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Offering a wide range of mortgage products and services, Guarantee Mortgage is well prepared to meet every real estate lending need.

We have 22 years under our belt providing world-class client service. Our top priority is to make sure you are presented with all available loan options, so that you can make an informed decision, that’s right for your financial situation.

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1166 Recommendations

Susan V. recommends Aisling Ferguson
2 days ago
My husband and I have worked with Aisling on obtaining loans for two different properties. Since the first on went so smooth, we immediately called her on the second one. I really like Aisling’s style and she is always on top of everything. She knows her stuf!

We never had an issue with communications; email worked very well for us as there was a lot of back and forth required for all the documentation to be in place when needed. She is always available if I call her on the phone too; for those item that required more conversation we instantly were able to connect and solve any issue we had.

I would recommend her to anyone !
John & Katy Tischler recommends James Argo
2 days ago
We appreciated all of the excellent service and professionalism provided by Jim and his team throughout the process of refinancing our property.

The industry changes within recent times have made a refinance involve a lot of work, which Jim advised us of before we began. He coached us through the process, and overall it was orchestrated very well. With his help, we were very grateful to have met our financial goals.
Howard R. recommends Debra Stedt
3 days ago
Debra (and her assistant Kathy) are amazing to work with! Over the past 25 years I had refinanced my mortgage 4 times with Debra. Every time, she made the whole process very easy. As the lending requirements became more and more stringent, she was very helpful in making sure my applications were complete. She was always able to get excellent rates. She is always very patient and informative and very prompt in responding to my questions and concerns.

I would recommend her highly (and I have referred many of my friends and relatives as well).
Carol Rickman recommends Guy Rivera
3 days ago
This is the third time we have worked with Guy Rivera and his team at Guarantee Mortgage. From doing a purchase, to a refinance, to a refinance with bringing our children on title to a home, all transactions have gone very smooth. Not only did we feel we received very competitive rates, but also kept up to date on the process and advised well. In each instance we were finished in month of when we began the process. I can't say enough about the professionalism, kindness, and experience Guy and his team supplied. I highly recommend this office.
Anonymous recommends Robin Patronik
Aug 20, 2015
Robin is always on the ball -- timely, thorough and a pleasure to work with. She keeps the process on track and is a great communicator.
Larry Joe Bridwell recommends Kathy Derangi
Nurse Practitioner
Aug 18, 2015
My loan agent Kathy Derangi was extraordinary. She was consistently professional, and handled every problem with ease. She went way beyond the extra mile to make sure that my loan went through on time, despite the unforseen "bumps in the road." I was new to buying real estate, and had no idea the complexity of each step, but Kathy handled it like a seasoned pro. She is definitley one of the best in the business, and couldn't imaging working with anyone else!
Gaelen Gates recommends James Argo
Aug 18, 2015
The San Francisco real estate market is crazy and you need experienced professionals to guide you through every step, and we're so grateful that James was there for us. He got us a great rate and was there to talk us through all the crazy (and endless) documentation requests from the lender. His knowledge and experience made a huge difference in the process.
Rico Estrada-Stone recommends Debra Stedt
Library Professional
Aug 17, 2015
Through two home purchases, Debra Stedt has been an absolute joy to work with. Her professionalism and thorough knowledge of the mortgage maze has made each experience so much easier for us. We know we will always be in good hands with her.
Mike Soper recommends Orlando Diaz
Aug 16, 2015
Orlando Diaz did a great job for us on our new purchase in Tahoe. He is extremely responsive, consultative and provided many options that were top notch. We have used Orlando on past transactions and highly recommend him.
Allison and Miguel recommends Debra Stedt
Aug 15, 2015
Debra helped us refinance our mortgage recently and we had an excellent experience working with her. From the first contact with Debra (she answered right away and stayed with me on the phone for quite a while as she noted our information), through the entire process, Debra was easy to access via email and phone, clear in her explanations, and responsive to our questions. Debra gave us options and ultimately found us a very low interest rate, as well as low closing costs. It was the second time we have refinanced with Debra and we can highly recommend her services!
Faye recommends Kathy Derangi
Aug 13, 2015
There aren't words to describe how amazing Kathy Derangi had been with my husband and I throughout the process of buying our first home together! My husband and I had both been previous home owners, but I was the with a past short sale! Kathy worked so well with both of us to ensure we get a great rate, experience, and loan that fit our budget and life style! Kathy was very professional, to the point, kind, and humorous throughout this whole process! I will be back to her for any loan business and will refer my friends to her hands down! Thank you Kathy for all your amazing work! We love our home!
Wayne Gomes recommends Alan Kirth
Realtor Broker Assiciate
Aug 12, 2015
Hi Alan,

I wanted to thank you for your tremendous effort in obtaining this loan for my mom. It was very impressive to me to see how you stayed with it, and kept on gathering information so it all would make sense for the underwriter to approve.

Not sure if anyone else could of done what you did.. I appreciate it, and thank you for completing a complicated loan for us.

To say the least, your my guy to refer and conduct business with now and in the future.

Many Thanks!

Wayne Gomes
Coldwell Banker
1427 Chapin Ave
Burlingame Ca 94010
Direct: 650-558-4318
Fax: 650-347-4067
DRE # 00673914
Dan Berthelette recommends Orlando Diaz
Registered Nurse
Aug 12, 2015
As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and were unsure of the complicated process that we were embarking on. Orlando worked hard for us and walked us through every step and answered every question we had. He always made himself available to talk to us.

At closing time he was very quick on his end and coordinated everything smoothly and efficiently with all parties involved.
Mr. Jeffrey Mandala recommends Orlando Diaz
Transit Supervisor San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency SFMTA
Aug 11, 2015
There are many first in our lives. A First Kiss, A First Date, A First Day on a New Job. All of these can be stressful and full of uncertainty. But few experiences are as daunting as being a first time home buyer. I know, I was one when I was introduced to Mr. Orland Diaz.

The right professionals around you at this stressful time can help so much. The right Realtor, the right Mortgage Professional. Mr. Orlando Diaz is that right professional!

What does one look for in a Mortgage Professional? Experience, Accuracy and the Strength to Complete the Transaction. Mr. Orlando Diaz has all these qualities. Mr. Diaz has the experience from years of helping others find the RIGHT loan for them. Mr. Diaz and his staff understand the Mortgage industry and are accurate in their calculations. Mr. Diaz will see you all the way to the close of escrow and the keys to your new home! His efforts do not end there. He will watch the ever changing market conditions and if another loan combination that he thinks may work for you, your phone will ring and Mr. Orlando Diaz will be on the other end with an offer than may save you hundreds of dollars a month. Now that's service!

I want to assure you, that you could not make a better choice than to use the services of Mr. Orlando Diaz. If you have any concerns, I urge you to have Orlando put you in contact with me. If you are first time buyer or a want to refinance. Mr. Orlando Diaz will make it an experience that is not so bad......

Update: 2015 I wrote the above in 2003. It is still all true. I have now been through three yes three refi's with the help and guidance of Mr. Diaz. Each time a better deal and an easier time with ALL the particulars of a refinance. Most important.. I saved hundreds every time every month$$$$$$$$$

Look. let me just say it... there still is no better choice and may not be for a long time. Orland Diaz and staff. The only way to go.

I have said this before.. if you have any seconds thoughts or concerns. Have Mr. Diaz put you in contact with. I will tell you like it is......
Pat recommends Orlando Diaz
retired social worker
Aug 11, 2015
I had a good experience with Orlando Diaz (and John Manley before him ) at Guarantee Mortgage. Orlando took over the loan after John got injured. They gave me a good loan package which enabled me to purchase an investment property in Sonoma County. I had the extra security of having a close friend's son, an experienced mortgage broker in the East Bay, review the loan and tell me it was a good deal ,and was even slightly better, in fact, than his own company would have given me.
Prior to going to Guarantee Mortgage, my two longstanding banks, Wells Fargo and Chase, gave me a hard time qualifying for a loan even though I have excellent credit and a large down payment (over half the price of the home). This home is in a highly sought after rental market. Orlando easily found a lender who was willing to use the rent the home will bring in to help me qualify. I think that's the advantage to using a broker who has access to many different companies rather than dealing with the larger, more rigid banks whose shenanigans helped create the lending crisis ,and, who now penalize responsible, qualified, low risk buyers like myself. The mortgage process itself was clean and smooth considering how these things often go.
In addition to getting a competitive loan package, I received good service. Orlando (and John) was patient and generous with his time in answering questions, providing counsel, and doing extra little things to make it easier, including letting me sign various non-loan related documents in his office which were sent from my real estate agent ,and faxing them back and forth to the real estate agent when I was having trouble with my home printer.
I am an older, single, disabled woman with various health challenges. The home buying process in the San Francisco Bay Area is brutal even to able-bodied buyers. It's a seller's market with many unfair advantages in favor of the seller, and, often almost no cooperation or even human decency extended to the buyer, regardless of their situation. What it amounts to is pure greed. When I was exhausted, physically sick, fed up with the seller's tactics, and quite close to walking out on the deal (the home needs a lot of work) near the end of the transaction, Orlando never once pressured me to buy the home, despite having put a lot of time and work into securing the loan . He told me to do what I felt was best for me, and said he'd support me either way. That made a lasting impression.
I would recommend Guarantee Mortgage, Orlando Diaz, and John Manley without reservation. I have taken it upon myself to write a 5 star Yelp review, too.

Marco Vinci recommends Kathy Derangi
I am a Project Manager for TubeMogul, Inc.
Aug 11, 2015
This is my second time going through the escrow process, but this time I needed to refinance my house for personal endeavors. The first time was terrible and reminded me of how painful the process is. Nevertheless, I did learn from my previous experience on how to prepare and what action items would be needed. Working with Kathy made this process seamless and less stressful. Kathy always answered my questions clearly and with a quick turnaround. Most importantly, Kathy provided a great experience by her responsiveness and guidance. I will definitely do business with her again!
tom recommends Robin Patronik
Aug 10, 2015
What a great experience, from beginning to end. Truly wonderful. We highly recommend Robin Patronik --she found the right loan for us --combing 1st mortgage and home equity loan, providing cash out at time of funding, securing lowest rate possible at the time. Not only did Robin guide us through what was a dizzying and often confusing process, she did so with the utmost grace and understanding, never complaining about our disorganized and often delayed follow up. Robin answered emails same day, if not within the hour or minute, of sending. Robin scheduled appts, adjusted schedules to accommodate ours, and followed up immediately after the loan had been signed to ensure everything went well. The entire process was seamless. I can't recommend Robin Patronik enough!
Beth Ellyn Lorey recommends Robin Patronik
Home owner, East Bay, CA
Aug 10, 2015
Robin Patronik is an outstanding Loan officer. In July 2015 Ms. Patronik helped my husband and me to refinance two substantial loans, our home loan and a second home equity loan. She was able to combine the two loans into one and at our request she secured for us an excellent low rate on a ten year fix. We definitely would not have refinanced without Ms. Patronik's constant guidance, ability to problem solve, and obvious expertise in her field. She single handedly ensured we had a successful experience refinancing our home loan and our home equity loan at terms that favored us and have left us feeling very pleased with the outcome. Ms. Patronik is exceptional at her job and very pleasant to work with at all times in the refinancing process. I highly recommend her services..
Jeff King and Margot Beall recommends Aisling Ferguson
Aug 5, 2015
We worked with Aisling to refinance our previous home and to finance the purchase of our new home. Anyone who has gone through this process in this post crash era knows that mortgage financing can be a trying process, even for the very well qualified. Aisling made it easy. She was creative and perseverant and got us excellent terms in both deals. We recommend her highly, and will use her again.
Kellan Gregory recommends Aisling Ferguson
Aug 5, 2015
Aisling is exactly the type of person you need during financing. She helped secure my first home and just recently assisted me on the refinance. She has a ton of energy with plenty of creativity to secure the right type of loan. During such a stressful time, the most important aspect for me is communication - Aisling is always available by phone and on the off-chance you don't get through, she promptly returns your call. I felt comfortable asking "stupid" questions and she always drilled down to my desired level of detail when needed. Transferring documents was painless and secure. I would highly recommend Aisling for any financing needs!
Jet Villavicencio recommends Larry Horowitz
Aug 5, 2015
Larry was a pleasure to work with! Throughout the entire application process, I never had to wait for answers to any questions I had for him and I never had to wait for status updates on my application. He was very thorough in ensuring that I was well-informed throughout the application process. In fact, the entire application process felt relatively easy and convenient while I was working with Larry.

Definitely give him a call if you need to work on applying for a mortgage or a refinance. I'll definitely be going back to him if I need to apply for another mortgage/refinance in the future.
Teresa M. recommends Foster Weeks
Aug 4, 2015
Foster was so helpful every step of the way when we refinanced. He worked his best to try to expedite our refi before our vacation.
Aeron Noe and Jacob Grotta recommends Aisling Ferguson
Aug 1, 2015
We have worked with Aisling on four transactions over the years, with one of them being a rather tricky one from a financing perspective, and we have been thrilled with her services. She gives accurate, timely information from the outset, and follows through to deliver on schedule.
ursula rodriguez recommends Debra Stedt
Sr Manager Marketing
Jul 30, 2015
Debra Stedt is a pleasure to work with. She makes the loan process seamless. She is thorough, always happy to answer questions and gives accurate, helpful information to make your loan decision easier. i would highly recommend her to help with your loan process.
LuAnn McVicker recommends Debra Stedt
Senior Engineering Manager
Jul 28, 2015
I was referred to Debra Stedt by a friend, after another mortgage broker could not provide me the type of loans I wanted for refinancing 2 of my properties. In addition to this, my refinance was part of a complicated 3 party TIC to condo conversion refinance, with 3 separate mortgage brokers. Debra was able to find the exact type of loans I wanted, for both properties, very quickly. I was amazed!

Debra is very knowledgeable, responsive, pro-active, and efficient. She provided me great advice every step of the way, and I felt that she always had what was best for my situation in mind. She also spear-headed coordination with the other mortgage brokers to keep the entire refinance process moving forward, despite set-backs from my TIC partners.

