Intero Real Estate East Bay

Innovation meets Influence.

Before Silicon Valley was duly named, its history as the hotbed of innovation was well noted. Our catchy moniker reflects the giants of technology who line the corridors of Cupertino, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale, the wave of progressive firms that have shaped electronics, e-commerce and social interaction all call this place home.

In its truest form, innovation knows no boundaries. It isn’t contained by market or economic trends. Silicon Valley is where everyone gathers at the water cooler of progress, questioning why can’t things be better.

It’s from that fountain that the founders of Intero drank.

It was 2002. Silicon Valley was mired in the dot-com bust affecting all corners of the technology sector. As a result the local real estate market grinded to a halt. In true Silicon Valley spirit, that was the exact, perfect moment to launch a startup real estate brokerage.

Intero’s desire wasn’t to be like all other brokerages. Not only were we committed to providing our residents and neighbors a service that heralded the very nature of where we live, we owed it to our new neighbors, recruited from all over the world to come and work for many of the most creative, progressive companies on the planet.

Powered by an entirely new technology platform, backed by a solid investment, lead by a team of real estate veterans who were all born, raised and weaned right here in the Silicon Valley, Intero Real Estate Services was born.

While the dot-com bust remedied, in 2007, the real estate bubble burst and its subsequent effects on the market and economy we’re well documented. For us, this singled a moment in time to do what we do best - invest in our company and innovate further.

Over the past seven years, against the pressures of a challenging market, we continued to advance our training programs, update all of our technology, grow our brand into other markets and build a luxury division. The best is yet to come!


Recommendations (1552)


Lolita Carter recommends Margaret Lin

Executive account manager

Margaret is very seasoned in the real estate industry. Her knowledge of the process of selling my home and assisting me with purchasing another home made the process seamless. Margaret assisted with recommendations for remodeling my home and staging it so that I could get the most selling my home and I was blessed to get what I asked for. Although my first Buyer had issues and had to bail out of the purchase which printed me to panic, Margaret stepped in and negotiated with the seller of the home that I purchased to allow me time to find another buyer. She then proceeded to reach out to other realtors immediately to get the work out and within a couple of weeks, my home was sold.

I highly recommend Margaret for your real estate needs. She is awesome and professional, and I will surely obtain her services in any future real estate endeavors!!

Oct 15, 2019

Marco Ortiz recommends Jigna Patel


Jigna, along with her husband, helped my wife and I to get our dreamed house. They are caring people and they really are in the business, not just to make a paycheck, but to help families have their dream come true to become home owners.
We met on one of their open houses and because their warmth friendliness and smiles (after working with other 2 realtors) we decided to give them a chance and work with us trying to find a house for our decision ever made!!!
Our situation it was a little (a lot really) complex, but they took their time with us and helped us look for a home that would meet our expectations.
We told them what we were looking for and what our limits were and they focused on that. They adjusted to our schedules, help us as much as needed and guided us throughout the whole process.
This whole searching and buying for our house was like a roller-coaster, with big ups and downs, that if it wouldn't been for them, for their support, work and professionalism, we would have gave up and we wouldn't have gotten our dreamed house.
My wife and I feel that we just didn't found our realtors for life, but a set of friends. That's how good they are with their job, and the way they make you feel when you work with Jigna and her husband Tony.

Oct 15, 2019

Gina Phillips recommends Jigna Patel


We bought our first house with Jigna and it was the best experience. We had no idea if we would be able to own a home but with Jigna’s guidance and her patience she believed and showed us we could. Our process of buying a home was not easy but Jigna told us to not give up and treated us like we were family. We never once doubted her skills or dedication to getting us to be home owners. We recommend Jigna to anyone buying a home. You will not be disappointed in her work ethic, knowledge of real estate, and treating you like family and always going above and beyond. Thank you Jigna!!
Oct 15, 2019

Nancy Quiggle recommends Jigna Patel


I had no idea what I was doing as I began my journey of buying a condo. Jigna was showing a place I looked at, and I decided to work with her as my real estate agent. I couldn't have made a better choice! Jigna was one step ahead of me the entire time, guiding me along each step of the way, and making what could have been a very stressful process a very enjoyable one. She was extremely knowledgeable, committed and organized. She had patience when explaining processes I did not understand, and had excellent follow-through. She was in communication with my lending agent and assisted me in negotiating the masses of paperwork in a timely manner. But the thing that stands out the most to me, beyond the fact that she did her job so well, is that she is a lovely person and I genuinely enjoyed every interaction I had with her and with her family (who sometimes worked with her). I felt treated like family, and know that it really mattered to them that I find a nice home for me and for my mother. With Jinga, you are a person who matters, not just a client! I HIGHLY recommend her if you are buying or selling a home, and will DEFINITELY work with her if I ever buy or sell in the future.
Oct 15, 2019

mpdgalaxy recommends Jigna Patel


I am writing this review as someone who as been in the Real Estate Business for 30 Plus years. I am a Top Producer and recipient of many top sales awards. For many years now I have had others handle my own personal buy and Sell transactions . My most recent transaction was no different and had already selected an agent after interviewing 4 Realtors.
Then by chance, I happened to meet Jigna which led to an interview. Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of current conditions were refreshing.
She made no false promises and kept me in the Know at all times.
I was very pleased to have selected Jigna as my Selling Agent, and I know she always had my best interest as her main objective.
Oct 15, 2019

Marc Druge recommends Jigna Patel


I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life and recently retired. It was an opportunity for me to move on. Over time I had met many top sales agents and after interviewing four agents, I was ready to make my decision. Then by chance, I happened to meet Jigna which led to another interview. Wow, I was grateful to have met her. Her enthusiasm personality and up-to-date knowledge of current conditions was refreshing. I knew she would be the one to get the job done and she did. She made no false promises and kept me informed at all times. I was very pleased to have selected her as my selling agent. I know she always had my best interest as her main objective.
Oct 15, 2019

Ana Mora recommends Jigna Patel


She is just the best Realtor, thanks to her and her Husband Tony we have a house now.. they were so helpful.They guided us through the process and just when we thought we wouldn’t be able to buy a house they proved us wrong ...they pushed us and motivated us to keep looking and trying until we finally found the right house for my kids and my husband!! So if you are looking for a good realtor don't think it twice she is the best one you could have.
Oct 15, 2019

Angelina recommends Jigna Patel


We met Jigna & her husband in an open house and they were really friendly and courteous. We decided to work with them, and it ended up being great. They’re really knowledgeable, experienced and best, they supported us throughout the whole process.

