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We have 22 years under our belt providing world-class client service. Our top priority is to make sure you are presented with all available loan options, so that you can make an informed decision, that’s right for your financial situation.

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Recommendations (1219)


Cubby Winkel recommends Guy Rivera

Real Estate Investor

I have been involved in Real Estate investing for over thirty years. Consequently I have had the occasion to work with a myriad of different mortgage brokers. All I can say is that I wish I had found Guy before now. He and his entire staff are the most helpful people I have ever worked with. Guy will definitely be my broker on all of my transactions in the future.
Feb 1, 2016

Linda Mutti recommends Guy Rivera

My experience with Guy Rivera at Guarantee Mortgage was really great. Guy was so helpful in answering all my questions and helping me with the whole process. He was always available and so knowledgeable. I looked into refinancing a couple years earlier with a different institution and became very discouraged and didn't get much help so I was somewhat hesitant to look into it again. Guy was fantastic and everything went smoothly and quickly. I recommend him with the utmost confidence!
Jan 31, 2016

Ryan and Mallory Sainsbury recommends Allan McAllister

First time home buyers

We first reached out to Allan four years ago to see what we could qualify for as first time home buyers. We didn't end up actually purchasing a home until last month and every time we contacted him he was ready to help us. Allan helped us learn a lot throughout the entire process and made us comfortable along the way. As first time home buyers, we often emailed him with countless questions and he always was professional and patient with us. We would highly recommend Allan and feel we were very lucky to work with him.
Jan 28, 2016

Karin Conn recommends Suzanne Diliberto


I HIGHLY recommend Suzanne!!! Choosing a mortgage broker wasn't easy because I really wanted to make sure I got the best one. I interviewed many. Suzanne not only is super knowledgeable and answers any and all questions well, but she gave me the best rates. She really goes to bat and puts in the extra time to find the best deal. Once I decided to use her, then she impressed me at every turn. Suzanne really goes above and beyond and quickly responds to every question with a thorough answer and explanation. She really has my back! I could go on and on how awesome she is and I can promise you that if you choose her that you'll be so glad you did. Suzanne's a lovely person and her personal touch is outstanding!
Jan 27, 2016

Lisa Grill recommends Aisling Ferguson

Managing Director

When my family relocated to San Francisco from Canada for my work, we had no US credit and no real expectation that we'd be able to get a mortgage to buy a house. Aisling was tenacious and unrelenting and went above and beyond to help us get into a mortgage so we could buy our home. She knows her profession, and proved an invaluable asset to us in buying a home in a housing market renowned for being one of the most competitive in North America. Thank you, Aisling!
Jan 19, 2016

Joanne Brooks recommends Aisling Ferguson

Aisling helped us with the mortgage of our very first home purchase in SF, the next one when we moved out of the city and just recently again with a refinance that included wrapping in a home equity line we had opened to make home improvements. Aisling is so, so good at this business. She is experienced, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We recommend her highly and without any reservations. We have always felt that Aisling made the process efficient and painless on top of always finding us the best rate and lowest possible cost option. We're forever grateful to our Realtor and friend for introducing us to her.
Jan 19, 2016

Julien Solorzano recommends Aisling Ferguson

Aisling was professional, thorough, informative, and most importantly quick in handling our refinance. She was diligent in keeping us on track with regards to providing documentation. She clearly is knowledgeable in all matters concerning mortgage refinance. I would highly recommend her, and would not hesitate using her again in the future!
Jan 17, 2016

Ian Sink recommends Debra Stedt

Director, Accounts

Debra was simply excellent in every possible way. She is supremely knowledgeable, patient with my host of questions (first-time buyer, so a huge number), and incredibly prompt with all phases of the process. Would absolutely work with her again, and cannot recommend her strongly enough to other buyers.
Jan 17, 2016

Richard Oxford recommends Guy Rivera

Retired Commerical Pilot

Guy and his staff are a very dedicated and highly professional.
They handled our refinancing with absolutely seamless efficiency.
When Guy tells you what the numbers will be at closing, that's what they will be.
I highly recommend Guy and his staff- they are the best at what they do.
Dec 30, 2015

Vivian Altmann recommends Debra Stedt

Science Educator and Homeowner

This is the second time I've worked with Debra - 17 years ago for our original purchase and just this past year for a re-fi on my newly converted condo. She's really great - knowledgeable, friendly, and lightning quick in terms of communication. I don't think I've ever waited longer than 5 minutes to get a reply to one of my emails to her. She worked hard to get me an amazingly low rate in spite of some credit challenges in my recent history. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation!
Dec 29, 2015

HR Smith recommends Donna R Aldrich


I've never gotten a loan for anything (except for college, way back in the day). Donna has been direct, patient, and very professional -- but also a very funny and kind human being. So glad to have her in my corner while I'm going through such a big life decision.
Dec 29, 2015

Jake Brower recommends Debra Stedt

QA Manager, Pandora Media

This was our second home buying experience and Debra came recommended by our real estate agent as being one of the best to work with. Boy, was he right.

From day one, Debra was on it. She made everything as easy as possible - from handholding through every step to actual close. Aside from that, Debra knows her stuff and knows how to really "work" for you. She found the best loan options to suit my financial background and explained everything in detail.