I am a very happy customer, and I highly recommend Debra Stedt.
Taejoon Ahn MD MPH recommends Aisling Ferguson
President/CEO of John Muir Medical Group
Jul 28, 2015
We have worked with Aisling on several occasions over the last 5 years and couldn't be more pleased. We live in a competitive housing market and Aisling assisted us most recently on a very complex transaction. Here are words/phrases to describe Aisling: 1. Ethical- will always provide recommendations that are in the best interest of all parties. 2. Technical Excellence- super detail oriented and efficient so that the process moves from A to Z as smoothly as possible. 3- Relationship management- keeps a cools head when others are losing theirs and manages everyone's anxiety with good humor. She also makes it seem like I'm her only client when I know she's got loads. I recommend her highly and without reservation for anyone looking to finance or refinance.
Rebecca Skipper recommends Aisling Ferguson
Escrow Officer
Jul 28, 2015
I am an escrow officer in the Bay Area and had the pleasure of working with Aisling Ferguson and team at Guarantee Mortgage. I was very impressed by how quickly from the time escrow was open to the receipt of loan documents! I just a bit over a week! Never had seen that happen before on any of my escrows. The team worked smoothly upon the coordination of signing the loan docs, and no extreme hurdles at funding. Hope to work with Aisling again in the future!
S. Dowling recommends Larry Horowitz
Jul 26, 2015
We've worked with Larry for the past 13 years. He is one of the most honest and professional individuals I have ever encountered in the industry. Over the years he has acted as a trusted partner working with us to make the best mortgage decisions for our family, never pressuring us to make a move that did not make sense. I have no qualms recommending Larry to anyone looking for help to secure a mortgage.
Dinny Evans recommends Orlando Diaz
realtor, Truckee, CA
Jul 24, 2015
I have been in real estate for 23 years and have worked with a lot of lenders! That side of a transaction has become more and more challenging the last few years. This is the second buyer I've had who has had Orlando Diaz as their lender and for the second time he has over delivered! His communication, follow up and timing has been incredible and though I often encourage clients to work with someone local, in this case I would recommend Orlando any time!
B. Brunner recommends Aisling Ferguson
Real Estate Sales
Jul 23, 2015
I recently had the pleasure of working with Aisling, as she was helping my clients with a loan in order to purchase a property in San Francisco. Aisling was incredibly on the ball-responsive, knowledgeable,smart and pleasant. The madness of the real estate micro market in San Francisco creates a freneticism around purchasing homes.The competition factor requires quick action and putting the buyers' best foot forward. Having Aisling in your corner is a smart move. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
Jim and Judy Dowling recommends Orlando Diaz
Jul 22, 2015
After a difficult attempted refinancing with our local bank, Orlando was recommended to us. Although initially we thought we had the essentials for a relatively easy approval, our property was unique and did not fit established criteria of most lenders. Orlando believed in the strength of the loan and was persistent in making it happen. His patience professionalism paid off for us, and we were able to obtain a loan with good terms and an excellent rate. We would highly recommend him.
Tom Dreyer recommends Simone Echeguren
Real Estate Broker, Alain Pinel Realtors Mill Valley, CA
Jul 20, 2015
I have been in the business as a Broker-Realtor for 22 years and can say that I have met and worked with quite a few loan brokers over the years. Simone is not only an experienced, honest and highly-professional person, she takes time to understand what is actually needed by her clients, not just what is available. Simone is a caring person who seeks to understand her client's overall needs and help them make good decisions. It is a pleasure to work with Simone. Real estate transactions are complex and require good, straight-forward people to work as a team, and provide totally transparent service to their fine clients. Simone is someone you can trust to do that for you.
K.C. recommends Debra Stedt
Oakland Home Buyer
Jul 20, 2015
Debra Stedt and her assistant Kathy Derangi were recommended by my realtor, Nathan Zagal, and working with all of them exceeded my expectations. My home closed in 21 days as promised, and everything was a smooth transition. By being a broker, there are many options as opposed to one bank, and she explained and recommended all the best options. Debra, Kathy, and Nathan, thank you for all your hard work. For any home financial needs, I highly recommend Debra Stedt!
Greg Berardi recommends Simone Echeguren
CEO, Blue Marlin Partners
Jul 18, 2015
Simone has helped us with several mortgages. She's trustworthy, strategic and knows how to play the game in locking in rates. Plus, she delivers great service and is nice! Give her your business. You won't regret it.
Jason Hannon recommends Guy Rivera
Senior Analyst
Jul 17, 2015
Guy Rivera was recommended to me by a Santa Ynez real estate agent. I was in the market for a mortgage refinance and had a very unique situation with some difficult hurdles to overcome. I frankly did not think I would be able to refinance my loan.
Guy and his staff at Guarantee Mortgage proved to be extremely professional, prompt, and accessible throughout the entire process. Not only did they make the impossible happen by making my refinance a reality, they were also able to secure an excellent interest rate for me.
I’m absolutely thrilled with what Guy and his team accomplished for me. I would highly recommend Guy Rivera to anyone in the market for a new home loan or refinance.
Terry and Jeff Gavitt recommends Simone Echeguren
Teacher/ Manager Pest Control
Jul 16, 2015
I have gotten more than a few home loans in my life, including refinances. I live in So. Cal. and was hesitant to do a loan in SF. I thought it might be hard to get documents back and forth. This ended up being the easiest loan I've ever done. Pretty much everything was done on the computer. The Best part is that we went to a 15 year loan so we took THREE years off of our loan and our payments just went up a small amount because of the amazing interest rate Simone was able to lock us in at. I am 100% confident in recommending Simone and her staff for securing the very best loan available.
Claud Boivin recommends Allan McAllister
Vice President at Capgemini
Jul 15, 2015
Allan made our dream become reality.
When we started our journey to purchase a nice house in the South Bay Area the odds that we would be successful were pretty low. Not enough credit history in the U.S., most of our liquid assets outside of the country, a mortgage and a house for sale in another country, no W2 for the previous year, etc... On paper there was no way we would be able to get the amount of financing necessary for the house we were looking for our family of 5. And we wanted the nice schools too...
Allan made it happen. He knew what to do, what to ask, what to translate, the level of risk the lenders would accept or reject. The bridges to cross and the lines not to cross. His knowledge and skills were critical. Thanks Allan! Looking forward to contact you for the next refinancing milestone.
Judi Van Gorder recommends Robert Vallee
Homeowner, Insurance Agent
Jul 3, 2015
To Whom it May Concern,

Rob Vallee negotiated an equity line of credit for me few years ago and more recently helped me refinance my home. In both instances he.made the process as painless and simple as possible. His professionalism with a personal touch was very much appreciated.

I would not hesitate to use his services again and I would recommend to anyone seeking these services to contact him. You won't be disappointed.


Judi Van Gorder
Gene Domeno recommends Guy Rivera
Multiple Property Owner
Jul 1, 2015
Guy, it should go without saying that you truly know your business and make refinancing/recasting/purchasing, etc. very easy on your clients. You continue to stay in touch with your clients and keep them abreast through the entire process. We've had several types of loans with you and you make the process quite simple for the client. We have and will continue to recommend you to others. Thanks for doing ANOTHER great job for us.

Gene and Rhonda Domeno
Therese Pimentel recommends Jeanine Andrious
Jun 26, 2015
There aren't enough superlatives for Jeanine - she was extremely knowledgeable, efficient, responsive everything you would want from a broker in this highly competitive real estate market. She patiently answered my numerous questions fully and accurately. I'm extremely happy with this escrow and will be using Jeanine for all my loan needs.

As a concrete example, we closed on schedule despite one week delay in getting documents from a minimally responsive HOA. Jeannine's the best!!
Grace A recommends Aisling Ferguson
Wealth Advisor
Jun 24, 2015
Ashling was amazing with the process of securing our mortgage. We were selling our property in LA, so while we were waiting for our escrow to close Aishling prequalified us for our loan. This put us at a huge advantage when competing for property in SF. We were able to close escrow in 15 days which made us competitive against cash buyers. We were competing against 12 offers and 3 of those offers were at the same price we offered. We won out against our competitors with Aishling's help. She was always available and quick to respond. She stayed on top of the whole process and managed to make a stressful experience easy and painless. I can't thank her enough.
Francisco H Avitia recommends Orlando Diaz
First timer
Jun 24, 2015
This was my first time refinancing since the passing of my partner and I did not know what to expect. My situation had some unique elements and I wasn't quite sure how to proceed. My financial advisor recommended I reach out to Guarantee Mortgage.

Orlando Diaz and the Guarantee Mortgage team far exceeded my expectations.
From the initial point of contact until close, Orlando and his team were professional, timely and available to answer any/all my questions. I'm certain the process was a lot more complicated than it felt.

Orlando and his team did an awesome job. I would strongly recommend Guarantee Mortgage to my family and friends

Thank you!

Anthony Quepons recommends Guy Rivera
Just a father looking for a house for his family.
Jun 18, 2015
I highly recommend Guy Rivera and his staff. Guy is very professional and knowledgeable about the mortgage industry. What I like about Guy is his down to earth personality, and he tells you how it is. He will help you find a competitive rate and find options to make owning a home possible. Guy, also has a vast knowledge of realtors in the area that he can recommend to help you find your home. I highly recommend Guy Rivera for your mortgage needs.
Nancy Niche recommends Robert Vallee
Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur
Jun 15, 2015
Rob is extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and fun to work with, He is truly interested in meeting the expectations of his clients and will go to great lengths to a positive outcome. He is creative and thinks outside the box. His sense of humor makes the process less formidable.
Peter Curtin recommends Julie Malta
Product Manager, Cisco
Jun 15, 2015
We have done business with Julie for several mortgages, both initial and re-dos, but this one tested even her skills and she came through with flying colors! This was a difficult closing with some issues with the lender, but Julie was calm and worked very closely with our Realtor to sort out the issue. Julie is tenacious, thorough and a pleasure to work with. She will get you through all the paperwork hoops with a minimum of effort.
Shawn T. recommends Jeanine Andrious
Jun 13, 2015
I have closed many loans with Jeanine and her team and they always have exceeded my expectations. She is so thuru and very professional.
Shawn T. recommends Abdi Ghavi
Jun 13, 2015
It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Abdi and his team. I have done numerous loans with them and they have exceeded my expectations. They have always delivered on their promises.
Glenn Good recommends Debra Stedt
Jun 10, 2015
Debbie and her team were outstanding. I cannot tell you how helpful and professinal they were throughout the entire process. My escrow was completed in less than 23 days. They are the best. I recommend them very highly.
Shawnna Sullivan recommends Jeanine Andrious
Jun 9, 2015
I appreciate Jeanine's prompt and courteous service. She gave me piece of mind in a hectic and copmpetitive environment.
Gregg Gerst recommends Orlando Diaz
Director, WW Financial Services
Jun 8, 2015
This was my 3rd or 4th financing project with Orlando and he did another amazing job. Great rate and super easy process. He did a fantastic job of keeping me appraised of the process, what paperwork I needed to deliver and closing in a timely manner. Unlike others I've used in the past, Orlando is diligent and organized and keeps his commitments. I'm very happy to recommend him to others in need of a new or refinanced mortgage.
Ian D recommends John Joyce
Jun 7, 2015
John and Asa provided simply incredible service and support, it was an absolute pleasure working with them and I recommend them to anyone considering re-financing their home loan. Previously I attempted to re-finance with other agents and companies, and it was an uphill battle requiring my constant attention and outreach to the refi agent. I also ran into circumstances where promised of rates were made, then late in the process learning the cost/benefit of refinancing would be next to nothing. John was upfront from the beginning, he was honest, knowledgeable, and most importantly, available and pro-active with communication. Everyone who played a role in the process, from his Admin (Asa) to closing (Rhonda) to mortgage insurance referrals, were fantastic, it was a first class experience all around!
Sarah Lacy recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jun 5, 2015
Wow. I cannot recommend Aisling highly enough. We had a very tricky situation, and she worked on our refi for 18 months of torture. Then when our secondary loan was handed off to another institution, she endlessly hounded them on our behalf to make sure it got done. She went over and above her job description to make sure we were taken care of. I doubt she even made minimum wage by the end of it. There is no way I'd ever go to anyone else if I needed a mortgage.
Brendan Filuk, Laney Filuk recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jun 1, 2015
We have utilized Aisling Ferguson as a mortgage broker several times of the past 12 years. She has always been extremely thorough, competent, detailed-oriented, and is always available to answer any question we might have during the process. We have definitely recommended her to friends and family and will continue to use her in the future.
Anonymous recommends James Argo
May 31, 2015
I don't know what we would do without James Argo. I had no idea what I was doing when we started the home buying/mortgage process. James was endlessly patient with our questions. He worked very hard for us, and I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with him. We recommend him highly.
Stephanie recommends Aisling Ferguson
May 30, 2015
Aisling was amazing! She knew her stuff and got us a great loan that closed on time!
Daniel Kuo recommends Cecelia Tyeskey
First time homebuyer
May 29, 2015
Cecelia was an absolute pleasure to work with, and went the extra mile for me. There aren't many people who would expend the time and effort in an oversaturated market like ours, but throughout the process I felt like I was being treated as a person, and not just a commission. I'm happy to recommend Cecelia without reservations.
Lee Kariuki recommends Debra Stedt
May 28, 2015
Debra helped our family get into an amazing house. With the housing market being what it is in the bay area having Debra was truly a God send. She is exceptional and is there with you every step of the way. Thanks Debra.
Jon Harris recommends Debra Stedt
Home buyer
May 22, 2015
Debbie is a terrific broker, sure to make your loan approval successful. She is very thorough, responsive, and prompt. Debbie communicates very well, and ensures you are in the best position to get the best loan available.
Aregawie Yosef recommends Debra Stedt
Manager at Human Services Ageny, City & County of San Francisco
May 18, 2015
Debra is very dependable and responsive. When we posed questions, she responded promptly explaining the process thoroughly. This is the third time we have worked with Debra; when we purchased our house and refinanced twice. We are very pleased with her professionalism and expertise. We recently referred a friend to her and we will not hesitate to do so again in the future.
Ranen recommends Debra Stedt
May 18, 2015
Debbie was recommended to me by a close friend. Having not purchased a home or qualified for a mortgage before, Debbie played a spectacular role in educating me throughout the entire process. She helped me figure out my best mortgage option and her process is very efficient, avoiding unnecessary paperwork or office visits (I was able to accomplish nearly everything online). We had a very tight deadline to close escrow and Debbie always kept everything on schedule. Today I am closing on my house, and everything went so smoothly with much thanks to Debbie. I look forward to the chance to work with Debbie again in the future.
John Grant recommends Larry Horowitz
San Francisco homeowner
May 14, 2015
Larry helped me with my initial mortgage over ten years ago and with refinancing twice. Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. And very service-oriented. Each time I got a great product that was right for me and without any pressure. Everything went smoothly each time. I'm definitely going back to him next time. Thanks Larry.
Roberta Agre and Allan Sluizer recommends Debra Stedt
homeowner, retired
May 13, 2015
Debra Stedt did very well for us. The process was tedious with plenty of paperwork, yet, Debbie guided us through it and made it much easier by solving each potential problem as it arose and explaining what was happening as it happened. If we refinance again our first call will be to Debbie.
Chris Weber recommends Orlando Diaz
retired motion picture film cutter
May 5, 2015
I live in Southern California. I was looking for a broker and a friend recommended Orlando Diaz. I was a little concerned that he was in Northern California and there might be a disconnect in the long distance process. Everything went smoothly. There were a few snags on my part but he was very helpful and held my hand (even though it was long distance) thru the whole process. Orlando kept in touch with me almost everyday and answered all my questions promptly. I was happy I found him and encourage anyone else to used his services.
Noah Salzman recommends Debra Stedt
Home Owner
May 5, 2015
Debbie is great! She helped me get my home in San Francisco over 10 years ago and has helped me refinance several times over the years. Debbie has access to the best programs and rates available. Even when things seem impossible, no matter what the obstacle, Debbie gets the job done!
Gayle recommends Christopher Baker
May 1, 2015
Chris was absolutely fabulous in getting the mortgage closed in 3 weeks. We were in a multiple offer situation and if it were not for Chris's persistence and constant follow-up we never would have been able to honor our contract terms. He is always accessible, returns phone calls and e-mails immediately and constantly updates client and their agent as to where they are and what they need. Highly recommend Chris and will definitely use him again.
Brendan McWeeney recommends Orlando Diaz
Sr. Product Designer
Apr 30, 2015
Orlando was with us every step of the way through our refinance. He was extremely responsive and went the extra mile to ensure we got the best possible rate. We really appreciated his attention to detail and friendly demeanor throughout the entire process.
Connie J recommends Risa J. Meyer
Apr 30, 2015
I recently had the pleasure of refinancing property using Risa as my mortgage broker. She was resolute about getting the best deal and spent a great deal of time researching various options....and, more importantly, making sure I understood the various tradeoffs among the options. In addition to being thorough, detailed, and diligent, Risa is a real pleasure to work with.
Vicki Gordon recommends Risa J. Meyer
Property Investor
Apr 29, 2015
Recently I refinanced a loan with Risa and was amazed at how painless she made what had previously been a painful process. Her expert guidance and knowledge, her attention to detail, and extra efforts to make everything as convenient as possible ensure that I will return to her for any future needs. I highly recommend Risa to anyone in need of mortgage loan services.
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Apr 28, 2015
Working with Orlando was such a honor and easy process.
Helping on getting 2 loans into one with an amazing rate for 30 years.
What a relief knowing that for the next 30 years we don't have to worry about our rate changing.

