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IPX1031® is a unique company focusing solely on 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional customer service and achievement of your 1031 goals and objectives. Our edge is our strength and stability with financial security, industry expertise and a client-centric approach to high quality and proactive service. Our process begins with our talented nationwide team and extends to the services we deliver to you.


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Dec 10, 2018

Irene Borz recommends Ron Ricard


I know Ron Ricard for several years and he helped me in numerous transactions. Ron is a highly ethical intelligent and knowledgeable detailed oriented professional who responds to your inquiries in seconds and is providing EXCELLENT services to customers and agents. Thank you Ron.
Aug 20, 2018

Sinde Torres recommends Ron Ricard

Escrow Office

I have worked with Ron Ricard and his team for over a decade and no matter what title company I worked at I would always recommend Ron. He has a vast range of knowledge providing valuable information to clients. Amongst his great knowledge he is also such a tentative and responsive Exchange Specialist.
Aug 10, 2018

Randall Jackson recommends Greg Smith, Esq.

Jackson Real Estate & Dev

I really enjoy partnering with you and your team at IPX. You have always brought real value and results to my business. Thanks again.
Aug 2, 2018

Phuong Nguyen recommends Ron Ricard


Ron is great. very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Phuong Kim Nguyen
Jul 27, 2018

Barbara Zinser recommends Margo Rosenthal, Esq.


Thank you for all your help with the 1031 exchange. Since it was my first, it was nice to have someone so experienced at my side. I'll certainly recommend and refer you when the opportunity arises.
Jun 14, 2018

Bob Petty recommends Greg Smith, Esq.

Key Realty

Hey Greg!

Your delivery of potentially dull legal process of the 1031 exchange made this one of the most enjoyable CE classes ever.

Thank you!
Mar 3, 2018

Arthur S. Jovellas recommends Patricia A. Flowers

Principal Broker/Owner

Patty was responsible for a $1.5 million dollar 1031 exchange for an LLC that I manage. As a person who had never been directly involved with a 1031 it was a bit scary. She answered all my questions that I had regarding rules of the exchange and made the whole process simple. There was a full accounting of all monies any time that I asked and at the end of our business I was left with the confidence that the next time I need to do an exchange I know who I'm calling!

Thanks Patty!
Aug 9, 2017

Bill Shaevel recommends Patricia A. Flowers

Managing partner of Shaevel, Krems, O'Connor and Jackowitz, LLP

This was my first 1031. Both Patti Flowers and her project manager, Maribel Lembert were very helpful but teachers at the same time. Mirabel was always responsive, informed, and capable of problem solving. I would recommend them both without hesitation.
Jun 16, 2017

Andrew Ornelas recommends Doug Blackwell

Real Estate Broker

Doug came to our office to educate everyone on handling a 1031 exchange. Not only was he able to take something complex and make it simple, but he was able to communicate in a way that kept everyone engaged. By the end, everyone was so impressed that we all made sure we got his card! I look forward to using Doug as a resource for my clients, as well as myself in the future!
May 22, 2017

Cory Thomas recommends Theresa Quartaro

Income Property Advisors

Theresa and her staff did a terrific job helping our client complete his 1031 exchange. Theresa's promptness and attention to detail were so helpful, which made the process quick and smooth. We have been expanding in Texas, so we are heppy to have a trusted partner in the area!
May 18, 2017

Dan Blackwell recommends Greg Burns

SVP Multifamily Investment Sales CBRE

I refer Greg to all of my clients considering a 1031 exchange. Greg is a professional, fully knows the 1031 process and is a pleasure to work with.
Mar 24, 2017

Alfred J. Pizzurro recommends Thomas Bottenberg

Co Founder / President 1031CrowdFunding

Tom is the best in the business. His knowledge, and ability to address any situation along with straight forward approach. I would not recommend anyone else!
Jan 25, 2017

Gregory Cuke recommends Theresa Quartaro


In December 2016 we sold a property that achieved a significant capital gain and we were advised to enter into a 1031 Exchange transaction. After a quick internet search I got the phone number for IPX1031 and called Theresa Quartaro. We had a brief conversation and later that day she followed up with an e-mail. Quite honestly, everything sounded too good (and easy) to be true, but after some quick due diligence phone calls and research we decided to sign the agreement with IPX1031. I was still nervous about wiring a significant amount of money to a company that I knew very little about, but we moved forward. Theresa introduced us to Rae Carlisle who handled all of the paperwork for the closing of the first property and I'm happy to say that we closed on the replacement property on January 23rd and I am extremely pleased with the service that we received. Thank you for a job well done!
Jan 10, 2017

