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Before Silicon Valley was duly named, its history as the hotbed of innovation was well noted. Our catchy moniker reflects the giants of technology who line the corridors of Cupertino, Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale; the wave of progressive firms that have shaped electronics, e-commerce and social interaction all call this place home.

In its truest form, innovation knows no boundaries. It isn’t contained by market or economic trends. Silicon Valley is where everyone gathers at the water cooler of progress, questioning why things can’t be better.

It’s from that fountain that the founders of Intero drank.

It was 2002. Silicon Valley was mired in the dot-com bust affecting all corners of the technology sector. As a result the local real estate market grinded to a halt. In true Silicon Valley spirit, that was the exact, perfect moment to launch a startup real estate brokerage.

Intero’s desire wasn’t to be like all other brokerages. Not only were we committed to providing our residents and neighbors a service that heralded the very nature of where we live, we owed it to our new neighbors, recruited from all over the world to come and work for many of the most creative, progressive companies on the planet.

Powered by an entirely new technology platform, backed by a solid investment, led by a team of real estate veterans who were all born, raised, and weaned right here in the Silicon Valley, Intero Real Estate Services was born.

While the dot-com bust remedied, in 2007, the real estate bubble burst and its subsequent effects on the market and economy were well documented. For us, this signaled a moment in time to do what we do best - invest in our company and innovate further.

Over the past seven years, against the pressures of a challenging market, we continued to advance our training programs, update all of our technology, grow our brand into other markets, and build a luxury sub brand.

We did all this because this is who we are.

In 2014,


Recommendations (842)

Sep 20, 2023

Wendy recommends Joraine Costales

The Costales team helped my husband and I but our first home during the covid Era. We started working with them pre Covid and it nearly took 2 years before we found our home at the price we were comfortable with. They've been so patient with us. We had a long list of criteria and the right one came along. There was never any pressure or did we ever feel like we were neglected during the covid times. They always texted our cakes to check in... for that we felt well taken care of. We're coming close to a year from the time our offer got accepted and they are still checking in to see if we need anything at the home.
If you're looking for a realtor, the Costales team is THE ONE.
Sep 12, 2023

Abi U. recommends Joraine Costales

The Costales Team are exceptional realtors and even more exceptional people. Working with them you get:

1) Advisors with a wealth of knowledge on the market and the community. They'll show you possibilities and ask the questions you didn't know you needed to ask

2) Quality Service. Throughout the process of buying and selling, the Costales Team regularly communicates, offers feedback and options, and asks how you are feeling. They present themselves professionally and genuinely which makes it easy for everyone involved in the transaction to work with them and want to work with you!

3) A lot of hustle & heart. As their logo states, "hustle & heart sets us apart". It really does. Buying a home or selling one is an extremely personal process. The Costales Team never backs down from a challenge (I sold my first home and bought a new home at the start of market shift..) and they really are up all night doing everything in their power to give you what you want. I read through a forwarded thread during our transaction and literally cried when I saw all the back and forth between the Costales Team and our builder. I knew they were really doing their best to make sure my family (kids, pets and all) were going to be taken care of. Additionally, wherever they serve they take care of everyone. In selling our house, they fed our neighborhood with free hot dogs and sodas. They are generous in donating to the community and continue to check in on us after closing.

I've purchased 2 homes and sold one home with the Costales Team and while each situation presented different challenges, the Costales Team has delivered a consistent positive experience each time. Finding a home is way more than a business deal, it's a big life event that should be celebrated and not stressed over. We are so grateful to Joraine and Marc for helping our family into this new adventure, we couldn't have done this with anyone else!
Sep 7, 2023

Emerald Depadua recommends Joraine Costales

Joraine and Marc Costales made our experience as first home buyers very easy. They took their time to walk us through our various options and ensured that my partner and I were were well informed and comfortable with all the decisions we needed to make. Joraine and Marc were very patient and provided us with constant reassurances. They communicated regularly and responded quickly, especially during the bidding process. I would highly recommend the Costales team!
Sep 7, 2023

Cris N Annah Castro recommends Joraine Costales

Great customer service and makes her clients feel like family!!
Aug 20, 2023

Scott Nguyen recommends Anthony Sabeh


First time home buying can be a stressful and nervous process however with Anthony Sabeh as our realtor, this made the process super easy and exciting for both my wife and I. First off, not every realtor is the same. The large amount of knowledge Anthony has with home building and local city codes as well as home styles made every home Anthony showcased to be very desirable and he even made every tour seem personal with giving factual historical information on the home as well as stepping and showing every square inch of the stone. ImAnthony has a direct way of handling tasks and when reviewing the homes disclosure, Anthony went over each section regarding the home condition making us feel extra confident that the home was right for us. With Anthony by our side, it was was like a walk in the park mainly because Anthony actually cared for us to be in a home. At the end of the day, that was what my Wife and I wanted. Anthony worked with our busy schedules and found time to search for homes with us and meet with sellers. My wife and I strongly recommend anyone that needs an agent to contact Anthony Sabeh if you are buying a home or even selling your home. Anthony will make sure you get the results you want! Thank You Anthony!
Jul 31, 2023