I highly recommend Orlando Diaz & Guarantee Mortgage.

Rey Cervantes
Max Keene recommends Debra Stedt
Apr 24, 2015
Debra has helped me purchase two homes now and I couldn't be happier. She was clear and straight forward about what my options were and what I needed to do at each step of the process. She even helped get me extra leverage during negotiation by offering to expedite closing the loan in just 21 days. I have been very happy working with Debra and I will definitely work with her again in the future.
Erica Peng recommends Debra Stedt
Leadership Development Coach
Apr 24, 2015
If I ever do another Refi or need another mortgage, I'll be calling Debra asap. She is incredibly accessible and responsive by phone and email. I'm so used to leaving voicemails, I was pleasantly surprised when she answered her phone the first time I called to inquire about a Refi. I had a challenging situation given my self-employment status and Debra was the one mortgage broker (I spoke to 2 others) who was optimistic and took the chance to get me qualified. And she did it!

She has a wealth of experience and expertise and offered helpful perspectives on different options I could choose.
Ms. Dale L. Drouin recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 23, 2015
I was referred to Aisling by my real estate broker who said she was the best. Needless to say, he was right! Aisling is positively amazing to work with because while she is both friendly and pleasant on the one hand, she is extremely professional and no-nonsense on the other. Aisling seems to work 24-7 which makes me wonder if she ever sleeps. Thanks to Aisling and her brokering me a super sweet deal, today I am closing on my beautiful dream home.
Willie Hector and Connie Jeffers recommends Christopher Baker
Buyers of a home
Apr 22, 2015
Without a doubt Chris Baker is the best of the best!. He works tirelessly to get everything for his clients . There were night calls to ask questions etc and he responds Quickly. Never worry that something is not going well because he is brilliant in every way. We recommend him also because he is kind ,thoughtful and fun.. Trust me you want Chris in this market of today. Amazingly complicated but not for Chris. We are so grateful to him because we are now the proud owners of the house of our dreams. Thanks Chris!
Jessica Wallace recommends Debra Stedt
Apr 17, 2015
Debra did a great job in closing my client's loan quickly and communicated with me every step of the way.
Lisa Novak recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 16, 2015
I have relied on Aisling for every home purchase and refi I've done since 2002, and she is remarkable. Very knowledgeable, no-nonsense and hustles to get you the best deal. I just refinanced and am very happy with the result. You can't go wrong with Aisling.
Nakissa Gradert recommends Allan McAllister
Project Manager, Apple
Apr 16, 2015
I'm not sure if there is enough space to write about how great it was to work with Allan. He somehow made the mortgage process clear and easy, while still keeping me in the loop and informed at all times.

I worked with Allan when I sought to purchase a condo for my father (my father is not able to work due to a medical condition). Where other brokers would have walked away from my business given its complexity, Allan was committed to finding the right mortgage for my situation. I can honestly say that had I not worked with Allan on this purchase, it would have fallen out of escrow and I would be back to square one trying to find the right place for my dad.

From the beginning and throughout the process, Allan went above and beyond in terms of customer service. He made me feel like I was his only client with the amount of diligence, follow through, and consistently prompt response he provided to any of my questions.

Allan is a true professional that delivers exceptional customer service. I cannot say enough good things about working with him, so instead I will just continue to spread the word about this wonderful broker named Allan McAllister!
Lizbeth G. recommends Risa J. Meyer
Apr 13, 2015
My husband (a dentist) and I (a real estate attorney and broker) first met Risa Meyer in 1994, when we bought our first home together. Since then, Risa has handled a number of new financings and refinancings for us – one, very recently. Risa has always done an excellent job for us – whether it be shopping for the best available terms, communicating well with all the parties concerned, issue spotting and problem solving, advocating for us, and, among other things, shepharding us (and others) through all the various stages of a transaction so that it proceeds smoothly, closes on time, and accomplishes our personal and financial objectives. It is without reservation that we recommend Risa to others for their mortgage needs.
Iva O. recommends Aisling Ferguson
Trans # 2
Apr 12, 2015
Aisling feels more like a knowledgeable dear friend than a broker. She is truly fabulous and a genuinely delightful human being. She's a keeper!
Shari Malone recommends Risa J. Meyer
Real Estate Broker
Apr 11, 2015
I've been a Realtor since 1975 and have worked with maybe 100 different mortgage brokers. I've never had the pleasure of working with a mortgage broker that has been as passionate about pleasing her clients as Risa. For her, "normal service" is not enough - she delivers extraordinary. I can recommend her without reservation. Shari Malone, Zephyr Real Estate.
Christophe Dinello recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 2, 2015
I used Aisling Ferguson as my Mortgage Broker in a recent home buying transaction. In this era of the post 2008 Recession mortgage industry, getting a loan is extremely difficult as well as onerous (the information that is needed to process your loan is sometimes overwhelming). In this light, I found Aisling to be highly competent and extremely organized in that she knows exactly what is needed to complete your loan and will communicate with you to get it done in a timely manner. I would definitely use her again. In fact I wouldn't use anyone else.
Alexander Coughlin recommends Debra Stedt
Mar 26, 2015
Debra is reliable, knowledgable, thorough and prepared. I love using her because she is always so prompt and knows how to get the job done. I highly recommend her!
James Linford recommends Aisling Ferguson
Mar 25, 2015
Aisling Ferguson helped me with refinancing my mortgage. She was very pleasant to work with every step of the way. Everything was done efficiently and in a timely manner. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to refinance. Everyone at Guarantee Mortgage was very professional.
Renee Jiang recommends Julie Malta
Financial analyst at UCSF
Mar 24, 2015
Julie is a wonderful mortgage broker and was a great help to me when I purchased my first home in 2014. As a first-time buyer, I knew nothing about securing a mortgage, but Julie put me at ease and patiently walked me through the process. She went over all the necessary documentation with me at our first meeting and continued to be very responsive and knowledgeable with all my other inquiries as we moved forward. She is highly efficient and responds to phone calls and e-mails in a heartbeat. Not only did she help me put together a competitive offer that landed me my house, but she also made sure that we closed escrow in a timely fashion, and was present as I signed the escrow documents. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and efficient mortgage borker!
Brook Baird recommends Cecelia Tyeskey
Real Estate Agent
Mar 23, 2015
This was my first time working with Cecelia and I couldn't be more pleased. My clients were first time buyers relocating to Oakland from SF due to a stressful eviction. Cecelia was FAST, responsive and thorough. She took the time to answer all their questions in detail and even drove all the way from SF to Oakland to be present for their signing! I felt completely confident that the financing side of the transaction was under control which allowed me to devote more time to my clients other needs. Exactly what I'm looking for in a lender! Thanks, Cecelia!
Rodney Rogers recommends Aisling Ferguson
Mar 17, 2015
I've worked with Aisling with to mortgages, and you'd be hard pressed to find another broker that is as efficient, friendly, and professional. She comes highly recommended. When you find someone this good, you keep them for life! No need to look any further. She knows the business and provides excellent advice during the process. 10 stars!
Tim Haselman recommends Aisling Ferguson
Multi Unit Property Owner in San Francisco
Mar 17, 2015
Aisling is unbeatable when it comes to mortgage brokers in San Francisco. She is on top of all the latest trends, and you can take comfort in knowing you will be getting the best deal and a professional who communicates and puts your mind at ease during the process.
William Sullivan recommends Debra Stedt
refinance client
Mar 17, 2015
This was by far, the easiest and most trouble free refinance transaction I have had!
Debra communicated well and provided all necessary information in a concise and direct format.
She walked me through each step, and was available for questions and follow-up
Her support staff were friendly, and available to reach at various points of the process

Debra was reccomended to me by my friend Mr Halkyard, who employed her services, and I would not hesitate to reccomend her to anyone who might need mortgage services.

Well done!
Leigh Ann Moore Robledo recommends Larry Horowitz
Senior Tax Manager
Mar 15, 2015
I first met Larry many years ago when we were first-year analysts in public accounting sharing a cubicle! So I've always completely trusted him to refinance my home loans. Each time, Larry came through lowering my rate and finding a great deal on a no-point, no-fee refi. He explained the product options in detail, and discussed market issues and timing. He constantly provided status updates with timely emails and phone calls. He anticipated potential issues with credit reports and the title transfers around my trust, and quickly followed through with suggested fixes. He was respectful of my time and was flexible, making himself available after hours. Honestly, I don't know where he finds the energy! I highly recommend him and I personally will never use anyone else.
Carlos Perez recommends Christopher Baker
Cleaning concepts Owner
Mar 12, 2015
I have known Christoper Baker for 15 years, he is an excellent broker. I have refinanced my home throgh him various time and he is always able to give me the best interest for me. I would absolutely recomment him eyes closed. I recently refinanced my home and he was able to shorten my time to 15 years with a 3% interest rate. Chris is the best at we he does.
Sally Cincu recommends Abdi Ghavi
Senior Director, Hewlett Packard
Mar 11, 2015
Abdi and Jeanine are always so delightful to work with. They got us such a terrific rate and always demonstrate such integrity and professionalism in all their dealings. A terrific team.
Greg, Leon and Valentine Kasdan recommends Guy Rivera
Santa Barbara and Carpinteria Residents
Mar 8, 2015
Guy Rivera was initially recommended by a prominent Santa Barbara real estate agent and we could not be happier. Our family has lived in different states and has worked with numerous mortgage brokers and banks. Guy Rivera and his outstanding professional team are the best we have encountered in the mortgage industry.

We have purchased and refinanced on several occasions with Guy at the lowest possible interest rate in the shortest timeframe. Recently, we were able to close on our latest purchase in just seventeen days. Each time, Guy and his associates provided extremely efficient service and were able to obtain financing for complicated loan transactions. Guy is a leader who immediately takes ownership of the loan application and closely monitors the entire process to assure that everything is done appropriately. He is extremely knowledgeable and thinks ahead to advise the customer to prepare necessary documents in order to secure loan approval.

Guy and his staff continuously communicate with all parties involved including the customer, realtors, appraiser, inspectors, underwriter, title/escrow company, etc. to make sure that any issues are resolved promptly. Guy and his associates are always available and immediately respond to any questions.

Even after closing, Guy personally stays in contact with the customer and offers advice and valuable newsletters. We can definitely say Guy Rivera is the best and would not hesitate to recommend him.
Todd and Carolyn Appleby recommends Kathy Derangi
Sr. Research Scientist; Marketing Director
Mar 8, 2015
Kathy did a phenomenal job helping us re-finance - highly proactive, excellent follow-through, detail oriented, and kept us on task every step of the way to ensure we secured an attractive rate in a very time-senstive window. With two young children and demanding schedules, we would have missed the opportunity to realize the savings we are now if it hadn't been for Kathy taking the reins on the process from start to finish. It is with high recommendation that anyone should work with Kathy for your financing needs!
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Mar 6, 2015
This is the second time we are refinancing with Orlando and, as always, he was most helpful throughout the process. I am certain we will use him again when the time comes.
Anonymous recommends Allan McAllister
A home buyer in Mountain View
Mar 5, 2015
Allan was our loan agent when we purchased our house in May 2014, and again helped with our recent refinance that closed in March 2015. We are super satisfied with his services both times.

We had been in the market for over a year before we bought our current house. We started working with Allan in March 2013, when the market in the South Bay has grown very competitive. It was tough and at times frustrating to be in a sellers’ market like 2013 and 2014, looking for a house in the PA/LA/MV area, going up against multiple competing offers (not to mention that cash offers were not uncommon). Fortunately Allan was always there to support us. He is knowledgeable of the market and the process, kept us updated as we move through the various stages, and had been always patient in answering our questions and explaining things in terms we understand. Allan was very attentive to details, reminding us ahead of time of things that we as client might have overlooked otherwise.

We ended up making over a dozen offers in as many months, until we finally bought our current house. Allan’s help has definitely made our home buying process less frustrating, and given us the peace of mind that anything related to our loan is taken care of.

