Patrick Gardner

Sales Leader and Loan Originator Guarantee Mortgage NMLS # 378888 / DRE # 01734615
In a modern world that seems mainly transactional, the most important thing I can foster is trusted relationships. My passion is transforming lives through financing home ownership and prudent investment in real estate. Being trusted with someone's largest purchase or financing their commercial investment is the highest compliment I can receive from my referral partners, clients and friends.
As a NorCal Native with more than a dozen years of experience in mortgage finance and real estate I feel well equipped to serve my client’s needs. I have insight into ever changing market dynamics, mortgage products and listen deeply to clients needs, which in a complicated real estate transaction can be the most valuable skill of all.
Accountability and Trust:
People do business with and refer their clients to individuals they trust. Staying on top of loan contingencies, setting proper expectations and meeting close of escrow dates can mean the difference between a happy customer or an irate one. I pride myself on open communication, due diligence and organization. When a client of mine gets their keys and opens the door to their future it completes a transformative process which I am honored to play a part in.
Residential and Commercial Financing:
In my career I have had the privilege of selling and financing a wide variety of condominium projects, single family homes and multi-family dwellings throughout the bay area. This breadth of experience has allowed me to work on a variety projects including small apartment conversions - built by Bay Area families – all the way to residential towers that make up the San Francisco and Oakland skylines. The nuances and hurdles of residential and commercial mortgage finance are significant, but with the proper planning and know how it can be made easier and less painful for all involved.
Patrick is a great lender. He laid out all the requirements we needed to meet in order to get approved and helped us to meet them. He was always available (day or night) with questions we needed answered. He fought for our loan and had our backs the whole process. I would definitely work with him in the future and he has my recommendation!
This is not a quick or easy process. Patrick has a steady hand at guiding you while making sure you get your documents and financial information in order. He keeps on top of the process and informs you at every step.
Patrick is one of those hardworking individuals that does not rest until he can get you the best possible deal. This wasn't my first home purchase experience, however, it was easily the best, bar none. Patrick is knowledgeable, communicative, and highly dedicated to his craft. Mortgages can sometimes be tricky due to any variety of factors and I've worked with some folks that simply don't know or understand the nuances. I had a particularly tricky situation which Patrick had plan a, b, c and d ready to go for all the different scenarios. I'm incredibly impressed and grateful to have been connected with him, he went above and beyond for my home purchase. I'm referring him to everyone i know, and I look forward to working with him again in the near future. Thank you Patrick!!
Patrick led us through what could have been a stressful and confusing process with the utmost care, making it very easy, free of stress, and rewarding. His proactive attention to detail at every turn answered our questions before we thought to ask them, and his communication was clear, thorough and friendly. I will trust Patrick with any and all future loans and cannot recommend him ardently enough.
I was really lucky to get to work with Patrick on getting a loan for a home. I had a number of complex cases to work through and Patrick was the only lender who was able to help secure a loan. In other words, without Patrick, I would’ve had no way to purchase my dream home. A few aspects that I think really set Patrick apart: Knowledge. I applied for a number of different loans across various properties with Patrick and he was always able to find solutions for getting a loan. This included getting a construction loan on a shell unit, as well as finding a way to get a loan for a condo that no bank was providing loans for. This was my first time going through the home buying process and the mechanics of some of these loans were quite complex, but Patrick was always happy to give me a call and walk me through any questions I had. Responsiveness. Any time I had a question for Patrick, whether it was over the weekend or during the evening, I could always expect an immediate response within a few minutes. His responsiveness really made the entire process as stress free as possible. Customer first. Throughout the entire process, I felt that Patrick genuinely had my best interest at heart. Even after I had agreed to the original parameters of the loan, Patrick would continuously investigate better loan options for me, even if it meant a lower commission for him. Furthermore, even after the purchase has been completed, Patrick has continued to follow up with me to ensure that the payment process goes smoothly. Overall I had a great experience with Patrick and really look forward to working with him again in the future!
Principal cabra diseno.
Patrick was an excellent broker, he was able to get me a loan on time and without too much trouble in a particularly difficult set of circumstances. He was very, very prompt and organized in answering my questions and helping me navigate the complexities of the loan process. Ive gotten multiple mortgages in my lifetime, this was one of the easiest!
I recommend him !