John & Jessica Pongco recommend Pia De Castro

Pia and her team are excellent! Their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication made our home buying process a breeze. Always responsive, they answered all our questions, no matter how small, and guided us through each step with patience and clarity.

Even when we weren’t ready, they were there to help guide us into the right path to homeownership!

Their expertise helped us find the perfect home in our preferred location and within our budget. They listened carefully to our needs and priorities, always keeping them in mind during the home search. We never felt pressured but rather felt supported in making a decision that was right for us.

What we appreciated the most was their honesty and transparency. They were upfront about potential issues and always advocated for our best interest when negotiating with sellers.

Pia and her team truly went above and beyond for us. We could not have asked for a better home buying experience. Thank you for turning what could have been a stressful process into a joyful journey. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home. Thanks to them, we are now happily settled in our dream home!
Jul 21, 2023

Abdi Sabet recommends Margaret Lin


Margaret is a great agent, and I had a great experience with her. Even though the transaction took longer than expected from our side, the seller side, she and her clients were incredibly patient until we closed. Without her help, this could not have happened. Margaret is super responsive and very detail-oriented. If you are looking to sell or buy a home, I would definitely recommend her
Jul 21, 2023

Jo Wong recommends Margaret Lin

I cannot stress enough how fortunate we were to have had the opportunity to work with Margaret during this complex transaction. From the moment we discovered a contractual dispute between the sellers and their contractor, Margaret stepped up to the plate and went above and beyond to protect our interests and ensure a successful outcome.
Throughout the entire process, Margaret and her team proved to be an invaluable asset. They were in constant communication with us, keeping us well-informed about the issues at hand and the steps being taken to address them. It was evident that they had a deep understanding of the legal complexities involved in such a situation and were able to navigate through the challenges with confidence and expertise.
Despite facing delays and unforeseen obstacles, Margaret remained unyielding in her commitment to resolving all issues, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a smooth path to closing escrow.
What truly set Margaret apart was her unwavering dedication to our satisfaction as clients. She and her team genuinely cared about our needs and concerns, taking the time to listen and address any questions we had throughout the process. Their empathy and understanding made what could have been an extremely stressful situation much more manageable.
Thanks to Margaret’s hard work and diligence, we are now the proud owner of our new home. We are immensely grateful for their guidance and support during this time, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in need of a top-notch real estate agent.
If you are looking for someone who will truly have your back, look no further. Margaret, thank you for all that you've done for us!
Jul 20, 2023

Claudia Lopez recommends Margaret Lin


Margaret was the listing agent for a recent transaction that I represented a buyer. She is very thorough and detail oriented. Margaret was understanding and a great realtor partner to work with.
Jul 17, 2023

Janine Avila recommends Pia De Castro

Pia was referred to me by my two sisters whom she also helped purchase homes for. We scheduled a Zoom meeting in June and I honestly was not planning to buy a home right then and there, I just wanted to see what I can afford. From the day of the Zoom meeting everything happened so quickly, we had the meeting, got our pre-approved loan, looked at homes and now we are home owners. In a span of 1 month, we went from renting a home to becoming first time home owners. Pia and her team made the process so seamless and easy. We got a great deal on a beautiful home. Even though we had the lowest down payment and 5 other offers, Pia did her magic and got us in. I 100% recommend her! She’s great, straight to the point and well known. It only takes one meeting to gets things started. Thank you Ateh Pia! We appreciate you and your team so much!
Jul 15, 2023

Josh and Cara Paredes recommend Margaret Lin

Condo Sale

After we bought our new home, we decided to sell the condo that Margaret had help us get an amazing deal on, 50K below asking back in 2020! So who better to sell our condo. Margaret used her expertise to help us be cost effective in choosing what remodels to do on top of the smalls one we had already done. Once the remodels were done, Margaret did a great job staging to prepare it for future buyers. Within a couple of days we had an amazing offer and went into contract. Once again Margaret's expertise and great communication skills made the process seamless for us. Margaret got us more than we expected and we are more than happy with her work. Margaret always exceeds our expectations. This is our third time using Margaret as our real estate agent, she never fails to go above and beyond for her clients.