We would recommend Allan to anyone who’s in need of a knowledgeable, responsible and caring loan agent. Allan is a top-notch professional!
Katherina Lamothe recommends Christopher Baker
Real Estate Broker
Mar 4, 2015
Christopher Baker is an excellent loan officer. He is very knowledgeable, professional, helpful and push all necessary task to get the job done in an efficient manner. I have worked with Chris for the last 30 yrs in the capacity of many of my real estate transactions in addition to my own personal loans. All good experience and highly recommend him.
Shannon Halkyard recommends Debra Stedt
Mar 4, 2015
Debbie rocks! I got an awesome mortgage--fixed low interest rate and she made the process as smooth as any broker I've known, worked with, or heard of. She's professional, responsive, fast, and clear. Anytime I had questions about a form, paperwork, anything--she made it clear exactly what I needed to do and gave me ways to get things done quickly. She was also great when I was away from technology to provide some documents and we found a way to make things work when I had a mini-vacation in the midst of my last ref-fi. I've worked with her twice now and both times she beat all the competition, including my military credit union--whose rates always seem more favorable than any other bank. If you're thinking about a mortgage, you won't go wrong with her.
Sarka Sarkisian recommends Robin Patronik
Buyers Agent
Mar 2, 2015
Robin was very professional, responsive and got the job done quickly and thoroughly.
I would be happy to work with her again, my buyers were also VERY satisfied with her work.
Christine Bolt recommends Debra Stedt
Economics professor
Mar 1, 2015
Debra Stedt is an amazing loan officer. She is extremely efficient, always giving your loan application her complete dedication. She responds quickly to any questions and keeps you continually updated with the progress of your application. Ms. Stedt clearly explains all aspects of the loan process, including all the loan products that are available. In addition, she is easy and enjoyable to work with. I would recommend anyone considering refinancing or purchasing a home to use Mr. Stedt's services. She is the best!
Anne Sanguinetti recommends Robin Patronik
Thoroughbred Jockey
Feb 24, 2015
Robin was amazing. She got us our pre-approval in five days after we had been waiting over two months for a pre-approval that never came from a major bank. I am self employed, so our situation was more complicated than some. She then was able to accommodate a compressed closing schedule which we had wanted to make our offer more competitive. Once our offer was accepted, Robin kept everything on schedule or ahead of schedule, and we closed right on time. Her response time to all of our inquiries was great, and she really helped us get through the whole process (this was our first mortgage). We couldn't have been happier with Robin.
Alex Martin recommends Aisling Ferguson
Manager, Public Affairs
Feb 23, 2015
I highly recommend Aisling Ferguson to anyone looking for a hard-working, competent, get it done mortgage broker. I worked with Aisling for over a year while looking to purchase my first home and she was always patient with me and took the time to answer my questions thoroughly. Her experience and expertise in the mortgage industry was always impressive and gave me a leg up on the competition. Thank you Aisling for all of your help!
David Robinson recommends Orlando Diaz
Director of Catering, Four Seasons San Francisco
Feb 14, 2015
Orlando came highly recommended to me by my Realtor. I trusted Michael so I reached out to Orlando and received an immediate response. I belonged to a three unit TIC and we were starting our the condo conversion process so we needed someone to guide us through the process. Fortunately, Orlando was able to manage all three units during the entire process so it made the final steps a lot easier. Orlando was everything that I needed in a mortgage broker. I told him from the start that I had not been through this process before at this level and that I would need extra hand holding and care. He was attentive, supportive and was extremely patient in answering every question that may have seen basic to him, but extremley important to me. We now have converted and enjoying the benefits of being condo homeowners....thanks to the hard work and care that Orlando provided. Please note that the relationship has not ended. I still have questions and have reached out numerous times for advice and guidance. Orlando has continued to be responsive and extremely helpful. I absolutely would use Orlando again for my next refinance opportunity or the next time I am in the market to buy a home.
Richie Varga recommends Aisling Ferguson
Real Estate Agent
Feb 12, 2015
My client has looking to purchase his first property in San Fransisco for some time now. He decide that he was going to pursue the Los Angeles real estate market instead, where he's originally from. That's where I came into the picture. Having just met my client, I had to ask a few questions regarding his experience on purchasing, writing offers but most importantly...was he qualified. He told me that he had been working with a loan broker up there and that he was pre-approved and had previously made some offers on properties. Well, that's where Aisling came into the picture. I'm always a bit nervous at the beginning when working with a buyer and don't know their lender. Well, after a few minutes on the phone with Aisling, all nerves turned to confidence. Sharp as a tac, knows her stuff, always available and very easy and fun to communicate with. We were ready for loan docs in less than 15 days I believe. A true pro, great to have in you corner...especially when financing is the catalyst to any non-cash transaction.
Anonymous recommends Debra Stedt
Home Owner
Feb 12, 2015
Debra was efficient, informed, and helpful throughout the entire process. This is our third mortgage with her. We hope not to refi again, but if we do, we'll work with her again.
Leigh recommends Julie Malta
Feb 10, 2015
Julie Malta and by far the most exceptional mortgage broker with whom I have ever worked – she really goes the extra mile to make sure that you are able to make the most competitive offer and close the deal if you're buying a house or property, but not only that. She is so personable and so on top of things! I really felt well taken care of in every aspect of my dealings with her as she helped me purchase property in San Francisco. I have worked with several mortgage brokers on purchasing and refinancing properties in the bay area and Julie is by far the best. She will take care of you and see you through the entire process. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Work with Julie – you will not regret it!
James Kessinger recommends Aisling Ferguson
Feb 10, 2015
Aisling was an amazing person to work with to get our refinance completed. I've used Aisling twice now over the course of 10 years and I will always use her for any of my financing needs.

She performed like a conductor in an orchestra the way she had everyone working in unison while getting everything lined up to finally close escrow. If you ever get the chance to work with Aisling I promise you won't be disappointed. She will go above and beyond every time to provide the service and positive customer experience she's already known for.
Anonymous recommends Foster Weeks
Feb 9, 2015
From our purchased our house and two times re-finance. Foster always be our fist agent that we will think about. With his professional knowledge, he answers all our questions, provides quick service and best rate to lower our monthly payment. We're really happy and satisfied and you will fell the same.

We will strongly recommend Foster to be your loan agent.
Bibi Green recommends Orlando Diaz
Financial Analyst
Feb 5, 2015
I worked with Orlando on a very complex TIC conversion to condo project, which involved getting many parties together to refinance simultaneously. It was a very difficult project and he was organized, efficient, and unfailingly patient and professional with everyone. He also helped me with a new home mortgage and was just as great. I'm working with him now on a business loan and plan to continue to use him for all my loan needs. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an efficient, friendly broker who always finds the best rates.
Peter recommends Debra Stedt
Inner Richmond homeowner
Feb 3, 2015
We had another great experience with refinancing our loan with Debbie Stedt. I believe this is the third time we've done so--refi for a TIC, going condo, and another refi. She's terrific and makes everything seamless.
Floy Dawson recommends Ron Fiore
Jan 31, 2015
This is the second time we have used the services provided by Ron Fiore and his staff at Guarantee Mortgage. Each time, they made the usually onerous task of getting a housing loan fairly uneventful by being forthcoming, informative, helpful and encouraging.

i would definitely ask Ron for his help in future such endeavors.
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Jan 30, 2015
Helped me immensely. Easy to communicate with and provided more options than another loan consultant did. Highly recommended.
Phill Hyun recommends Christopher Baker
Jan 30, 2015
Hi Chris;
Think you do much for your help and sound advise, u an really happy with my loan and look forward to more business in the future.

Jackie H recommends Suzanne Diliberto
Borrower and Wholesale Lender Account Executive
Jan 28, 2015
Suzanne is one of the smartest mortgage brokers/bankers I know. I have worked with her as a wholesale lender for over 25 years and there are only a few people I can say that about. She knows who does what and how to structure a deal. She's one of my go to's for brainstorming.
Michael recommends Aisling Ferguson
Utility Manager
Jan 27, 2015
Aisling has helped us get mortgages for five homes over the last 15 or so years. She knows how to get stuff done. When things don't go as planned, she knows the work-arounds to make sure it happens on time. She's fast and efficient. This last transaction was handled on the phone and by e-mail. We never had to go into her office to meet.

She's also gotten mortgages for a family member, and a friend.

I would and have recommend her expert services to family and friends.
David recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jan 27, 2015
Aisling has helped us many times over the years with home loans and refinancing. She is very efficient and a pleasure to work with. She always does an amazing job for us.
Ken Nehmer recommends Debra Stedt
Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Jan 27, 2015
I highly recommend Deb Stedt as she managed the whole loan process quickly and efficiently. Deb was readily available to answer questions during the process and effectively explained items in understandable terms.
Gary and Annie Machado recommends Vince Breen
Jan 26, 2015
Vince and his team were so helpful in the home buying process. They really took a lot of the stress off our plates and worked tirelessly under tight deadlines to get the job done.
Asta recommends Ron Fiore
Home buyer
Jan 26, 2015
My spouse and I were so lucky to have Ron to help us with the purchase of our home in San Francisco. Ron was amazing! Can't recommend him highly enough!
Anonymous recommends Vince Breen
Jan 26, 2015
Great service and care. This team goes above and beyond to take of all matters in a timely fashion. Highly recommended.
Bryan recommends Ron Fiore
Software designer and real estate development hobbyist
Jan 26, 2015
Ron has been a big help from getting good loan terms to finding great people to bring my project to completion. His deep experience and dictionary memory have been great assets to helping me make decisions. He is a really busy person yet still finds a way to make himself available and seems to know things before I ask. In this business it's good to have a mentor and I think of Ron that way.
Ian Kallen recommends James Argo
Jan 25, 2015
Jim did a fantastic job smoothing the way through our refinance. Coordination with the appraiser, escrow company and everyone else involved went very smoothly to get us into a better loan that lowered our monthly overhead and better positions our family to enjoy our home for years to come. Thanks Jim!
Maggie Powell recommends Kathy Derangi
Jan 23, 2015
Kathy did an amazing job helping us get our loan together. I was so impressed, especially under the circumstances of me having a newborn baby (we literally made the offer on the house from the hospital), and it being in the middle of the Christmas hokidays. I cannot belive what she pulled off.
Claudius Reich recommends Kathy Derangi
first-time home buyer
Jan 23, 2015
I found Kathy Derangi and her colleague Debra Stedt through a recommendation from friends, whose mortgage and refi Debbie handled. Kathy and Debbie did an *excellent* job. From putting together a loan package within less than a business day (in time to get a very temperamental seller to sign), to handling the loan processing so smoothly that I had to remind myself that this is not normal, they were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
L Anderson recommends Robin Patronik
Home Owner
Jan 21, 2015
Robin is exceptionally knowledgeable, competent and personable. I wouldn't go to anyone else for my mortgage needs.
Gary Diebel, AIA recommends Vince Breen
Jan 20, 2015
I am happy to recommend the services of the Vince Breen and his Guarantee Mortgage team. We have been working with Vince for over 20 years and have always been completely satisfied. He does an excellent job, is enthusiastic, reliable and dedicated.

Vince has our highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information. Feel free to contact me.
Aaron Sosnowski recommends Ron Fiore
Enterprise Sales
Jan 20, 2015
Ron took great care of me from soup to nuts. Not only did he take the time to sit down and educate me on my options, he also made sound recommendations and backed them up with logical reasoning. Ron is a seasoned professional that you can strategize with over how to best invest in property and you can tell from working with him that real estate financing is in his DNA. I highly recommend Ron Fiore.
Tom & Yvonne Sullivan recommends Vince Breen
Home owners
Jan 20, 2015
After living in our house 12 years, it was time to do some necessary upgrading and remodeling, and we wanted to take advantage of the excellent rates and refinance. Vince Breen of Guarantee Mortgage and his staff made the process simple. The people at Guarantee Mortgage are thorough, thoughtful, and pleasant to work with. They explained every step and kept on top of all deadlines, allowing us to close on-time. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to refinance.
Sylvia Burgess recommends Aisling Ferguson
Floral and event decor Business owner
Jan 15, 2015
Aisling was the only person who was able to secure my refinance. I made at least 5 attempts with brokers or banks prior to working with her. She was amazing and knows how to get the job done. I highly recommend her!
NPV recommends James Argo
Jan 14, 2015
Jim did a great job of guiding us through the mortgage process, and we would highly recommend him.
Bobbie Peyton recommends Foster Weeks
Jan 14, 2015
As a first-time home buyer, Foster was invaluable to me, walking me through each step of the process. In a tough housing market, Foster created a smooth and streamlined process, with very little stress. I plan to use Foster's services in the future and highly recommend him to others.
Gaynor Strachan Chun recommends Ron Fiore
Jan 10, 2015
Ron and his team worked tirelessly to get us a mortgage in what was a tricky situation. We can't thank them enough.
Anonymous recommends Ron Fiore
Jan 9, 2015
Ron Fiore provided expert service while I worked my way through the complicated process of buying a home in San Francisco. He listened carefully and located the right loan for my needs. In addition, Ron worked closely with the real estate agent to make the purchase happen in a timely manner. On top of that, Ron understands that buying a home is building a community. I can't imagine having worked with anyone but Ron Fiore! I highly recommend him.
Ray Chipault recommends Larry Horowitz
Jan 8, 2015
We had an incredibly complicated refinance along with a secondary loan that was on a very tight deadline and Larry got us through it al with room to spare.
This the third time we have worked with him and he is thorough and precise.

