Allan McAllister

Loan Consultant - San Francisco - Montgomery St. Guarantee Mortgage NMLS #280540 / 1850 - CA BRE #01372084 / 01215943
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NMLS #280540 / 1850
APMC CA BRE #01215943
Feb 23, 2016
We were a first time home buyer with little credit history and not enough understanding of the home financing. Allan patiently educated and guided us through the whole process. Given the constraints in our case, he not only helped find us a lender for mortgage but also one who was willing to give HELOC to cover the short fall.
It was more than one and half years since we got introduced to him, through a friend of ours, to the point we finally purchased our home. Throughout the entire period, he was always there for us, be it answering our queries or being present during signing of loan docs on Christmas Eve.
We are very pleased to have worked with Allan. He is prompt in all his responses, extremely professional and very through in his work. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing home financing.
Jan 31, 2016
First time home buyers
We first reached out to Allan four years ago to see what we could qualify for as first time home buyers. We didn't end up actually purchasing a home until last month and every time we contacted him he was ready to help us. Allan helped us learn a lot throughout the entire process and made us comfortable along the way. As first time home buyers, we often emailed him with countless questions and he always was professional and patient with us. We would highly recommend Allan and feel we were very lucky to work with him.
Dec 12, 2015
Principal, Frymire & Associates (medical market research)
I have a rare basis for my review of Allan's work: I started a quest for a refi with another company, a large nationwide bank. Said bank promised and promised action on our request but to no avail. After 9 months of nothing we asked Allan to step in and take care of business. Literally within hours things started to change. We suddenly knew where we stood, we knew what we needed to do and we knew how to do it. All due to Allan's direction. In about a month we were done, the refi was accomplished, a major undertaking completed. Allan's grasp of the preposterous refi process is miraculous. I recommend him without qualification for any service he provides. This is a smart, motivated, and accomplished individual. Did I mention he's a great guy to work with?
Jul 15, 2015
Vice President at Capgemini
Allan made our dream become reality.
When we started our journey to purchase a nice house in the South Bay Area the odds that we would be successful were pretty low. Not enough credit history in the U.S., most of our liquid assets outside of the country, a mortgage and a house for sale in another country, no W2 for the previous year, etc... On paper there was no way we would be able to get the amount of financing necessary for the house we were looking for our family of 5. And we wanted the nice schools too...
Allan made it happen. He knew what to do, what to ask, what to translate, the level of risk the lenders would accept or reject. The bridges to cross and the lines not to cross. His knowledge and skills were critical. Thanks Allan! Looking forward to contact you for the next refinancing milestone.
Apr 16, 2015
Project Manager, Apple
I'm not sure if there is enough space to write about how great it was to work with Allan. He somehow made the mortgage process clear and easy, while still keeping me in the loop and informed at all times.

I worked with Allan when I sought to purchase a condo for my father (my father is not able to work due to a medical condition). Where other brokers would have walked away from my business given its complexity, Allan was committed to finding the right mortgage for my situation. I can honestly say that had I not worked with Allan on this purchase, it would have fallen out of escrow and I would be back to square one trying to find the right place for my dad.

From the beginning and throughout the process, Allan went above and beyond in terms of customer service. He made me feel like I was his only client with the amount of diligence, follow through, and consistently prompt response he provided to any of my questions.

Allan is a true professional that delivers exceptional customer service. I cannot say enough good things about working with him, so instead I will just continue to spread the word about this wonderful broker named Allan McAllister!
Mar 5, 2015
A home buyer in Mountain View
Allan was our loan agent when we purchased our house in May 2014, and again helped with our recent refinance that closed in March 2015. We are super satisfied with his services both times.

We had been in the market for over a year before we bought our current house. We started working with Allan in March 2013, when the market in the South Bay has grown very competitive. It was tough and at times frustrating to be in a sellers’ market like 2013 and 2014, looking for a house in the PA/LA/MV area, going up against multiple competing offers (not to mention that cash offers were not uncommon). Fortunately Allan was always there to support us. He is knowledgeable of the market and the process, kept us updated as we move through the various stages, and had been always patient in answering our questions and explaining things in terms we understand. Allan was very attentive to details, reminding us ahead of time of things that we as client might have overlooked otherwise.

