices that range from the Broward/Palm Beach line north. Keyes is the largest Full Service Family owned and operated Real Estate Company in Florida with more than 50 offices and more than 3000 Realtors. The company’s core business is Residential, Commercial and Luxury Real Estate. They also offer Mortgage, Title and Insurance.

Kozlow has served as a Director on the Board at the Realtor Association of the Palm Beaches, a Director on the board of the Florida Association of Realtors and a Director on the board of the National Association of Realtors. In 2014 Kozlow was the Realtors Associations’ Board President, (the 6th largest association in the nation). She received the President’s Award in 2013 and 2015 as well as the 2015 Mega Broker’s office award.
Nov 18, 2019

Welcome Marsha Baldinger

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens office, Marsha Baldinger, a new licensee.
Sales Associate, REALTOR
Can't say enough about our awesome manager and team supporter - Barb Kozlow!!! She ALWAYS there for us both up front and behind the scenes and if unsure of an answer goes the extra mile to find it. She's a wealth of information regarding real estate and does what she promises unfailingly. Great boss, great friend, great person!
Nov 1, 2019

Welcome Howard Slifkin

Keyes is happy to announce the affiliation of Howard Slifkin, an experienced sales associate, formerly with Keller Williams.
Lucky are the agents who are fortunate enough to work under Barb Kozlow! Barb is a top-notch leader with a formidable skill set and knowledge base of the industry that she generously shares. She possesses the uncanny ability to understand just what training her agents need and guides them to success! She has created a powerful culture of camaraderie and cooperation amongst her agents and, as such, the office atmosphere is always upbeat. Barb is a magnificent combination of a super-savvy, no-nonsense professional and a warm, funny, caring lady who looks out for the good of all. Five-stars all the way!!!!!!!
Realtor Associate
As a new agent breaking into the industry, Barb and her team provided excellent career advice and direction. Barb is knowledgeable, professional and driven to succeed. She genuinely cares about the success of each agent and is willing to provide answers for even the simplest of questions. It was clear to me from the moment I met with Barb that The Keyes Company was the right brokerage for me. Barb has designed a training program for new agents that is second to none. I would highly recommend Barb Kozlow and The Keyes Company whether you are new to the industry or real estate superstar.
Oct 4, 2019

Welcome Barbara Savini

Please welcome Barbara Savini to the Keyes Palm Beach Gardens office.
Barb is an effective manager and a strong leader. Despite all her responsibilities for Keyes she takes the time to be supportive, encouraging and available to help anyone in the office. She sets the tone for an office that is wonderfully efficient and cooperative. It's a pleasure to be associated with Barb.
Realtor associate
Barb Kozlow is an energetic and dynamic regional sales manager with The Keyes Company located in Palm Beach Gardens. As busy as she is running an office of more than 100 associates, she is never too busy to work with an associate on a personal level , answer questions or assist in any way possible. She has the key to management success.
Barb is one of the best Regional Sales Manager I have worked for. From my first interview I knew I didn’t have to look further. She has put in place an excellent training program for the new hires and I was assigned the best mentor. The office environment is one of support. There is no sense of competition but encouragement. I am glad I have chosen keyes as my brokerage firm and Barb was instrumental in the decision. She is superb!
Sales Associate
Barb is a strong but caring leader and she is always available to give support and advice to any member of her team. She makes sure she has the very best people around her, her staff, trainers and realtors ensuring she has a strong team which ultimately leads to great success!

Barb is very warm and caring person but also firm and fare, she is definitely the person to have in your corner and an absolute pleasure to work for and such a true real estate professional!
Barb is an excellent leader. She truly cares, and she excels in getting the best out of each of her agents. There’s no doubt in my mind that I am better equipped to help people with their real estate needs due to Barb’s guidance.
Sep 24, 2019

Welcome Dorette Gomez

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens team Dorette Gomez. She has been a licensed 27 years and we welcome her.
Sep 9, 2019

Welcome Rocio Chamorro

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens office Rocio Chamorro, a new licensee.
Sep 5, 2019

Welcome Sandra Collins

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens team Sandra Collins, an experienced sales associate.
Jun 26, 2019

Welcome Sean Rodriguez

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens office, Sean Rodriguez, a new licensee.
Jun 26, 2019

Welcome Russell Kay

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens office, Russell Kay, a new licensee.
Jun 26, 2019

Welcome Amir Ravanbakhsh

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens Team Amir Ravanbakhsh, a new licensee.
May 29, 2019

Welcome Phil Parks

Please welcome to our Palm Beach Gardens Office Phil Parks, a new licensee.
May 13, 2019

Welcome Jacob Drazic

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens Team Jacob Drazic, a new licensee.
Apr 9, 2019

Welcome Debra Lopipero

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens office Debra Lopipero, an experienced sales associates with Century 21 in New York.
Mar 15, 2019

Keyes Welcomes Adair Walters

Please welcome to the Keyes Palm Beach Gardens office Adair Walters, a newly licensed sales associate.
Feb 25, 2019

Keyes Welcomes Wanda Lopez

Please welcome to the Keyes Palm Beach Gardens office Wanda Lopez, a newly licensed associate.
Feb 25, 2019

Keyes Welcomes Michele

Please welcome to the Keyes Palm Beach Garden office Michele Teny-Borsellino, a newly licensed associate.
Jan 16, 2019

Keyes Welcomes Patricia Cherubin

Please welcome to the Palm Beach Gardens office Pat Cherubin, an experienced associate.
Jan 7, 2019

Keyes Welcomes Sabina Coston

Please welcome to the Keyes Palm Beach Gardens office Sabina Coston, a newly licensed sales associate.

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