I would highly recommend him for any type of mortgage endeavor!
Jane Aaron recommends Larry Horowitz
property owner
Jan 8, 2015
Larry recently brokered about the fifth refinance he's done for me over the years, in addition to obtaining the original loan. He's helpful, clear, and responsive, and he gets the best deals available. He's friendly and professional. Working with him, you feel you're in good hands throughout the process. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
J.L. Rubenstein, M.D. recommends Ron Fiore
Jan 6, 2015
Ron provides an outstanding service and has an outstanding team.
Anonymous recommends Ron Fiore
Jan 5, 2015
Ron provides an outstanding service and has an outstanding team. Highest recommendation.
Ayeh Ghadiri recommends Vince Breen
Jan 5, 2015
Vince did a great job helping us get financing for our new home. Thank you Vince and we'd love to recommend you to all our friends.
Tammy recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jan 5, 2015
I was very impressed by Aisling's hard work and drive to put everything together with such a short loan contingency period! She was very professional and on it from day one. You can expect a smooth process when working with Aisling. I definitely recommend her!
Mary recommends Debra Stedt
Dec 31, 2014
Debbie always does a thorough job, this time she did some scrambling to accommodate 11th hour changes that we threw her way, amazingly getting papers re-drawn and still closing on time!
Scott Budow recommends Guy Rivera
Manager at Tri County Auto Glass
Dec 23, 2014
Guarantee Mortgage got it done when others said it could not be done. Not only did they get us a mortgage, they also set us up on a overall financial plan to get us into our house with money in the bank and most of our debt paid off.Guy Riviera and the staff were very patient, friendly, thorough and understanding. They were an integral part of making our dream home a reality. Thanks Guarantee Mortgage!
D. Baker recommends Christopher Baker
President, Kohl Marketing Inc.
Dec 22, 2014
Chris is a pleasure to work with, and goes the extra mile in all situations. He has a clear knowledge of the market and the procedures needed to close complex financing. I would use Chris again for my next home or commercial loan.
Anonymous recommends Allan McAllister
Dec 21, 2014
Allan has been excellent to work with each step of the way. He asked incisive questions to assess the scope of my husband's and my properties, and then guided us through the options from a neural stance -- with no pressure to choose one over another. He was always available to provide answers and clarity. Once locked into a rate he kept the documents moving at a good pace and after signing the typical mountain of paperwork I'm happy to have a lower monthly payment. I especially appreciated Allan's good humor and calm demeanor, and intend to work with him again soon on a new equity line. Many thanks, Allan!
Mickey recommends Aisling Ferguson
Dec 18, 2014
I have used Aisling Ferguson a couple of times now as my mortgage broker and I couldn't be happier with her services.
Aisling works extrememly hard for her clients and always with a positive, helpful and understanding attitude. She works diligently to ensure her clients individual needs are met within an organized and timely manner.
I would recommned her to anyone looking for a knowledgable, experienced and highly profient broker.
Lilian recommends Guy Rivera
Dec 18, 2014
After over a year of searching I found the perfect condo for myself and my son. I quickly put in an offer and by the end of the open house there were two others on the table. We quickly heard back from the listing agent - this condo is in an AE flood zone and because the HOA didn't cover flood insurance for the common areas it was going to be difficult to get a loan. The bank I was pre approved though confirmed they would not be able to finance this loan. I called bank after bank and no conventional loan would work. I was in a race against the clock, if one of the other offers were able to find a loan before me or if an all cash offer came in I would lose my dream home... that's when my real estate agent referred me to Guy Rivera at Guarantee Mortgage. I reached out to him and the next morning I had a pre approval stating that even with the special flood circumstances they could get it done. We sent the pre approval in and that night my offer was accepted. The whole team was great to work with; Lori, Halima and Vittoria were always so sweet and let me know exactly what they'd need from my by when in order to stay on track to close. I closed this morning and couldn't be more pleased - I'm so grateful I found Guy!
Annette Goodfriend recommends Aisling Ferguson
Agent representing the Buyer
Dec 17, 2014
Aisling was a wonderful asset during this transaction.
We had a lot of maneuvering to do with a difficult Seller, but Aisling was able to get super quick loan approval and had docs ready overnight. She made the transaction a breeze, and was fun and easy to work with. I'll be taking my future clients to her!
Gaylee Weinberg recommends Kara Fiore
Dec 16, 2014
Kara is absolutely the best! Her professionalism and expertise is beyond anything I've ever experienced as a Broker/Real Estate Coach. She has been helping me buy and sell and invest in Real Estate for almost 30 years.
Pete Shilaimon recommends Aisling Ferguson
Dec 15, 2014
No one does it better. i have used Asling in the past and she always delivers.

Caroline Kahn Werboff recommends Aisling Ferguson
Sotheby’s International Realty
Dec 15, 2014
Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Aisling on a loan for my clients. It was a special circumstance due to the fact that one of my Buyers was only at his current job for one year and the other was on loans with family members. So, the verifications and satisfying the lender was not an easy task.

Aisling never complained, was on top of the transaction from the beginning and was true to her word during the entire process. Loan documents actually came in earlier than expected and we closed the escrow without any problem.

I would not hesitate to go to Aisling with any of my clients and I appreciate her hard work and attention to detail.
Laura Drammer recommends Guy Rivera
Dec 12, 2014
Guy Rivera and his team at Guarantee Mortgage are so efficient and helpful. Their response time is immediate and their attention to detail very thorough. I have had great success, both personally and professionally with Guy and his team. I would highly recommend Guy and his team at Guarantee Mortgage for your financial mortgage needs.
Laurel Rose recommends Guy Rivera
Dec 12, 2014
I was referred to Guy Rivera by a friend who raved about him. She was right. He worked hard to get me the best loan possible. His office staff are terrific as well. Someone was always available no matter how many times I called with questions. I have already recommended Guy to others and will continue to do so.

Kristin Mattias recommends Donna R Aldrich
Busy Mom
Dec 8, 2014
Hi Donna!

Just a quick note to let you know that I can't stop smiling. We have so much gratitude for you and your kick ass too ;)). If you are ever in the neighborhood please come by, would love to have you over. We are moving in about 2 weeks so exciting! I'm sure Eddy will be calling you with another question soon lol so I know we will stay in touch. But wanted to reach out and give you a huge thank you and a huge hug! You did so much for our family. Tis the season of abundance, prosperity, and love! Merry merry xo Kristin and the crew
Michelle Cilia recommends Donna R Aldrich
Marriage and Family Therapist
Dec 5, 2014
My husband and I are very pleased after working with Donna to secure a home in San Francisco. As first time home buyers with very little knowledge of the process of buying a home, we were consistently met with patience from Donna. The process was long and at times stressful. Donna kept her sense of humor throughout the process and made it as painless as possible. She was incredibly responsive to emails and calls and was there for us every step of the way. We had to go to her office several times to sign paperwork with a squirmy toddler. Donna was able to keep him happy and entertained; no small feat!
I would highly recommend Donna. She is warm, personable and highly professional.
Claudius Reich recommends Debra Stedt
first-time home buyer
Dec 4, 2014
My friends recommended Debra Stedt, who had done their mortgage and later their refi. Debbie, and her colleague, Kathy Derangi, did an *excellent* job. From putting together a loan package within less than a business day (in time to get a very temperamental seller to sign), to handling the loan processing so smoothly that I had to remind myself that this is not normal, they were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
William Vigna Jr. recommends Donna R Aldrich
CFO, Donaldina Cameron House
Dec 4, 2014
I cannot say enough about Donna!

She was professional and personal at the same time. She weathered, with me, a sell/buy situation that lasted almost 4 months. Throughout the process she answered my questions and was timely in her responses. Explained the process' and was just a delight to work with.

Also, the sellers of the property I purchased was very delighted that I was using Guarantee Mortgage to fund the sale. It pushed my offer forward to acceptance.

Please use Donna for all your mortgage needs!
Lorenzo Jones recommends Suzanne Diliberto
Owner of Property
Dec 1, 2014
I had the pleasure of working with Suzanne Diliberto as we were looking to fund a purchase for our apartment complex. We found Suzanne to be professional, knowledgable and prompt in looking out for our needs. Her knowledge of funding, resources available and the documentation process allow our transition to go through very smoothly!

I would recommend Suzanne to any individual or company looking to secure funding for their next project. We certainly will be using Suzanne again.

Thanks Suzanne

Lorenzo Jones
Joey Knapp recommends Aisling Ferguson
Teacher and first time home buyer.
Nov 28, 2014
My wife and I are so happy to have had Aisling handle our mortgage application. Aisling was very good about letting us know exactly what part of the process we were in and what our next steps were. She made the process very easy for us, and we never had to worry.
Anonymous recommends Alma Portillo
Nov 24, 2014
My name is Joseph Watkins and I am submitting this writing that Alma Portillo was very
helpful to me in my refinance of my home.
She is very knowledgeable with all the information for the best rates and mortgage companies. I would very much recommend Alma Portillo to any one who is looking to
refinance there home.
If the rates are lower later in the near future, I will ask her for help to do it again.
Hunter Lane Treadwell recommends Aisling Ferguson
First time home owner
Nov 20, 2014
Aisling was referred to us by two VERY TRUSTWORTHY sources and it was the best decision we could have made. The referral was no coincidence, everything happens for a reason. Aisling had to clean up a big mess of mistakes our first mortgage company made and under a quick deadline to turn around. Aisling is professional, experienced and a master of her profession. Working with Aisling was a much different experience than our prior company we worked with. Thanks to Aisling we got our dream home in our dream location during San Francisco's hottest market ever... Seriously. If we ever buy another home again, we will be calling Aisling.
Mark Sejvar recommends Aisling Ferguson
Nov 18, 2014
Aisling’s unique ability to navigate the complex world of mortgage refinances, find the very best rates, explain the options then close the deal is extraordinary. We have worked with her multiple times and always feel like she takes first-class care of us. Thanks Aisling!
Shelviv recommends Robin Patronik
Nov 17, 2014
This is the third or possibly fourth time I have use Robin for my refinance needs.
She is excellent at communicating loan status at the various stages both through email and phone. The process moves quickly and on schedule as promised.
Full doc loans are excruciatingly detailed but mine did result in the expected result, in my case, with an even lower interest rate than initially quoted.
You can't go wrong with Robin.
Anonymous recommends Alma Portillo
Real Estate Broker
Nov 13, 2014
Alma did a great job of arranging the financing for a Condo in a very timely manner. Quickly, smoothly and efficiently!
Evan M. recommends Rich Polonsky
Nov 13, 2014
Couldn't say enough good things about Rich Polonsky. For one, he is extremely knowledgeable in his field of work. Reliable, professional and commendable. We've run the whole marathon of finding the perfect match to help us purchase our dream home and we simply found it in him. We couldn't be any happier. Anytime someone cares about your purpose beyond closing a deal, it is truly worth giving it a shot.
Ben Amyes recommends Debra Stedt
Disaster Planner
Nov 7, 2014
Debbie has been great to work with. At every step she is there to explain the process and discuss what is the best course of action to take. She listens to her clients and skillfully advises them on the best course of action to take.
Debbie is punctual. She responds quickly and does what she says that she will do. We have used her three times, and I would use her again. She has been a vital part of our real-estate team. Our hats are off to her, and her team.
Sheela recommends Alma Portillo
Nov 6, 2014
I highly recommend Alma Portillo. She's not only extremely professional but goes far above and beyond her role. We recently purchased a short-sale property that was a particularly challenging case. The property was tied to a third party that made things extremely difficult for everyone involved. It took us 6 months to purchase! But this property was the one for us. Alma was instrumental in obtaining our new home that we wanted so bad! From the beginning she was extremely helpful. She prepared our per-approval to shop around. Then we found the property we wanted. She provided us multiple loan scenarios upon multiple requests which helped us and our realtor negotiate.

Alma was more than reliable she's an expert in her field! When questions, surprises and challenges came up, Alma was ALWAYS available to answer my questions especially when I couldn't reach the realtors. She always put my mind at ease. At time of closing she was well aware of the deadlines, expiration of approvals and managed all the many moving parts flawlessly! And of course she got us a very good loan. Thank you comes short for how much I appreciate what she's done for us! I HIGHLY recommend Alma.
Mary recommends Debra Stedt
Nov 6, 2014
As always, Debbie had great follow through and communication. Exceeded timelines for loan approval and close of escrow and was a pleasure to work with.
Tree Allen recommends Debra Stedt
Nov 6, 2014
I worked with Debra for the first time and she went above and beyond my expectations. Everything was done before the timeline required and any changes in escrow due to seller were handled without any issue. Phone calls were promptly returned and she was always solution oriented. I would recommend her in a minute !!!
Todd Repp recommends Kara Fiore
Nov 5, 2014
Thanks for helping me through this process. It was definitely a learning experience, and you helped me get over the hurdles so much easier. Heidi was very complimentary too, and made sure to point out just how "on the ball" you were compared to some of the other people she's dealt with in your position.

I can't wait to get over there next week to start setting up MY house! :)

Thank you so much for everything!
Robert and Janet Hagberg recommends Rich Polonsky
Nov 5, 2014
Rich was the most helpful person we have ever dealt with. Our refinance was over and done with in 3 weeks. He filled out all the paperwork and guided us through any little obstacle immediately. We will recommend him to anyone we know that needs a loan. We got to know him professionally but also became friends. He is the best!!!!!
Chris and Wendy recommends Rich Polonsky
Nov 4, 2014
Rich Polonsky has helped us several times throughout the past 15 years. He is professional, knowledgable and incredibly efficient. He makes complicated transactions happen with ease and provides the utmost confidence for his clients.
Rod Hemphill recommends Debra Stedt
Nov 4, 2014
I recently refinanced my home mortgage with Guarantee Mortgage and I would like comment that it was a pleasure working with Debra Stedt to accomplish this.

I have worked with Debra before when I bought my home and again through this refinance and each time she brought her considerable knowledge of the industry to help me choose the right loan for my needs. She patiently explained the details and process at every step so that I was confident I was making the right decisions. When I decide to do this again, there is no question I will call her and also recommend her to anyone I know who is seeking advice on their mortgage.

I can't thank her enough for all her help.
Mark & Gordon recommends Donna R Aldrich
Nov 3, 2014
What can we say other than fast, efficient and friendly! We are happy to take some time out of moving day today to recommend Donna. We are sending this right now from our new living room! What a wild ride buying a house can be, and what a pleasure to have Donna to guide us through the loan process. We had complete confidence in her pulling things together for us, and it put us at ease that the seller’s agent had worked with her before as we had to delay lifting our inspection contingency and were nervous about it not working out. And, what a fun signing! Thanks, Donna!
Nicole recommends Ken Dean
Small property owner
Nov 1, 2014
Ken is amazing! he's a miracle worker. He's been in this business for a very long time and knows all the in's and out's of the game. I have gotten two mortgages from him in the last 2 yrs and both times it was a seamless and painless.
Unlike most mortgage brokers, he's honest and looks out for you; not himself.
I would recommend Ken to EVERYONE!
Lisa Anne Eckert recommends Christopher Baker
Real Estate Broker
Oct 30, 2014
Chris Baker has managed to take the stress out of the loan process for myself and my clients. His work ethic is amazing, always responds , day or night, even on weekends.

I can't emphasize enough how comfortable I am knowing he is taking care of the loan process.

His patience and knowledge is deeply appreciated during the most stressful part of the sales transaction.
Keith recommends Alan Kirth
Oct 30, 2014
I would highly recommend Alan to anyone ready to begin the mortgage process or to anyone who is considering buying in the near future. I spoke with Alan several months before finding a home and his knowledge and advice had me prepared when we began the mortgage process. With Alan as your lender you are in good hands. Communication is his strength and he will make sure that you are updated as to the progress of your mortgage. In addition to his knowledge and communication skills he is truly a pleasure to work with. I trust him and highly recommend him.
Rita Roti recommends Debra Stedt
Oct 29, 2014
Recently, I was contacted by some buyers out of the blue. I had helped them in the past, and when they walked into an open house and wanted to make an offer, they called me. They had just finished their condo conversion refinance with Debra, so we connected her for their purchase.
As a Realtor, I work with a lot of mortgage brokers, but Debra really dropped everything to make it happen for these clients. She pulled off a hard loan and really did a great job selling her ability to the listing agent as well.
Throughout the transaction, Debra communicated clearly and in advance of any timeframes, so everyone involved always knew what to expect.
Debra delivered as promised and did a great job throughout!
Scott recommends Cecelia Tyeskey
Oct 24, 2014
Excerpt from a recent thank you note:

Hi Cecelia,

Just a quick note to thank you for our phone conversation on Friday. The call was fantastic and the information was extremely valuable, as always. I truly appreciate the time you spent with me.

