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We have 22 years under our belt providing world-class client service. Our top priority is to make sure you are presented with all available loan options, so that you can make an informed decision, that’s right for your financial situation.

882 Recommendations

James J. Jaber recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
13 hours ago
I have worked with Jay Totah for the past 16 yrs in either re-financing or obtaining a new loan. He has always made the process easy for me and my family, and he was fully transparent about the process which speaks to his character. I have used other lenders as well but always come back to Jay for his efficiency and attention to detail. I highly recommend Jay who is an honest hardworking lender. A rarity in this industry.
Shevonne Taylor recommends Vince Breen
Contract Manager
2 days ago
Vince is an experienced and professional loan expert that made our loan process seamless. It was unbelievably effortless and extremely quick. Since Vince is an experienced loan officer he has a network of professionals that he has built a strong relationship with over the years. From the title company to the real estate appraiser, we received world class service. Without hesitation, I would recommend Vince for your mortgage needs.
Anonymous recommends Rose Thomas
2 days ago
I hve done three mortgages with Rose... Need I say more? She makes the whole process S effortless as possible and is an absolute pleasure to work with!
Janet Boyle recommends Aisling Ferguson
Vice President of IT
Apr 14, 2014
I HIGHLY recommend Aisling to anyone for their mortgage needs. Aisling is exceptionally knowledgeable, responsive, professional and thorough. We had agreed to an aggressive timeline, with the seller, for our escrow close schedule. Aisling was consistently out in front of everyone involved in this transaction. She made sure that our loan was never an obstacle toward closing on our new home. I have worked with Aisling on many mortgage transactions. And, it is the same successful story every time with Aisling. Again, I highly recommend Aisling Ferguson!
Anonymous recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 14, 2014
We had a difficult seller with difficult terms and dates that kept changing. Aisling couldn't have been more strategic and helpful in accounting for these changes. There are many stresses to consider during a large purchase, but with Aisling handling the mortgage we were able to really focus on the terms and contingencies of the sale and our experience with Guarantee Mortgage couldn't have gone more smoothly. Highly recommended.
Bobbi Levenson recommends Debra Stedt
Realtor for Zephyr Real Estate
Apr 14, 2014
This is the first time I had worked with Debra. She had been working with my clients before they had started to work with me. Debbie made this the easiest, quickest escrow in history. At a point where banks are making it difficult to complete escrows without issues throughout the process, this transaction went without a hitch. And, we were completely approved pretty early in the process and able to close days early, which made my clients ecstatic. I will definitely be working with Debbie again and recommend her for your mortgage needs.
Sabina recommends Donna R Aldrich
new home owner
Apr 13, 2014
Thanks to Donna's help not only I bought a house, but got a mortgage that is manageable. She made the experience of getting financing for the house effortless! She took care of everything, and stayed on top of it throughout the whole transaction with MY interests being considered all the way. I'm very grateful for having such awesome person to work with. I will definitely recommend Donna's work to my friends and family. It's very refreshing to find someone who is knowledgeable, professional, and cares as much as she does.
Jennifer recommends Fif Ghobadian
Apr 12, 2014
Fif is amazing! I went through a post-separation property division, requiring refinancing of a vacation home and it was not easy. She was patient and stuck with me, even when it seemed like it would never happen.

Fif and her staff are easy to work with, quick to respond and exceptionally professional. I feel indebted for the support and thrilled with the end result.

Thank you!
Rebecca Carter recommends Fif Ghobadian
Home Buyer
Apr 11, 2014
Fif was a wonderful and professional mortgage broker and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home. As a first time home buyer, I needed a little extra information than I think I will need next time. When I contacted her about pre-approval, she didn't just ask for my information and send me a pre-approval letter, she educated me about what to do to remain eligible (i.e. put my down payment into an account and let it season a couple months in order not to confuse lenders) and guided me through the final process in a way that was clear and manageable despite my busy work schedule.

Fif looked at my strengths and weaknesses (strong income but limited down payment) she was able to design an excellent configuration of loans that was both creative and far more effective at meeting my needs than I would have known to ask for myself.

Lastly, Fif promised and delivered on our 28-day closing schedule despite a handful of obstacles and needs from the lenders.
Catherine recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 10, 2014
Aisling is the hardest working mortgage broker that you'll meet. She is brutally honest and patient. If you want results, Aisling is who you want on your side!
Melanie recommends Susie Kim
Home Buyer
Apr 9, 2014
When Susie found out that we were trying to buy a house, she reached out to us and offered to help. We are so glad that we went with her. She worked to get us the lowest APR around. She helped with all documents and always kept in touch. She was friendly and easy to work with. Great experience with her.
Lisa Spinali recommends Debra Stedt
San Francisco Homeowner
Apr 9, 2014
Debbie is an experienced and thoughtful professional. She is very customer service oriented and really knows the mortgage business. She made it easy to refinance, I got a great rate and it was really a pleasure doing business with her.
Bradley recommends Jay Sondhi
Apr 9, 2014
Jay is great to work with and incredibly efficient! After changing brokerage companies due to questionable business practices a week before we were set to close, Jay was able to get our loan processed very quickly and we closed in less than two weeks. He was honest and kept us well informed, as well as saved us thousands of dollars! Highly recommend!!
Jocelyn Miller recommends Larry Horowitz
home owner
Apr 7, 2014
I worked with Larry on the original financing for my condo 8 years ago and 4 subsequent refis. He has been a pleasure to work with - always respectful, expedient, thorough and intent on pursuing the best solution for me. I would highly recommend him.
Terry Adelman recommends Robin Patronik
Apr 7, 2014
Robin has diligently serviced my mortgage through multiple refinancings. She has delivered the best rates and overall mortgage terms for each successive refi. She has maintained oversight on the market and promptly advised me when a new refi opportunity makes sense for me.

Robin has followed through on every promise and demonstrated that she is supportive of my interests throughout the negotiation and funding process. She has kept me apprised of every detail and clearly informed me about changes in terms and conditions. And she has been responsive to answering and clarifying all my questions and concerns

She is diligent and has demonstrated integrity in servicing my needs and expectations. I have full confidence in recommending Robin Patronik to anyone seeking mortgage financing assistance.
Mike Smith recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Apr 7, 2014
Pete and Tom went above and beyond the call of duty for me recently! I had used Pete before for a simpler transaction when I purchased a building with a friend in 2004, and that was great. So I called him again on this one.

I have learned the hard way over the years that not all friends make good TIC partners. The time had come to buy out the partner, but that meant refinancing the whole building with just me on title. That made it a bit risky for several banks, but Tom and Pete manged the whole process, and knew which banks to go to and which were a waste of time. This was a new and scary process for me, but they were terrific. They kept me calm and managed the transaction with flexibility and creativity. I'd use them again in a heartbeat!
Shelley M recommends Julie Malta
Apr 6, 2014
Julie is smart and truly understands the mortgage business. My loan situation changed over the course of several months and Julie provided great advice on the different loan programs, suggestion on the best option and worked quickly to secure the loan once the offer was accepted. I highly recommend Julie Malta for her professionalism and knowledge.
Bernie Katzmannsf and Mike Shaw recommends Debra Stedt
Realtors, Vanguard Properties
Apr 2, 2014
As real estate agents we have been very fortunate to have had our clients work with Debbie for many many years. Unquestionably Debbie is one of the most committed, effective and thorough loan agents that we have ever met. We have consistently found that Debbie never promises anything that she doesn't believe she can do and she is very sincere and honest in everything that she does The good thing is Debbie can do just about anything.
Chuck Russell recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 1, 2014
Although I work for one of of the biggest banks on the planet and they offer "employee loans," the best they could do was a 40 day close. Aisling did it in less than 25 days. No surprises; no requests for additional or unusual documents. All straightforward and honest, delivered on time and under budget. Great personality, great results. I wouldn't go anywhere else next time I need home loan assistance. .
Kathryn Martocchio recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
Apr 1, 2014
Jay stays on top of the loan process for you. We have used Jay several times over the past years for loans to purchase new commercial properties and to refinance commercial and personal properties.

With our latest loan poor Jay had to really stay on top of the loan processing people. The appraisal was turned in to the loan officer late, and had inaccurate content, this caused delay in the closing of the loan. We were worried about loosing our interest lock. Jay was able to work with the processor at the loan company to get outstanding questions answered quickly which allowed them to closed within the interest lock time frame.

I would recommend Jay Totah to anyone looking for a loan broker for commercial or personal properties.
Anna and Jaime Cardenas recommends Alma Portillo
Apr 1, 2014
Alma was extremely helpful, and patient with the purchase of our home in December. We started working with her a few months before the purchase and with each inquiry we had, it was answered for us in a timely, professional, and very informative way. She was always availalbe and stuck by our side ensuring that the best home we liked met our mortgage and loan budget.. The home was one of our top choices and we appreciate all her help and support in making this happen for us.
Douglas Strout recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 1, 2014
Aisling originally helped me purchase a home in December, 2005 and when I wanted to refinance in 2010, it was no question that I would return back to her for her guidance. The economy was not quite in my favor at that time and we couldn't make the numbers work, but she worked hard to help me out such that 3 years later, when conditions had improved, I was prepared and ready to try again. With Aisling's perseverance and creativity, we succeeded with a very favorable refinancing package. The experience was a thrill ride along a path of volumes of paperwork. There was no way I could have successfully done this without Aisling's experience and guidance. She's the best!
Dr. Keshav Goyal recommends Rose Sullivan
Rose refinced my two loans in a short time
Mar 29, 2014
Thanks a million for refinancing my two loans. You completed this task within 2 months with minimum expenditure on my part. I contacted you on January 12, 2014 to find out whether you do loan refinances. This was followed by an XL file that contained my income and expenses along with a question as to how much money I should transfer from my IRA account to qualify for refinance. You promptly calculated and suggested to me that I am ok to qualify. At that time, I was not so sure but you were. We signed loan applications on 1/27/14 and appraisals were done on February 4th and 5th. The final loan documents were signed on March 3, 2014 and new loans became effective as of March 10, 2014.
Meera and I deeply appreciate your help and a job well done. Please keep up this excellent service to your other clients.
Judy and Jack recommends Donna R Aldrich
Newly wed condo buyers
Mar 28, 2014
Donna Aldrich was indispensible in assisting us in obtaining our mortgage.

Donna expedited paper work, called and coordinated with our financial consultants. Because we did not use a real estate agent, Donna made sure we did all the things that should get done to make the deal happen.

She also arranged meetings with other professional involved with the loan application and because of a quickly approaching fixed dead line to complete the purchase by the end of the year Donna moved everything along at lighting speed.

When we had questions, Donna was so knowledgeable that she could explain the intricacies of the process so that we felt comfortable and confident that progress was being made. She was always in touch and always available. I felt like we were her only client, and she was working hard and overtime for us.

As newly-weds and a first time homebuyers, it all was a complete mystery. Never for a moment did we not feel that Donna was so on top of everything. We now own our home, and facing the inevitable remodel.

We appreciated Donna’s effort that we gave her three prizes. Flowers for a job exceptionally well done, brandy to sooth the nerves, and special chocolates because she is so sweet.
Joel M. Adelman,LCSW,BCD recommends Guy Rivera
Mar 27, 2014
Guy gets things done as promised. When I needed a mortgage loan in 30 days, Guy was unfazed and did the job on time and absolutely as promised. More over, Guy has a superb staff and in this day where banks instigate a virtual paper snowstorm, that staff was invaluable and made the onerous task doable and trouble free. Additionally, Guy does not walk, he runs, and I liked that. I highly recommend this man and his staff, as they act and do as you'd hope professionals would
Alexis Wallace recommends Debra Stedt
Branch Manager, KERN Global Language Services
Mar 26, 2014
We very much enjoyed working with Debra and would recommend her to anyone (and have already, in fact). She is very responsive, extremely knowledgeable about a huge variety of mortgage products and really knows the market. She also was able to answer all of our questions quickly and thoroughly.

Debra worked in harmony with our agent on multiple offers in the competitive SF market, and most importantly, the final one that was accepted. Her reaching out to the the selling agent to outline our financing qualification ultimately led to getting our offer accepted. I would happily work with her again.
Chris Donahue recommends Debra Stedt
Mar 25, 2014
Debbie was absolutely fantastic to work with. This was our first time buying a home and she did a great job explaining everything to us and made the process go very smoothly.
Barbara recommends Alma Portillo
Mar 25, 2014
March 25, 2014
To Whom It May Concern,
Please find this letter of recommendation for Alma Portillo, representing Guaranty Mortgage Corporation. I began a refinance with this lender in January and after a prior difficult attempt at refinancing my property with more than enough equity to make this a smooth transaction, I began working with Alma.

Her professional rapid response to questions and concerns was amazing. She quickly and clearly always sent me information. When I need to sign forms many came via email attachment with simple to follow instructions on how to complete the forms.

It was very clear that after a few correspondences I was working with a true well-schooled professional.
Without a doubt I stand by this conscientious and dedicated knowledgeable professional. In a field of many Alma is defiantly someone you can count on in an often confusing and frustrating process.

Jesse Lieber recommends Guy Rivera
beach town rentals
Mar 25, 2014
When it comes to refinancing or purchases there is no one i would use but Guy Rivera. Our latest transaction could not have been done by anyone else! Guy's knowledge is unmatched as is his dedication to his clients. When Guy says he can get something done he does it! We have used Guy's services for numerous transactions over 20 years, and for the first time my now son has just successfully completed his first purchase with Guy's help.
Nicholas Lieber recommends Guy Rivera
Proud Home Owner
Mar 25, 2014
Guy is a god among mortgage brokers. He was very knowledgeable and communicative throughout the whole process. We encountered several hurdles put up by the lender but Guy successfully navigated us to our ideal mortgage. Guy has single-handedly restored my faith in humanity.

