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IPX1031 focuses solely on 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional customer service and achievement of your 1031 goals and objectives. Our edge is our strength and stability with financial security, industry expertise and a client-centric approach to high quality and proactive service. Our process begins with our expert nationwide team and extends to the services we deliver to you.


Recommendations (932)

5 hours ago

Bobbye Owens recommends Carl Pikus


Carl gave a lecture on 1031 Exchanges to explain the vital importance of the tax savings opportunity that a 1031 can provide. His lecture also explained the different types of exchanges and some of the nuances of each type. I would recommend Carl's services to ensure you fully understand the value and possible pitfalls of an investment exchange.

Bev Ladd recommends Ron Ricard

Bev Ladd - Janie Hanson real estate team

You did such a great job Ron! Very informative! It was also greatly appreciated to attend this meeting online since I have limitations that make it hard to attend meetings at the office. Thank you so much!
Sincerely, Bev Ladd :)
Apr 3, 2020

Eliud Sangabriel, CCIM recommends Patrick Noonan

Senior Director

Most of my 1031 clients work with IPX1031, Patrick and Tara are superb!
Mar 24, 2020

Matt recommends Brian McNulty


Great course taught by Brian, learned a lot.
Mar 24, 2020

Scott Freitag recommends Brian McNulty

Sr Loan Officer

Very knowledgeable on 1031 Exchange
Mar 13, 2020

Sherry Daniels recommends Russell Marsan

Sales Executive

Russell is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker. His presentation had a great pace and he offered very real examples and situations. I will definitely be reaching out to Russell when my next 1031 Exchange situation comes up.
Mar 12, 2020

Stacie Wasung recommends Margo Rosenthal, Esq.

Escrow Processor

Margo is absolutely amazing! If you are unsure about anything related to the 1031 exchange, she will educate you and explain it until you understand it and it makes sense. She is extremely patient and professional. Best 1031 Company/Person I have had the pleasure of working with!
Mar 11, 2020

Valerie Throckmorton recommends Luke Hays


Fantastic 1031 Exchange class. Luke's knowledge will be valuable to my clients. He is clear and concise in presenting the benefits and advantages of 1031. I will recommend him to friends and clients.
Mar 10, 2020

Carl Catalano recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.


Sangeeta and her office team did an excellent 1031x for me. I appreciated the hands on handling of the exchange and the perfect outcome.
I recommend that if you are doing a 1031x use Sangeeta and her team. I am sure this second one that i am doing will turn out just as well.
Thanks again for your service, CARL CATALANO
Mar 9, 2020

JC Chadband recommends Ron Ricard


Ron's a PRO! KNOWS his audience by asking questions, then gears his presentation based on the level of audience knowledge. That way, his message and anecdotes of practical experience are "spot on" and resonant with the audience!
Does not get overly technical, and always explains things in a manner the listeners understand.
Great presentation!!! No Power point or visuals..... with Ron, NOT NEEEDED!
Mar 9, 2020

Rick O'Connor recommends Margo Rosenthal, Esq.

First Vice President of Investments

I have been working with Margo my whole career and she has always given courteous and efficient service as an intermediary for my clients 1031 exchange requirements. i just finished 3 different deals with her and her attention to detail and personal service has been wonderful. I would refer Margo to any and all of my clients considering a 1031 exchange.
Mar 9, 2020

Ruth Beardsley recommends Luke Hays


This class was one of the best I ever attended. Very informative and definitely not at all boring. I certainly recommend it to everybody.
Mar 8, 2020

Brian Conaway recommends Tracey Wilson


Tracey is a 1031 ROCK STAR! Takes a boring and complicating topic and breaks it down in such a way that it is easy to understand and quite interesting.
Mar 6, 2020

Singh Virk recommends Doug Blackwell

If you have a 1031 exchange talk to Doug Blackwell and Cindy Campbell. It will be the best experience you can have. They are knowledgeable, professional, and take care of all details promptly. Well done Doug and Cindy. We need more like you in the business world.