Debra was always there when I needed to answer a silly question or just to put my mind at ease. Even though we had purchased a home before, it can still be a daunting experience. I appreciated having Debra on our side.

She's a true professional and I would not only work with her again, but recommend her to any of my friends/family looking to buy a house.

Thanks, Debra...

Jake Brower
Dec 20, 2015

Tim Pryde recommends Aisling Ferguson

Sr. Director Product

Aisling gets it done!!! My wife and I had been looking for a new home in SF for over a year. When we finally found our potential new place, Aisling was with us along the entire crazy journey. She did a great job preparing us for everything thing we would need to pull together, and warning us of the potential pitfalls/bumps in the road that may come in closing the new home.
Through the entire process, Aisling provided strategic advice and different financial scenarios to consider for us to make the most attractive offer possible. By the time we closed on our new home, Aisling felt like she was part of the family...she was as delighted/excited for our new home as we were.
If you are looking for someone who will GET THE JOB DONE, then look to Aisling. She is also good for a laugh or two. :)
Dec 16, 2015

Dan Slaughter recommends Debra Stedt

Broker Associate

Deb is a consummate professional. I have referred many clients to her and never been disappointed. She always takes the time to explain the complicated details of financing a home and persists until she finds a solution that fits with the client's needs and abilities. And then she closes the deal, paying attention to every detail, communicating clearly and effectively with lenders, agents, escrow officers and clients to finish the job. Her experience, work ethic and good humor make every transaction a pleasure.
Dec 14, 2015

Kenneth Bollier recommends Christopher Baker

Calm, cool and collected best describe Chris Baker. Chris has handled many refinances for me and the process just keeps getting smoother as the requirement explode. He is a pleasure to work with at all times.
Dec 12, 2015

Bruce Frymire recommends Allan McAllister

Principal, Frymire & Associates (medical market research)

I have a rare basis for my review of Allan's work: I started a quest for a refi with another company, a large nationwide bank. Said bank promised and promised action on our request but to no avail. After 9 months of nothing we asked Allan to step in and take care of business. Literally within hours things started to change. We suddenly knew where we stood, we knew what we needed to do and we knew how to do it. All due to Allan's direction. In about a month we were done, the refi was accomplished, a major undertaking completed. Allan's grasp of the preposterous refi process is miraculous. I recommend him without qualification for any service he provides. This is a smart, motivated, and accomplished individual. Did I mention he's a great guy to work with?
Dec 8, 2015

Jeff girtings recommends Robin Patronik

Eng tech

Very helpful and on top of of the whole process
Dec 1, 2015

Hillary McKinney recommends Aisling Ferguson

Associate Director at Stanford University

Aisling helped us navigate the complex process of securing a home loan in the competitive San Francisco market. She provided multiple options and answered all of our questions. She brings knowledge, efficiency, and experience to the process. And best of all, we had great peace of mind knowing she was handling the key details that resulted in a timely close.
Nov 27, 2015

Brad W. recommends James W. Argo


Jim has helped me refinance into great mortgages twice and I couldn't have been happier either time. He helped me find better rates than I could find anywhere else and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He's a great person who helped me tremendously. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Nov 25, 2015

giuseppe sircana recommends James W. Argo

A.J.O. Group Engineering and Construction - President

I have known James for about 10 years.
In several occasions he helped me navigate the financial and lending world going through all details, explaining very clearly and simply all aspects of the market, guiding me through the required steps to optimize my “reputation” with the credit bureaus, providing me with continuous support and updates; all this with comforting expertise, particularly for a immigrant like me coming from a country (Italia) with quite different standards.
I like my mechanic to explain me what is not working on my car’s engine, why and what can be done to make it run smooth again. That’s how I would describe James’ approach: he looks at your financial engine, explains you what you’ve been doing wrong, what upgrades will make it stronger and reliable and helps you travel the bumpy roads of the financial world safe and relaxed.
He is my point of reference for any lending need and I can comfortably recommend his services to anyone in need.
Nov 19, 2015

Carl and Christine Temme recommends Larry Horowitz

Larry has a unique balance between professional excellence and customer care. He is efficient, detail oriented, highly skilled and has a cutting edge view of the mortgage industry. He is also a great communicator and goes above-and-beyond to make the refinancing process as headache-free as possible. We highly recommend Larry, and are grateful for his partnership of 19 years.
Nov 14, 2015

Oliver Burgelman recommends Aisling Ferguson

Real Estate Broker

Aisling made some big promises and she made them all come through! I was very impressed with her work, and more importantly she kept me in the loop each step of the way which made my job easier too.

Thank you Aisling!

Nov 12, 2015

Kelley Pendergast recommends Christopher Baker


Chris got us by far the best rate in town! He worked day and night replying to emails and collecting information. Chris is very personable and in the end got us a great deal.
Nov 11, 2015

Cicely Rude recommends Aisling Ferguson

Writer, Editor

Aisling was able to put together a home loan for us in record time AND negotiate a discounted interest rate. Fast, efficient, accurate!
Nov 6, 2015

Keith Denbesten recommends Robin Patronik

We have worked with Robin for multiple refinances. As always it was painless and efficient. She's very response and a pleasure to work with, especially considering how complex and painful the loan process can be. Would highly recommend her.

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