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We have 22 years under our belt providing world-class client service. Our top priority is to make sure you are presented with all available loan options, so that you can make an informed decision, that’s right for your financial situation.

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Brad W. recommends James W. Argo


Jim has helped me refinance into great mortgages twice and I couldn't have been happier either time. He helped me find better rates than I could find anywhere else and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He's a great person who helped me tremendously. I can't recommend him highly enough.
3 days ago

giuseppe sircana recommends James W. Argo

A.J.O. Group Engineering and Construction - President

I have known James for about 10 years.
In several occasions he helped me navigate the financial and lending world going through all details, explaining very clearly and simply all aspects of the market, guiding me through the required steps to optimize my “reputation” with the credit bureaus, providing me with continuous support and updates; all this with comforting expertise, particularly for a immigrant like me coming from a country (Italia) with quite different standards.
I like my mechanic to explain me what is not working on my car’s engine, why and what can be done to make it run smooth again. That’s how I would describe James’ approach: he looks at your financial engine, explains you what you’ve been doing wrong, what upgrades will make it stronger and reliable and helps you travel the bumpy roads of the financial world safe and relaxed.
He is my point of reference for any lending need and I can comfortably recommend his services to anyone in need.
Nov 19, 2015

Carl and Christine Temme recommends Larry Horowitz

Larry has a unique balance between professional excellence and customer care. He is efficient, detail oriented, highly skilled and has a cutting edge view of the mortgage industry. He is also a great communicator and goes above-and-beyond to make the refinancing process as headache-free as possible. We highly recommend Larry, and are grateful for his partnership of 19 years.
Nov 14, 2015

Oliver Burgelman recommends Aisling Ferguson

Real Estate Broker

Aisling made some big promises and she made them all come through! I was very impressed with her work, and more importantly she kept me in the loop each step of the way which made my job easier too.

Thank you Aisling!

Nov 12, 2015

Kelley Pendergast recommends Christopher Baker


Chris got us by far the best rate in town! He worked day and night replying to emails and collecting information. Chris is very personable and in the end got us a great deal.
Nov 11, 2015

Cicely Rude recommends Aisling Ferguson

Writer, Editor

Aisling was able to put together a home loan for us in record time AND negotiate a discounted interest rate. Fast, efficient, accurate!
Nov 6, 2015

Keith Denbesten recommends Robin Patronik

We have worked with Robin for multiple refinances. As always it was painless and efficient. She's very response and a pleasure to work with, especially considering how complex and painful the loan process can be. Would highly recommend her.
Nov 4, 2015

Tracey heaton recommends Aisling Ferguson

SVP Chief Counsel

Aisling is super efficient in her handling of mortgages, articulate and clear in her communication style, very professional in demeanor and hyper focused on meeting deadlines and your required timeline (which in CA can be insanely short due to seller demands). She handled my mortgage and my refi, and even when we had a last minute unexpected lender 'ask' , she was great at running to ground quickly and trying to find solutions.
Nov 4, 2015

Chris Mancini recommends Aisling Ferguson


Aisling was pretty amazing to work with -- as a referral from our last associate, we were hopeful she would be amazing and she was. Our Loan was somewhat complicated -- a Re-Fi due to a TIC conversion in SF always is. Aisling handled the process and my frustration with the process amazingly well. She was always available, made things simple and got us pretty awesome rates to boot. She was the best and was able to handle my hectic schedule and simplistic view of mortgages. I will definitely use her the next time -- if there is one, I am hopeful the next purchase can be in cash. :-)
Nov 3, 2015

Jasmine Amar recommends Orlando Diaz

Teacher & College Advisor

This was the second time we worked with Orlando for our loan. He was so patient, responded to all of my questions quickly and he couldn't have been nicer. We really appreciate how easy he made the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to refi. Thanks Orlando!
Nov 2, 2015

Mehri Shahkarami recommends Jeanine Andrious

She did very good job as usuall
Thank you Jeanine
Oct 13, 2015

Dan Weiss recommends Aisling Ferguson

Real Estate Professional, Paragon Real Estate Group

Aisling is a proven and trusted resource and I would gladly refer any homebuyers and/or those shopping for a loan to her. In addition to providing great rates and loan options, she's very responsive and accessible when questions come up throughout the process, and she's able to deliver in the timeframes required!
Oct 13, 2015

Suzy Loftus recommends Aisling Ferguson


Aisling has worked with our family for nearly a decade. We go to her for all of our mortgage and re-financing needs. She's smart, hard-working and always gets us exactly what we are looking for. I never have a doubt that she's gotten us the best deal and taken care of every detail. She's simply the best as what she does and she's done great things for our family.
Oct 11, 2015

Eric Hankinson recommends James W. Argo


My wife and I have had ... less than amazing ... experiences purchasing a home in the past, specifically when it came to the financial components. Luckily, this time we worked with Jim Argo and his team and everything went smoothly. No wondering what was happening, no feeling lost, no trying to track people down hours or days before closing. Jim was absolutely amazing and was professional, communicative, and creative. He was perfect for us; we'd highly recommend Jim and his firm.

- Eric & Krista
Oct 8, 2015

Rich Lanman recommends Orlando Diaz

Banking, Finance, CPA

Orlando helped identify through his scenario analysis work a few items on our balance sheet to clean up and these changes resulted in getting us qualified for the best possible rate and loan terms for our mortgage refinance. In addition, we also had some unusual documentation requirements related to an identity theft issue and once again Orlando got us through those like a champ! This is the fourth time I have worked with Orlando and even longer with Guarantee Mortgage when purchasing or refinancing my properties. I work for a bank with a great employee discount on loans, and the bank couldn't get done what Orlando did. I've worked with Orlando and Guarantee Mortgage for almost 18 years and he is the only guy I will go to for my mortgage needs!
Oct 6, 2015

Xenophon Giannis recommends Aisling Ferguson

VP, Sales at Nexusguard Inc.