We ended up making over a dozen offers in as many months, until we finally bought our current house. Allan’s help has definitely made our home buying process less frustrating, and given us the peace of mind that anything related to our loan is taken care of.

We would recommend Allan to anyone who’s in need of a knowledgeable, responsible and caring loan agent. Allan is a top-notch professional!
Dec 21, 2014
Allan has been excellent to work with each step of the way. He asked incisive questions to assess the scope of my husband's and my properties, and then guided us through the options from a neural stance -- with no pressure to choose one over another. He was always available to provide answers and clarity. Once locked into a rate he kept the documents moving at a good pace and after signing the typical mountain of paperwork I'm happy to have a lower monthly payment. I especially appreciated Allan's good humor and calm demeanor, and intend to work with him again soon on a new equity line. Many thanks, Allan!
Feb 5, 2014
Business Owner
Allan McAllister is a rare find. Simply stated, you will not find a better professional who you can trust will always look out for your best interests.

We recently refinanced our home in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and great recession. There was only one reason we were able to secure the very lowest rate (apr) available to us - we owe it to the thoughtfulness, thoroughness, intelligence and persistence of Allan McAllister.

He was able to somehow navigate through what had become an insane, irrational home mortgage refinancing process. The process, rules and requirements seemed to be changing daily. What was most impressive was how Allan creatively used his knowledge, experience and personal industry relationships with other hard working industry colleagues to keep us in position to secure the very best financing possible. Throughout the process he never let a single item slip through the cracks, proactively kept us informed on what was happening, took the time to educate and consult with us on every critical decision and made sure to do everything possible to minimize the demands on our personal time.

I have been through over a half-dozen home financing and re-financing transactions over the past 30 years. This was the most challenging by far due to the well documented backlash of the financial crisis and subsequent great recession. We absolutely know that had it not been for Allan, we would have simply given up and missed out on getting the best result possible for us.

Allan has earned our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the immense financial benefit we realized through this transaction.
Jan 14, 2014
Ocean lifeguards and parents of a fifteen month old
Allan was very easy to work with and he got us a great loan with great rates. We used his services to purchase our first home and to refinance. He worked hard to make sure that all of our documents were in order and to make sure that our loans closed on time. We will definitely use him for the purchase of our next home and we strongly recommend his services.
Jan 7, 2014
Allan recently handled the mortgage for our home purchase. The transaction wound up being far from smooth, and Allan was always right on the ball with creative ideas about how to work around roadblocks. He worked tirelessly to get the job done, and was available nearly 24/7 to address any questions, concerns, or problems that came up. On top of all that he always did it with a smile on his face and a pleasant demeanor. I can't recommend his work enough, and will absolutely use him again in the future if the need comes up.
Jan 3, 2014
President & CEO, LCD Systems
Allan McAllister helped me obtain financing two and a half years ago with less than a sterling credit rating and being self-employed. My credit rating was hurt by debt incurred to resolve a divorce decree. Proof of income required some extra paperwork, but Allan worked with me through the entire process. The result was an acceptable mortgage on my current town house in Menlo Park.
A little over a year later, Allan helped me refinance with much better terms and rates. The result is a comfortable mortgage payment, a competitive rate and a nice equity cushion.
Allan was and is a pleasure to work with. He was there whenever I needed him or had a question. I recommend him for mortgage financing without reservation.
John David Forter
President and CEO
LCD Systems
Dec 2, 2013
I highly recommend Allan McAllister for any of your mortage needs. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the market but he is accommodating when it comes to picking up paperwork, providing information in a timely manner, etc.. He went out of his way to meet me at my my office to pick up my documents which I very much appreciated. He was also able to help me refinance when interest rates hit bottom.

I'm very happy with the service Allan provided and continue to recommend him to any of my friends looking to refinance.
Nov 19, 2013
Writer, editor, instructor
Allan was unfailingly helpful from the beginning, though all sorts of complications, and until closing of our loan. Our situation was a difficult one, with no real verifiable income apart from Social Security. Not only did Allan suggest innovative approaches to our problem, but he always explained what was going on, what we needed to do, and when we could expect to arrive at the next step.

Once, when our home insurance broker was not answering calls, Allan walked to his office to see if he could locate him in person.