I realize such time isn't directly "billable" but firmly believe you must make up for it in repeat and new business. I am grateful for your willingness to share and educate folks as they navigate the craziness that is the Bay Area real estate market.

Thank You!
Gordon Jensen recommends Debra Stedt
Home buyer
Oct 23, 2014
Debra did a very good job for us in obtaining a loan. She was efficient and helpful even though she was working at a distance from her office. I would certainly recommend her to others seeking a loan
Cassandra Smith recommends Christopher Baker
Realtor, Intero Real Estate
Oct 23, 2014
Chris Baker did a great job getting my loan. My loan did not fit other bank's criteria and I was turned down for a loan. Chris not only told me he'd get me a loan, he delivered on that promise. As a Realtor, I always tell my clients, work with a lender or mortgage broker who can deliver the loan, not just a pre-approval. Chris delivers! I highly recommend Chris Baker.
Kari recommends Robin Patronik
Oct 21, 2014
Robin is so awesome to work with. She is always on top of everything. She contacts us and checks in a couple times throughout the year. She makes sure that we are taken care of and helps us get the best possible outcome for our situation. She's attentive and so reliable. Most people dread the refinancing experience and I have to say every time we have gone through the process Robin has made is super easy and efficient. She's amazing!
Krista Baughman recommends Aisling Ferguson
Oct 20, 2014
Aisling was a pleasure to work with. This was the second home I purchased, with her help, and both transactions went incredibly smoothly, thanks to her professionalism and promptness. She helped my husband and I to successfully meet a quick close deadline, which enabled us to get the home of our dreams. I would highly recommend Aisling and hope to work with her again.
Kim Carmassi recommends Aisling Ferguson
Coldwell Banker
Oct 16, 2014
As a Realtor, I work with many different lenders, and I found Aisling to be
extremely responsive, and effective at getting the job done! She always
returned my calls in a timely manner when she wasn't able to pick up her
phone, and when she told me she was going to do something, she actually
did it! I highly recommend Aisling for your next real estate transaction!
Gareth Ivatt recommends Cecelia Tyeskey
Head of Analytics Development, Thomson Reuters
Oct 15, 2014
We have worked with Cecelia twice now. The first time was when we bought our home many years ago. The second was just recently when we decided to refinance. She has been amazing to work with both times. For the original purchase and the refinance she found us a loan package that represented what we were hoping to find. During the process she makes sure you know exactly what is required and if any issues arise she goes above and beyond to resolve. We feel very lucky to have had Cecelia helping us as we make these big decisions.
Anonymous recommends Alma Portillo
Oct 15, 2014
Alma Portillo was a great asset in helping us receive our first time home buyer mortgage loan. She continuously stayed in contact each step of the way and was patient with us, as we were new to this arena. She eased our worries & anxieties, especially during the waiting process. She was a guiding light for us and we would recommend Alma to all those looking for a mortgage loan.

Alejandro & Veronica Mercado
Justin Sherbon recommends Debra Stedt
President & Founder, Sentinel Security Solutions Inc.
Oct 14, 2014
Debbie was so great to work with! She made everything effortless through the whole process. Her level of expertise, professionalism and communication skills sets her apart from any other loan consultant I have worked with. I would highly recommend using her for any of your mortgage needs.
Justin Steele recommends James Argo
Manager at Google
Oct 10, 2014
Jim is a class act and gentleman (hard to find in this industry!). When my original lender decided he couldn't do a 30 year fixed one week into escrow, Jim stepped in and worked his magic. He mobilized his team and quickly offered us a competitive 30 year mortgage. He's been lending in San Francisco for 30 years and is viewed by locals as a go to expert for mortgage lending.
Anonymous recommends Guy Rivera
Oct 9, 2014
Guy Rivera and his staff have provided extremely efficient, calm lending services, in a very difficult market for obtaining a home loan. Each and every professional in this office, has up to the minute knowledge of how to accomplish home owning goals...we cannot recommend this office highly enough.

Michael recommends Debra Stedt
Oct 8, 2014
This was the second time working with Debra. The first time was to purchase my house and then recently to refinance my mortgage to take advantage of lower rates. She was very helpful on the front end and answered questions before I made the jump to refinance. I was on the fence about refinancing , but now I am glad I did. It was a lot easier the second time.,

She is very organized and professional. She told me exactly what I needed to provide in a timely manner. She now has an easy and secure upload site to deliver documents. She has a good team working for her as well as recommended appraisers, title companies, etc. In both cases, I felt that I was in good hands.
chip usas recommends James Argo
customer / friend
Oct 7, 2014
"Super awesome - and I mean that on a professional and personal level. He will follow through in a timely fashion, crossing all the T's and dotting the i's"
CHIP USAS recommends James Argo
Oct 7, 2014
Brent L. recommends Cecelia Tyeskey
Oct 6, 2014
Cecelia was highly recommended to me by a friend who worked with her to purchase his last two homes in San Francisco. Cecelia did an absolutely amazing job guiding me (second time buyer; first time in SF), providing support, and walking me through the financial side of purchasing a home in San Francisco. The time to close was phenomenal, the service was impeccable, and Cecelia was absolutely wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her!
Anonymous recommends Guy Rivera
Oct 3, 2014
Guy and his wonderful team helped us save our home. Their prompt response to emails and thorough explanations took the anxiety out of this process. They are amazing!
Stephen Elmore recommends Debra Stedt
Oct 1, 2014
I used Debra for my initial mortgage. There was no question I would use her for my re-fi. Although I'm a banker, I do not deal in mortgages. Debra explained everything thoroughly, explaining all options clearly without treating me like a fool. Document submission was a breeze, and the entire transaction was done quickly with minimal hassle. Dealing with all that paperwork can be quite daunting, but Debra and her colleagues were there every step of the way to assist. I know processing mortgages is a commodities game, but I was treated as if my transaction really mattered. To me, that is impressive. Recommend Debra Stedt highly!
Dennis Schroeder recommends Aisling Ferguson
Sep 30, 2014
I have known Aisling Ferguson for a long time and I know how hard she works for her clients, so I expected good service, but she exceeded my expectations. She got me the lower rate, which was the purpose of the refi. But what most pleased me was how painless she made the process. I sent her the docs she asked for, and she took care of everything else, until it was time for me to sign the closing papers. No resending, or having to dig up more info. I would recommend Aisling to anyone looking for a mortgage or refi.
Leslie Faught recommends John Culver
Sep 29, 2014
Thank you for helping my first time home buyer purchase her new home! Your expertise and guidance was stellar. I am looking forward to working with you again soon.
Andrew Ness recommends James Argo
Sep 27, 2014
James provided excellent help getting my first mortgage. I didn't know anything about the process and he explained everything to me and made it very easy. He worked hard to compare many options in order to find the best deal for me. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage!
Michael Gray recommends Aisling Ferguson
President, Socratic Technologies, Inc.
Sep 24, 2014
Aisling was an absolute pleasure to work with. Refinancing can be quite a challenge today, but she was extremely responsive both to the needs of my bank, which made them very happy and confident, and to me of course which made me very happy. The process could not have gone more smoothly and we had no delays in getting into and through Escrow. I have no reservations recommending Aisling, and in fact, have done just that directly to my business partner today.
Jen recommends Guy Rivera
Sep 22, 2014
Guy is the easiest and most knowledgable mortgage broker I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Our refi went according to schedule and was absolutely painless. Guy managed to get us almost $1700 in credits toward closing. He also worked out solutions to a couple of sticky issues with ease so that we closed on time and without constant demands for additional documentation. Communication was excellent, deal terms were excellent, overall an excellent experience because Guy knows what he's doing.
Dan recommends Larry Horowitz
Sep 20, 2014
I've worked with Larry on three property purchases and wouldn't consider switching to anyone else. I know he's always got my best interest at heart and is great a guiding me through the process. He's always well informed of market conditions that could affect rates and gives excellent counsel. With Larry, you know he's got your back!
Lynne Watenpaugh recommends Foster Weeks
Sep 19, 2014
I just completed refinancing my house. I couldn't have done it without Foster Weeks' help. He was knowledgeable, attentive, and found me a loan with a much lower interest rate. Whenever I had a question his answers were clear and straightforward and free of "financial buzz speak." He made the entire process manageable and stress free. I recommend him highly.
Paula recommends Debra Stedt
Sep 19, 2014
Debbie & Kathy are the best.. They made my loan process of my purchase EASY & less painful.. I had such a great experience this time vs previous painful transactions with other Lender.. I would always go back to Debbie & her team.

Btw, not to mentioned instead of being on time/delay closing.. We closed earlier than scheduled!! THEY ARE THE BEST TO WORK WITH... VERY PROFESSIONAL & EFFICIENT..

Shay OReilly recommends Aisling Ferguson
First time home buyer in a crazy market
Sep 17, 2014
Aisling helped guide us into our first home through prompt, clear direction and support. Through many offers she was always right on top of our requests and drove our eventual loan to completion despite several challenges. She is extremely responsive and fast moving but also took the time to clearly explain the parts of the process I was unfamiliar with or had questions about. I'm very happy with the work she did for us and would use her again.
Jessica H recommends Aisling Ferguson
Sep 17, 2014
Aisling was amazing to work with during our home purchase. As a new buyer to the Bay area she explained the process clearly, made sure I understood all of my options and managed the process from beginning to end flawlessly. I would highly recommend Aisling Ferguson to anyone looking for a mortgage.
Kat McConnell recommends Guy Rivera
Home Buyer
Sep 17, 2014
We have secured four loans through Guarantee Mortgage over the last four years and the service provided by Guy Rivera’s organization has been outstanding in every way - from great rates to timely processing. Two of our closings were very short turn-arounds at the request of the sellers, but Guy’s team was unfazed by the complexity or time constraints of the deals.
If you need the impossible and you need it done yesterday, Guarantee Mortgage is the team to call.
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Sep 15, 2014
Best person I have worked with. Cool and calm under all circumstances... My re-fi was a tough one...took months but under Orlando's guidance we finally prevailed....Amazin experience with him.

I totally recommend him !!!!!

Derek St. Onge recommends Debra Stedt
Sep 15, 2014
Debbie was excellent to work with. Buying and selling property in San Francisco is so painful but Debbie helped us find the right loan for our needs. She was very responsive and timely and we were able to close a week earlier than planned. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Debbie to my friends and look forward to working with her in the future.
Elan Katra recommends Julie Malta
Market research consultant
Sep 11, 2014
Julie was such a huge help through my entire house purchase process. This was my first time buying a house on my own, and she gave me such peace of mind as she helped me navigate the process. She got me quickly pre-approved so that I could move quickly in this super competitive housing market, stayed on top of the lenders to get me the best rate come time to actually fund the loan, and helped me close escrow in an astounding 17 days. And she came to my closing so I didn't have to go through it alone. I recommend Julie without hesitation, and have referred several realtors to her when they could not believe how quickly she got escrow closed.
Anonymous recommends Vince Breen
Sep 11, 2014
By far the best loan broker I have ever worked with. He is efficient, professional and reliable. Thank you for help over the years!
Richard Wood recommends Orlando Diaz
Business owner , recent home buyer
Sep 11, 2014
I cannot recommend Orlando highly enough. He's smart, thorough, always follows through. Amazing attention to detail. Gets things done yet in the nicest possible way. Went way, way above and beyond for us with our mortgage and home purchase. Definitely one of the good guys!
David Rekart recommends Robin Patronik
President of Pacific Color Graphics
Sep 11, 2014
Robin's service and knowledge was the best I have ever experienced in refinancing our home. I would recommend her services to anybody interested in mortgage related loans.
A true professional!
Steve Murray recommends Larry Horowitz
A very satisfied customer
Sep 10, 2014
Larry has negotiated two re-finances over the years of our great friendship. When it comes to business, there is no one most efficient, professional and accommodating than Larry. He walked me through every step of the transactions, detailing the processes and reasons behind each maneuver. I was kept informed of choices, directions to proceed and final results . ReFis can often be daunting and overwhelming. with Larry, I always feel well taken care of, even pampered. My results were positive and the procedures made easy and comfortable. Larry is the only Mortgage Broker I will ever use for future business. - he's that good at his job.
T.S. recommends James Argo
Sep 4, 2014
About a year ago, we talked to Jim about a re-fi and at the time, he advised us that the rates just wouldn't be good enough to make a difference. He had all our information so when I called him out of the blue to begin a new mortgage on a home, he was able to run everything quickly and get us a pre-approval. The final process for closing was not easy - over a holiday weekend with the bank making errors in the loan docs - but he made a committment to our closing date and he met it. I am not sure what levers he had to pull to get things done in time but he did it and we are grateful.

Jim is great to work with and we will gladly work with him again and recommend him to others.
Jeff Dorsey recommends Foster Weeks
Sep 2, 2014
I called Foster to assist a family member with a refinance. He was very honest about what was available on the market and he set very reasonable expectations for all involved. The loan process was seamless and Foster guided everyone through it with ease. As the closing date approached all was in order and there were no surprises. He delivered on every promise and my sister-in-law could not be happier with her new loan at a monthly savings of over $700! I highly recommend Foster for any of your financing needs.
Steve Roger recommends James Argo
Client of James Argo
Sep 1, 2014
I can't say enough about Jim. I've gone through the refinancing process with him three times now in the last 10 years. He clearly explains options and gently guides you toward the best choices and makes the whole complicated process as easy as possible for his clients. He is always available when you have questions, generously gives of his time, and never makes you feel like you are imposing on him. I highly recommend Jim and Guarantee Mortgage for your home financing needs.
Gary and Lone Foss recommends Orlando Diaz
Retired Executive; Company Manager and Director of Business Development
Aug 30, 2014
In the world of financing/refinancing you need someone to become your resource and guide. Orlando fills these roles admirably. Once we began working with Orlando, the process became clear and his helping hand made the process easier to work with. He communicated with us at all times and we never felt that we lost control nor felt overwhelmed. With Orlando, we kept our eyes focused on our goal to obtain a bridge loan, and we trusted him that we got good information at the right time to make our decisions. No surprises, a very professional person to work with and we'd recommend his services to anyone seeking his services.
Clifford Joe recommends Orlando Diaz
Aug 29, 2014
Overall satisfaction: 5/5
Promptness: 5/5
Knowledge: 5/5

We will do business in the future when we're ready to re-finance. Thank you Orlando for all your assistance.
Denise Horner recommends Orlando Diaz
Realtor for the Buyer
Aug 29, 2014
Orlando was wonderful to work with. My clients (buyers) did a bridge loan and they are happy that the process was very easy. I would definitely recommend Orlando for your real estate loans.
T M recommends James Argo
Freelance Mortgage Reporter
Aug 27, 2014
Without question, Jim Argo is a uniquely knowledgeable and credible mortgage professional who manages to stay on top of an ever-changing industry. As someone who regularly connects with dozens of people in Jim's line of work, it's always refreshing and encouraging to know he will give straight answers - with a little flair, too. I can only imagine how well he treats his clients, who must benefit tremendously from having Jim in their corner.
Stephanie Wong recommends Aisling Ferguson
First Time Borrower
Aug 27, 2014
Aisling made the process so smooth and seamless. She sent us the required documents and responded to our questions very quickly, even on weekends, and late at night. I highly recommend her to take care of your mortgage needs!
I Glidden recommends Aisling Ferguson
First Time Owner.
Aug 27, 2014
When looking for a mortgage broker we cannot recommend Aisling more highly.