Realtor East Bay
If you're thinking of purchasing a home, condo or investment property and need financing then Patrick is the person you want to talk to. He is very knowledgeable about the different options available no matter how much or how little down payment you have. He is very responsive and a super problem solver so he gets things done. Getting a mortgage is about so much more than just an interest rate, Patrick provides the best in personal attention and service, and most importantly, will get the deal closed.
Bar Tender SF
This guy is amazing!!! He was so helpful and and so efficient. We were able to get our loan processed and everything done within record time and now my wife and I are moving into our brand new home. I couldn't speak more highly of Patrick and his team and I hope that they have numerous amounts of success. I would recommend them to anybody and everybody.
Fine Dinning Industry
If you want an easygoing hard working guy to get you into your dream home this is your dude. He was able to help my husband and I with our loan (which was an fha) and we got into our house in less than a month! He is fantastic! And funny too!
Social Worker
Patrick helped us every step of the way through our mortgage lending process. The paperwork involved in obtaining a loan can be cumbersome and Patrick made it as easy and clear as possible for us to follow up with all the details. He outlined the whole process and would send us updates via email with a list of follow up items we were responsible for with a projected timeline. He also got back to us in a timely fashion and was ready to answer all our questions. If you want someone who you can trust and who will make the process of getting the mortgage for your home as smooth as possible then give Patrick a call!
Financial Services
Patrick is by far the best lender I've worked with. I've worked with him twice on to buy two properties and his responsiveness and thoughtfulness is second to none. He takes the time to walk you through the loan process and follows through to ensure the loan closes properly.
City of San Francisco
Patrick is responsible, attentive, a true professional and expert in his field. It was a pleasure to work with Patrick, he walked us through the complex process effectively and with attention to detail, responded to our questions and concerns even over a weekend, and always provided information we were looking for and helpful advice. I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking to purchase a home and get a new mortgage or refinance an existing one.
My wife and I were very impressed with Patrick Gardner from start to finish. We have refinanced our property twice with Patrick - both times were executed by Patrick without a single glitch. The first time it was particularly hard to refinance due to pending litigation on our property (which was since completely resolved). Patrick comes incredibly prepared with a comprehensive packet of information about mortgage, interest rates, property, building, neighborhood and a refinance plan. Patrick was friendly, experienced, professional and ambitious. Patrick has been literally available 24/7, around the clock during and after refinance, to answer any questions or concerns we had. In one particular instance, after refinance, there was a confusion related to the paperwork, where our bank was sending us letters asking to purchase property insurance, which we already purchased. It was a simple clerical error on bank's side, but it proved difficult for me and my wife to fix over the phone. When we asked Patrick to help resolve this issue, it was resolved within days. All I can say is that Patrick is highest quality mortgage lender my wife and I ever worked with.
Financial Services
I followed Patrick from his last bank. He is communicative, responsive and understood my needs. I appreciate Patrick's work with my first home buying experience and will be recommending him to friends / family. Thank you Patrick for your partnership!
Sales Rep
Patrick is extremely responsive and communicates very clearly, one of the easiest and most enjoyable people to work with of anyone I have dealt with. Very professional and competent.
Personal Injury Attorney
Patrick is part of my networking organization when I decided to work with him. He was very responsive during the whole process and had a great team to ensure a smooth ride in a complex transaction. I felt that any potential roadblocks were taken care of before we even reached them. Job well done!
Financial Planner
Patrick was excellent. He made sure to keep up updated on the process every step of the way and did a great job of making himself available for any questions that we had. Highly recommend!
Patrick made the impossible, possible! From start to finish he expertly guided us through somewhat of a complex transaction. We are so grateful for his work and now we have a home that we never thought possible! His communication was thorough and he was there through every step of the way! Greatly recommend!
Independent Brewer
I recently worked with Patrick Gardner to secure a mortgage loan for the purchase of a home. The entire process of working with Patrick was a pleasure. He was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He was more than able to answer any and all questions we had, and was able to deliver the loan on time and to our desired specifications. Patrick was communicative throughout the application process, and gave realistic timelines and expectations, all of which were completed in a superlative manner. Patrick's services were recommended to me by a friend in the real estate business, and now it is my turn to recommend Patrick to you. I would strongly recommend Patrick Gardner's services if you are in the position of needing a mortgage loan.
Self Employed
Patrick was extremely creative, helpful and timely in assisting us with our recent home purchase. He understood our unique financial requirements, helped create a solution which addressed our specific needs and assisted us in working through the onerous requirements of today's regulatory world.

He was always timely in responding and through his diligent efforts we were able to achieve our targeted closing date. We switched to Patrick after encountering significant frustration in initially attempting to work with one of the larger and better know mortgage financing organizations.
Software Engineer
Patrick Gardner helped me secure a loan for my home purchase. We didn’t have the easiest loan as my wife and I were new to the workforce and did not have permanent residency status but he was able to make complicated things easy and to get us approved with a great rate and quality service. I also wanted to mention that as young couple we usually worked late and Patrick was able to keep good communication with us even over 11pm.

I am highly recommending Patrick to my friends who are hunting for homes and appreciate that we got to work with him through the home loan process.
Transformative Technology Solutions
Patrick was critical in making our first home buying experience a smooth one. He is knowledgeable and patient, and made sure that we were comfortable throughout the process. His rates were also competitive with other lenders and we're glad we went with him on this journey!
Real estate transactions create stress. Patrick's professionalism, guidance, suggestions and knowledge bring calm to the situation. We recently went through his office for a home loan. Patrick made himself available at every turn, nights, weekends, etc. He was worn a few hats in real estate, which comes in handy when he works with you. I had played rugby with Patrick for many years so I was curious to witness this other side of him. He provides great leadership on and off the pitch. I heartily endorse him.

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