Intero Real Estate East Bay

Innovation meets Influence.

Before Silicon Valley was duly named, its history as the hotbed of innovation was well noted. Our catchy moniker reflects the giants of technology who line the corridors of Cupertino, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale, the wave of progressive firms that have shaped electronics, e-commerce and social interaction all call this place home.

In its truest form, innovation knows no boundaries. It isn’t contained by market or economic trends. Silicon Valley is where everyone gathers at the water cooler of progress, questioning why can’t things be better.

It’s from that fountain that the founders of Intero drank.

It was 2002. Silicon Valley was mired in the dot-com bust affecting all corners of the technology sector. As a result the local real estate market grinded to a halt. In true Silicon Valley spirit, that was the exact, perfect moment to launch a startup real estate brokerage.

Intero’s desire wasn’t to be like all other brokerages. Not only were we committed to providing our residents and neighbors a service that heralded the very nature of where we live, we owed it to our new neighbors, recruited from all over the world to come and work for many of the most creative, progressive companies on the planet.

Powered by an entirely new technology platform, backed by a solid investment, lead by a team of real estate veterans who were all born, raised and weaned right here in the Silicon Valley, Intero Real Estate Services was born.

While the dot-com bust remedied, in 2007, the real estate bubble burst and its subsequent effects on the market and economy we’re well documented. For us, this singled a moment in time to do what we do best - invest in our company and innovate further.

Over the past seven years, against the pressures of a challenging market, we continued to advance our training programs, update all of our technology, grow our brand into other markets and build a luxury division. The best is yet to come!


Recommendations (2455)

2 days ago

Nicolas D recommends Jason de Leon

Jason was awesome! His teamwork and dedication to helping me find my dream home has not gone unnoticed. Constantly presenting me with different options and helping me daily, figure out what I like and don’t like. To top it off he connected me with a lender that offered the cheapest interest rate I could find! He is a one stop shop if you’re looking for a house.
2 days ago

Anne Yu recommends Cora Yu


Cora is a great real estate agent with a proven track record in the Bay area market. Her expertise was crucial in the sale of our properties in San Francisco and Mountain View, navigating us through complex processes. Beyond her professional knowledge, Cora's artistic talents showed in her videos, photographs, and 3D property presentations, especially by her choice in background music. Her staging ability and exceptional negotiation skills make her an asset to buyers and sellers, bridging gaps to ensure a successful transaction. We have both sales hit our expectations with her aid. Her dedication and results make her highly recommendable for anyone's real estate needs in the Bay area.
2 days ago

Aarushi Kalaimani recommends Cora Yu


Cora helped me purchase a condo back in 2021 in Pleasanton, and was very proactive throughout the process of putting in an offer and the steps post-offer. She provided a lot of guidance and was resourceful in recommending a lender, which made the whole process user-friendly and streamlined. Her familiarity and expertise in the Bay Area real estate market was very helpful to a new homeowner like myself, and I'd highly recommend her!
3 days ago

Charlie recommends Pia De Castro

Our family thanks Pia De Castro and her team for helping us to achieve our home buying dreams. This is our second time working with Pia and she continues to deliver confident professional services. Pia works around the clock to ensure our family receives nothing but the best. She understood what our family was looking to achieve when selling a property 2 years ago and she understood what our family needed and wanted for purchasing this year. Her knowledge in the real estate arena is unmatched, and we can't thank you enough for helping make our dreams come true!
Apr 14, 2024

Mehal Patel recommends Khyati Srivatsa

From the beginning of our interactions, Khyati has been exceptionally communicative and patient with a first-time home buyer. She began by helping me develop an understanding of the entire process and highlighted the steps to take before beginning to look at open houses, steps that can easily be missed. Once the foundation is built and you develop an idea of what you want, she is frequently in contact about newly posted listings and is available to visit them with you if you so wish. Another area I relied on her was for documentation and how to make sense of disclosures, etc. Khyati does a thorough examination of documentation before/during/after the offer process. Lastly, she makes sure all the details are buttoned up when making significant steps towards closing which includes addressing questions and concerns while maintaining frequent contact with the sellers, loan officers, and any other people that are associated. Overall, I highly recommend going to Khyati if you’re looking to buy a place of your own.
Apr 11, 2024

VIGNESH SRIDHAR recommends Janaki Thakkar

It was indeed a great pleasure working with Janaki. She went above and beyond with respect to selling my condo and they also helped me with the move out of my existing tenants which I'm not sure if any other realtor would do. Being out of state I just blindly handed over the responsibility to her and she exceeded my expectations. More than Realtor and Client relationship, we almost became family over the course of couple of months and I am truly honored and lucky to be working with and would highly recommend Janaki to anyone trying to sell their home in the Bay Area. She took time and answering all my questions and never ever felt that the process was rushed.
Apr 11, 2024