She not only impressed us the first time buyers, but also our seasoned agent.
She tells you what she will need and when she will need it making your part of the process all that much easier.
We had many questions during the process, at about every turn, and Aisling is able to not only give you the answer but put it in terms you'll understand so that you can make the best decision for yourselves.

We'll look no further in the future.
Sharon Saffel recommends Foster Weeks
Aug 15, 2014
During two separate refinance processes (which took place several years apart), Foster Weeks guided us through the process with utmost professionalism and expertise. We would definitely work with him for a third time! He is a skilled communicator and very easy to work with.
Marlene Bailey recommends Debra Stedt
Owner, Ocean West Homes
Aug 15, 2014
Debra was very professional and a pleasure to work with on this transaction. We will be bringing our clients to Debra for their loan needs. It is nice to meet someone who truly cares about getting the job done right!
Dr. Kathleen A. Hartford recommends Aisling Ferguson
Retreat facilitator / Author / Integrated Wellness & Weight Loss Practitioner
Aug 14, 2014
Aisling organized an out-of-state mortgage for us...3 of small feat. She handled things seamlessly and with great commitment. I'd recommend her highly to anyone!
Keith Skellig recommends Aisling Ferguson
Aug 14, 2014
Aisling had excellent results securing us a home loan in a very short periods of time. She even took care of the smallest details like caring for our pet bird while I was transitioning from one home to another
Aisling is an amazing resource
Eric Olson recommends Vince Breen
homebuyer, Redwood City
Aug 14, 2014
I am a repeat customer of Vince's - he and his team have always delivered. Vince is a great communicator, extremely responsive and a terrific advocate. I strongly recommend Vince and the Guarantee Mortgage team.
Michael and Catherine Secour recommends Foster Weeks
Retired homeowners
Aug 12, 2014
We contacted Foster Weeks to initiate the process of refinancing because he has kept us informed in the past with periodic mailings about mortage rates.

We appreciated Foster's professional attention to our refinancing experience. He was extremely helpful and informative in assisting us with our options and guiding us through the steps required to complete the process.

Because of Foster's efforts we have accomplished our goal of consolidating our loans at an extremely favorable rate. We are very pleased.
Benjamin Amyes recommends Debra Stedt
Disaster Response Manager
Aug 12, 2014
I have used Debbie twice now to mortgage property. The second was the refinance of a tenancy in common to a condo. Because of the antics of my partners, the conversion took much longer than it should have.
Debbie was patient, professional and understanding. She took the time to explain our questions, no matter how basic they were. When a roadblock appeared, she would problem solve with us and work on how to fix it. She returns emails and phone calls promptly, and we were never left in the dark on any issue. Once we sell out current unit, we will be going back to Debbie for a third time when we purchase out next home. She was a joy to work with
Brooke & Matt Garibaldi recommends Debra Stedt
Aug 12, 2014
My husband and I were recommended Debra from his parents and we are so grateful for her and the experience we had in purchasing our first home. Debra was always quick to respond to the many offers we were trying to put in for and always supportive and helpful to give us the best deal. When we finally found our home, the sellers requested a very quick close and she made it happen!!! We are truly grateful and give her the highest recommendation. You are in GREAT hands with Debra!
Eduardo Francisco recommends Ken Dean
Professor of Nursing, UCSF
Aug 11, 2014
Wonderful to hear. I've known Ken for ten working years. I must say: "Know-how is Know-how. Nobody can take it away from you" thankfully, Ken has it! Thank you Ken for all your expertise.
Thomas Johnson recommends Ken Dean
Aug 11, 2014
Angelo and I would like to thank Ken for all his hard work in getting our home refinanced.Ken was very professional,efficient and knows his business.Everything went smooth and in a timely manner.We could not have found a better person to take care of us.
Thanks Ken !
Thomas & Angelo
Hemal S recommends Robin Patronik
Aug 8, 2014
Robin is a real pleasure to work with, she made our refinance very simple and painless. She helped work around our vacation schedule. She gave prompt updates and was easily accessible when I had questions. I would definitely recommend her to others and have done so already.
Giovanni recommends Robin Patronik
Executive Vice President
Jul 31, 2014
I have worked with Robin on re finance my mortgage. She did an excellent job in explaining the procedures and taking ate of all the details related to.
She was very professional and always available. It seems she is working 24/7 !!
Again, great job! Thanks!
Philip Tankel, Ph.D. recommends Orlando Diaz
Jul 29, 2014
Orlando was not only helpful, but also unfailingly polite in delivering the news that another piece of information was going to be needed to complete the application! This purchase was complicated, and he was a thoughtful and effective guide throughout the process. I believe both buyers and sellers were very pleased with both the process and the result. This was in no small measure due to Orlando's expertise and interpersonal skill.
Duncan recommends Orlando Diaz
Jul 28, 2014
Orlando has been my "go to" mortgage broker for my entire real estate career which is in it's 15th year. He has never once disappointed me and has come through every time. Even the tricky deals that you think will never work are always a done deal with Orlando. I highly, highly recommend him.
Hans H recommends Aisling Ferguson
first time home buyer
Jul 23, 2014
Aisling was awesome in making sure that she kept me in the loop on everything, walked me through the entire process and I couldn't be more happy closing with Aisling!
Wayne recommends Alan Kirth
Jul 23, 2014
Alan knows his stuff. I was impressed by his knowledge and ability to shepherd my loan through.

I had a particularly difficult situation with many roadblocks, but Alan knew how to overcome them and get me the best rates possible.

I highly highly recommend Alan!
Anonymous recommends Orlando Diaz
Jul 22, 2014
Orlando answered our questions, even the silly ones and facilitated everything from start to finish. He watched rates with us and looked for the best deal for a month prior to our refinance. He even scheduled a notary public to visit our home with the paperwork when we found the right deal for us and needed to finish the paperwork on time. If we had a question, problem or needed to sign paperwork late in the evening, he had no problem with it. This is the second time we've used Orlando's services and we will call him again when we are looking for our next mortgage. I can't recommend his services enough.
John recommends Orlando Diaz
Jul 21, 2014
Orlando was very thorough and told us exactly what he needed. He got things done in a timely manner and kept us updated throughout the entire process He made the process seem quick and easy from start to finish
Don Cliver recommends Aisling Ferguson
Store Manager Umpqua Bank
Jul 17, 2014
I have had a professional working relationship with Aisling for over 2 years now and find not only does she act professionally but her clients reflect her professionalizm also. She is easy to work with and flexible to make sure the clients and working partners get what they need in a timely manner. I look forward to a long working relationship.
Anonymous recommends Debra Stedt
Jul 17, 2014
325 Kitty Hawk Rd
Alameda, CA 94501
July 16, 2014

To those seeking a mortgage broker,
I looked for 6 things in a mortgage broker:
1. Access to quality lenders with the lowest interest rates
2. A good communicator
3. Someone who follows up
4. Someone available to answer questions and concerns
5. Someone who is available
6. Someone focused on providing the highest quality of service
Debra Stedt is a very capable professional. We initially met and besides the business of collecting information from me, she made it very clear what the process was going to be, outlining all the steps involved and the timeline for each. She also promised that she would be able to close 3 weeks after a purchase offer was accepted by a buyer.
The process was very smooth. Debra communicated each step along the way what was happening, what steps were next and when they would happen. Every time another step was completed, I received an email notifying me. Any questions I sent by email were answered almost immediately. Every phone call either reached her directly or very soon I received a call back. As promised, we closed three weeks after the purchase offer was accepted.
Though I’m sure Debra has many clients at one time, she made me feel like I was her only client. It was very clear that Debra aims high for customer satisfaction.
If I buy another house in the future, Debra will be my first choice for a mortgage broker. I recommend her highly.

Wayne Solotoff
Nadine Corkery recommends Aisling Ferguson
Senior Escrow Officer, Branch Manager
Jul 16, 2014
I worked with Aisling Ferguson with Guarantee Mortgage on an escrow recently. Aisling was a breath of fresh air. She kept me posted throughout the transaction and really went to bat for everyone at the end. I wish she was the loan agent on all my files because she made my job easier. I have been in the Escrow business for 38 years and I don't come across everyday professionals like her. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her in the near future.
Margaret Bond Kinoshita recommends Debra Stedt
Home Owner
Jul 16, 2014
Debbie has been my go-to mortgage broker for over 23 years. She has shepherded my partners and me through 15 finance transactions and assume there will be more.
Trust is hard to come by these days but I trust Debbie.
Beth Flynn recommends Orlando Diaz
Recent homebuyer
Jul 14, 2014
I cannot recommend Orlando highly enough for his services as a mortgage broker. He happily worked with my husband and I on our schedule as we started the process, then stopped, started and stopped. When we were ready to go, Orlando hit the accelerator and kept his foot down. There were so many details to work through, my head was spinning, but Orlando kept everything moving along and talked us off the ledge when the lender was looking for every little hoop to see if we would jump through. He is part therapist to be able to manage his clients through this process, and pulled out all the stops to get us funded in time - including a last minute drive to Sacramento to deliver documents in person. I would definitely use Orlando again when we refinance.
Gina Hawk recommends Orlando Diaz
Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors in Corte Madera
Jul 14, 2014
We just closed our first transaction together where I represented the buyers who were already working with Orlando. All I can say is that I look extremely forward to our next transaction together! He was on top of things every moment, and went above and beyond what was expected of him…driving to Sacramento to ensure that loan docs would arrive in time, had long conversations on his weekends with needy and nervous sellers, responded immediately to my questions, kept our buyers calm and secure and above all, Orlando kept his sense of humor. Truly a jewel to work with!
Joe Phillips recommends Guy Rivera
Jul 8, 2014
Of the six or so mortgage financings I have done, the one just completed with Guy was the best. I was very pleased with the rate on the new loan as well as the fees involved. Guy and his team got the loan done quickly and smoothly. I strongly recommend Guarantee Mortgage in need of financing.
Valerie Martin recommends Orlando Diaz
Jul 7, 2014
My husband and I have worked with Orlando Diaz on a few different occasions, and his
service is nothing short of stellar. He is professional, attentive and very patient for answering my questions when asked for his advice. We will continue to utilize Orlando and Guarantee Mortgage as he and his staff go above and beyond, and we know we're in good hands. Great service all around.
Romy Magtibay recommends Debra Stedt
First time home buyer
Jul 6, 2014
I am a first time home buyer & Debra patienly guided me throughout the mortgage loan process..every stage was clear & on time. We closed escrow earlier than I expected.
If I can have the opportunity to get my second real estate property..I will definitely ask Debra & Guarantee Mortgage to help me with my next investment.
Adolfo Romero recommends Orlando Diaz
Jun 30, 2014
We are very happy with the service we received from Orlando. He was there for us every step of the way. He provided us with multiple loan scenarios and helped us determine the best option for our needs. Throughout the process, we were kept well-informed and all of our questions were timely answered.

For any future home loan needs, we'll definitely reach out to Orlando for help. Thanks, Orlando!!!
Sharon Currie recommends Guy Rivera
Jun 26, 2014
As a top producing real estate agent, I work with a lot of lenders in many different and difficult situations. Guy is my number 1 referral partner when placing my clients with a lender. He is always pleasant, never too busy to spend the needed time with my clients, thinks outside the box for challenging loan needs (like self employed people) and has an excellent staff who are always one step ahead. Guy takes pride in doing a good job. At the same time, he is very congenial, takes the time to get to know his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. Thanks Guy for doing such a great for me and my clients. You will always be my #1 choice.
Amy S. recommends Debra Stedt
Jun 25, 2014
Debra was professional, curteous and low stress. What can I say? She delivered. I highly recommend her.
S.Glynn recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jun 25, 2014
Aisling Ferguson was a true pleasure to work with.

She's fast, efficient, knowledgeable and does what it takes to get all documents in and processed. She is great at following up and ensuring your loan moves along for an on-time or early escrow close!

I'm sure you'll have the same experience.
Kristina Novak recommends Guy Rivera
Realtor Central Coast Landmark Properties
Jun 25, 2014
I have been in real estate 29 years and many years as a mortgage banker myself I will always recommend Guy to my clients , He is very professional and on top of things , He knows what he is doing and gets the job done . He closed the most recent transaction for my client 4 days early . Nice to not have to be stressed and have a lender that takes care of things
Anatoliy recommends Aisling Ferguson
Jun 18, 2014
I have known and worked with Aisling in various capacities for over 10 years. One thing that has always stood out to me is repeat customers. Too often you see customers use a loan officer once and then not come back to them. Not so with Aisling. Most of her clients come back time and time again. She has been a pleasure to work with over the years.
Alan & Kathy Gutterman recommends Ron Fiore
Multi-Deal Happy Clients
Jun 15, 2014
Ron and his team have absolutely been Dreammakers for our family over the last several years as they've helped us become first time buyers, buy our next home and arrange a reverse mortgage so that our parents could stay in the home that they loved. Savvy and pragmatic, and willing to go the extra mile, are all words that describe Ron's approach to the mortgage business and we recommend him highly to everyone. He's the best!
Micki recommends Aisling Ferguson
VP Product
Jun 12, 2014
Aisling is fabulous. I have worked with her on both a mortgage refinance and, most recently, a new home purchase. She is super responsive and goes above and beyond to get your deal done. It was because of her efforts that we were able to close escrow is an extremely short period of time. Aside from my own positive experience interacting with her, the real estate agents that I've worked with have commented on how wonderful she is work with on a deal.
James P. recommends Julie Malta
Jun 11, 2014
Contacting Julie was a perfect first step in my home buying process. I started at square 1, and Julie stayed on top of things, and in touch throughout the entire process. I think my experience was one of the smoothest, and quickest around!
Monica S recommends Orlando Diaz
Single Woman
Jun 10, 2014
Orlando has been fantastic in my pursuit for a mortgage loan on our first home - he was extremely thorough and patient with all my enquiries, and provided wonderful support and advice throughout the process. He was very kind and I couldn't have asked for a nicer person to assist me in something so scary and new to me. Highly recommended!
Matt Florio recommends Orlando Diaz
Regional Account Manager, Cassidian Communications, an Airbus Group, Inc. Company
Jun 7, 2014
For superior service and attention to detail, I highly recommend Orlando Diaz and Guarantee Mortgage for mortgage financing services. Over the course of 15 years, I have worked with Orlando Diaz several times under various different circumstances. Through Guarantee Mortgage, I have purchased and refinanced both tenancy in common (TIC) and condominium properties in which Orlando has supported my financing needs with the utmost professionalism.