Singh Virk
Mar 5, 2020

Charles Butler recommends Luke Hays

Associate Broker

Very knowable on 1031 Exchanges. Made 3 hours pass very fast. I learned facts about this topic were rumored and in error for years. It was a real pleasure to attend this class. GREAT JOB LUKE!!
Mar 5, 2020

Morgan Zembruski recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Illustrated Properties REALTOR

I attended a condensed version of a 1031 exchange class hosted by Illustrated Properties and IPX1031 and it was AWESOME! Even with a short class, I feel confident talking to my investor clients about one of the best ways to defer capital gains taxes. Sangeeta is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend taking Sangeeta's 1031 class!
Mar 4, 2020

Connie Raub recommends Carl Pikus

Executive Vice President, Associate Broker

Carl did a fabulous job presenting the complexities of the 1031 Exchange Process.
He provided detailed information in a clear and very understandable manner.
Everyone felt that they had really gotten great information and an expert contact when there was a need for this service. We also now know an excellent resource who will be able to speak to our clients when they are contemplating this process.
Mar 3, 2020

TRAVIS DEBENEDETTO recommends Theresa Quartaro


Theresa was referred to us by our realtor, Bettina Garnero when we mentioned that we were considering a 1031 exchange. We needed to sell a home in Pearland, TX and buy one in Baton Rouge, LA. Lucky for us,Theresa covers both states and boy does she. What an absolute pleasure. She worked with both my wife and I to ensure that we were comfortable with the process, sent us notes and reminders along the way, consulted with my CPA to make sure the process went smoothly. There were no hiccups, no missed deadlines, and always with a very pleasant/patient demeanor. As a result, we've become fast friends and have shared several meals since. We'll do this again, and when we do, there will be no question who we'll use again. Thank you Theresa! Job Well Done!
Feb 29, 2020

Laxisvoni Garcia recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Sangeeta has been like a light in the dark during my process with the 1031 Exchange, I had no idea about how to proceed and she was extremely helpful, with pacience and a lot of passion she explained me every single detail.
Also, having someone who speaks my mother language (Spanish) was really helpful, many times for us it is hard to understand legal terms in another language, so Sangeeta became another blessing because of that.
I will definitely recommend her to others.
Thanks so much Sangeeta! keep on expanding your knowledge about the tax Deferred to others!
Feb 27, 2020

Eileen Robertson recommends Patricia A. Flowers

Trustee of Sherman III Nominee Trust

I want to thank Patricia Flowers & Wendy Bloom for the fantastic job they have done for your company.

Their hard work & dedication has really helped me out during this difficult time for me having to sell my families property that had been in my family for over 96 years.

They both did a fantastic job guiding me a long all the steps of a 1031 exchange, they “constantly brought their all”.
You both are a very valuable member of your team!
Feb 27, 2020

Frances Morton recommends Whitney Brennan


Whitney's presentation was incredibly informative and helpful. She is so knowledgeable about what she does. I thoroughly enjoyed her CE class, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the 1031 process.
Feb 26, 2020

Lynette Hensley recommends Kyle Williams

Assistant to Cori Whitaker, Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate

Kyle presented a very informative and engaging class about 1031 tax exchanges. He reached into a few areas I had not heard about before, and updated my understanding of exchanges. A valuable clock hour class for this broker and valuable information for this investor as well.
Feb 25, 2020

Vic Kihara recommends Kyle Williams

Real Estate Broker

Kyle brought a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to his class on 1031 exchanges. I appreciated his frank advice about using only well-qualified intermediaries with strong resources, since intermediaries are not regulated.
I recommend his course for anyone seeking more information on 1031 exchanges.
Feb 24, 2020

Jeff Hall recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Esq.

Division President

I have worked with Sangeeta for more than 10 years, and have always found her to be one of the most knowledgeable and professional individuals in this space. She is always eager to help her customers and partners find the best solution to meet their needs. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in the market to use a 1031 Exchange.
Feb 23, 2020

Sam Estrada recommends Rick Wittstock

Agent/realtor at Remax fine properties

Great job Rick! !
It's got my wheels turning it has open some doors for me so I really appreciate what I learned from that class.
Thanks and take care, Sam.Thanks and take care,

Our Team