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IPX1031 focuses solely on 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. Our focus goes beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional customer service and achievement of your 1031 goals and objectives. Our edge is our strength and stability with financial security, industry expertise and a client-centric approach to high quality and proactive service. Our process begins with our expert nationwide team and extends to the services we deliver to you.


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Apr 11, 2024

Connie Wang recommends Ross Fong

Ross is always responsive. Thanks for explaining the 1031 details to Lucas.
Apr 11, 2024

Shiloh D Newman recommends Carl Pikus

Commercial and Investment Sales

Carl is extremely knowledgeable with years of experience in the industry. People in our class tried hard to stump him with different scenarios and questions. He knew every answer. There are so many ways to create a 1031 that I was unaware of. Probably the best CE class I have taken in ten years.
Apr 2, 2024

Nefer Adriana Londono Gomez recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Hacer la transaccion con Sangeeta fue perfecta, legera,sin tropiezos y paso a paso llegamos al termino de la 1031 exchage; donde las propiedades teniendo fechas,terminos y condiciones diferentes ella la llevo al punto culminante.
Gracias Sangeeta ,
Te veremos en la proxima 1031 exchange.
Apr 2, 2024

Kim Allard-Pro recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

In 2021, we performed a 1031 exchange. Despite the fact that we didn't complete it due to some issues discovered during the due diligence, Sangeeta was extremely helpful and provided guidance and an excellent customer service. Being also an attorney, she is extremely knowledgeable and strategic in her approach. As a real estate licensee, I later had the opportunity to attend a training on the 1031 exchange that was given by Sangeeta for the Miami Realtor Association. What I learned there was soooooo valuable for the development of our own portfolio but also to add some tremendous value to the investment journey of some of my real estate clients. There is so much more to the 1031 exchange than the basic information that we all know and this can contribute to supercharge the growth of your wealth, generational-wealth by growing your portfolio strategically and in a planned and organized fashion. And there is nobody better than Sangeeta to help understand all these nuances and to help you bring your A-game to another level of investment. Oh... and this 1031 exchange brochure.... it's gold ;-)
Apr 1, 2024

Mike Harris recommends John Lee, Esq.

President, Heritage Abstract Company

John presented a one-hour CE Seminar to 70 or so of our clients, mostly real estate attorneys and professionals.
John's presentation was clear, concise, and informative. His mastery of the 1031 Exchange process was obvious, especially during the question-and-answer session. John left our clients feeling like they have a solid partner (as opposed to a vendor) in the 1031 Exchange arena. Thanks John!
Mar 29, 2024

Chet Shaw recommends Sara Remley


Sara did a wonderful job of sharing how a any investor can benefit by doing a 1031 exchange and the various ways of making that happen. The afternoon class flew by and the next I knew, it was time to go. This was an excellent class. 1031sara! definitely is in my "rolodex"!
Mar 29, 2024

Ryan Perri recommends John Lee, Esq.

Sr. Vice President

John and I ran a presentation highlighting the benefits of utilizing exchanges. John did a fantastic job discussing the complexities of the 1031 exchange but made it easily digestible for the attendees. John thoroughly went through the requirements and shined a light on how important it is to work with the right qualified intermediary. John's experience and robust knowledge through countless number of exchanges makes him a great resource. If you're considering an exchange, I highly recommend working with John and IPX.
Mar 28, 2024

Bridgette Sanchez recommends Sara Remley

I’m blown away by how knowledgeable Sara is! She made the class very enjoyable and I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths. I look forward to speaking with her again.
Mar 28, 2024

Malcolm Givens recommends Sangeeta Banerjee, Vice President IPX1031

Branch Manager

I have known Sangeeta for years and she has always been my "go to" person for 1031. She has helped countless customers in the past that I have sent her way and they all have expressed their thanks. Her wealth of knowledge, charm and multi-lingual abilities already add to her effective communication skills, which set her apart and is very important to the 1031 process.
Mar 27, 2024

Brigitte Nolen recommends Carl Pikus


Fountain of information. Clearly explained, even though some of it went over the top of my head. Highly recommend him!
Mar 27, 2024

Larry Hartwell recommends Carl Pikus

Sales Agent

Carl was great! Was very knowledgeable and kept to the point!
Mar 27, 2024

Byron K Hobbs recommends Carl Pikus

Carl was clear and concise in presenting how 1031 exchange works and how it could benefit my clients
Mar 27, 2024

Terri Stone recommends Carl Pikus


He was awesome, thank you so much for all the information.
Mar 27, 2024

Valerie Kelly Your Realtor recommends Carl Pikus


Very informative about 1031s. Definitely the person to go to.
Mar 27, 2024

Sarah Wood recommends Carl Pikus


I learned so much in the 1031 Exchange lecture! I can’t wait to share the info with my clients.
Mar 27, 2024

Patrick Kelly recommends Carl Pikus


Great jib teaching this class!!
Mar 27, 2024

Bruce E. Puleo recommends John Lee, Esq.

SR. VP of Sales

John Lee presented a Webinar on 1031 Basics on behalf of our clients and prospective clients and the overwhelming response has been positive which has led to new opportunities for our company. John was thorough and kept the flow of the webinar moving, addressed the many questions from the participants and was engaging. If you know of anyone that is contemplating a 1031 exchange, john is the person to contact and Heritage Abstract Company is the title agency to facilitate the search and policy issuance.
Mar 26, 2024

Richard P Theis recommends Brian McNulty

Attorney at Law


I included some information about Brian in an email I sent to you today. In summary, Brian is both a seasoned expert in managing funds held for 1031 exchanges and, because of this many years of experience, an expert source of any and everything you want to know about exchanges for the homes you want to sell.

Also, Brian has a team that is first class.
Mar 26, 2024

Cameron Weder recommends Sara Remley

Very information, very professional. This is my first class and I look forward to attending many more that she teaches. Great examples about certain scenarios.
Mar 25, 2024

Liz Swensen recommends Ashleigh Price

Real estate agent

I know who I’ll be using for my clients’ 1031 exchanges - Ashleigh! She’s GREAT!
Mar 25, 2024

Graham Johnson recommends Ashleigh Price


1031 exchanges have always seemed complicated and scary to me, but Ashleigh made it easy and was great to work with!
Mar 25, 2024

David Mitchell recommends Ashleigh Price


Best 1031 class I’ve ever been to.
Mar 25, 2024

Sarah Stopp recommends Ashleigh Price


This was the least boring 1031 exchange class I’ve ever been to. Ashleigh had us laughing, so I learned a lot and had fun too!
Mar 25, 2024

Carolyn Stephenson recommends Ashleigh Price

Real Estate Broker

Ashleigh is one in a trillion! I always jump at the chance to take her classes.
Mar 25, 2024

Owen Nichols recommends Ashleigh Price

Real Estate Agent

No one gives better presentations than Ashleigh! She makes 1031 exchanges sound fun.

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