Orlando has shown experience with different loan types and with loans that require specific detail with TIC property, something very unique to San Francisco. Having this experience with TIC property financing is key to success in San Francisco. For example, Orlando was able to navigate mortgage financing of a TIC building among my partners with varying and needs not once, but twice. This included exercising extreme patience and devising appropriate solutions to achieving our goal. I truly appreciated Orlando’s professionalism and drive.

While Orlando Diaz demonstrates professional and excellent service, he always has a positive and upbeat attitude. He has shown me a willingness to get the job done, makes sure you are informed every step of the way, and when roadblocks present themselves, he looks for solutions For these reasons, I recommend Orlando Diaz for your mortgage financing services.
Jeff Squires recommends Eric Fairfax
May 31, 2014
Eric made buying our first home easy. We had a lots of questions, and at every point along the way, Eric took the time to make sure we understood what was going on...
William X. Minor, CPA recommends Robin Patronik
Property Owner - SF East Bay
May 30, 2014
Firstly, Robin is professional in her approach to the refinance opportunity and lenders. She always remembers who is the client and who is the service provider; she is respectful. Perhaps most important, she is your advocate in getting the job done and preserving the economic opportunity that began the relationship. She is loyal to you and not to the lenders.

My most recent experience [the third with Robin] encountered challenges with the appraiser's property description which adversely effected the value. She proceeded to challenge the valuation and pushed through two levels of review/appeal by the lender's senior staff until we prevailed.

Her integrity is without question, which as you are no doubt aware, is often uncommon in that industry. I would without reservation use Robin to process my next re-finance or original loan.
Pamela Jewett recommends Larry Horowitz
May 29, 2014
I have worked with Larry Horowitz through several mortgage deals. He has always been very professional and knowledable in his dealings. However, Larry has brought much more to the table when working with me. He has humor, intelligence, kindness and honesty, all of which mean a great deal to me. When I have had a difficult decision to make or am confused about anything to do with his area of expertise, he takes the time to explain all sides of the issue in a way that I can understand. I don't know what I would have done without his help.
M. Bates recommends Foster Weeks
First-time homebuyer
May 28, 2014
Foster helped us with the purchase of our home, as well as a refinance a couple of years later. In both cases he was patient and thorough and made sure we got an amazing deal. I absolutely recommend him.
Suzanne and Adam recommends Larry Horowitz
May 27, 2014
My husband and I were looking for our first house together when I was 7 ½ months pregnant. Waddling around looking at houses is stressful enough hoping you’ll find one in time before the baby arrives. We were so thankful we had Larry Horowitz with Guarantee Mortgage helping us with our paperwork. He went above and beyond in making the process as seamless as possible. He even brought things up to make sure we didn’t have surprises later on. He encouraged us take a deep breath as he procured the best rate. He was a great source of help and comfort during a time that is usually very stressful. If we ever have to move, we will DEFINITELY use him again. We are so pleased with his professionalism and kindness. I’m happy to report with Larry’s help all our paperwork was ready right on time when we found our perfect house and we were able to move in on schedule and start preparing for our son’s arrival. Thank you Larry for everything you did!
Peter Klos recommends Aisling Ferguson
Portfolio Manager
May 23, 2014
Aisling has worked with my family on two purchases and has been wonderful throughout the process in both cases. Her experience and professionalism shined through in each transaction. For the second transaction in particular, her ability to think outside of the box and come up with a solution to close the transaction was truly exceptional and allowed us to buy the home that we had been searching for. I would happily work with Aisling again and feel that she really brings a lot to the table when purchasing a property.
Anonymous recommends Debra Stedt
May 20, 2014
I worked with Debbie to refinance my home. She was fantastic to work with. She understands the process and guides her clients through the process. Even when we encountered problems she managed it well and got my refinance through. She handled my complicated situation with utmost professionalism. I strongly recommend her. You won't regret it.
Michael Bennett recommends Orlando Diaz
Freelance Photographer
May 14, 2014
I felt that Orlando went above and beyond helping me get my mortgage and was very accommodating with my schedule.
As a first time buyer without the knowledge of the process and the jargon used I felt completely at ease. I would highly recommend Orlando.
Nick Parker recommends Fif Ghobadian
May 9, 2014
As an expat married couple we were not the easiest customers to find finance for our new home purchase in San Francisco; along with that the SFO market is a very different proposition to other locations we have lived and owned dwellings including Sydney and London. Thankfully we were recommended to get in touch with Fif and found she was was a consummate professional from the outset and throughout the mortgage arrangement process. We were delighted with the service and the outcome and would recommend her as a key partner in the home purchase process which for most folks is a complex and sometimes daunting process to do.
Dean Koya recommends Julie Malta
First time home buyer
May 8, 2014
Julie made the home financing and buying process a lot less nerve-racking than it typically is for most home buyers. As a first time buyer, this was an incredible relief for me. Julie took the time to explain in detail every facet of the financing process so that I would be fully informed of what I was getting into and what I would be paying (and paying for). She was extremely responsive and would answer questions and follow up on emails even on evenings, weekends and while she was on vacation. She let me know exactly what documents and declarations I would need to provide to ensure the loan process moved forward without any hiccups made sure I understood the details of the loan and closing costs before I signed anything. Having someone as knowledgeable as her guiding me through the home buying process was a huge comfort and made me feel less uncertain about what was happening and what I was getting into. She is an expert in her field and a true profession who will go the extra mile for her clients and ensure they get the best loan in the least amount of time possible. Anyone who seeks financing services from her will be in very capable and dedicated hands.
Lawrence-Cobalt Janssen recommends Donna R Aldrich
Creatue Strategist- Blue Heart Productions
May 8, 2014
Thursday, May 8, 2014 1:35PM PST

I had the opportunity, and the pleasure, to have Ms. Aldrich work and assist me in obtaining my first mortgage on my one bedroom condominium in San Francisco, Ca. Her professionalism is superb, I am/was particularly impressed with her preciseness, "attention to detail," and research techniques. Ms. Aldrich ALWAYS promptly responded to my emails, all her email requests to me were easy-to-understand, manageable, and I was able to get the information she wanted in a on time. What made this mortgage acquisition process even more palpable was Ms. Aldrich's sense-of- humor. It made me smile, laugh, and throw off a lot of the stress from this complicated process.
As a retired teacher, I would give HONORS MARKS to Ms. Aldrich in every area of the Guarantee Mortgage Process. I will highly recommend to all my business associates, friends, acquaintances, and family, how wonderful my experience was regarding obtaining my first mortgage with Guarantee Mortgage and my loan officer Ms. Donna Aldrich.
Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to put my words of appreciation into writing.
Lawrence-Cobalt Janssen
Cell: 415/572-8511
Anonymous recommends Vince Breen
May 8, 2014
I have used Vince Breen a few times and continue to be very pleased at his professionalism, diligence and patience. He made the loan process as easy as possible, explaining every detail in layman terms.

I highly recommend Vince and his team and will continue to use him in the future.
Andrew Pearlman recommends Donna R Aldrich
May 5, 2014
Donna was amazing throughout a long and difficult process. We couldn't have gotten our dream home without her! Wish her nothing but the best and if you are undecided about who to work with, she will get you there.
Eva del Rosario recommends Julie Malta
May 4, 2014
Julie is always on top of everything. She keeps you informed of what is going on with the file. Her communication is superb and great with follow up. I’ve used Julie for my clients that needs financing be it purchase or refinance and most of the people I’ve referred to her are pleased with her service. Julie is the person to go to when it comes to getting a loan.
Brian and Terri Bailey recommends Guy Rivera
Broker/Owner of Central Coast Investments
May 2, 2014
Guy and his experienced staff were great to work with. They handled our refinance quickly and professionally. It was a rental property which can sometimes cause more problems however that was not the case with Guarantee Mortgage.
Lorie recommends Debra Stedt
First Grade Teacher
May 1, 2014
Debra Stedt did an excellent job walking me through the complex steps of obtaining a loan in 2014. She was efficient yet patient about explaining what was needed when, and why it was needed. I really appreciate all of her help and advice.
Roger Shea recommends Guy Rivera
Business owner
May 1, 2014
Very helpful in finding a quality lender for a difficult business loan. Mr. Rivera was a pleasure to work with and I found him to understand the unique issues facing our profession. I can confidently recommend Mr. Rivera and his firm.
Adam Reynolds recommends Aisling Ferguson
May 1, 2014
We are first home buyers, and as you can imagine are pretty green with the home buying / mortgage process. Aisling Ferguson was recommended by a friend and from day one has been an incredible source of guidance and information for us. She thoroughly waked us through so many of the processes, making sure we understood what was ahead of us before we jumped in, and once we found our home. Our closing process was lengthy and we faced many unusual and unforeseen hurdles from the seller, HOA and insurance companies. Aisling went above and beyond on multiple occasions for us, and was very fast and efficient organizing everything we needed. In short, we couldn't have doe it without her. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Aisling to anyone looking for an incredibly knowledgeable, fast and efficient broker.
H. Turner recommends Debra Stedt
Apr 29, 2014
Debbie has handled several mortgage and refinance transactions for us and each time she has provided excellent customer service. She's responsive, accessible and thorough and brings a great deal of creativity and expertise to the table. Our last refinance was particularly complicated because of a variety of unusual circumstances, but Debbie persevered and saw us through to a closing that I frankly didn't think would happen. I highly recommend her and Guarantee Mortgage.
Karen McCarthy recommends Debra Stedt
Associate Broker Vanguard Properties
Apr 28, 2014
Debbie is the best! I trust her 1000%... she has never let me or my clients down. Prompt, professional and gets the job done!
Tom Latronica recommends Aisling Ferguson
Senior Financial Analyst, Ares Management
Apr 28, 2014
Today I officially closed on my first home and I am not only overjoyed with the personal accomplishment but also very thankful for all the help I received throughout this process. I am particularly grateful to my mortgage broker, Aisling Feguson, who not only helped immensely with getting the loan pre-approved and closed but also took the time, throughout each step of the process, to explain the complex intricacies of purchasing a home. Aisling helped us with everything from figuring out what price range we could afford to what type of loan was the right fit for us, to our monthly budget and every little detail in between.

If you are considering purchasing a home I would absolutely recommend using Aisling's services. Aisling came highly recommended to me by a friend and I just wanted to pass along the endorsement. You would be hard pressed to find a mortgage related question that Aisling does not know the answer to or has not, for that matter, experienced first-hand. She is also organized, responsive, very detail oriented and great to work with.

Tom Latronica
Daliah Khoury recommends Aisling Ferguson
Apr 27, 2014
I first worked with Aisling about 10 years ago when I bought my first condo. When I was ready for a new home, I went back to Aisling and found her as incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with as she had been the first time around. She was simply wonderful to work with - available, positive, and incredibly informative. With any hiccup that came up, and there were a few, Aisling was unfazed and knew how to deal with it - clearly she's seen it all before.

It took a few tries before we finally got our home, but with every offer, Aisling was immediately there with pre-approval letters and answers to our many questions. Aisling really went above and beyond the call of duty and was there on more than one late night phone call, calming our frazzled nerves.

If I had to choose one word to describe Aisling it would be loyal. I always knew that getting us into our home was nearly as important to her as it was to us. I was continually confident that we were in incredibly good and capable hands. If you're looking for a broker, look no further. Aisling is the best!
Sandy Gandolfo recommends Aisling Ferguson
Realtor, San Francisco
Apr 25, 2014
Aisling is a real go -getter with a never quit attitude! Lending is difficult but Aisling has the experience to get through the most difficult of circumstances. She is dedicated to her clients and commits to seeing a transaction all the way through.
David Moore recommends Vince Breen
Home Buyer
Apr 24, 2014
This was our first home buying experience, and Vince was there to explain every step of the process. I've never worked with someone who provides such rapid responses to questions and action items. Vince will be my first option when the time comes to do this again. I highly recommend him.
Brian Dunn recommends Kara Fiore
Apr 23, 2014
I highly recommend Kara Fiore and Guarantee Mortgage. My wife and I were given the run around by another company for nearly a year and were pretty frustrated with the whole process. Once Kara stepped in she made it seem so much easier and kept us posted on developments every step of the way. We had a lot of questions and Kara helped us understand the process. Even though we are in Southern California...Kara made it seem like she was right next door. Thank you Kara! We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Anonymous recommends Robin Patronik
Apr 22, 2014
Robin Patronik of Guarantee Mortgage was very helpful in negotiating the complicated and at times tedious bank requirements that resulted in our successful refinance--a zero cost arm loan.

She had kept in contact with us over a long period of time and initiated the process when terms and conditions met our needs. Her estimate of time to close was spot on and we can now rest for a while with a favorable rate.
Pamela Kelley recommends Donna R Aldrich
Apr 22, 2014
Can I give 6 stars? If you are thinking about purchasing a home or refinancing, do yourself a favor and at least talk to Donna Aldrich. She's everything that you'd want a mortgage broker to be--honest, knowledgeable and friendly to talk to! At the beginning of the pre-approval process, my TIC partner and I talked to two other brokers who did not take the time to put the work necessary to make this difficult transaction CLOSE! Throughout the entire process, Donna was always on top of her game, easy to get a hold of, anticipated anything that could come up with the lender down the road, and, most importantly, was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty! Not to mention how she helped manage my anxiety outbreaks to a relatively tolerable level--all the while doing everything she can to smooth the process. While the rate is certainly an important factor in any loan decision (and Donna obtained a great rate!), you want to work with someone who you can trust and rely on, rather than someone who delivers false promises. Based on my experience, I'd recommend Donna to anyone without any hesitation and will recommend her to ALL my real estate clients as well! Thank you Donna for making the single most important transaction of my lifetime come true! (And, how cool is it that we closed on Earth Day!) ?
Taka recommends Susie Kim
Apr 21, 2014
We just bought our second house and Suzie was our mortgage broker. I could not thank her enough for her supreme service. Her communication is excellent. She will tell you anything (good or bad) in person and she knows her work very well. We had a not so good experience when we bought our first house, so Susie was a welcomed relief and we know how good she is. We highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Suzie!
Cesar Medrano recommends