VIGNESH SRIDHAR recommends Janaki Thakkar

It was indeed a great pleasure working with Janaki and Viva. They both went above and beyond with respect to selling my condo and they also helped me with the move out of my existing tenants which I’m not sure if any other realtors would do. Being out of state I just blindly handed over the responsibility to both and they exceeded my expectations. More than Realtor and Client relationship, we almost became families over the course of couple of months and I am truly honored and lucky to be working with these folks would highly recommend Viva and Janaki to anyone trying to sell their home in the Bay Area. They took time and answering all my questions and never ever felt that the process was rushed.
Apr 9, 2024

Gagandeep Kaur recommends Alfredo Ledesma


I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Alfredo's exceptional mentorship and leadership. His feedback has really shaped my approach to my real estate career. His mentorship motivates me every step of the way and a constant source of encouragement, helping me navigate both successes and challenges. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from someone so dedicated, knowledgeable, and invested in my success. I highly recommend Alfredo to anyone looking for a real estate mentor.
Apr 9, 2024

Benito Hernandez Garcia recommends Karina Carrera


la experiencia de trabajar con karina fue de lo mejor la verdad mis respetos nunca me defraudo ella busco y encontro respuestas a mis preguntas y dudas yo boy a seguir usando sus servisios como vededora de vienes raises creo que sin temor a equivocarme no ahi mejor opcion que karina carrera
Apr 5, 2024

Halina Patkowska recommends Pia De Castro

Apr 3, 2024

David Del Toro recommends Nafisa Sadiq

Professional ,dedicated and transparent just to name a few of the outstanding qualities of Nafisa.From the beginning it was a bit overwhelming being a fist time homebuyer but Nafisa quickly put me and my family at ease with her approachability and knowledge when it came to real estate. She did really well with setting up appointments and working with our schedules, working together with me and my wife as a collective to find the right home. With as many adversities as we faced as first time homebuyers she worked diligently with us to make our dreams come true
Thank you Nafisa!
Apr 3, 2024

Kamron Ahmadyar recommends David Azimi

David is a rare gem in this industry: he knows his stuff, he knows how to deliver, and he always makes you feel as if you're his only client! Highly recommend!
Apr 1, 2024

Helen Du recommends Jie Yao

Manager of Customer Services

We collaborated with Jie Yao to acquire our home in the Bay Area, and we are absolutely delighted with the outcome. Jie demonstrated exceptional expertise in the local real estate market, rendering the entire process seamless. She expertly navigated us through each stage, ensuring our complete comprehension. Our gratitude towards her knows no bounds! Jie conducted herself with utmost professionalism, offering invaluable assistance and prompt responses. Her remarkable attention to detail and profound grasp of our requirements were truly commendable. We are thoroughly satisfied with our purchase and wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Apr 1, 2024

LaVawn Cortesi recommends Alfredo Ledesma


Alfredo isn't just a manager; he's a beacon of support, a visionary leader, and an unwavering advocate for personal and professional growth. From the moment I joined his team, I knew I was in the presence of someone truly exceptional.

What sets Alfredo apart is his unwavering dedication to his team's success. He doesn't just lead from the front; he's right beside you, cheering you on every step of the way. His support is more than just words; it's evident in his actions. Whether it's providing guidance on a project, lending an ear during tough times, or celebrating even the smallest victories, Alfredo's support is constant and genuine.

But what truly makes Alfredo stand out is his forward-thinking mindset. He's always one step ahead, exploring new ideas, technologies, and strategies to propel our team forward. Instead of settling for the status quo, Alfredo challenges us to push the boundaries, to think outside the box, and to strive for excellence in everything we do. Under his leadership, mediocrity is simply not an option.

Moreover, Alfredo's ability to recognize and nurture talent is unparalleled. He sees potential where others may not, and he's not afraid to invest time and resources into developing it. Whether it's through mentorship, training programs, or providing opportunities for growth, Alfredo is committed to helping each team member reach their full potential.