If I had to describe Guy in 5 words: Calculating, Personable, Fast, Smart, Adorable
Brad W. recommends Debra Stedt
East Bay Homeowner
Mar 24, 2014
This is the second time we have worked with Debbie on a refinance project. In both cases, she was great to work with. She kept the ball rolling briskly and kept us informed every step of the way. There were no surprises and I don't know if it was luck or talent, but the package ended up being even better than Debbie projected. The first time we refinanced, we shopped around a bit and settled on Debbie. This time we just called Debbie.
Brian Ross recommends Jay Sondhi
Mar 22, 2014
Jay did a great job of helping me finance my recent condo purchase. It was a complicated VA Loan, but Jay's expertise, hard work, and patience allowed us to get the deal done. Jay is very knowledgeable about VA loans, and he put in a lot of work to get my building VA approved in a short time-period. I was very happy with the service and financing I received working with Jay, and I highly recommend him.
Rachel Ni recommends Aisling Ferguson
Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker
Mar 19, 2014
Aisling was very responsive, professional and knowledgeable. As a realtor, it's good to know you have a lender you can depend on. I had a pleasure working with Aisling and she is on top of getting the additional information for my clients and make sure we meet all the deadlines for the contingencies. There is no doubt that I would work with Aisling again and again.
Julian Bill recommends Aisling Ferguson
Partner Product Manager, YouTube
Mar 19, 2014
This is the second time I've worked with Aisling on a loan, once for a refi and once for a new purchase. Simply put, she's awesome to work with, always there to support and explain the process, hustling on our behalf and making sure all the boxes are ticked. I have no hesitation recommending her and will certainly work with her again if/when we need to do another transaction.
Blake Burgard recommends Guy Rivera
Police Officer
Mar 19, 2014
Guy Rivera did a great job on my Re-fi. I am very satisfied with the results. I would recommend him to anyone.
Brett Masterson recommends Ken Dean
Mar 17, 2014
Because I had an unusual loan situation due to a relo package from my company, I was unsure if I was going to be able to take advantage of the low interest rates. However, Ken helped me find a great loan with a customized loan structure when no other broker could. I highly recommend Ken for his services.
Andrea Shannon recommends Aisling Ferguson
Director of Business Development-Software Industry
Mar 17, 2014
I am so grateful I chose Aisling as my mortgage broker when I had the chance to buy a condo off -market. It was an unexpected opportunity and I only had 3 weeks to get all my finances and documents in order and close the sale. Aisling is super knowledgeable and one of the most responsive people I have ever done business with, she was available 24/7 and went " above and beyond" to help me hit all the deadlines. I was traveling for business throughout the transaction and she really helped keep things on track. She is well organized, pro-active and communicated regularly with me and the real estate agent. I felt very confident having Aisling as my partner in the loan process, it went very smooth and I also got a great rate. I highly recommend Aisling and look forward to working with her again.
Joseph Solari recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
Fitness Professional
Mar 16, 2014
I highly recommend Jay as an excellent professional, very detail minded, honest, punctual
I have used his services in different fields often and I was very pleased with his work.
Jay has an engaging personality and will always take the time to take care of your business and make you feel that you are important to him, I am honored to be his friend.

Joseph Solari
Eric Raines recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
Doctor of Chiropractic
Mar 13, 2014
My wife and I have known Jihad for almost twenty years now. He has helped us twice to refinance and numerous times with various types of advice. Jihad not only is extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise but he's as honest and hardworking as the day is long ! We've had to work a few times with other loan advisors and mortgage brokers and that's when we absolutely realized how wonderful working with Jihad really is. Why ?
Because he believes in giving you the best possible service he possibly can- and it really shows ! He was very timely in providing the information we needed as well as very thorough. In addition, he's a really likeable guy, which makes dealing with the stress and complexities of dealing with refinancing that much easier. I highly recommend Jihad and his services. He will take great care of you !!
Melanie G. recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Mar 13, 2014
I have been working with Pete and now Pete & Tom for the last six+ years. They have helped me finance two home purchases and refinance another. Not only were the rates they were able to get me better than anywhere I could find (and, believe me, I shopped around), they made the process as easy as it could be, which is saying a lot given that my work with them started at the beginning of the mortgage crisis and has continued during a time when banks are very restrictive and demanding in the type of documentation they require.

Over the years, I have recommended Pete and Tom to a number of friends and I believe every single one of them who met Pete & Tom and who ended up buying a home, went with them and were happy with the results.
Paul H recommends Alan Kirth
Mar 11, 2014
I was referred to Alan after Wells lost our refinance paperwork several years ago. Alan was so knowledgeable and helpful it made the refinance process almost enjoyable. He explained things in simple terms and was able to find the best rate and program that fit our needs. He was very thorough and kept us updated on progress of our refinance. He was easy and fun to work with. I would recommend him to any friends and family.
BK recommends Aisling Ferguson
Mar 11, 2014
Aisling Ferguson came to us highly recommended by a close business associate and we now know why. Aisling completed our successful nonconforming refinance of an investment property during a challenging divorce and business situation. Aisling is a knowledgeable and effective advocate and successfully shepherded our mortgage through the approval process. This was a very high maintenance loan process that required a significant amount of additional documentation, background information, and verification. Aisling was very accessible, helpful, and responsive throughout the process and did not restrict herself to “bankers hours” to get this refinance accomplished in a very tight timeframe. Best of all, Aisling was a pleasure to work with during the entire process. I would strongly recommend that you consider Aisling Ferguson as your next mortgage broker.
Will T. Saltz recommends Alan Kirth
Home Owner -- San Francisco
Mar 10, 2014
I have known Alan for quite a few years. Alan has always conducted himself in a very professional and caring manner. More than anyone I have ever dealt with in this industry, Alan truly values the process of building long-term relationships.

I recently had to go toe-to-toe with the San Francisco Assessor-Recorder's Office regarding a property tax issue. In short, the city inappropriately increased my property taxes 12-fold and they were also seeking $45K in back-taxes. Although Alan could not help me directly, he recommended and outstanding real estate attorney (Janet Fogarty) who was invaluable to me during this very arduous 2-year process.

Alan has not only helped me but several of my friends to refinance our homes during the past 20 years. Alan is always current on industry trends and has forgotten more about the real estate industry than most real estate professionals will ever learn.

I highly recommend Alan.

William Thomas Saltz

Oh ... by the way ... I prevailed in my case against the city.
N. Sun recommends Susie Kim
Mar 9, 2014
Susie was introduced to me by my agent during my house-hunting, and I'm very fortunate she was. I can easily speak to her friendliness, knowledge, and attention to detail, but I would rather spell out how she exceeded my expectations as a mortgage broker. My situation was a little more complicated- I had just found a new job and more importantly, just became a first-time landlord. Since I had no rental income history, I found that many other brokers would be unable to assist me, but not Susie. Not only was she able to provide me funding, she made the process easy for me, clearly spelling out all the required documentation, directly communicating with my property manager back on the East Coast, and quickly communicating potential road bumps. Best of all, with the heated real estate market, thanks to Susie being able to expedite funding, I was able to set more favorable terms to close, which ended up setting me ahead of competing bids. It's safe to say that I would be going to her in the future, and I hope that a reader of this review is sufficiently compelled to do the same.
Suheil Totah recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
EVP/Legal Development Lennar Urban
Mar 6, 2014
Jay was very diligent and responsive with my refinancing. He is very knowledgeable and efficient and secured a loan on very favorable terms. I will definately use Jay for my future loan needs.
Poppy Kimball recommends Vince Breen
Mar 6, 2014
My husband and I have worked with Vince and his team on several home loans over the past 5+ years. Vince makes the mortgage process easy to understand, easy to execute and we have never questioned the value in the decisions he helps us to make. We trust Vince and his team 100% and love working with him. He is proactive, efficient and very knowledgable. We have referred family and friends in his direction, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trusted advisor in their mortgage financing.
Raymond Soudah recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
Client / Family
Mar 4, 2014
Jihad's business professionalism has been nothing less than great. He is responsive, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Working with Jihad has not just helped us on our loan but other areas affecting our loan. He provides quick and honest answers.

Really feel if you are looking for a lender Jihad would be a great lender to use.
Janelle Zamora recommends Dean Rizzi
Mar 3, 2014
We were trying to take some equity out of our property that was in a trust that we had recently inherited and the traditional banks and other lending institutions wanted nothing to do with us.
One call to Dean Rizzi and he was able to tell us exactly what he could do for us, how long it would take and what it would cost. Dean even recommended a wonderful attorney to help us with our estate.
I highly recommend Dean Rizzi and his team at Guarantee Mortgage Corp, our loan was approved and we did not even have to jump through any hoops!
Thank you Dean!
Jack Murray recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
Real Estate Broker
Mar 3, 2014
Jihad Totah is a very experienced professional in the loan industry. He has proven performance time and time again, in my over a decade relationship with him as a loan broker. Jihad is service oriented and genuinely takes care of his clients with their best interest at heart. His business model of service for the client creates long lasting relationships, and benefits him with quality recommendations. Quality, Experience and Performance best describe his work.
LW & MS, Foster City, CA recommends Jihad "Jay" Totah
Self-employed business owner
Mar 3, 2014
We have used Jihad's services for our home purchase and three refinancings
and would recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.

Jihad is extremely patient -- even with people who are newcomers to the whole process.
In addition, he is responsive, thorough, ethical, and willing to "go the extra mile"
to find the best deal and to make it happen. Plus, he is a really nice person.
We could not ask for more!

We have referred several friends to him and will certainly use his services again in

Andy Kimball recommends Vince Breen
Mar 2, 2014
Vince Breen is far and away the best in the business. He's always keeping an eye on the market for his clients and making sure we're aware of the products that are out there that match our situation. I couldn't imagine navigating through this market over the past 10 years without Vince leading the charge.
Howard G recommends Foster Weeks
Mar 1, 2014
It's been a great experience working with Foster. He breaks down the complicated jargon and process of securing a mortgage into an understandable language. Additionally, he is always available for questions throughout the process and beyond. I highly recommend his services.
Carl Ghoreichi recommends Alan Kirth
PM Business Intelligence
Mar 1, 2014
I have known Alan for over 25 years. We’ve been colleagues, and now, a friend and his client. There are few people you meet in life that leave an impression on you forever – Alan is such a person.

In the early 1990’s I decided to dabble in the mortgage loan business and joined Phoenix Mortgage. My interest was mostly to be involved in the real estate business and had no sales experience what so ever. Alan, at the time, was the branch senior Sales Manager.

I’ll never forget the first day we met and the sales orientation meeting we had. The next day I wrote my first loan application from the very first call I received. Why? I followed Alan’s instructions to the T. And it’s that very sales orientation meeting, and what I learned, that I treasure the most. It wasn’t the sales technique, or how to sell that I remember, rather the message and how to be a better listener. He taught me the importance of being thorough, understand your customer’s need, don’t be afraid to say no and most importantly be honest to yourself and your client.

After my years in the mortgage I decided to move on but always stayed in touch with Alan. Alan is the first person I recommend to friends and call when I have a real estate loan need or simply a real estate related question. And true to form, there was one occasion when Alan said he wouldn’t be able to help me and suggested alternatives. Alan always keeps himself up to date on real estate matters and I consider him one of the more knowledgeable real estate professionals.

Alan is now working on probably the 6th or 7th loan for me. I know all will go well because Alan explained all the changes that have occurred in the loan business in the past year and how it could impact my situation. Alan did his due diligence and fully and clearly articulated what to expect throughout the loan process.

I would not hesitate to recommend Alan for your real estate loan needs or simply asking his opinion about your situation. You’ll come out of the conversation with a complete understanding pertaining to your loan.

Carl Ghoreichi
Paul M recommends Alan Kirth
Feb 28, 2014
Alan was instrumental in helping me obtain the best mortgage loans. He provided a lot of information to help me understand about various financing options and ultimately select the loan that was right for me. I've refinanced several times using Alan and have always been satisfied with his services. He is very well versed in the mortgage business but he is able to explain things in laymen's terms and he is willing to take the time to answer questions. I also appreciate that he puts the my needs first and will not recommend a particular loan or refinance unless it is in my best interests, unlike the companies out there that are completely focused on making the sale. Alan is also very personable and has a good sense of humor. I definitely would recommend him
Nick B. recommends Donna R Aldrich
Entrepreneur and CTO
Feb 28, 2014
Donna Aldrich has secured mortgage financing for me not once, but twice. Not only is she intelligent, hard-working and effective, but a pleasure to work with as well.
I give Donna my highest recommendation, and, knock on wood, hope to make it 3 in the not-too-distant future.
Mateo recommends Jude Vargas
Feb 26, 2014
WOW. What can I say, Jude really pulled out all the stops for me in my refinance from an FHA to traditional 30-year fixed - we started the process almost a year ago, and I was unable to complete the refinance for various reasons and was a little disheartened. Jude stuck with me and - this is the awesome part - CALLED me out of the blue six months later when she thought conditions were perfect for me to complete the re-fi, based on the financial goals I'd presented to her.

Well, she was 100% right. And she was super fast, and super efficient with my time, and gave me everything I needed to understand the package and make all the pieces hold together. And when the process was done, I ended up saving significant funds at closing and took a huge bite out of my monthly payment. All my goals met, and Jude made it happen!

I'll definitely be buying her a drink to celebrate, and of course singing her praises to anyone who is in the market for a home or re-fi - call Jude!
Hala Hijazi recommends Foster Weeks
Manager, City and County of San Francisco
Feb 25, 2014
Foster Weeks is one of the most hardest working and honorable professionals I know. Whether working on behalf of his clients or SF's constituents, his dedication to his clients, work ethics, and work product and delivery, is exemplary and unparalleled.

He is a man of his word and always delivers. Foster's attentiveness to details and understanding of the real estate, business and political landscape of the city makes him an asset and invaluable in today's growing and competitive economy.

In addition to his successful business, he has led and assisted city leaders with neighborhood revitalization initiatives that economically and environmentally benefited District 5 residents.

He is also my go to person on special events: whether organizing business networking events for 300 or organizing events on behalf of President Obama, he always ensures a successful event.

Foster Weeks is exceptional.
Michelle recommends Natasha Lovas
Feb 24, 2014
I highly recommend working with Natasha. She was very knowledgable and attentive. Any questions I had big or small she was very glad to answer for us. I will defeintly recommend Natasha to all my family and friends.
Suhail Zarou recommends Terry Wilson
Senior Loan Officer
Feb 22, 2014
I have known Terry Wilson for over 20 years and have found him to be one of the smartest and most ethical people I know. His knowledge and expertise in the financing of real estate is exemplary. For anyone who is looking for a lending professional, I would strongly recommend Terry Wilson.
Deborah Garofalo recommends Donna R Aldrich
Feb 21, 2014
Donna worked very closely with me thru a challenging & frustrating ReFi process. She never gave up when we would run into problems or road-blocks. She found solutions to the problems and stayed on top of the problem areas until they were resolved. She was always available to answer my questions & give me encouragement when I got discouraged. I know she had other clients but I felt I was a priority & had her attention thru the whole process. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone looking to re-finance.
Julie S recommends Aisling Ferguson
First Time Home Buyer
Feb 18, 2014
I am SO thankful to have found Aisling. She truly made the entire home buying process so much less stress. My husband and I were first time home buyers and totally overwhelmed by the loan process before we met Aisling. She took the time to explain all the details so we fully understood everything. She was so organized and detailed-oriented! Aisling was available when we needed her, wrote pre-approval letters at a moment's notice and hustled to get everything done for us.

If you want someone organized, aggressive, understanding, experienced and on top of her game...I highly recommend working with Aisling!

At the beginninghe took the time to go through all the details
Wolf Arnold recommends Dean Rizzi
Software Engineer
Feb 17, 2014
We had a complex loan situation requiring 85% financing with two separate loans in a new condo project. Dean not only found very competitive loans but also followed through with every little detail and obstacle that the lenders were throwing at us, and helped us get our loan closed. Dean has knowledgeable staff and his office has many years of experience with loans in the local San Francisco market.
Lisa Reichenbach recommends Aisling Ferguson
Real Estate Agent
Feb 15, 2014
Aisling is an amazing mortgage broker! I have had a number of clients that are very qualified and she quickly finds the best rate, gathers information and loan docs are on there way!
I also have had clients that really want a home but are not sure how they can qualify.
Aisling uses all her resources and has ALWAYS found a solution.
I feel blessed to have found her. 5 stars. No doubt about it!!!!
Garrett Plante recommends Debra Stedt
Feb 13, 2014
I am a first time home buyer so very new to this process. Luckily, my real estate agents highly recommended Debbie. From our first conversation I was confident that I was in good hands. Debbie took her time and explained everything thoroughly. My purchase was complicated by the fact that it was a 21 day close during which I was traveling for work. Debbie made the process easy for me and even called several people to get documentation required for the loan when I was having trouble getting it due to travel demands.