We attached our last photo in our condo, the kitchen was Margaret’s idea and it was amazing!
Jul 15, 2023

Josh and Cara Paredes recommend Margaret Lin

Purchase of new Single Family Home

We called Margaret and told her that we wanted to purchase a new home. We knew instinctively to call her, because she had helped us buy our first condo three years ago, helping us get a great deal and now we were ready for a house. In today's competitive market you can believe that we had to see a lot of homes. When we finally saw our dream house, we knew we had to put in offer in. Margaret was quick to provide us as much information as she could generate to give us the best information on what to put as an offer. With Margaret's great communication with the seller and making sure that we had all of our paperwork in order to get our accepted. Now we live in our forever home. Dreams do come true and Margaret can definitely help you make it in the bay!
Jul 10, 2023

Ralph Cheng recommends Margaret Lin

Margaret is a great agent, attention to details. What else do you want?

We recommend her service!
Jul 7, 2023

Ephraim Fernandez recommends Pia De Castro

Field foreman

I highly recommend Pia as a realtor for anyone seeking an exceptional home-buying experience. As first-time homebuyers, my spouse and I had the pleasure of working with Pia, and her professionalism, expertise, and dedication truly exceeded our expectations.

From the moment we met Pia, it was evident that she possesses a remarkable level of thoroughness and meticulousness. She took the time to understand our specific requirements and standards of living, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to find us the perfect home. Pia's attention to detail was truly impressive, as she made sure to address every aspect of our needs and preferences, ensuring that we were fully satisfied with the options presented to us.

Beyond her outstanding commitment to meeting our standards, Pia provided unwavering support throughout the entire home-buying process. Her positive attitude and reassuring demeanor made us feel at ease, even during the most stressful moments. Pia's vast knowledge and experience in the real estate field instilled confidence in us, allowing us to make informed decisions with conviction. She patiently answered our numerous questions, providing clear explanations and guidance every step of the way.

Pia's expertise proved invaluable in our search for the right home. She demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the local housing market trends, ensuring that we were aware of all relevant information to make sound investment choices. Her keen eye for value and potential allowed us to explore various options while staying within our budget.

Moreover, Pia's dedication to customer satisfaction was remarkable. She was always available to address any concerns we had, promptly returning calls and emails and going above and beyond to meet our needs. Her commitment to ensuring our happiness and finding the perfect home for us was truly commendable.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Pia as a realtor of the highest caliber. Her thoroughness, meticulousness, and dedication to meeting our standards of living were outstanding. Her unwavering support and expertise in the field gave us the confidence we needed to navigate the home-buying process successfully. Pia's professionalism and genuine care for her clients make her an exceptional real estate agent. I am certain that anyone who chooses to work with her will be as grateful and satisfied as we are.

-Ephraim Fernandez
Jun 15, 2023

Nelson Macaalay recommends Pia De Castro

I am thrilled to write this recommendation for Pia de Castro, a realtor from Intero Group. Pia is an exceptional agent who goes above and beyond to provide outstanding service to her clients. From the moment I started working with Pia, it was evident that she genuinely cares about her clients and treats them like family.

One of the most impressive aspects of Pia's approach is her dedication to meeting her clients' needs. She takes the time to understand your preferences, requirements, and budget, and then she works tirelessly to find properties that align with your search criteria. Unlike my previous two years of house hunting with a different realtor, where I constantly got outbid and couldn't find a suitable home, Pia's expertise and resourcefulness made all the difference.

Within just two days of house searching with Pia, she managed to find a property that not only met my requirements but also exceeded my expectations. Her in-depth knowledge of the market, combined with her vast network and proactive approach, enabled her to locate a place that perfectly matched what I was looking for.

Pia's professionalism and attention to detail are truly commendable. She guided me through every step of the buying process, ensuring that I had a clear understanding of the procedures involved and answering all my questions along the way. Her excellent communication skills and responsiveness made me feel supported and informed throughout the entire journey.

Moreover, Pia's commitment to her clients extends beyond the transaction itself. Even after the purchase, she has been readily available to address any concerns or inquiries that have arisen. Her dedication to client satisfaction is unparalleled, and it is evident that she genuinely wants her clients to be happy and satisfied with their real estate decisions.

In summary, I cannot recommend Pia de Castro highly enough. If you are looking for a top-notch realtor who will treat you like family and go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met, Pia is the perfect choice. With her expertise, dedication, and genuine care for her clients, she will make the process of finding your dream home an enjoyable and successful experience.
Jun 15, 2023

Chong, Harmony, Melody recommends Jayanta Samanta

Dear Jayanta,

We are writing this letter to express our family's heartfelt appreciation and satisfaction with the outstanding services provided by you as our buyer real estate agent. Throughout the process of purchasing our FIRST home, your professionalism, expertise, and dedication truly exceeded our expectations.