He was always hands-on and there for us. I would recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.
Nov 18, 2013
Project Leader at Cisco
My wife and I were first-time homebuyers and introduced to Allan by our Realtor. He met with us at our home on several occasions to help us understand the financing process, our options and the tradeoffs. As first-time homebuyers we had a lot of questions...he took the time to educate us and make us comfortable with the decisions we needed to make.

Subsequently, he helped us refinance our home and get a Home Equity Line of Credit to provide us with the flexibility we wanted.

Allan is a true professional... he’s knowledgeable, hard-working and dedicated. He’s always been on top of all the details, attentive to our needs and he’s kept us informed along the way...a real partner. Over the years, he’s become not only our trusted advisor, but also a true friend.
If you want the excellent financing, with no hassles, and if you are looking for the personal attention that typically only friends would offer, then you want to work with Allan.

Nov 18, 2013
Engineering Director
This is a strong (the strongest) recommendation for Allan McAllister. Allan has helped my wife and I refinance three times and I will not think it twice if I ever need to do it again. Allan was recommended to me by a good friend and since we used his services, he has helped a few other friends as well so I know that my experience is not unique. He is extremely professional, knowleadgeable and at the same time extremely human and caring. He will make the process as easy as it can be for you and you will get the best deal possible.
Nov 6, 2013
Allan McAllister has helped us twice to get cheaper loans. In both cases, there were thorny issues of getting the loan documents in the right place for the right lender at the right time (both were at times of high volatility in loan rates, so time was of the essence).

Allan was also able to use his experience to gain access to certain lenders with very strict criteria for writing loans.

In all of this, Allan proved friendly, professional, and most of all showed how experienced he is in the process.

A wonderful find for us -- the proof is in a loan at historically low rates.
Nov 5, 2013
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Allan is the most professional broker/professional in the real estate business that we come across. Allan was referred to us by a friend, and we have loved working with Allan ever since. Allan has guided us on financing of our home purchases and multiple refinancings of other properties as well. Allan is extremely personable, intelligent, and responsive. He has a tremendous amount of experience, and his analysis and guidance are invaluable. We could go on and on about Allan and how great he is, but there's no need to. Allan is your man for financing in real estate period.
Oct 30, 2013
For first time home buyer the whole process was daunting with regards to the paperwork and formalities! In hind sight Allan made it as seamless as it can be. He is very responsive and patient. He took time to go over in person or, over the phone all the paperwork and in detail, It did not feel rushed. Appraisal is always the tricky part and he orchestrated the whole process to make sure we did not appraise under. He would always make sure we had all the paperwork ready. It seemed like he was constantly running numbers to make sure we were getting the best terms. He has worked with our realtor many times before and it was a wonderful teamwork that seemed to make things less complicated. We would highly recommend Allan.
Oct 27, 2013
senior director, Genentech
Allan took over a difficult refi for my condo in downtown Palo Alto. Much of the difficulty stemmed from my "under-employment" over the past 4 years (having attempted to start a new business using consumer credit!).

Also, the credit world has changed so much over the past few years, the combination of high debt and low income made me a particular challenge.

Allan NEVER made me feel bad about my situation, and rather was kind and diligent throughout a rather long process. His extraordinary attention to detail was most appreciated, especially as many "letters" were required to find a lender for me.... all told, Allan is fabulous!
Oct 16, 2013
Allan - did very thorough and patient work, always explaining all options until the last second. I didn't feel rushed or pressured and felt I was able to maximize my options. Having completed 2 refinancings with Allan, I wouldn't call anyone else for next need. Thank you.
Aug 21, 2013
Professional working parent
Allan is true professional who works hard on your behalf to secure the best mortgage possible. He is efficient, helpful, hard working and unflagging in his attention to details.

We often found Allan working into the wee hours of the night and early mornings to meet our deadlines. He anticipated questions from lenders and had us pull materials together in advance which really helped on a tight closing schedule.

And once the process was underway with the lender, he sent updates to us which kept us apprised of our situation throughout the process. We felt very fortunate to have Allan working for us.

We cannot recommend Allan more and will be working with him in the future on any of our mortgage needs.
Aug 8, 2013
Allan helped me with the refinance on my home and did an unbelievable job! Within 6 weeks the whole process was done and completely painless. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and I always felt he had my best interest at heart. I will use Allan for any future home mortgages and have already recommended him to several friends.