Stuart Schrier recommends Patricia A. Flowers

Attorney at Law

Patricia Flowers did a good job of explaining the 1031 process to one of my clients that I sent to IPX 1031. They set up the account promptly and were able to handle several transactions all at the same time and always on a rush basis. Exchange transactions always seem to have an urgency due to the time deadlines in the 1031 process and the purchase and sale agreements. Even during a holiday week, they all pitch in and help each other to get everything done on time. I highly recommend Patricia A. Flowers and IPX 1031.
Dec 27, 2016

Krysty Sikora recommends Ron Ricard

Mom of 6 and self employed entrepreneur

Well let me first start by saying he is the only professional out of all of the industries associated with this feild that answered his phone 9 out of 10 times. I was a complete newbie to this kind of transaction and he answered every one of my Questions courteously and promptly. He exceeded my expectations infact he helped answer questions that my realtor should have been responsible for. I will use him for every 1031 transaction going forward and would highly recommend Ron Ricard IPX 1031 services and his staff.
Nov 22, 2016

Joni Hruska Fichter recommends Theresa Quartaro

Owner/President Career Placement, Inc.

Theresa was referred to me by multiple sources with the highest of praise! Those sources could not have been more right!! She did an amazing job assisting us with our questions and the 1031 process. I truly value Theresa's guidance and highly recommend her and IPX!!!
Oct 21, 2016

Channin Culley recommends Doug Blackwell

Sales Executive, Jackson County, OR

Doug just spent the last couple of days here in Jackson County educating our Real Estate Brokers, and their investors on the ins and outs of a 1031 exchange. He presented basic exchange information and more in depth information in a separate class. Somehow he made tax code rules interesting and fun and he left my Brokers wanting more. I cant wait to bring him back! Thank you, Doug!
Sep 30, 2016

Grace Kao recommends Ron Ricard


Thank you to Ron Ricard.

Efficiency for the transaction.
Efficiency for answering any of my question.
knowledgeable, diligent, professional......

He is great,
Jul 29, 2016

Betsy Torralba recommends Ron Ricard

Real estate agent

I learned a lot. Very informative. Hope to attend more of his lectures.
Jul 18, 2016

David - NY & CA recommends Ron Ricard

We did a 1031 involving exchange of property on the East Coast for one on the West Coast, where several aspects of the exchange were complex and atypical. Ron’s depth of knowledge on how to properly navigate the 1031 waters was immediately evident to us. His ability to explain in simple terms and to instill confidence in the 1031 exchange process to the sellers of the west coast property was invaluable. He clearly went far above and beyond our expectations and we will forever be grateful to him.
Jul 1, 2016

Maria Torres recommends IPX1031 Northwest


I recommended Kim and her team to a friend who needed to do a last minute 1031 exchange all the way from India. Her and her team immediately took the file, communicated with all parties and got the job done without a hassle. Their expertise and professionalism is outstanding. I will recommend them over and over.
Apr 21, 2016

Stan Feck recommends Patricia A. Flowers


Hi Patty

I wanted to let you know how very impressed I've been with IPX and the knowledge / professionalism of all the individuals we worked with. Lisa in particular was unbelievable !

I especially want to thank you for getting me through the process (basically holding my hand right from the start). You really did a great job explaining everything and answering my sometimes off the wall questions !! During our first conversation I said that this was very overwhelming and that my head was spinning which you replied, " don't worry you'd get me through it and after my 1st 1031 I'd want to do it whenever possible ". Very true words !!

Thanks Again
Apr 20, 2016

Dan Brown recommends Patricia A. Flowers


This was our first time doing a 1031 exchange and had a general knowledge of how it would go but there were complexities along the way that we didn't know. Patty was great in helping us know those complexities and walk us through the process with great clarity. There were times in our deal when things might have fallen through but Patty was able to offer her experience ideas on how the deal could still work (reverse exchange). In the end it went through the way we had hoped so it was more straightforward. All said, I would highly recommend her and her team to anyone looking for help in the process and next time we have an opportunity we will have her help us again.
Mar 15, 2016

Brenton Lawther recommends Rick Wittstock

President Oil and Gas Services

Rick facilitated our transaction to move our equity out of our current investment property into another investment property smoothly and efficiently. We had a tight schedule and Rick met all of the deadlines and answered all of our questions along the way. I will use Rick again in the future and would gladly recommend him.
Mar 4, 2016

Derby Earnhardt recommends Rick Wittstock


Rick was great to work with on a recent transaction I did.
I was not personally using him but the seller I was working with did and he was very impressed. Thanks for all the help.

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