From our initial consultation to the final closing, you demonstrated an exceptional level of knowledge and proficiency in the real estate market. As a first-time home buyer, the house-hunting process seemed complicated and daunting. However, you reassured us and helped us navigate one step at a time, and never failed to answer our questions patiently and timely along the way. You placed great importance on our family's specific needs and preferences; your commitment to finding the right property for us had demonstrated your caring for us.

Your negotiation skills were exemplary as we truly felt that you had our best interests at heart. Your advice and guidance were invaluable, and thanks to your expertise, we were able to secure our dream home at a price within budget.

In addition to your professional competence, you were always approachable, patient, friendly, and responsive to our inquiries and concerns. Furthermore, your timely communication and regular updates ensured that we were well-informed throughout the entire process, alleviating any anxieties we may have had.

Our family would wholeheartedly recommend you as a buyer real estate agent to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable professional. Your commitment to delivering exceptional service and your genuine care for your clients' needs sets you apart in the industry.

Wishing you continued success in your career.


Chong, Harmony, Melody
Jun 14, 2023

The Asuncions recommends Pia De Castro

Another smooth sailing home purchase with Pia! There were other bids higher than ours but she made it happen for us. Our SJ home is a dream, can't wait to move in!
Jun 6, 2023

Cindy Lee recommends Pia De Castro

This is the second time I worked with Pia. As always, she has been efficient, well-communicated, and super helpful during the process. She is my forever agent.
May 23, 2023

Vince Lau recommends Margaret Lin

Loan Consultant

Whether you are selling your home or buying a new home, Margaret puts her heart and soul into the journey for her clients. As the Loan Consultant, I notice with every transaction she works on, she hand holds her client by staying in constant communication, following up with all parties to ensure a smooth process, and holding all parties accountable so that her client’s best interest is protected and achieved.
Being a client of Margaret means that you have an expert by your side that you can trust and have the confidence to have a successful home buying/selling experience.

Without hesitation, Margaret is a Realtor that I recommend to your friends and family for their real estate needs.

May 21, 2023

Jamie Aldine recommends Terrie MacDonald

First of all, I’ve always been told “go by word of mouth.” We found Terrie, by word of mouth. The absolute best recommendation ever given. So here is my, word of mouth.
Terrie, helped my mom through the sale of my childhood home. That being said, she lived in this house for over 50 years with a lifetime of acquired belongings and memories to pack up. When you’re 72 years old, it’s not easy to just stick a for sale sign up in your yard. All the emotions come with that. That is where Terrie stepped in and helped my mom, answered every question, even if the same question was asked 20 times. Terrie, never got frustrated or never lost her cool. The line of communication was on point.
Terrie was upfront with us, explained every step of the process and each time we would move forward to the next step, she would explain, then make sure we had no questions.
Terrie even helped us find places to donate things we didn’t need.
When you find someone that you’re comfortable with and makes you feel like there is no such thing as a stupid question, you stop and write a great review.
Thank you Terrie’s for all you have done for our family, we will forever be grateful
Jamie Aldine
May 19, 2023

Vasil V recommends Margaret Lin

Margaret has been a true partner in our first home purchase. She is reliable, punctual, knowledgeable, and kind.
Margaret is a pleasure to work with and I can enthusiastically recommend her to be your agent.
May 18, 2023

Michael Willis recommends Margaret Lin


I worked opposite with Margaret on a transaction in Newark, CA. Margaret was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Her team was smooth and efficient and we closed much quicker than expected. Thank you Margaret!
May 13, 2023

Pamela Tran recommends Margaret Lin


Great working with Margaret.
May 5, 2023

Bryan villanueva recommends Pia De Castro

Graphic Designer

Pia is a professional person who will help you get the house of your dreams. She has a lot of experience and will guide you step by step to get the house that best suits you.
May 5, 2023

Waldo Saturnino recommends Pia De Castro

We are renting an apartment for more than twelve years . Just like many people we also dreaming to have a place of our own.. a house that we can called ours.At first we are reluctant to go through on purchasing a home since it is inflation and the houses price are high. We did not allow the situation kills our dream. Pia and Mohammad help us to make the impossible be possible for us. They assist us from the beginning up to the closing . I remember the one thing that Mohammad requested to me and my wife, it is to trust them and so we did!
After five weeks of smooth transaction with them we are now a homeowner. To those who are looking for an agent and lender I highly recommend their team.

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