In the end Debbie was able to get me what the escrow agent described as a "sweet little loan" at a great interest rate! I highly recommend her services.
Rich & Ann W recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Feb 12, 2014
Todd Flesner at Guarantee Mortgage Corp; worked hard on getting my husband and I a second mortgage when other banks gave us a hard time. Todd helped us get what we needed, Todd knows his business in and out and can give you the best rates. Working with Todd, was one of the best experiences we ever went through. Todd handled the process with no fuss and a stress free experience. I will be going back to Todd from now on for all our mortgage help. I urge anyone who is need of one of the best in this complex business to contact and work with Todd Flesner he is the best!

Rich & Ann
kathy Matthews recommends Alan Kirth
Feb 12, 2014
Just wanted to be the first to recommend Alan for any mortgage needs you may have. His expertise in the field was amazing and made the process very smooth and hassle free. I've know Alan for many years and I am so glad he is with Guarantee Mortgage. I will be referring friends for sure!. Thanks Alan!
Rose Wilson recommends Natasha Lovas
Huge Fan of Natasha Lovas!
Feb 12, 2014
I recommend Natasha wholeheartedly and I wish I would have used her for my last home purchase. I found a great house I loved in Noe Valley, and the listing agent told me the only way I could get that house would be to write an offer with her and to use her lender at CitiMortgage. I called Natasha anyway for a rate quote because I used her to buy my last home and have also refinanced with her, without a hitch. Citi also told me I could buy this house with 20% down, and Natasha told me I would need to put down 25%. Her quoted rate was .125 % higher than CitiMortgage, so I went ahead with Citi.

It turned out to be a complete nightmare. I lost sleep over this. Citi kept requesting the same items over and over. They even declined my loan unless I put down 25% after all, so I was basically set up for a bait and switch with Citi. Every time I called them, I got a different story. I felt there is no accountability there. Citi requested paperwork up to the very last moment when we happed to be out of town, which just prolonged the nightmare.

My experience with Natasha had always been 180 degrees different. If I had to do it all over again, I would gladly have paid the .125% higher rate with Natasha and get a good night's sleep during the escrow period. CitiMortgage: never again!
Nick Corcoleotes recommends Vince Breen
Feb 11, 2014
Vince was very helpful getting us a loan on our investment property. He was extremely detailed, and kept us informed during the entire process. He is very organized and knowledgeable, I would recommend Vince to anyone!
Willem Racké recommends Aisling Ferguson
Property owner
Feb 11, 2014
I have worked with Aisling for almost 10 years. She has always been a pleasure to deal with, being prompt, thorough and conscientious. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Ellen L. recommends Natasha Lovas
happy new homeowner
Feb 10, 2014
We just closed on our first home purchase after actively looking for homes for 14 months. Natasha was always patient and kept us informed along the way. I think our financial situation was pretty complicated, but nothing seemed to phase her, nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommend!
John Aaby recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Berkeley homeowner
Feb 7, 2014
Bob guided me through two refinances with savvy advice, accurate predictions & a no nonsense approach that resulted in a very satisfied client. He helped navigate a couple of thorny issues & proved unflappable as lenders threw the occasional curveball. I have recommended him to two friends who have also been very happy with his services, and am very happy to give him a thumbs up to the general public.
John Fandel recommends Allan McAllister
Business Owner
Feb 5, 2014
Allan McAllister is a rare find. Simply stated, you will not find a better professional who you can trust will always look out for your best interests.

We recently refinanced our home in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and great recession. There was only one reason we were able to secure the very lowest rate (apr) available to us - we owe it to the thoughtfulness, thoroughness, intelligence and persistence of Allan McAllister.

He was able to somehow navigate through what had become an insane, irrational home mortgage refinancing process. The process, rules and requirements seemed to be changing daily. What was most impressive was how Allan creatively used his knowledge, experience and personal industry relationships with other hard working industry colleagues to keep us in position to secure the very best financing possible. Throughout the process he never let a single item slip through the cracks, proactively kept us informed on what was happening, took the time to educate and consult with us on every critical decision and made sure to do everything possible to minimize the demands on our personal time.

I have been through over a half-dozen home financing and re-financing transactions over the past 30 years. This was the most challenging by far due to the well documented backlash of the financial crisis and subsequent great recession. We absolutely know that had it not been for Allan, we would have simply given up and missed out on getting the best result possible for us.

Allan has earned our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the immense financial benefit we realized through this transaction.
j paul bohn, aia recommends Orlando Diaz
Architect, VP, Director of Operations
Feb 5, 2014
I would highly recommend Orlando and his team to anyone seeking a new or refi'd mortgage. This is probably my 4th mortgage experience with him. In this case, he supplied numerous options to consider, greatly facilitated the mountain of paperwork, and did a wonderful job of (politely) reminding me what was left to do next.
Good advice, great service, delivered flawlessly.

I am sure when the need next arises, he will be my first call.
BillS recommends Tom Banducci
Feb 5, 2014
Tom worked with our 6-unit building through a TIC conversion to condominiums. We thought it to be a good idea to go with a single broker for all our loans, but we had no idea how much difference it would make. Our TIC conversion required all six of our new loans to close on the same day which is no easy task in this day and age. Tom was instrumental in getting this to happen for us by working with all of our owners, the different lenders involved and title company to guide us to a successful outcome. He is professional, knowledgeable, patient (extremely helpful in our particular case) and has the tools and connections to bring everything together. I can highly recommend Tom for a TIC conversion or for any lending needs you have.
Ankarino Lara recommends Tim Higbee
Founder & CPO - Thismoment, Inc
Feb 4, 2014
Tim Higbee... where to begin? My wife and I have been working with Tim back close to the turn of the century, when he so expertly assisted us in purchasing our first property, a condo in the Castro, San Francisco. At the time, I figured we didn't stand a chance! 2003-2004 was time of extreme real estate craziness in the bay area, with seasoned buyers routinely overbidding and boxing out first-home purchasers. Tim was patient, creative, and just incredible to work with, and somehow managed to make us look the part. We were accepted, moved in, and have been loyal customers of Tim ever since.

We've refinanced the San Francisco condo once, we've since purchased two properties in the Pasadena area of Los Angeles, and even just completed a refinance of our now principle residence just before the end of last year.

As I have given this advice to friends, colleagues, and well, anyone who would care to lend an ear: you would be insane to not work with Tim and Guarantee Mortgage. That's the long and the short of it. When they talk about funding your dreams, it's no joke! Before you cross anything off your list as an impossibility, pick up the phone or email this wizard. Be honest and forthcoming, come with a great sense of humor and explain your plans and desires clearly (no matter how ridiculous)... I think that you'll be amazed at the magic he wields, and refreshed by his unwavering loyalty and commitment to his customers (who really, feel more like partners). Don't be surprised if you get an even more aggressive rate just before the close, or get that always welcome, but unexpected, email one day in the future with refinancing options that are just too good to pass up.

You're entering a true partnership... this is not your average vendor/customer relationship.

Extremely satisfied partner, 5 times over-

John P. recommends Susie Kim
Feb 3, 2014
Susie is great! She is very responsive and will go out of her way to make sure you're well taken care of. She is knowledgeable and highly efficient and will make your mortgage experience as pleasant as can be!
Cynthia Traina recommends Fif Ghobadian
Feb 3, 2014
The best! She put up with my complex scenario of refinancing three properties, then asking for every possible permutation, plus our need for a Line-of-credit on top of that. And she's always willing to offer advice after-the-deal.
Ulrike Beran recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Feb 2, 2014
We used Pete's services when we refinanced our property. His expertise and professionalism was superb. He made the process easy and simple and painless.
Kerryn recommends Jay Sondhi
Jan 30, 2014
I was very impressed with Jay Sondhi. Our loan was fairly complicated and took some time to complete. Jay was thorough, detailed and followed through on requests. Our loan was approved with a compettive interest rate. I would use him again and I recommend him highly.
Anonymous recommends Aisling Ferguson
Condo owners in SF
Jan 29, 2014
Aisling was a fantastic help to us during our recent mortgage refinance. She was incredibly patient in going through a complex process involving a condo conversion and a simultaneous sale. She was also on top of every detail. It was invaluable not to have to worry about herding all the different parties needed to make the deal go through. Highly recommend!!
Kevin Dunn and Richard Johnson recommends Debra Stedt
San Francisco home owners
Jan 29, 2014
Debra is by far the best loan agent I have worked with. Her years of experience are exemplified with her ability to find you the best loan package and make sure there are no surprises or setbacks and closing on time. We have used her multiple times for our refinance of our home. If you are looking for the best loan agent around I highly recommend Debra!
Christopher Labrecque recommends Eric Leithliter
Jan 28, 2014
Eric is a responsive, honest, thorough and extremely competent mortgage broker. My wife and I own several rental properties which significantly complicated the mortgage application process for the purchase of our home (primary residence). Eric was always on top of any concerns that a lender may have and headed off any problems with our application before they happened. Rather than simply tell you what you want to hear, Eric will explain the risks and issues that a lender many have with your loan application and help you gather the necessary documentation to alleviate the lender concerns. Eric was also very good about discussing our situation with prospective lenders before he provided us with a pre-approval letter. When Eric gives you a pre-approval letter, you can be confident that a lender will fund your loan at promised interest rate. Whether you have a simple or complicated financial situation, Eric will cover all bases, find you great interest rate and close your loan time.
Elizabeth Kiernan recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jan 28, 2014
Aisling was a tremendous help to me!! She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable of her financial market, knowing the ins and outs to help her clients. She offered me personal guidance as well as financial/business guidance, that helped me make my decisions with my property which were so appreciated. I felt like she took great interest in helping me make my decisions and not looking at me as another commission. You can see that Aisling is passionate about her profession and wants to provide her clients with the best financial services.....that being said, I would definitely work with her again as well as recommend her.
Laura Rogers recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jan 27, 2014
As a realtor working in a competitive market, the importance of having a mortgage broker that you can count on cannot be overemphasized. When I send clients to Aisling, I know that I can rely on her to perform within crazy tight deadlines and to get the deal done on time. More importantly, I can trust that my clients will get excellent customer service and guidance from someone that is friendly, responsive and highly knowledgeable.

Aisling takes the time to form real lasting relationships with her clients. She is great at listening and evaluating each individual's situation to find the best loan product for their particular needs. She is incredibly generous with her time and dedicated to her job. She truly goes above and beyond what is required of a mortgage broker to help her clients.

When someone comes to me in need of a mortgage broker for a purchase or a refinance, I refer them to Aisling. She is a great problem solver and has come thru for me every time, even on the trickiest of deals (and there have been a few). I can't recommend her enough!
Ted B recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
In the advertising industry
Jan 27, 2014
Mike helped me and my wife when we were making our first home purchase. We had many questions and Mike always had an answer or found out the answer for us quickly. He is fast with information and with options.

Of particular note, I'm new to the states. My lack of credit history was turning into an issue. He was able to make some suggestions and really help us out.

On a personal level, Mike is very patient and understanding. I happen to be a stickler for detail, which manifests into stress. He was able to settle my manic nerves throughout the entire process.
Melih Onvural recommends Julie Malta
Jan 24, 2014
If you don't believe in guardian angels, you will after working with Julie. There wasn't a missed dot or an uncrossed t in our documentation, and we went from nothing to loan approval in 20-odd days... over Christmas and the New Year (and we saved a bunch on closing costs along the way).

Julie was A+ to work with, accessible, and made our home happen.
Christy Frantz recommends Julie Malta
Jan 23, 2014
Five Michelin Stars for Julie Malta. Julie Malta guided us through our refinance process with her characteristic grace, conscientiousness, and good timing. We had consulted with Julie several years ago on another refinance and were completely impressed by her knowledge and readiness to go the extra distance. She is THE BEST!

Then, after that project, Julie stayed with us for two more years as we deliberated another situation, tracking, collecting, guiding and teaching us until we timed our best opportunity this past year. Julie's expertise and experience, her patience and excellent communication with our family members, enabled us to better understand all the options and to determine the wisest choice for our family. Julie simplified a byzantine process. We trust Julie completely and continually refer her to our family and friends.

Maggie Dea recommends Jude Vargas
First timer
Jan 23, 2014
Jude was wonderful to work with. My fiance and were refinancing our home under some very special circumstances. We had no idea if it was even possible to do the refinance but Jude made it happen. It was our first time and were very new to this. Throughout the process, we encountered many speed bumps that would have caused us stress21` but she had the solution before we even had the chance to worry. We had so many questions and she had answers to all of them. She was very professional, courteous, punctual, and so very sweet. We definitely recommend her and will go back to her again when we need a mortgage specialist!
Stephen T. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 22, 2014
I have been through seven property financings using internet discount brokers and full-service brokers. Philip provided excellent service, was incredibly responsive, and found excellent loan pricing. He even dealt with unexpected issues, such as a credit issue, quite well by offering alternatives. I would recommend Phillip highly.
L N. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 22, 2014
I highly recommend Phillip, he's just great. I called him when I was getting poor service from a separate mortgage broker. Phillip responded quickly even though he was very busy, and was able to get me information right away. He's professional, organized, and listens well.
Mark Gilbert recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 21, 2014
Tom helped us stay on track and make sense out of an otherwise complex loan processes. I like the details and Tom was willing answer all of my "why" questions.
Mark Gilbert recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Jan 21, 2014
Pete is very detail oriented and made me feel extremely comfortable with our loan process. It was our first purchase and we had lots of questions. Pete was patient and took all the time I needed to feel good about our decision.
Luis Costadone recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Photographer Gap Inc.
Jan 21, 2014
When purchasing a home and going through the loan application you often hear horror stories. After working with Pete that completely changed. It was a seamless and stress free experience. Pete was always available for any questions we had, and responsive at all times in a prompt manner. He guided us patiently through the whole process. Pete is a true pleasure to work with.
Luis Costadone recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Photographer Gap Inc.
Jan 21, 2014
I have heard many nightmare stories when purchasing a home and going through the loan application. After working with Tom those nightmares became sweet dreams. It was a seamless and stress free experience. Tom was always available for any questions we had, and responsive at all times in a prompt manner. A true pleasure to work with.
Jennifer & Tony Cano recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 20, 2014
We worked with Pete Elting and Tom Barnes to help buy our first home 11 years ago, and then recently again to sell and buy our next home. Pete and Tom are the best. They are both very responsive, easy to work with, and give great advice and guidance for a stressful transaction. They both operate with a high level of integrity and helped get us in the home we wanted. I would highly recommend both Tom and Pete and would not even think about working with someone else for your mortgage needs!
Jennifer & Tony Cano recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Jan 20, 2014
We've worked with Pete Elting & Tom Barnes for many years now - both as first time home buyers 11 years ago and most recently when we bought and sold homes again. Pete and Tom are great to work with! They both know the industry very well, and offered good advice during a stressful time. They always have your best interest at heart and operate with a high level of integrity. They are both very responsive, and guided us through the sale and purchase of our home with success. We wouldn't think of working with anyone else! We'd highly recommend both Pete & Tom!
Scott Fletcher recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
National Account Manager Mars Pet Care
Jan 18, 2014
Tom has great work ethic, follow through and insights. He tends to your loan with a lot of diligence and care.
Scott Fletcher recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
National Account Manager Mars Pet Care
Jan 18, 2014
Pete is always great to work with. His dependability, candor, honesty and long term integrity have always impressed me. He has done multiple loans and refinances.