In a world where good managers are hard to come by, Alfredo is a shining example of what true leadership looks like. His passion, dedication, and genuine care for his team are truly inspiring. Working under Alfredo's guidance has not only been a privilege but also a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, if you're lucky enough to have Alfredo as your manager, consider yourself truly blessed. He's not just a manager; he's a mentor, a motivator, and a friend. And under his leadership, the possibilities are endless.
Apr 1, 2024

Dr. Forrest Zhong recommends Jie Yao

Managing Partner of Venture Capital

I highly recommend Jie Yao for any realty agent position. Our experience with Jie as our agent in the Silicon Valley area was exceptional. Despite not physically viewing the house ourselves, Jie facilitated a seamless and hassle-free process for us to move into our new home. Her professionalism, expertise, and personable nature made the entire experience enjoyable. Jie has not only become a trusted real estate advisor but also a great friend whom we can rely on for assistance whenever needed.
Mar 31, 2024

S Taheri recommends Jie Yao

I have worked with Jie on numerous deals. she is very knowledgeable in real estate investment and is a very easy person to work with. I strongly recommend her.
Mar 31, 2024

Yanna Wu recommends Jie Yao

Working with Jie as our listing agent was an exceptional experience that truly set our home selling journey apart. Her meticulous attention to detail, deep understanding of the market, and unparalleled staging abilities were clear from the outset. The furniture selection and overall staging of our property under Jie's expert guidance didn't just impress; they transformed our home, making it stand out in a highly competitive market.

Thanks to Jie's strategic staging and keen design eye, our home captured the hearts of potential buyers and secured an offer well above our expectations, a testament to her dedication and skill. Jie's professionalism and genuine commitment to her clients' best interests made the selling process seamless and remarkably rewarding. For anyone looking to sell their home, Jie comes highly recommended. Her outstanding work speaks volumes, and we are immensely thankful for her invaluable support and the exceptional outcomes she delivered.
Mar 31, 2024

Yanna Wu recommends Jie Yao

Thanks to Jie's strategic staging and keen design eye, our home captured the hearts of potential buyers and secured an offer well above our expectations, a testament to her dedication and skill. Jie's professionalism and genuine commitment to her clients' best interests made the selling process seamless and remarkably rewarding. For anyone looking to sell their home, we highly recommend Jie. We are immensely thankful for her invaluable support and the exceptional outcomes she delivered.
Mar 30, 2024

Akshay Nayak recommends Jie Yao

I am incredibly grateful for Jie Yao's unwavering support during my friend's short sale process. Jie's caring demeanor and extensive knowledge have been invaluable. Let me delve deeper into the specifics of her remarkable assistance:

1. Compassion and Empathy: Jie's genuine care for my friend's well-being was evident from the start. She patiently listened to their concerns, fears, and frustrations. Her empathetic approach helped alleviate the stress that often accompanies a short sale situation.

2. Expert Guidance: Jie's expertise in real estate matters is unparalleled. She meticulously explained each step of the process, ensuring my friend understood their options and rights. Whether dealing with the bank, lawyers, or the court, Jie navigated the complexities with finesse.

3. Negotiation Skills: Short sales involve delicate negotiations. Jie advocated fiercely for my friend, securing favorable terms and minimizing their financial burden. Her ability to find common ground between parties was impressive.

4. Attention to Detail: Jie left no stone unturned. From paperwork to deadlines, she meticulously managed every aspect. Her thoroughness instilled confidence in my friend, allowing them to focus on rebuilding their life.

5. Positive Outcome: Thanks to Jie's unwavering commitment, my friend successfully completed the short sale. They emerged from this painful situation with newfound hope and a fresh start.

In summary, Jie Yao is not just a real estate professional; she's a beacon of compassion, knowledge, and resilience. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in real estate matters.

Jie Yao's dedication to helping distressed home sellers is commendable, and I'm sure she'll continue to make a positive impact. ????.
Mar 30, 2024

Rachel Huang recommends Jie Yao

Manager at Eucalyptus Bay Real Estate

I am delighted to write this recommendation for Jie Yao, a realtor whose expertise and skills have been instrumental in the success of various real estate development projects we collaborated on. Jie's exceptional communication and negotiation skills have consistently stood out, especially when dealing with architects, civil engineers, city planners, and both potential buyers and sellers.

Jie's ability to communicate effectively is unparalleled. She has a talent for breaking down complex real estate terminologies and processes into easily understandable concepts, ensuring clear and transparent communication across all parties involved. This skill was particularly valuable in our dealings with architects and civil engineers, where her precise and clear conveyance of ideas and requirements helped bridge the gap between technical and commercial perspectives.

In negotiations, Jie has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of market dynamics and a strong ability to advocate on behalf of our projects. Whether negotiating with city planners to ensure compliance and approval for our projects or engaging with buyers and sellers to secure favorable terms, Jie’s strategic approach and tactful negotiation have been key to our success. Her ability to anticipate the needs and interests of various stakeholders and to find mutually beneficial solutions is remarkable.

Moreover, Jie's professionalism and proactive nature have significantly contributed to the smooth progression and completion of our projects. Her foresight in addressing potential issues before they could become obstacles was a testament to her experience and thorough understanding of the real estate development process.