Thanks to them, we were able to get our dreamed house and we were even able to save some money in the process.
You won’t regret working with Jigna and her husband.
Oct 15, 2019

Ashveen Goundar recommends Jigna Patel


Jigna was so helpful every step of the way. She made us feel so comfortable with what can be such a daunting process. She was so informative & thorough. We are so grateful to her for helping us find our first home.
Oct 11, 2019

Abhijit Vaidya recommends David Azimi

Director , IT-Cognizant Technology Solutions

David is awesome! He helped us buy our first home. We were in a situation with multiple offers on the house we wanted - he was able to negotiate a deal with the sellers for us and get us into contract.

David was available for questions, ready to give consultation and told us the right thing to do through the whole process.

I would highly recommend you go with David- he will get you the house you want!!
Oct 11, 2019

Stephanie Rodgers recommends Cara Milgate


Thank YOU Cara and Intero. You will always have my full support!
Oct 11, 2019

Jennifer Angel recommends Cara Milgate


Thank you, Cara! I am so grateful to have you as my Manager. You always have our backs and truly want us to succeed! 💖💖💖
Oct 10, 2019

Pia De Castro recommends Cara Milgate


Thank you so much,Cara😍always grateful for your continued endless support. You’re such a blessing to all of us.
Oct 10, 2019

Pia De Castro recommends Cara Milgate


Thank you so much Cara! Thank you Intero East Bay, I appreciate the $$ prize but what I appreciate the most is the guidance and support we get from the company and the staff, it’s PRICELESS!!!
Oct 10, 2019

Pia De Castro recommends Cara Milgate


Awwww thank you so so much for all your support. Grateful for every little & big things you & Cara & Greg does to support us. We Love you guys! We got multiple offers on this home & will be pending this week for sure.
Oct 10, 2019

Joraine Costales recommends Cara Milgate


Awwww... Cara L. Milgate!!! Thank you always for your support!!! 😭😭😭😭 can’t wait for next week with you!!!
Oct 8, 2019

Alessandra Imanabadi recommends Pia De Castro


I loved working with Pia, she was easy to talk with, returned my calls right away so, I look forward to working with her again soon!
Oct 4, 2019

Mary Barrera recommends Michelle Ward


I would recommend Michelle Ward to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. I had the pleasure of working with Michelle when I sold my family home. I found Michelle to be very knowledgeable in the area of real estate, she has strong communication skills, is always professionally dressed and ready to go the extra mile for her clients. In working with Michelle I found her to always be available to answer any questions or concerns that I had during the process of selling my home. She has many years of experience in the real estate market and comes from a background of women in her family that are successful business owners. Michelle is able to work under high pressure situations, remains calm and objective while solving any problems that may arise. I would highly recommend Michelle Ward to anyone who needs real estate services.
Oct 2, 2019

Nandan Nabar recommends Jayanta Samanta

Director, Program Management

Jayanta helped us buy our investment condo property. He helped us understand the whole investment property buying process and provided valuable inputs based on his vast real estate experience. I will highly recommend Jayanta!
Oct 1, 2019

Serena ZHang recommends Pia De Castro


I worked with Pia on 221 w questa trl, mountain house. I am the listing agent, she is the buyer's agent. She is very professional, she negotiate the price and term for her buyer,get all paperwork done on time, get loan funded smoothly with the loan agent. I would love to work with her again.
Sep 30, 2019

Celeste cabanela recommends Pia De Castro

This is the second time we worked with Pia, and we are extremely satisfied! She is very professional and provides exceptional service. She and her team are very responsive and always available to answer any questions. We closed in 22 days and things went smoothly. She, Mohammad and the rest of her team provided updates throughout the purchasing/closing process. I’d say she is one of the best realtors in the Bay Area! Thank you Pia!
Sep 30, 2019

Loretan Thomas V. recommends Michelle Ward

Retired Air Force

I have the utmost pleasure she did a great nub I getting the house ready to sell.
I was I TEXAS and let her get things going in the right direction.
The house need several items to be released, but once that was accomplished the sale went quickly.
Thanks for all you great work.
Sep 27, 2019

Brynn McDowell recommends Michelle Ward

Registered Dietitian

Michelle Ward is an amazing realtor to have by your side during the process of buying, selling our just looking for a home. She is hard working, a great communicator, and listens so much to your wants and needs. We have been fortunate enough to work with her on multiple occasions and I cannot recommend her enough.
Sep 27, 2019

Dan McDowell recommends Michelle Ward

Director of Sales

We've worked with Michelle on multiple occasions, can't recommend her enough. She is guaranteed to win your business for life. She is your best advocate for a real estate deal, either buying or selling. She will represent your property extremely professionally, and will go above and beyond to ensure the transaction.

Sep 26, 2019

Eric Kim recommends Michelle Ward

Michelle assisted me purchase two homes in 2013 and 2015. Michelle was extremely professional, patient and provided great customer service. I would highly recommend Michelle for purchasing or selling a home.