He is also a great asset to have in terms of reference and good information on the market and industry.
Don Cecil recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Small Business Owner
Jan 17, 2014
Pete Elting is the only reason we were ever able to purchase our first home in San Francisco. Pete is experienced, professional and he has an incredible attention to detail, which is essential for today's Bay Area home buyers. If you want the best mortgage options, Pete Elting is the person to work with!
Mike Duffy recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Professor and SF condo purchaser
Jan 16, 2014
Tom Barnes followed up at each step of the mortgage application process in a friendly, helpful way. He made sure that I understood everything I needed to get together for the mortgage application and answered every question I had about the process. I highly recommend Tom and Guarantee Mortgage.
Mike Duffy recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Jan 16, 2014
I have worked with several mortgage professionals over the past 20 or more years and none has been as helpful as Pete Elting. From the start he was very clear about each step of the process, did not use jargon, was patient with questions, and made the entire process straightforward. He delivered every step of the way. I highly recommend him and his team.
Gary Head recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Jan 16, 2014
As first time buyers Pete was wonderful to work with. He walked us through the process and was extremely accommodating to our schedule. We were so pleased with the process, we used him to refinance our home. Pete has an extremely professional staff that he works with. Pete is highly recommended.
Richard K. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 15, 2014
Easy to work with, responsive, and gets results!

Our loan application was not exactly the most straightforward, but he found a way to get it done, and done ahead of schedule! He carefully reviewed our situation and prepared documentation to support a strong application, and this level of attention to detail ensured that we had minimal hiccups along the way.

He made us feel like we were the most important clients and prioritized our loan to ensure success. Highly recommended!
Anonymous recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jan 15, 2014
I've used Aisling for all my properties. I feel comfortable with her and trust her completely. She explains everything thoroughly and has a lot of integrity.
George Arana Jr. recommends Julie Malta
Jan 14, 2014
I want to recommend Julie Malta for your mortgage needs.
Even though I thought it would be impossible to get the financing I needed. Julie was able to figure a way for me to get it. She was professional and always available for my questions and concerns. When she works for you..she does just that..she works for you as a client and partner in achieving what you need when it comes to a mortgage that works right for you. I highly recommend her!
Greg and Karen Edmonston recommends Allan McAllister
Ocean lifeguards and parents of a fifteen month old
Jan 14, 2014
Allan was very easy to work with and he got us a great loan with great rates. We used his services to purchase our first home and to refinance. He worked hard to make sure that all of our documents were in order and to make sure that our loans closed on time. We will definitely use him for the purchase of our next home and we strongly recommend his services.
Michelle N. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 14, 2014
Phillip was an absolute superstar. He was very professional and very fast. We had planned on getting pre-approved, then finding a house, but we fell in love with a place and ended up in a rush to push our paperwork through. Phillip let us know exactly what he needed from us in order to speed us through the approval process for our first home. He even referred us to an amazing real estate agent who was as professional as he was, and worked hard to get us our place. We were first time homebuyers and Phillip held our hand through the process. He didn't talk down to us even though we had no experience with mortgages, pre-approvals etc. Instead, he was very clear about what we needed to provide, and as soon as we sent him information, he was working hard to get it organized and submit it. I am so grateful to him and I know that we wouldn't have got our dream home without him.
Patrick A. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 14, 2014
I spoke to a few brokers referred by others and then finally found Phillip on Yelp. Quite simply, our experience was spectacular.

Phillip is very professional, patient, always feels like he's looking out for his client, and is great about keeping regular communication during the process so that you don't feel like you're in the dark. His attention to detail and ability to respond on very short notice was very helpful in my situation as I made several offers and counter offers on multiple properties over the past few months.

I feel comfortable recommending Phillip without reservation.
Matthew Ryder-Smith & Lee Kuhn recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 13, 2014
We decided to work with Scott after receiving a recommendation from a friend and we were more than happy with his services. He was extremely responsive to our emails and phone calls and was very good at explaining every step in the loan process. We will definitely be recommending Scott to anyone looking for a mortgage consultant.
Lawrence Ramstrum recommends Guy Rivera
General Contractor
Jan 11, 2014
Guy Rivera with Guarantee Mortgage worked hard to get us a refinance on our own personal residence and got us the loan we want. The other banks said no !. Guy was very professional, thorough, and quick to close the loan. I would highly recommend him and his company! Lawrence Ramstrum
Hugh Mallaney recommends Debra Stedt
Jan 10, 2014
Debbie was very professional but very patient with me through the whole loa process. She was friendly and very easy to work with in my application for a loan. All emails and phone calls were answered promptly and information was explained in layman's terms. Debbie was very supportive and helpful and I am very grateful for her help and hard work.
Emily M. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 10, 2014
Phillip Cannon is wonderful!! He is extremely thorough in his pre-approval process and therefore has an excellent reputation in SF; therefore if you are working with him your offer will look more attractive to a seller. Phillip is very professional and accessible. He was very patient with me and answered all of my questions along the way. I worked with Phillip and Tanya Dzhibrailova (Zephyr real estate) as a team and I highly recommend them together. It is such an advantage to have two such dedicated people who communicate well together and have such a deep understanding of the SF housing market. Not only is Phillip the best mortgage broker, but he is also very friendly and makes a stressful process tolerable.
Esther F. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 10, 2014
Wow-Phillip is stellar! He not only knows the business, but he's willing to take the time to get to know you and your situation so that he can give you pertinent and helpful information. This isn't just another broker who pushes paperwork. Phillip really is committed to his clients and goes above and beyond. He helped me navigate the complicated world of the the MOH and was patient and available to talk through any concerns/questions.
Brendan H. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 10, 2014
Phillip worked with my partner and I for more than a year while we searched San Francisco for a house. He was always patient, and never tried to push us into a loan or signing something until we were ready. He was willing to run our credit and prospective scenarios before we had even made an offer on a place. There was never a time I couldn't ask Phillip a question or two, and his accessibility made him extremely easy to work with. If he didn't know the answer, he was always getting back to me in a timely manner. I know someday when we go through the house hunting process again, Phillip will be the person we call right after the Realtor!
John Farnham recommends CJ Kerls
Jan 8, 2014
I have recommended CJ to my clients for the past ten years. He has loads of experience with mortgages, but most importantly he is someone that under promises and over delivers, a rarity! He will not promise you the moon to get your business, but he will deliver what he offers. His ethics and knowledge are a real treasure, and when I have a difficult question he is the person I call.
Eric P. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 8, 2014
Phillip just closed our refi. We had an initial conference call with him and we discussed our situation and what we were looking for. Turning in and signing documents was very straight forward. Both Phillip and Erin made our refi pain free. Very happy with the results. Would definitely work with them again.
Anonymous recommends Allan McAllister
Jan 7, 2014
Allan recently handled the mortgage for our home purchase. The transaction wound up being far from smooth, and Allan was always right on the ball with creative ideas about how to work around roadblocks. He worked tirelessly to get the job done, and was available nearly 24/7 to address any questions, concerns, or problems that came up. On top of all that he always did it with a smile on his face and a pleasant demeanor. I can't recommend his work enough, and will absolutely use him again in the future if the need comes up.
Sarah H. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 7, 2014
Best. Guy. Ever.

Always looking out for you.

SOOOOO there for you!

I love this guy!!

I actually kind of missed him after my transaction was complete.

Thanks Phillip!!
Sumeet P. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 7, 2014
Everyone says pretty much the same thing about Phillip. Very professional, polite, thorough. All that is very true. My situation was pretty tricky and had a lot more twists and turns. I spent over 2 hrs and countless emails with Phillip getting it all just right. This was months before Phillip even had my business!

When he was done, he sent me a nice followup note. From the moment I started thinking about a mortgage to the point where the money was in the bank, Phillip was very open and complete in his communication. I can't recommend him enough. I wonder how he has time to provide such great attention to everyone.
Maximillian David recommends Tom Banducci
Jan 6, 2014
Approximately one year ago, I asked a friend for an important referral. I needed a mortgage broker who could handle a complicated/difficult refinance of my home. My friend unequivocally recommended Tom, without hesitation.
It is hard to describe how happy I have been working with Tom. He made what can be a tedious and challenging experience a pleasurable, and need I say, successful one.
Emily S. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
First-time home buyer
Jan 6, 2014
Scott did an excellent job walking me through my first home purchase. He's really sharp, efficient, detail-oriented, and a great communicator. Scott found a great loan for me and did an excellent job explaining what everything meant and what was ultimately the best option for me. I highly recommend Scott.
MelDav F. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 6, 2014
I had little idea where to begin as I was faced with the task of buying my first home. I interviewed three or four lenders with a few different companies and ultimately found Phillip on Yelp. From the outset, and without any commitment of using his services, Phillip guided me through the process of applying for a loan and researching the best rates. With my unique situation, Phillip even reached out to others within his company for advice to provide me with the most comprehensive recommendation. Ultimately, it was this work up front that convinced me he was the one to run with.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Phillip expertly managed the relationships with every party, keeping me in the loop at all times and explaining terminology/documents that I didn't understand. What most appealed to me about Phillip's services was his general sense to stick on the conservative side of every decision. I believe this ultimately led to our loan approval, whereas I feel another lender might have pushed for a higher loan amount or made assumptions about our situation that would have denied us the loan further down the road.

Phillip put in the hours to get our deal done, even working remotely when the situation called for it. I would highly recommend him to first-time buyers, or anyone approaching a new home loan.
Michael O. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 6, 2014
I have bought (4) homes in the last 15 years and refinanced many times. My last purchase was with Phillip, and without question he is the best mortgage broker I've ever worked with. I highly recommend him!
David Forter recommends Allan McAllister
President & CEO, LCD Systems
Jan 3, 2014
Allan McAllister helped me obtain financing two and a half years ago with less than a sterling credit rating and being self-employed. My credit rating was hurt by debt incurred to resolve a divorce decree. Proof of income required some extra paperwork, but Allan worked with me through the entire process. The result was an acceptable mortgage on my current town house in Menlo Park.
A little over a year later, Allan helped me refinance with much better terms and rates. The result is a comfortable mortgage payment, a competitive rate and a nice equity cushion.
Allan was and is a pleasure to work with. He was there whenever I needed him or had a question. I recommend him for mortgage financing without reservation.
John David Forter
President and CEO
LCD Systems
Tawni Sullivan - SF recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 3, 2014
Scott is thorough and stays with the project until the end. We had challenges due to the market being down, and finalizing a large construction portion to be paid through the refinancing process. Scott was definitely a great resource and got us through to the end.
We would recommend Scott for any refinancing needs.
John S. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Jan 3, 2014
It's pretty important to note when looking for a new mortgage or refi that you only want to have to go to one person. Why? Because you want your credit score to be as high as possible for a mortgage and if you get to many credit inquiries it can affect your score.

Phillip has been doing this for a while and I kind of get the feeling he's seen every potential hiccup before. He's got quick and simple solutions to get you passed the underwriting question marks (assuming there is a solution). He's very knowledgeable about the various caveats of the mortgage world and was easy to work with.

He's not tied to one bank so he has the ability to go shop the rate for you. He also worked seamlessly with my realtor, which made less work for me. I've heard all the horror stories about people trying to get a mortgage in the modern age of economic woes, but for me the mortgage process was 100% hassle free. I would definitely use him again.
Christine Szeto recommends Susie Kim
Jan 2, 2014
Susie is one of the most reliable and conscientious person that I've had the pleasure to know and work with. She is trustworthy and extremely helpful. I highly recommend her!
Jenny recommends Susie Kim
Jan 2, 2014
I have known Susie both personally and professionally for many years. I know her to be a person of integrity and reliability. Susie is warm, friendly and goes above and beyond for her clients! I whole-heartedly recommend her!
Billy Everson recommends Ken Dean
Property Owner
Jan 2, 2014
Ken Dean has assisted my wife and me with several real estate transactions of the past 20+ years.

His help has taken away the mysteries and frustrations involved in property transactions whether it be buying, selling, refinance or just timely advice.

Whether it be real estate purchase, title procedures or avoiding pitfalls, Ken has provided help in smoothing the way.

I would recommend you avail yourself of Ken’s knowledge, expertise and diligence in any real estate situation you encounter.
Zak Means recommends Aisling Ferguson
Realtor Sotheby's
Jan 1, 2014
I have nothing but positive things to say about Aisling "ASH". I have been fortunate to work with her on several occasions. As a So Cal realtor I was initially skeptical to use an out of the area loan agent but my client insisted I use Ash as she was his go to girl and he had worked with her on several occasions. From the moment I had my first conversation with her I knew we were in good hands. She is extremly, honest, informed, realistic and never over promises. Since that first transaction I have used her several times and refer her clients every opportunity I get. She is not only an excellant loan officer she is truly a good person her clients best interests are her priority and she never waivers from getting them the best deal possible
Did I mention she is really funny too :))))
Sumi Scott recommends Aisling Ferguson
Product Director, The North Face
Dec 30, 2013
I highly recommend Aisling for her work. She was conscientious, thorough and responsive throughout the process. She was patient with all of our newbie questions. We felt good about our rate and she did a great job of walking us through the process. Above all she is fast.
Eric Youngquist recommends Orlando Diaz
Home buyer and client of Orlando Diaz at Guarantee Mortgage
Dec 28, 2013
Going through the home-buying process can be really stressful, but Orlando’s organization, experience and demeanor really put me at ease. He prepared me early on for what was to come in the process from the gathering of all my personal documents for the loan qualification and application to the final signing day with the title company. I felt I knew what was coming up and was fully prepared for the next steps because Orlando had already informed me.

It is clear that Orlando has the experience necessary to make the loan process easy for his clients. It was comforting to know that Orlando had everything under control so the process would go smoothly. This was my first time buying a primary residence so it was all new to me. I am a detailed person and had a lot of questions about the documents. Orlando was very patient with me and was more than willing to take the time to explain to me the loan and title information.