Working with Jie has been a genuinely positive experience. Her dedication, coupled with her communication and negotiation skills, makes her an outstanding realtor. I am confident that Jie Yao will continue to excel and bring value to her clients and colleagues in the real estate industry. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any project or position she pursues.
Mar 29, 2024

Tina Xu recommends Jie Yao

Accredited Investors

I cannot speak highly enough of Jie's exceptional professionalism and dedication as our realtor in our search for our dream home in Santa Clara. Introduced to us by a friend who couldn't praise her enough, Jie surpassed all expectations. What truly sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to understanding our needs and tirelessly guiding us through the entire process.From the outset, Jie demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricacies of the real estate market. She patiently accompanied us to numerous home showings, taking the time to grasp our preferences while offering invaluable insights into each property's strengths and weaknesses. Her expertise in evaluating crucial factors such as location, size, convenience, quality, and budget was instrumental in helping us make informed decisions.What truly impressed us was Jie's attention to detail. Throughout the process, she left no stone unturned, ensuring that every aspect was meticulously taken care of. Even after closing the deal, her dedication to ensuring our satisfaction was evident. I vividly recall an incident where I accidentally triggered the security alarm post-closing. Without hesitation, I reached out to Jie, and within minutes, she had arranged for assistance, resolving the issue promptly.Jie's professionalism, patience, and exceptional customer service skills truly set her apart in the real estate industry. Her ability to blend profound expertise with genuine care for her clients' needs is commendable. Thanks to Jie, we found not just a house, but a place we can truly call home. If you're in search of a realtor who goes above and beyond, look no further than Jie. She is simply amazing.
Mar 29, 2024

Eliza Boncodin recommends Pia De Castro

Pia De Castro very professional, we could see her passion, dedication and love for her craft. She took care of us very well. In less than 2 months we got our property without a single stress. Thanks to her and her team they make our life easier especially this time. 1000% not only a realtor but a realtor with a genuine heart to her client.
Again Pia and to your team I salute all of you and I pray that you continue to help people like us to make our dreams come true. God Bless you so it can be a blessing to others. - Joel and Eliza
Mar 29, 2024

Jun Wu recommends Jie Yao

President of Eastridge Pacific Holdings (Real Estate Development Company)

Jie is an incredible agent! She provided exceptional service throughout the real estate transaction process and I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, responsiveness, and friendliness. We are a real estate development company in Bay Area and has been developing projects around the Bay Area for around 10 years.
From the moment we began our collaboration, Jie demonstrated a remarkable level of professionalism. She possesses a deep understanding of the real estate market and was able to provide invaluable insights and guidance at every step of the process. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly set her apart in the industry.
One of the most impressive aspects of working with Jie was her responsiveness. She was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns I had, promptly returning calls and emails with thorough and thoughtful responses. Her dedication to keeping lines of communication open ensured that I always felt informed and supported throughout the entire journey.
Beyond her professional expertise, Jie also exudes a warmth and friendliness that made the entire experience enjoyable. She took the time to understand my specific needs and preferences, tailoring her approach to ensure that my goals were met with the utmost care and attention.
Moreover, Jie identified a property with great potential, and under her guidance, the project not only fulfilled its promise but also turned out to be a profitable investment. Her keen eye for opportunities and strategic approach to real estate transactions are truly commendable.
I wholeheartedly recommend Jie to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly real estate agent. Working with her was an absolute pleasure, and I have no doubt that she will continue to exceed expectations for all her future clients!
Mar 29, 2024

Pam Javid recommends Alfredo Ledesma


I am pleased to write this recommendation for Alfredo Ledesma who has served as my manager and mentor at Intero Pleasanton. As a real estate broker, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and a genuine commitment to fostering a positive and dynamic work environment.

Alfredo motivates and empowers us by implementing effective sales strategies, providing ongoing support and encouragement, and promoting professional growth and development among team members.

Alfredo Ledesma possesses a rare combination of industry expertise, managerial acumen, and interpersonal skills that have greatly contributed to the success of our team. His ability to motivate and inspire us to perform at our best has been instrumental in achieving our collective goals and surpassing client expectations.

With great appreciation,
Pam Javid
Mar 27, 2024

Javed Tajuddin recommends Jakub Nytko

I recently bought my 1st house & Jake was my realtor, and was part of my journey throughout the process. I cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional service and dedication he provided!

One of his best qualities of is his unwavering availability. From the very beginning, he made himself accessible at all times, ensuring that my questions and concerns were addressed promptly. As a 1st time home buyer, you have a ton of often basic questions but he was always approachable, responsive, patient & thorough with his explanations, providing clarity and guidance that made the entire process smooth and stress-free.

He went above and beyond in every aspect of our collaboration. Whether it was scheduling multiple viewings, negotiating offers, or navigating complex paperwork, he consistently demonstrated a level of expertise and professionalism that instilled confidence in me as a client. I highly recommend him.