Aisling went the extra mile to get us our cash out refinance. With all the new rules in the banking industry since the crash it can be a nightmare to deal with banks to get a mortgage especially a refinance. I had just recently changed jobs which had created additional hurdles to get us to the finish line. Aisling was patient, was creative to find solutions to problems and gave honest feedback and direction to get us to the close. I would recommend Aisling to anyone looking for financing and already have. Thank you Aisling for getting the job done.
Oct 5, 2015

Aline Godbout recommends Donna R Aldrich

Market/ customer researcher

Donna helped me get a mortgage ~5 years ago for my first home purchase in the USA. Now she helped me refi at a great rate. Both times, she was very professional, super helpful and extremely patient. I already recommended her to friends, and would recommend her to anybody without hesitation.
Oct 2, 2015

David & Deborah Owdom recommends Christopher Baker

Wow - Chris Baker ... I would recommend Mr. Baker without any hesitation. Mr. Baker was refered to us through our Real Estate Agent, who had worked with him in the past. I never had the pleasure of meeting him. His responsiveness to many e-mails from both my husband and I was tremendous. We were first-time buyers with a less than stellar credit record. Chris worked very hard to secure us a loan. The tag line on his e-mails says something to the affect of "I work for you; not for the bank."; and this is absolutely true. We always felt that Mr. Baker was working on our behalf. The staff at the office was wonderful and very accommodating to our many calls and questions.
Oct 1, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Eckstein recommends Orlando Diaz

We were very pleased to work with Orlando. He was efficient, considerate of our specific needs, and saw that our business was concluded in a timely manner. He was very good at assessing our needs and requirements, and did all that he could to make a positive outcome for us.
Sep 28, 2015

Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz

After just been surprised by a last minute rate increase with another lender, I asked Orlando to see what he could do for me. Why didn't I go to him first? I'll be asking that for a while. He got me an even better rate than the previous guy's rate before it went up last minute. Closing costs were cheaper too. We had a bit of an issue with BofA, they hold my second. Orlando never gave up, kept his patience and professionalism until they did what they were supposed to you. My hat is off to Orlando and I am a much happier home owner because of him ...
Sep 23, 2015

A.D. recommends James W. Argo


I can not say enough wonderful things about Jim. He is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and will go above and beyond to help his clients. When it comes to customer service, he embodies what most of us look for, yet seldom find these days. Jim has been helping my father refinance his homes, but ran into a dead end when we found out that his credit score was negatively affected due to an error reported to the credit bureaus by my student loan provider. Jim reached out to me immediately to find out what was going on. He went as far as contacting my loan provider himself, in attempt to resolve the issue. We have exchanged numerous emails, phone calls, set up conference calls with my loan provider for hours on end; you name it. Finally, he succeeded in having my loan provider reverse the error reported to the credit bureaus. Not only did Jim help my father refinance his homes, but he went out of his way to ensure that my financial setback was resolved as well. Jim will be the first person, without a doubt, I will reach out to if I ever need advice or assistance in his areas of expertise. Thank you, Jim, once again for everything.
Sep 23, 2015

Dr. Doris Bersing recommends Robin Patronik

President and CEO

I totally understand that after the patriot act and the last financial crisis, lenders and banks are obliged to make sure one, you can pay your mortgage, two that all funds used for these transactions are not sourced by terrorist-backed funds. The only way to accomplish this is to verify that the funds came from an alternate and legitimate source.

Nonetheless, the process of refinancing my current/old mortgage was quite painful. Some of the lender/bank requests felt very intrusive and offensive. And it took so long that I started having to resubmit some documentation that became dated due to their efforts to drag it out so long. It was like I was stuck in an infinite loop of requests and demands to fulfill.

THE ONLY HELP was that my mortgage rep (Robin Patronik) was on top of things. She kept track of all requests, faxed docs, new strategies and really looked after the best deal for me. I was beyond impressed with the way she handled every step of the process. She was very clear about everything that was going on, was communicative at all times about any questions we had, and after almost a year trying (I had some issues to resolve) she got me the same or best deal possible.

I will recommend Robin to everyone I know that is in the home buying/refinancing. I truly cannot speak any more highly about what Robin and her company did for me, despite the official red tape. Use her!
You won't regret it. -
Sep 22, 2015

Katherine and William Brunner recommends Christopher Baker

Chris Baker is personable and friendly while always maintaing a professional demeanor. He was helpful and kept a sense of humor even during the most trying of times. He guided us through a maze of issues and brought us successfully to the close of our loan. He was available when needed, and he stuck with us during a long arduous process. we are grateful that he was working with us.
Sep 20, 2015

Ashley Hamlett recommends Orlando Diaz

We had an especially complicated and nail-biting new home purchase situation. Not only did Orlando put up with my constant phone calls and questions, he went above and beyond to make sure that we got the very best rate available and the deal closed as quickly as possible. His patience and perseverance are truly remarkable.
Sep 17, 2015

Joe DeLucchi recommends James W. Argo

I had the pleasure of working with Jim for the first time during a re-fi that recently closed. My entire homeownership life I had only worked with one professional and since she retired I was now on my own. During a random conversation with Jim about 6 months back I mentioned that I thought I had a good rate and other brokers I casually spoke with had not offered any other solutions of note. Later that evening Jim sent a message saying he had a solution that might work & result in saving several hundreds a month. The simply math showed our family would save well over $150k if we proceeded. While the loan approval itself is a very rocky ride these days Jim was there to support in any way he could. I'm glad we are re-financed and none of this would have happened without Jim.

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