To top it off, Orlando is a genuinely nice person. He wants his clients to be informed and satisfied. I felt that he was a great partner for me and would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs a Loan Consultant.
Geoff Dugmore recommends Foster Weeks
Real estate practice owner
Dec 27, 2013
I have known Foster professionally for several years. In my long real estate career I have known many mortgage brokers and seldom have I experienced the value of consistent contact and follow-up that Foster provides. He is personable, professional, always passionate to learn and locate the best option for clients. I wholeheartedly endorse him and his lending practice.
-Geoff Dugmore
Jim Martin recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Self-employed writer & marketing consultant
Dec 27, 2013
I highly recommend Scott. He did a great job of walking us through all the steps of re-financing, from helping us figure out which loan option to choose to advising us through all the paperwork required. He is easy going, friendly and always ready to help.
James Holloway recommends Debra Stedt
Dec 23, 2013
Debra is a remarkable loan broker. I have worked with her for almost 20 years. She is able to look at a loan applicants financial situation and the real estate they wish to purchase, and then match them with a lender that fits. She stays current with rates, loan options and lender specific requirements. During the application process she pulls the client through the process, making sure every "t" is crossed and "i" dotted. When you work with Debra there are no last minute surprises. She understands that there are many entities involved (escrow officers, inspectors, the Seller's and their agents, lenders, underwriters, the Buyer's agent). She maintains long term working relationships with everyone and is a highly respected member of the real estate community!
Geoffrey Kulik recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 20, 2013
I have had the pleasure of referring several of my clients to Foster Weeks to assist with their refinance and purchase needs. His focus on client service and his tenacity on working through the extremely complicated process impressed me. He has made my clients happy.
May Montana recommends Steve Kim
Mortgage Advisor
Dec 19, 2013
Steve has been in the mortgage industry for over a decade. Very trustworthy and experienced professional.
Noah Stroe recommends Ken Dean
home owner, veterinarian
Dec 19, 2013
Working with Ken Dean has been truly a positive experience. Saying this is not a small matter since invariably securing a loan is quite stressful and problematic given all the required documentation which is oftentimes hard to gather up. He calmly guided through the whole process in spite of all the bumps and hiccups along the road
Refinance Condo recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Property Owner
Dec 19, 2013
Mike has been the mortgage broker for our multi-unit building for over a decade, and has always proven to be instrumental in our repeated successful transactions over the years. Most recently he handled our refinance from a single group TIC held mortgage to individual loans, including countless complexities and individual loan needs. Mike has always been extremely knowledgable, helpful and friendly in meeting our loan goals. I would confidently recommend his service.
Chris Grecsek recommends Rose Sullivan
Happy New Home Owner
Dec 19, 2013
As first time home buyers we were pretty naive to the complexities and challenges of financing our purchase. Rose did an amazing job educating us on the process, finding the programs that were a right fit for our financial position, having the patience to suffer our ignorance and 10,000 questions and for ultimately closing the deal. Her knowledge, responsiveness, creativity, follow through and personal commitment to us was above and beyond and we would recommend working with Rose to anyone looking for a mortgage.

We look forward to working with Rose again in the future.

Thanks Rose!
Kurt Niver recommends Foster Weeks
Restaurant owner
Dec 19, 2013
It was a pleasure working with Foster Weeks. He was professional,courteous and patient.
Kathleen D recommends Orlando Diaz
condo buyer
Dec 18, 2013
Orlando did a great job with our mortgage, getting all the documents together from 2 buyers over a holiday, and getting us a very low rate with all the qualifications we wanted. I'd definitely use him again.
M Sherwin recommends Monica DiPerna
Dec 18, 2013
I was happy to call Monica when I again needed assistance on refinancing my house. She make the mortgage process as painless as possible, and never loses her cheery disposition. I will work with her again in the future if I ever have the need, and would refer her to anyone!
Tim James recommends Rose Sullivan
President The American Bookbinders Museum
Dec 18, 2013
Rose came highly recommended to me at a time when I was refinancing my home. I was self-employed, had income verification issues and a bookkeeper that would made a mistake or two. In spite of the difficulties we imposed on her, Rose managed to get the problems sorted out and our application moved though the process. She has since managed to get my girlfriend a mortgage that involved international income verification and money transfers. Rose is absolutely tenacious in helping you get a loan.
Mark J. recommends Julie Malta
Dec 18, 2013
Julie is a truly outstanding mortgage consultant. She came to the rescue when I was stuck in a sticky situation and managed to get my loan closed in a little over a week! Not only was she able to pull off what I (and everyone else) had thought impossible, she was able to secure a rate that was far better than anything being offered by the competition. She was there for me every step of the way, was very responsive (making herself available at all times, day and night) and made sure I got the best deal possible. Julie is practical, tenacious and a delight to work with; I am incredibly happy with her work and recommend her enthusiastically.
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Dec 17, 2013
Orlando was very helpful in finding us a great mortgage and making sure all the pieces fell into place. Orlando worked effectively with all the involved parties to keep things on track.
J Morgan recommends Foster Weeks
Vice President, Private Bank
Dec 17, 2013
I worked with Foster for several years in community service related matters. He was always extremely proactive in getting information and was very results oriented. He has a great deal of passion for San Francisco and prides himself on his work.
Sarah Sullivan recommends Stephen Barber
University Professor
Dec 17, 2013
Stephen Barber is a very knowledgeable and skilled morgage broker who likes interestng tasks and challenges. He explains everythign very clearly. He was very helpful to me with guidance on my credit score and getting me needed loans on several properties over the years. He has also assited many of my friends and colleagues over the years. Stephen is very pleasant and professional and I recommend him highly.
Anonymous recommends Robin Patronik
Dec 16, 2013
We have done mortgage refinancings several times through Robin Patronik and are happy to give her our highest recommendation. She responds to all requests in a very timely manner (even on weekends and evenings) and tried to make the process as easy as possible for us. She is very customer-service oriented!
Kevin Sheehan recommends Tom Banducci
engineer,newer homeowner
Dec 16, 2013
Tom Banducci was very helpfull in helping me achieve my goal of owning my first home.I was a single person with 1 line of credit which created a few obstacles when trying to obtain a loan,however Tom made the process a lot easier for me & I was able to close the deal on my house in a short period of time.I highly recomend tom for anyone looking for a reliable & efficiant mortgage broker.
Dan Ortega recommends Kara Fiore
Realtor Sotheby's International Realty
Dec 16, 2013
This is to let anyone interested in using Guarantee Mortgage and Kara Fiore as their Lender that they are in very good hands!

This summer Kara helped my clients Lance and Vanessa with their home loan and it was an easy, quick and un-daunting process. Kara was always available to speak with me and answered my clients questions quickly and explained the process so they understood what was happening at every turn.

All this from her offices in SF while the sale was happening in Southern Ca! Something I was concerned about at first but soon realized that Kara would be on top of the transaction and indeed she was! It didn't impact the deal in any way and would highly recommend Kara for your loan wherever you are in California.
Patti Lim recommends Rich Polonsky
Dec 15, 2013
Rich Polonsky is the absolute best & I can't recommend him more highly! He was always informative by contacting us when refi rates were low, but never did we feel pressured to go forth when timing wasn't right for us. He was extremely knowledgeable about getting loan approvals so would always be one step ahead by requesting only relevant information that would expedite & make our application as painless as possible. He was always respectful of our goals and always sensitive to work according to our agenda, not his. As a person, he was great to work and communicate with - always friendly, personable & sincere.

Rich helped us secure the loan on our house back in 1998, and we have since refinanced with him at least 2-3 times. Rich made an otherwise stressful process much more pleasurable. I have and will continue to refer him to the closest of family, friends and whomever needs an honest, kind, knowledgeable & utmost professional in the mortgage lending business.
Brianna Reynolds recommends Foster Weeks
Broker Channel Manager for New England
Dec 13, 2013
Foster is great. He is responsive, diligent, and personable. I highly recommend him to anyone requiring a professional and organized mortgage broker. Foster puts all of himself into everything he does and truly cares about his clients.
Tarah Ornelas recommends Foster Weeks
Director of Sales/Marketing, Designer, and Entrepreneur
Dec 13, 2013
We worked with Foster twice - first before we were ready to buy a home. He met with us, presented the best route to buying a home, and gave us tips and coaching on how to get where we needed to go. Then when again we called him first off when we were ready to buy our first home. While we ended up not going with him in the end due to our developers preferred lender program, he was absolutely amazing to work with. He responds quickly, he is knowledgeable, and helps you find the results you need. He doesn't work just for commissions, he works for relationships and that means much more.
Laura Saldal recommends Foster Weeks
Vice President at Chipman International
Dec 13, 2013
My entire experience with Foster, from the beginning of the process until the end was perfect. He was always available to direct me, answering all my questions, making sure I clearly understood the process. He was punctual with every return call or email. He is a great problem solver, should a "glitch" arise. I would recommend Foster to anyone looking for his services.
Andrea Beard recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Dec 13, 2013
If you are planning on buying a house, you need to buy one with Pete Elting and Tom Barnes at Guarantee Mortgage. "Dream Team" is an understatement...

We were referred to Guarantee Mortgage back in November when we started the process of buying our first home in San Francisco. My husband and I both work full-time jobs with demanding hours, so Pete Elting graciously met us on a Saturday morning and spent almost 3 hours going over the ins and outs of buying a home. He was incredibly patient, thorough, and kind explaining the basics which I would imagine most brokers would find annoying. His transparency about the entire process really put us at ease. We were pre-approved that day and the house-hunting began.

Once we got the process going, we were introduced to Tom Barnes who was our account manager. We instantly felt comfortable with Tom, like we had known him for years. He answered a ton of questions for us along the way and never made us feel like we were bothering him. He, too, had incredible patience. Once we started putting offers in, Pete and Tom were available pretty much 24-hours a day to write pre-approval letters for us. They responded promptly and were very honest with us about everything, we really appreciated that about them.

The entire home-buying process can be really stressful, but having a team that was honest, open, and responsive was absolutely critical. I don't think my emails ever went more than an hour or two without a response from Pete or Tom.

I can't say enough great things about this team. I also have to mention Shawn Leonard who helped with escrow, and he pretty much rounded out the perfect mortgage team. I would never buy a house from anyone else. THANK YOU Pete, Tom, and Shawn for helping us buy our first home!
Andrea Beard recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Dec 13, 2013
If you are planning on buying a house, you need to buy one with Pete Elting and Tom Barnes at Guarantee Mortgage. "Dream Team" is an understatement...

We were referred to Guarantee Mortgage back in November when we started the process of buying our first home in San Francisco. My husband and I both work full-time jobs with demanding hours, so Pete Elting graciously met us on a Saturday morning and spent almost 3 hours going over the ins and outs of buying a home. He was incredibly patient, thorough, and kind explaining the basics which I would imagine most brokers would find annoying. His transparency about the entire process really put us at ease. We were pre-approved that day and the house-hunting began.

Once we got the process going, we were introduced to Tom Barnes who was our account manager. We instantly felt comfortable with Tom, like we had known him for years. He answered a ton of questions for us along the way and never made us feel like we were bothering him. He, too, had incredible patience. Once we started putting offers in, Pete and Tom were available pretty much 24-hours a day to write pre-approval letters for us. They responded promptly and were very honest with us about everything, we really appreciated that about them.

The entire home-buying process can be really stressful, but having a team that was honest, open, and responsive was absolutely critical. I don't think my emails ever went more than an hour or two without a response from Pete or Tom.

I can't say enough great things about this team. I also have to mention Shawn Leonard who helped with escrow, and he pretty much rounded out the perfect mortgage team. I would never buy a house from anyone else. THANK YOU Pete, Tom, and Shawn for helping us buy our first home!
Wendy Sabine recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 13, 2013
I have to say these days it can be hard to find someone who will truly work for you... Foster went above and beyond for our family. Thank you for all your hard work Foster!
Josh Jacob recommends Foster Weeks
Director of Membership Development, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Dec 11, 2013
Foster is a pillar in the San Francisco community. He works tirelessly for his clients, volunteers to make San Francisco a better place and has extensive knowledge of the real estate and mortgage market. Foster will always make sure you get the best deal possible.
Damion Matthews recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 11, 2013
Foster is one of the most diligent, ethical and professional people in the industry -- always a pleasure to work with.
Monique Lombardelli recommends Foster Weeks
Owner, Modern Homes Realty
Dec 11, 2013
Foster was so great with my buyers and gave them so much information. I have always had a pleasant experience working with him and he is also a very fun person to interact with. You can tell he loves his job!
Cherry Lin recommends Foster Weeks
Retired full time Realtor with The Madison Company Realtors
Dec 10, 2013
Although I am now retired after being a Realtor for almost 20 years, I still have Mr.Weeks in my referral list as one of the most trusted loan officers.

He worked diligently for all my clients with accurate timely manner. As a result, our escrows were always closed smoothly no matter how complicated or challenging the loan processes were.

I truly recommend Mr. Weeks for being a five star most professional loan officer.

Bess Kennedy recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 10, 2013
Foster was immensely helpful in working with us to secure a mortgage when we purchased a house in San Francisco in 2008 -- a time when the market was totally in flux. I highly recommend him.
Chad Zahorchak recommends Aisling Ferguson
Senior Project Manager
Dec 10, 2013
We have worked with Aisling for two home purchases now. The first being our first home purchase over eight years ago, when the market was hot and she was able to secure a loan for us. More recently, just months ago, she got us into our lovely new home and could not be happier.

Aisling has the tenacity to problem solve and find what's most appropriate for the buyers needs. She is very proactive and reencouraging with her direction and feedback. She provides options so you can feel comfortable with your big purchase. She is very honest in what she needs in order to get you the best loan and think you will find it reassuring to say the least.
susan hinchman recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 10, 2013
I have known Foster now for close to 10 years and can say without hesitation he is by far the consumate professional. Foster is a highly networked individual who has leveraged his strategic partnerships to build new, lasting and effective business relationships. Foster's involement in the community is also noteworthy as he takes on leadership roles in multiple Bay Area initiatives including those focused on neighborhood development, political and professional allegences, business networking and fund raising for cancer research. Foster is and will continue to be one of my primary resources for making an impact and achieving results!
Travis recommends Orlando Diaz
Dec 10, 2013
Orlando is one of the best loan officers i've worked with. He thinks outside of the box to design the right solution for the borrower and knows how to navigate the underwriting process with ease for a smooth closing.
Patti and David Martinez recommends Rose Sullivan
Dec 9, 2013
We are writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for Rose Sullivan. Rose assisted us with refinancing our home this year. We had made several attempts to refinance over the past few years only to be told that it was not possible. We are responsible professionals, business owners, good citizens with good credit history who had a personal tragedy affect our lifes. We really just needed our mortgage payment lowered to be able to continue tomeet our financial demands and keep our home of 25 years. Rose was willing to assist us in doing what was needed to acquire a loan with a lower mortgage rate, lower monthly payment and secure our future.
This undertaking was not an easy task especially in today’s climate of Loan regulations. Rose worked diligently for several months. When we hit a roadblock, she helped us take the action needed to stay on the road toward our goal. She kept us informed throughout the process and communicated effectively with all involved parties. We will always be grateful for her willingness to help us in a time of pressing need and would highly recommend Rose as a very competent and persistent Loan Officer.
Kerry recommends Guy Rivera
Dec 9, 2013
Guy is smart, resourceful and funny. Every loan I've done with him (5) has benn done on time with very favorable rates. As a matter of fact, no one has ever quoted me better rates. His team is professional, courteous and very responsive.

I highly recommend using Guarantee Mortgage. They will get you the loan you want on time and at a great rate.
George Homsey recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 9, 2013
I have found working with Foster Weeks to be very attentive , knowledgeable,and prompt in matters where I required reliable assistance in resolving mortgage and financial issues..
Robert S. Fletcher recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 9, 2013
I have known and worked with Foster since 2009. In that time, I have known him to be the consummate professional. He has always demonstrated a great knowledge in the mortgage industry and the ability to understand the needs of his clients. Few people I trust in the industry as much as Foster.
Julia Raneri recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Licensed Acupuuncturist
Dec 8, 2013
To date I have already recommended Suzanne to 4 others. Suzanne does quality work all the way around. From talking to clients to find out what their needs are, through the arduous process of filling out forms and gathering paper work, Suzanne is there.

I was referred to her through a profesional connection. In my buisness my clients trust me to send them to the best in their field, Suzanne Diliberto is one of the best. She's efficient, she's confident, she's creative, and best of all she loves her work.

Mortgage hunting is scary and many people are out there trying to make a sale, not trying to help someone fullfill their lending needs.

If you are thinking about a motrgage, call Suzanne Diliberto, I am sure she will do her best to help you.
Jim Anderson recommends Foster Weeks
Business Owner
Dec 8, 2013
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Foster Weeks for many years, and am happy to give my recommendation as to his character, work ethics and honesty. He is easy to work with and level headed in difficult situations.
Allison Cease recommends Foster Weeks
President - I-Beam | Reconstruction Management, Inc.
Dec 7, 2013
Foster is highly professional and dedicated to serving his client's best interests. The benefits of working with him are many. I have known him for years and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him in any capacity.
Mike C. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Dec 6, 2013
Scott secured a loan for me with very competitive interest rates. Throughout the process he was incredibly helpful and available to answer my questions. He articulated to me the different loans options and providing analyses to help me determine whether to go with an ARM or a fixed rate loan. I would highly recommend him to others and will use him again one day for the next home I purchase.
Charles Canfield recommends Foster Weeks
Business development
Dec 6, 2013
I have known Foster Weeks for many years from both a professional and social status. I have respected his business sense along with high code of ethics that he has implemented in best business practices. His willingness to help others is second to none.

Please note that Mr. Weeks is committed to great follow up to his customers that need
assistance with their mortgages. I am confident that his outstanding lending knowledge is important in today's vast home buying-mortgage market. I highly recommend his services.

Charles Canifeld, Business Development, Graebel Companies
Sandra Zip recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Dec 6, 2013
I've had the pleasure to work alongside Todd on both personal and professional endeavors. I can attest he provides the information needed to make the best decision for the particular situation at hand. He has a passion for people therefore always putting their best interest first."
Lucy Hsu recommends CJ Kerls
Healthcare Provider, San Francisco, CA
Dec 5, 2013
I have worked with CJ on 2 condo purchases over the past 18 months. He has a knack for listening well and responding quickly. I especially appreciate his ability to boil a lot of fluff down to the essential solution. I would recommend CJ as your go to guy in securing the place of your dreams!
Gregory jon Kennedy recommends Foster Weeks
General manager of occidental power solar co.
Dec 5, 2013
My experience working with Foster Weeks was excellent. he was professional and detailed oriented. i will highly recommend him to anyone i know looking for a home loan.
bill kitchen recommends Debra Stedt
Dec 5, 2013
Debra represented a buyer for one of my listings in Miraloma Park district of San Francisco. From the beginning to the end of the transaction, Debra was on it and we closed earlier than anticipated. Amazing transaction and Debra was, as always, professional and made the entire financing side of the transaction a breeze for everyone involved.
Laura A. recommends Debra Stedt
home buyer
Dec 5, 2013
We highly recommend Debra Stebt as a loan consultant/specialist. She's professional, responsible and reliable. She was also very responsive to all the email and phone requests we had. With her help, we are able to close our home purchase much quicker than expected. This is not the first time we are buying a house, but by far, she's the best loan agent we've worked with. Now, for sure we know who to go to for our future home loan needs.
Alan Khoo recommends Debra Stedt
Dec 5, 2013
Debra recently closed a purchase transaction for my clients that exceeded my expectations. We were in a competitive bidding war and luckily the listing agent worked with Debra before and felt comfortable with our 10 day loan contingency. We were able to take off the loan contingency earlier and close almost 2 weeks earlier than the expected 30 days. I was a little nervous about the loan because there were questionable gift funds, employment issues, job history, etc. but Debra handled everything without a hitch. Even when she was out a few days during the transaction, her staff handled it without missing a beat. I would definitely refer other buyers to use her services in the future.
Mike Montgomery recommends Foster Weeks
Dec 5, 2013
We have worked with Foster twice now, and have recommended him to everyone who is looking to refi or buy. Foster is professional, and incredibly responsive, amazingly responsive in fact. His style is calm/ direct and always clearly lays out all options objectively and with the customer in mind. He has an outstanding attention to detail and make sure everything is covered to make the process as smooth as possible. If ever in the market again, there is not doubt we will work with Foster!
Theresa Garza recommends Natasha Lovas
Happy Client & Family!
Dec 5, 2013
We completed a condo conversion in San Francisco in July, 2013, and Natasha Lovas and her team at Guarantee Mortgage helped to guide us through the complex refinance process. The secure online application at Guarantee Mortgage was easy to navigate, and uploading our documents to the secure site was very convenient.

We were not really sure what was required for the condo conversion, but luckily Natasha and Sara were very knowledgeable. They communicated with us regularly to make sure that we completed all of the necessary documents.

Natasha was very flexible, and was willing to work with the Title Company that we originally purchased the duplex from, which made the process that much easier for us. They also worked directly with our Insurance agent, as well as the Surveyor for the Condo Map.

Before we knew it, it was time to sign loan documents. Sara arranged for a mobile notary to come to our home, and a few days later we closed with two separate loans, and a great interest rate!

I recommend Natasha highly. In fact, I recently recommended her to my son and daughter-in-law who recently purchased a single family home. Somehow, during that the very short escrow period, Natasha managed to lock the interest rate at the precise best moment, so they got a GREAT interest rate. Their escrow was completed in three weeks and they could not be more pleased.

Denaya & Jesse Dailey recommends Natasha Lovas
Dec 4, 2013
Natasha was wonderful to work with! She is a great communicator - so important when you are dealing with home loan information. She made us feel well cared for. We are very confident her abilities and would work with her again in a heartbeat. Thank Natasha!
Michael Heylin recommends Kevin Casey
Self-employed IT guy
Dec 4, 2013
Kevin Casey has shepherded me through 3 home refinances over the last 15 years and I would not work with anyone else. He's a seasoned professional that never sugar-coats the truth, but works so hard to get the best possible deal.

He takes the time to get to know his clients well enough that he can do so much of the work without having to interact on every detail.

I had to ask him recently if the process got easier than before, because my experience the last time (2012) was the easiest ever.

He's well respected among his peers and by real estate agents and brokers. A native San Franciscan that people love to refer business to, because he always gets the job done right the first time.
D. A. Hoffman recommends Robin Patronik
Dec 4, 2013
Robin is simply great to work with! I've had the pleasure of working with her a number of times. She is everything you'd want - professional, diligent, thorough and always available. She even helps take away some of the 'pain' brought about by lender requirements. If it weren't for her, I'd have skipped a few opportunities. High marks and kudos to Robin!
Theresa Garza recommends Natasha Lovas
Dec 4, 2013
We completed a condo conversion in San Francisco in July, 2013, and Natasha Lovas and her team at Guarantee Mortgage helped to guide us through the complex refinance process.

The secure online application at Guarantee Mortgage was easy to navigate, and uploading our documents to the secure site was very convenient.

We were not really sure what was required for the condo conversion, but luckily Natasha and Sara were very knowledgeable. They communicated with us regularly to make sure that we completed all of the necessary documents.

Natasha was very flexible, and was willing to work with the Title Company that we originally purchased the duplex from, which made the process that much easier for us. They also worked directly with our Insurance agent, as well as the Surveyor for the Condo Map.l

Before we knew it, it was time to sign loan documents. Sara arranged for a mobile notary to come to our home, and a few days later we closed with two separate loans, and a great interest rate!

I recommend Natasha highly. In fact, I recently recommended her to my son and daughter-in-law who recently purchased a single family home. Somehow, during that the very short escrow period, Natasha managed to lock the interest rate at the precise best moment, so they got a GREAT interest rate. Their escrow was completed in three weeks and they could not be more pleased.
Steve Sano recommends Ron Fiore
Professor, Stanford University
Dec 4, 2013
Ron, Anjie, and the folks at Guarantee Mortgage worked dedicatedly with us to secure a ReFi of our home. Our case was more challenging than usual because of the greater number of institutions involved, but they were tireless in their work on our behalf to secure a ReFi at an excellent rate, and kept us in the loop every step of the way. Thanks for all your efforts!
Niisa Carter recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Dec 4, 2013
Scott helped me re-finance my loan to afford a special assessment incurred on my condo. My case was especially challenging because my circumstances gave already risk-adverse lenders reasons to pass me up.
Scott was patient and listened to my situation. He was able to see that it would be a sound investment for a lender if they were shown the evidence. So he took the time to speak to the all the right parties, from the home owner association, the home owner association lawyers, etc. to gather all the needed collateral to show lenders. He then patiently worked with the lender to show them evidence and provide them further contacts to resolve outstanding questions.
In speaking to my neighbors who were going thru the same process, I was much more successful with them.
Scott made the process easy. He made me comfortable in explaining the process and keeping me updated. And most importantly, he secured a great rate.
Nancy recommends Kevin Casey
Dec 2, 2013
Kevin Casey is an extremely diligent, responsive, and honest professional. He is a true expert and because of his experience, can offer advice and guidance that others cannot. Kevin is also great at creating solutions for the seemingly impossible.
Michael Heylin recommends Foster Weeks
Independent IT consultant
Dec 2, 2013
Foster Weeks is a hard working, borrower-centric loan broker. He knows the ins and outs of the mortgage lending business, and how to prepare borrowers before they find the house of their dreams. He is well organized and listens REALLY well.
Perri Harman recommends Ron Fiore
Wholesale Account Executive
Dec 2, 2013
I have worked with Ron Fiore for 10+ years and highly recommend him for your mortgage needs. As a Wholesale Account Executive, I find Ron to be knowledgeable, well organized and always comes to me with a borrowers best interest in mind. He moves his loans quickly and on average gets them closed faster than most with his excellent and complete file packaging. He is a strong advocate for his customers and gets it done!
Renelle Kelmar recommends Allan McAllister
Dec 2, 2013
I highly recommend Allan McAllister for any of your mortage needs. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the market but he is accommodating when it comes to picking up paperwork, providing information in a timely manner, etc.. He went out of his way to meet me at my my office to pick up my documents which I very much appreciated. He was also able to help me refinance when interest rates hit bottom.

I'm very happy with the service Allan provided and continue to recommend him to any of my friends looking to refinance.
Bob and Edna Sizlo recommends Guy Rivera
Dec 2, 2013
After working directly with a large lender (to no avail), my wife and I turned to Guy Rivera for assistance. Without a doubt, Guy worked a miracle - and got us exactly what we required. Guy and his professional staff worked endlessly, and always went "the extra mile". I highly recommend Guy for his exceptional service, his knowledge and dedication to closing the loan. I would recommend him highly to all our business friends and family. So glad there are guys like Guy around. And Laurie - you are a Jewel!
Anonymous recommends Julie Malta
Dec 2, 2013
We would highly recommend Julie Malta services for finding the best loan available in the current market. Julie just finished finding an outstanding low interest loan to refinance my in laws home. Julie helped to keep the amount of documentation needed to complete the loan application manageable and close to pain free. Julie was very patient, thou rough and considerate during the process. She was extremely methodical and tenacious to secure the lowest interest rate in a timely manner.
her to operate in a very professional manner with great integrity and a personal dedication. We are very satisfied with the outcome of the refinance that will provide a
significant monthly saving. THANK YOU, JULIE!!!
Kaitlin Mikalis recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Dec 2, 2013
Scott is quick, professional and a pleasure to work with. My husband and I both enjoyed working with him and appreciate how quickly he was able to help us refinance.
Mikki and Oscar Bazurto recommends Kara Fiore
Nov 30, 2013
Kara saves us time and hassle by keeping us informed along the way. She has been known to let us know when a refinance is not in our best interest. That honesty is matched only by her ability to listen well. Kara guides us safely past the locking process and clearly explains our obligations. We have recommended many of our friends to Kara because trustworthiness is high on our values list and Kara makes the list. We couldn’t be more pleased with her professionalism and the results.
Michael Silver recommends Aisling Ferguson
Home buyer
Nov 30, 2013
I had the pleasure of working with Aislng Ferguson since about 1998, and recommend her highly and without reservation. Not only does Aisling master the technical aspects of mortgage finance, but also she really gets to know her clients and hand holds them through the process to the extent needed. I was definitely in need of hand holding coming off a divorce and buying alone for the first time as a single dad. Aisling made the experience fairly painless and easy; and that, in itself, is priceless.
Thank you Asiling!
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Nov 29, 2013
After having had frustrating experiences with two others, we were looking for someone who would be honest, responsive, and professional. Orlando exceeded our expectations. Unforeseen events forced us to lock a rate on a day that Orlando was on vacation, despite which he made himself available to us and got the job done, and done well.

For us, the refinancing of a mortgage is the financial equivalent to getting one's teeth cleaned, over and over again. Orlando made the process as effortless and financially rewarding as it could have been.

We are grateful and would recommend Orlando without reservation.
Natalie recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Nov 28, 2013
It is Thanksgiving, and I have one person I would especially like to thank: Peter Elting. He is a refined professional: crisp, hardworking, meticulous, conscientious, highly dependable. Peter is the kind of professional who makes things happen and turns the impossible into possible! This was my and my husband's experience with Peter whose brokerage turned our dream of obtaining the much coveted home into reality. In addition, Peter happens to be a wonderful human being and interfacing with him has been most delightful. Happy Thanksgiving, Peter, many thanks to you!
Chris Smith recommends Foster Weeks
Financial Advisor
Nov 28, 2013
I've referred a number of my clients to Foster for their mortgage needs and received nothing but positive feedback. My clients have expressed that Foster is extremely knowledgeable and provides great service and attention to detail throughout the loan process. I'm happy to refer him to my clients in Northern California.
David Isaac recommends Richard Chalifour
Employee and Labor Relations
Nov 27, 2013
I have refinanced with Richard Chalifour a number of times. Richard is very patient and does a great job of explaining the intricacies of the mortgage process in plain english. He makes the whole process very painless. The result is a smooth closing every time. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard Chalifour at Guarantee Mortgage to anyone in need of mortgage services.

Laura Sheehan-Barron recommends Kevin Casey
Doctor of Chiropractic
Nov 27, 2013
Kevin Casey did a wonderful job getting us a good loan for our home and with a good interest rate.
He is very personable and people savvy. He struck up a conversation with the seller's mortgage broker and found out where his kids go to school.
It turns out his kids go to the same school too. So they chatted awhile.
When the seller got 5 offers, guess which offer they went with? Ours, all because of Kevin!
I would recommend him to anyone who wants a great rate, a great loan, fast and friendly service.
Donald Brenner recommends Foster Weeks
First Time Home Buyer
Nov 26, 2013
As a first time home buyer the mortgage application process seemed insurmountable. Foster was a great help throughout the entire process. He was very patient and took time to explain every step of the process in clear and understandable terms. He was incredibly responsive to all our requests and had our backs at all times.

Bottom line, if I were applying for another mortgage I wouldn't think twice about working with him again.
Taylor Batt recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Area Sales Manager Ovation Payroll
Nov 26, 2013
Suzanne took care of everything and made sure the loan was locked and loaded right when I requested. She was also very patient and helpful as we waited nearly four months for the intrest rates to hit their trough. Looking up insurance, working with my estate planner, HOA, former RE, etc... she took care of EVERYTHING outside of bank deposit reports, W-2s and check stubs. I couldn't be happier. I recommend her to everyone and I hope rates go lower so I can use her again!
John Stephens recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche
Nov 26, 2013
Pete worked with us to select the best mortgage for our needs and patiently explained the steps in the process to us.
Brad Gates recommends CJ Kerls
Nov 25, 2013
CJ and his team (Jason and Maria) were great to work with on my recent refinance. CJ informed me of the options early on and communicated with me during the whole process. I was very pleased to recieve the financing and significantly reduced my monthly payment. I would definitely recommend CJ and Guarantee Mortgage and plan to use them again.
Michael Colvin recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 25, 2013
Wonderful to work with! Scott is detail oriented, solution focused and thoughtful. Everything you want in a mortgage broker.
Spencer recommends Donna R Aldrich
Home Renovation
Nov 25, 2013
Donna has been unbelievable in guiding me through the process to acquire funding for a home renovation. She helped me find funding on the most favorable terms and at the best rate. Her professionalism is outstanding as she treats you as if you are her only client. Thanks Donna for all your great work.
Andrew Lastowka recommends Orlando Diaz
Practice Leader
Nov 25, 2013
As I was a first-time home buyer, Orlando was very patient while going over my many questions, options and scenarios. Like I am sure many SF real estate purchases, time and terms were of the essence. Orlando worked superbly to meet these requirements for the seller, and delivered a rate both I and others are very impressed with!

The entire experience was actually an easy enjoyable process. I highly recommend Orlando!
Rebecca recommends Natasha Lovas
Nov 24, 2013
Natasha Lovas is a fantastic mortgage broker/advisor -- she makes a stressful process a bit easier and helps you figure out your best options. She is patient and pleasant and never makes you feel like she is rushing you or pushing you into something that feels uncomfortable. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking to finance their first home, refinance their loan, or anything similar. I will continue to go to Natasha as she is trustworthy and reliable.
Chris Cowell-Shah recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Nov 23, 2013
Pete Elting has given me wonderful service as a mortgage broker. He went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to helping me strategize about mortgage options, and offered great advice. I'd recommend him without hesitation.
Ashley recommends Donna R Aldrich
Technology Consultant
Nov 23, 2013
I highly recommend Donna's thoroughness, industry knowledge, professionalism and speed at getting things done.
Lisa Marroquin recommends Foster Weeks
Sales Executive Chicago Title
Nov 22, 2013
Foster Weeks is a true professional. He is experienced, knowledgeable and patient with his clients and real estate partners. I have referred many clients and have always had very happy and satisfied clients. His involvement in the process and attention to details make the real estate process a very smooth and satisfying experience.
Michele F. recommends Aisling Ferguson
Nov 22, 2013
"I have worked with Aisling to buy three properties and hope to work with her on all of our family's future real estate transactions. I worked with Aisling to buy my first condo in San Francisco in 2004. I was a single woman, totally unfamiliar with the home purchasing process and nervous about it, and "certain" that I would not be able to afford a place I would love to call home. Aisling was super patient with me. She explained the process so clearly to me and happily answered my most basic questions. She helped me to get pre-approved for my loan and I was ready to make an offer for my favorite place -- and I got it!
About five years later, I was now married and my husband and I worked with Aisling to get pre-approved for a new home together. It was getting a lot harder to get loans and the process was generally taking a lot longer for people. Aisling managed to work with us and our real estate agent to keep our process moving right along and we closed on schedule and at an amazingly low rate.
Last year I contacted Aisling again about an investment property opportunity my husband and I were considering with another family member. Aisling provided a lot of very helpful and accurate information to me and my husband and we wanted to work with her to get our mortgage. Because we were buying the property with another family member we ended up having to use his broker at another company, rather than with Aisling. It was a super frustrating process to work with another broker who was much less organized and seemed to drop a lot of balls. Never again. We will only work with Aisling!"
Don and Linda Milanese recommends Pete Elting and Tom Barnes
Nov 22, 2013

We are pleased to highly recommend Pete who assisted us when we bought our condo in San Francisco. Our experience with Pete was so positive as compared with some of our recent transactions refinancing a rental property outside of San Francisco. Unfortunately we can't use Pete. Besides being fully knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate finance, as well as in refinancing, he is able to explain difficult financial matters in understandable terms. He follows through and keeps you in the loop throughout the financing process. When he establishes a deadline, it is met and if not, keeps you fully apprised. Pete has an easy going manner; he communicates clearly and ensures what he says is compredended. Pete is a good, attentive listener. We appreciate his professional work, continuous support, and unquestioned integrity.
Jeremy S recommends Foster Weeks
Real Estate Broker Truckee/ Tahoe
Nov 22, 2013
Foster did a great job, we sell a lots of home in Tahoe and work with a number of different lenders. Foster always get us in the loop, got things done quickly, efficiently and had everything ready well before close without any 11th hour issues or problems. Just plain SMOOTH. Thanks for the hard work.

Jeremy Schneir
Coldwell Banker Top 1%
Karen recommends Rose Sullivan
Nov 22, 2013
Rose helped me through the loan process after a divorce. It was a very scary time but she walked me through it successfully. I am so appreciative.
david Hamilton recommends Vince Breen
Nov 22, 2013
I have used Vince's services many times for my financing needs. He is professional, friendly, and explains things in a way i can easily understand. I have recommended him to many friends, and will continue to do so. He helped make buying my home, and re-financing my home, easy and painless.
susan doyle recommends Rose Sullivan
Nov 22, 2013
Rose helped us through the difficult process of refinancing. She was always responsive
and found an excellent loan for us at a very good interest rate. I would recommend
Rose to anyone.
Shakir K recommends CJ Kerls
Nov 21, 2013
CJ made the whole mortgage process simple, painless and quick. I recommend him for any mortgage and financing needs; and will definitely work with him again when in need!
Mike Armstrong recommends Jay Sondhi
Director, IT
Nov 21, 2013
Jay has been very helpful and supportive of me any time I am looking into refinancing my home. He is honest and I have complete trust in what he tells me regarding rates and whether I should make a move or not. He has even been helpful when I received a rate that he could not compete with and answered questions that the other company couldn't or wouldn't. I will make it a point to always reference Jay whenever I consider refinancing!!
Erick recommends Julie Malta
Business Owner - Multi Craft Auto Body
Nov 21, 2013
Recently we tried to purchase a home since our realtor informed my wife and I that we are "preapproved" and opened escrow for purchase. One week before the closing date the lender officer that preapproved us made some mistakes and we needed to submit more documents. Apprently we were not "preapproved"!
We consulted with Julie after and had her look through the documents and she gathered the information we needed to try get a lender that would give us a preapproval. Julie gathered the documents needed in less than three days and went way out of her way and schedule to get the loan documents reviewed. After reviewing our documents and seeing mistakes that were on the previous loan application, Julie informed us that there's good new and bad news. Bad news is that we couldn't qualify to purchase the home under contract and we have to opt out of the contract, BUT the good news is that we will be ready to purchase after the New Year and Julie will be on our side to ensure we get into a home that me and my family can grow into and cherish. We are looking forward to the New Year and definitely working with Julie.

Joe Whalen recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Insurance and Risk Management Consultant
Nov 21, 2013
I have worked with Scott on at least 10 mortgage loans over the years and he is knowledgeable, proactive, and great to work with. He makes the whole process very easy and I always feel I get great service and advice from him. I would recommend Scott to anyone without reservation.
Mara Klein recommends Tim Higbee
Nov 20, 2013
As a Realtor who has been in the business for over a dozen years, I can tell you that mortgage brokers like Tim Higbee are few and far between. Tim has been a major asset to my business for many years and I continue to recommend him for many reasons:
1. He is available and responsive to phone calls & emails.
2. He takes pride in doing the right thing for his customers.
3. He under-promises and over-delivers on regular basis by setting realistic expectations for his clients and then doing the best job he can for them - usually a better interest rate or loan product than he originally quotes.
4. He provides options for his clients, or if he can't provide a good product, he lets them know right away so they don't waste their time.
5. He is great at educating clients on different products and how the entire process works. He continues the education and hand-holding for his clients throughout the escrow if needed.
6. He will be there for his clients after close of escrow - just because he closes a deal doesn't mean he won't be there to answer questions or help you out.

It is with much appreciation for having worked with Tim on many transactions that I can enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone looking for a hardworking, thorough, and diligent mortgage broker.
Benjamin Nichols recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 19, 2013
Scott made the whole mortgage process as straightforward as we could have hoped for. He's polite and clear, and he turns things around quickly. I highly recommend him, and will definitely work with him again next time we have a need.
Scott recommends Aisling Ferguson
Nov 19, 2013
Aisling was great! She is a tremendous professional and extremely well prepared for any potential buyer in this insanely competitive real estate market. All the fine details were taken care of from finding great interest rates and terms, preparing pre-approval letters, filtering the entire loan documentation process, and a smooth loan approval.
I personally liked her direct approach especially when there were tasks to be done, but also having her available to explain things when it was necessary.
My first and only call in the future would be to Aisling.
Anonymous recommends Aisling Ferguson
Nov 19, 2013
Aisling did a fantastic job of keeping our process moving forward. She responded to several last-minute crises, tolerated my general lack of organization, and examined my available options with my priorities in mind. We ended up saving a pile of money.
Diane K. Martin recommends Allan McAllister
Writer, editor, instructor
Nov 19, 2013
Allan was unfailingly helpful from the beginning, though all sorts of complications, and until closing of our loan. Our situation was a difficult one, with no real verifiable income apart from Social Security. Not only did Allan suggest innovative approaches to our problem, but he always explained what was going on, what we needed to do, and when we could expect to arrive at the next step.

Once, when our home insurance broker was not answering calls, Allan walked to his office to see if he could locate him in person.

He was always hands-on and there for us. I would recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.
Angela Warren recommends Kevin Casey
Attorney At Law
Nov 19, 2013
I highly recommend Kevin Casey for all mortgage financing needs. He handled the refinancing of my home. The process was efficient and I felt that I received excellent service. I always think of Kevin Casey when my friends or colleagues need mortgage assistance.

You can't go wrong with Kevin Casey
Elly Rosemary Brody recommends Kara Fiore
Retired IT Management Consultant
Nov 19, 2013
I bought my San Francisco condo in January 2008. It was seriously underwater within 2 years. Furthermore, I am retired and my income was entirely from my investments.
We did not think it would be possible for me to refinance, but Kara kept working at it, trying every possible alternative until finally she found the solution.
I am very grateful to her, and I wish her all the best!
Terri Tiongson recommends Orlando Diaz
Senior Community Manager
Nov 19, 2013
Orlando is a brilliant, patient, and driven Sr. Loan Consultant. I don't think I could have gotten the house without him!

I had shopped for a couple of loan consultants before working with Orlando. The other loan consultants were not helpful and interactive. One didn't even get back to me for two weeks, despite my email and phone call attempts. My confidence buying a house started to wither.

When Travis H. introduced me to Orlando, my hopes blossomed. He never gave up on me! Compared to the other consultants, Orlando was quick, proactive, and hard working. He was willing to walk me through the all the paperwork, work well with my parents, answer my limitless questions and he always, always was quick to respond, even on vacation. VACATION!

Thank you Orlando!
Alison recommends CJ Kerls
Nov 19, 2013
CJ Kerls is a mortgage master! I was referred to him by my killer real estate team of Peter Goss and Robert Dana (Zephyr). CJ rapidly and creatively overcame various hurdles in my loan process, helping me to buy a new home in Marin before selling my condo in the city. He worked out bridge financing for me by arranging a 2nd mortgage on the new home, which can be paid off without penalty as soon as we sell our condo. CJ kept me up to date with the status of my loan at all times, fielded all of my annoying questions, and was always friendly and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommend!
Reno Fernandez recommends Kevin Casey
Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney
Nov 19, 2013
Kevin Casey helped my wife and I buy our first home. He worked well with us and our real estate broker, both in terms of personality and strategy. Specifically, he helped us implement a very aggressive strategy in which we wrote an offer providing for close of escrow in 21 days. In fact, we closed escrow on the 21st day without any delays. And it goes without saying that Kevin got us a good rate with favorable terms. I give Kevin my highest recommendation.
Claudio Ortega recommends Allan McAllister
Project Leader at Cisco
Nov 18, 2013
My wife and I were first-time homebuyers and introduced to Allan by our Realtor. He met with us at our home on several occasions to help us understand the financing process, our options and the tradeoffs. As first-time homebuyers we had a lot of questions...he took the time to educate us and make us comfortable with the decisions we needed to make.

Subsequently, he helped us refinance our home and get a Home Equity Line of Credit to provide us with the flexibility we wanted.

Allan is a true professional... he’s knowledgeable, hard-working and dedicated. He’s always been on top of all the details, attentive to our needs and he’s kept us informed along the way...a real partner. Over the years, he’s become not only our trusted advisor, but also a true friend.
If you want the excellent financing, with no hassles, and if you are looking for the personal attention that typically only friends would offer, then you want to work with Allan.

Gerardo Bertero recommends Allan McAllister
Engineering Director
Nov 18, 2013
This is a strong (the strongest) recommendation for Allan McAllister. Allan has helped my wife and I refinance three times and I will not think it twice if I ever need to do it again. Allan was recommended to me by a good friend and since we used his services, he has helped a few other friends as well so I know that my experience is not unique. He is extremely professional, knowleadgeable and at the same time extremely human and caring. He will make the process as easy as it can be for you and you will get the best deal possible.
Anonymous recommends Debra Stedt
SF condo owner
Nov 18, 2013
Debra did a fine job of shepherding us through the mortgage process. We have no reservations in recommending her and her staff.

Michael Hack recommends Kevin Casey
Nov 18, 2013
Kevin has helped my wife and I on two refi's for our home and each time has made the process painless and seamless. I marvel at how hard he works to get the best possible rate along with the lowest possible payment within the terms we desired. If stymied by one loan source, he gets even more determined to find another that will agree to our/his terms. He makes it his personal mission to serve his client where other loan officers may balk or drop the case. I've seen him do so with many other parties, including an employee of mine. I like to say, "Friends don't let friends get mortgages or refinancing by anyone other than Kevin Casey".
Pam C. recommends Kevin Casey
Nov 18, 2013
Kevin is a super star. I have recommended Kevin Casey to many friends since using him as my mortgage broker. There are many times during the purchase of our home that he was the only sane and calming individual on our team. Kevin started working with us months before we bought our house to advise us on our credit scores, finances and loan amounts. He is a great problem solver. Because of Kevin, we were ready financially when we found the right home to buy. If you are considering buying a home or refinancing, give Kevin Casey a call first. You'll be glad you did.
Robert P. Gates recommends Kevin Casey
Real Estate Attorney
Nov 18, 2013
Kevin Casey is a an extremely good mortgage consultant, whether buying or refinancing. Responsible, prompt, conscientious and gets you the right result on time.
Anonymous recommends Vickie Johnson
Nov 17, 2013
Vickie helped my brother and sister-in-law closing a deal recently. She is very professional and helpful in the process. Her advice throughout the closing process is certainly beneficial to all parties. Good work Vickie!
Jeffrey Mandala recommends Orlando Diaz
Transit Operator for SFMTA
Nov 15, 2013
There are many first in our lives. A First Kiss, A First Date, A First Day on a New Job. All of these can be stressful and full of uncertainty. But few experiences are as daunting as being a first time home buyer. I know, I was one when I was introduced to Mr. Orland Diaz.

The right professionals around you at this stressful time can help so much. The right Realtor, the right Mortgage Professional. Mr. Orlando Diaz is that right professional!

What does one look for in a Mortgage Professional? Experience, Accuracy and the Strength to Complete the Transaction. Mr. Orlando Diaz processes all these qualities. Mr. Diaz has the experience from years of helping others find the RIGHT loan for them. Mr. Diaz and his staff understand the Mortgage industry and are accurate in their calculations. Mr. Diaz will see you all the way to the close of escrow and the keys to your new home! His efforts do not end there. He will watch the ever changing market conditions and if another loan combination that he thinks may work for you, your phone will ring and Mr. Orlando Diaz will be on the other end with an offer than may save you hundreds of dollars a month. Now that's service!

I want to assure you, that you could not make a better choice than to use the services of Mr. Orlando Diaz. If you have any concerns, I urge you to have Orlando put you in contact with me. If you are first time buyer or a want to refinance. Mr. Orlando Diaz will make it an experience that is not so bad......

Melinda & Glen Keim recommends Debra Stedt
Nov 14, 2013
I heard that Debra was good, but I was able to see the outcome of how good she is. Debra was so professional. She knew how to take care of us. She was so on top of everything, and kept us in the loop. She was there for us every step of the way, She calmed our nerves through the most stressful of times. The outcome of us being funded and living in our new house is due to her. Thank you Debra.
Megan recommends Orlando Diaz
Nov 14, 2013
I was very happy with Orlando's help and highly recommend his service for his professionalism. He is honest, helpful and super efficient. I recommend him to many of my friends. for my next loan need, i'll definitely work with Orlando.
Cheryl Miles recommends Debra Stedt
Nov 14, 2013
Debbie is great with both the prequal and transaction processes. She is responsive, knowledgeable, attentive to the client's and agent's needs and quick to tackle any problems that arise. I highly recommend her.
Chris Jennings recommends Debra Stedt
Nov 14, 2013
Debra was great from the start. We had some difficulties with an inaccuracy on one of our credit reports that she was able to guide us through and resolve within a few days. She was always quick to reply to any questions or concerns that we had. She is courteous and understands the many complexities regarding the mortgage lending process. I highly recommend Debra.
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Nov 14, 2013
My husband and I relocated to San Francisco from New York for professional reasons.

We had put our Manhattan co-op on the market, but wanted to purchase an apartment in our new city as soon as possible, before the New York property sold. Orlando worked with me for more than three months to help strategize and review our financial position. He identified the best lender, assisted in ensuring that we had the proper and most current documentation, and kept on top of a myriad of financial details in order to present the most effective dossier.

Given the stress involved in planning a move, and the additional concerns about securing a mortgage, Orlando was always calm, helpful, reassuring - and above all, absolutely reliable on deadlines. He explained every step and stage carefully and courteously; he reported regularly on progress; he followed up to be sure that priorities were being adhered to. He was extremely clear on deadlines and timing, and if anything changed in our roadmap - which it often did - he was very quick to explain. He was also very patient in answering the same questions more than once, and in keeping us abreast of the situation as it unfolded.

He had been recommended to us by our SF broker, with whom he maintained a very cordial and professional relationship, sharing information where necessary, but also seeking our approval to divulge information that might be more personal.

I can recall that he made himself available to us at all times - weekends included. He never made me feel that I was interrupting or bothering him, and his manner was unfailingly courteous, friendly, but always professional.

It was a pleasure for us to work with him and I would recommend him wholeheartedly.
Tara M. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 14, 2013
We found Phillip on yelp, and we feel extremely lucky that we did. We had an unusual contract with the seller of the house we were purchasing, and in the current mortgage lending environment -- where even the most seemingly straightforward transactions have become difficult -- we knew we were in for a doozie. We spent enough time consulting around with other mortgage brokers to know some of what was coming and to be highly skeptical that we were going to find someone who could manage the process smoothly. Phillip turned out to be amazing through the entire process and to make it as painless as possible under the circumstances. He was reliable, responsive, knowledgeable and forward thinking, preemptively dealing with anticipated problems. On top of that, we got the loan under the terms we wanted! Call Phillip -- please do. People like this, who do a great job, ethically and kindly, should really get the business.
Johanna C. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 14, 2013
Phillip has now helped us lock in three different types of loans and in all three cases, he took the time to understand our exact situation and worked hard to get us the best rate possible. The most recent being a 10 year ARM for a SFH we just closed on. It also happened to be the most challenging - we had a 10 day finance contingency, were just on the cusp of qualifying, and the selling agent was incredibly overbearing. Phillip pulled a rabbit out of a hat for us with the loan he got us and managed the selling agent the whole way through.

I'd highly recommend him for any home buyer - be they are a first time or veteran home buyer!
Erran B. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 14, 2013
Two years ago when we were looking to buy our house, our realtors recommended Phillip as their top-choice for a loan agent. As a first time home buyer, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but the first time Phillip and I spoke, he took the time to understand our exact situation and then walked me through the entire process. He made a scary process incredibly easy and he was then able to help us refinance for any even LOWER rate 12 months later. He also happens to be the nicest guy ever. I trust him completely, which is likely the most important quality to have in a loan agent.
Rajkumari Asrani recommends Tim Higbee
Nov 14, 2013
I bought a home in 2012 and Tim got me a loan for my home. He did an excellent job. He was very efficient and methodical. After that I went to him for my refinance and he gave me the same professional service. I would definite recommend him to allmay friends
John Christophel recommends Orlando Diaz
Nov 13, 2013
Orlando kept us informed of everything that was going on during the entire process He made the entire process seem so easy and stress free. He is easy to work with and explained everything thoroughly. He didn't pressure us into taking something we didn't want and worked to get us the best deal out there.
Jacob recommends Rich Polonsky
Software Sales Executive
Nov 13, 2013
Rich was an incredible person to work with. His attention to detail and proactivity is second to none and I am so appreciative that we had the opportunity to work with him in financing our first home! While the stress of buying a home is high, Rich was constantly on an even-keel and allowed us to have no concerns about our first purchase. I highly recommend Rich and am so glad that he provided us with the knowledge and facts to help us make our decisions intelligently.
David King recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 13, 2013
Scott is a great mortgage broker. He handled the mortgage and then refinancing for my San Francisco condo. In both cases, Scott did an excellent job of finding me the best rate and of keeping the process straightforward and organized. I also appreciate that he's always around to answer my random follow-up mortgage related questions. I have recommended Scott to family and friends.
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Nov 13, 2013
I worked with Orlando on a home re-finance and on a mortgage for a second home. Both times, I found him to be very responsive, reliable and honest. He kept me informed throughout the process. I was very pleased and recommend Orlando highly.
Susie Hughey-Haas recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 12, 2013
I have been a Realtor in the San Francisco Bay area for over 18 years. I've worked with many Mortgage Brokers in that time. Scott Hershberger is one of the best, if not the best! From a Realtor's perspective, the most important part of any deal is the lender. When you work with Scott, you can always trust him to tell you the truth. If he can't do the deal, he will tell you from the beginning. If he can do it, but there may be problems, he will tell you. And if things get off track, he will tell you the minute they do, not five minutes before you think you are supposed to close. And then he is right there helping everyone get back on track. And with Scott, those things seldom happen.

Scott is wonderful with the client. He's as good with seasoned buyers as he is with first time buyers. My clients use him again and again. They often seek his advice, and he is generous and kind with his time.

Scott has done many of my own personal loans for me. He is always my first choice when Clients come to me in search of a Mortgage Broker. When Scott is working with you, you can relax. He really is wonderful.

Iva O. recommends Aisling Ferguson
IT Project Manager
Nov 12, 2013
Aisling is straightforward and to the point (no fluff), just how I like it. Her responsiveness, integrity, creativity and just plain ‘smarts’ make her an ideal broker. I look forward to working with Aisling for years to come.
Michael Salstein recommends Orlando Diaz
Zephyr Real Estate, Broker Associate
Nov 12, 2013
Working with Orlando is always a pleasure...he is responsive, knowledgeable and really makes things happen....In this era of 'who knows' financing....I have found I can count on him to always get back to me with answers and to be sure our client's best interests are looked after!
ILYA recommends Orlando Diaz
Real Estate Agent
Nov 12, 2013
Orlando has done an outstanding job funding one of my difficult transactions. He went over and above to make sure that the transaction closes properly. Thinking outside the box and working long hours is what got our transaction to close on time and helped our client get into the home of their dreams. Thank you, Orlando.
Joe Long recommends Orlando Diaz
VP Marketing
Nov 12, 2013
Orlando, twice, has come through with great financing for us. He has also guided us through the application processes and made the complex issues clear and simple for us to understand. This was especially appreciated as we are unwed partners purchasing (and refinancing) together. And he's a nice, pleasant guy to work with. We highly recommend him!
Lance Martin recommends Orlando Diaz
Home Buyer
Nov 12, 2013
I have used a few different mortgage brokers in the past, but none of them even compared to Orlando.

I used him both for a new home purchase and a refinance. It was a quick process and seamless.

I couldn't have been happier with the transaction
Rob Darby recommends Orlando Diaz
Nov 12, 2013
Orlando Diaz has represented me in several transactions over the last 10 years. He is professional, thorough, timely, and has done an excellent job finding me the best rates on my mortgages, both purchases and refinances.

I would highly recommend Orlando for your mortgage needs.
Laura recommends Orlando Diaz
TPMG Physician
Nov 12, 2013
I have had the pleaseure of working with Orlando on several refinances of both Primary and Investment properties over the past several years. He has always delivered a great product, is extremely professional and guided me through every step of the way. I would highly recommend Orlando and his team.
Alan Malouf recommends Orlando Diaz
Nov 12, 2013
Orlando is professional and efficient. I highly recommend him!
Jeff Haas recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
I am an attorney practicng law in San Francisco.
Nov 12, 2013
Scott has arranged several loans for my wife and I over the past 10 years and, without exception, he has performed at the highest level.

Scott is the kind of person you want to have around in an emergency because, from what I can see, he never loses his focus or temper. When the lenders come back with what appear to be absurd requests for this and that, Scott calmly works through the process with us and the lenders.

Scott is impeccably honest, open and forthright. His commitment to developing and maintaining excellent communications, including laying out a probable timeline for the loan process and then keeping us informed of where the deal is along the way, has shown though on each of our loans.

My wife and I recently purchased a property out of state. Even though Scott could not arrange a loan for us in that state, he helped facilitate it by offering to transfer our information from his office to the other loan officer, thereby saving everyone time and effort.

I recommend Scott Hershberger without reservation.
S. Arriola recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 11, 2013
We have worked with Scott at Guarantee Mortgage for several years now! He has guided us through several refinances and he has been exceptional every time. Scott is always looking for terms that serve OUR interests, not his. His professionalism and availability keep us coming back every time. We are so thankful for his expertise and knowledge of the mortgage industry!
Denise Billings recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Insurance Agent
Nov 11, 2013
I have always (and only) used Bob for financing and refinancing. He knows the business well and is dedicated and creative where he needs to be. He is available and will walk you through all the steps in a clear and professional manner. I trust that the transaction will be handled properly any time I work with Bob. I highly recommend him
Bonnie Miller recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Home owner
Nov 9, 2013
Thank you Scott for excellent service over several years. Marion Bennett, Coldwell Banker Half Moon Bay, provided the initial referral and your telephone consult stood out over the other two referrals. Your experience and knowledge led to Prop 60 tax savings when buying the next home. More recently you seamlessly brokered a great loan for me under challenging circumstances - divorce and out of state family care needs. I hope to actually meet / thank you in person some day!
Constance Washburn recommends Rose Sullivan
Nov 9, 2013
Rose is a great mortgage broker. She works really hard to get you the best deal. I have done 2 refis with Rose and she has made it easy and gotten me wonderful rates. She definitely goes the extra mile for her clients.
Shelley Costantini recommends Rose Sullivan
Nov 9, 2013
With Rose's advice, support and great attention to detail we were able to refinance our loft and save a lot of money on our mortgage.

I have recommended her to other friends as well and she's done an outstanding job on their mortgages too. It's not easy to find dedicated, reliable people that are easy to talk with and who will cross every hurdle that presents itself.

Highly recommend!
Dore Coller recommends Rose Sullivan
Manufacturers Rep, Bluebonnet Nutrition
Nov 9, 2013
Rose rocks! She went far beyond the pale in assisting us to obtain a new mortgage for our home and a second for our purchase of a second home. Knowing the market as well as she does Rose got us the best possible rates, and settlement was a breeze! We continue to recommend Rose to our friends and family and plan to work with her again in the near future.
Roger Solin recommends Rose Sullivan
Nov 9, 2013
Rose secured a mortgage for me in the eye of the financial melt-down with a killer interest rate. She cares so much and is so detail oriented that the loaner had to say "yes". I can't recommend anyone more than Rose when one needs a mortgage.
Brigitte Bogart recommends Kara Fiore
Nov 8, 2013
Kara Fiore, has handled our refi numerous times. She came highly recommended to us years back by a friend, and we have recommended her to all our friends since.It always an easy process. The refi was done in a speedy matter, and we have saved hundred of dollars a month.
On top of this Kara always contacted us if rates dropped and we again could refi to save even more money.
Sketch F.D. recommends Guarantee Mortgage Corp.
Nov 8, 2013
Phillip did a great job making sure we got the money we needed for our first house. From the early stages of pre qualification to loan approval, Phillip stayed on top of the lenders, the appraisers, the escrow ladies, and agents to make sure we got our loan. It wasn't as smooth as I would have wanted, but that didn't bother Phillip. He is so knowledgeable about process and products that we were able to still achieve our goal and get a great interest rate and a great monthly mortgage. My evaluation is Outstanding. Thanks Phillip, as I said already. You will always be welcome to the Hella Pad!
Laurie Wertz recommends Kara Fiore
Nov 8, 2013
Kara orchestrated every aspect of my home refinancing with skill and care. She stayed in close contact with me during the process, providing knowledgeable guidance every step of the way. Kara made the whole experience easy and painless. I highly recommend her services.
Joy recommends Kara Fiore
Nov 7, 2013
Kara is very professional, fast, organized and efficient. She knows how to monitor the market to give her clients the best mortgage deal. I really enjoyed working with her. She is confident that she can deliver!
Damon recommends Donna R Aldrich
General Contractor
Nov 7, 2013
Donna Aldrich... Thank you for making a huge difference in the quality of our lives! We came to you two years ago to do a refi. You worked with our our financials and after trying with the banks, we would not be able to qualify - BUT.... you gave us a strategy to pay down a bit of debt, and increase our income just enough. Lo and behold, one year later, Shazzaam! Totally worked out for us. It has been so helpful to get that refi. Thanks Donna!
Linda Enger recommends Kara Fiore
Nov 7, 2013
Kara is an enthusiastic and effective Loan Consultant. She evaluates the available options and offers alternatives, clearly defining the the positive or negative features of each. When ready to proceed, she works very quickly and makes sure the process works smoothly. She is a great partner and guide on this sometimes frustrating process. Kara is an excellent service provider.
Cam D recommends